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Oct 4, 2012

Cayo residents in full force following murder of UB student

The brutal killing of Suzanne Martinez has left the western communities in shock and angry. Today, members of the town council and locals staged a mini demonstration in front of the police station in San Ignacio. The crowd called for justice and the death penalty to be implemented. The demonstrators are still trying to come to terms with Martinez’s killing. She was discovered in a drain, partially nude with a cut to her throat, early Wednesday morning. Soon after the murder, Police detained twenty-nine year old Pedro Alberto Ical, a resident of Maya Mopan in Belmopan. The accused is said to have a history of sexual assaults and less than a week ago, he was released on bail for assault on a woman. Ical, is also a suspect in the killing of Robert Lewis that happened early on Monday morning in Maya Mopan. But that still hasn’t been any comfort to Cayo residents since no one has been charged. News Five’s Andrea Polanco has the story.


Andrea Polanco, Reporting

A crowd of about a hundred residents and local activists gathered at the Coronation Park in San Ignacio Town. Galvanized by the loss of a promising member of the community, the prosters stood in solidarity with the Martinez Family. Less than forty-eight hours after twenty year old Suzanne Martinez was killed, the twin towns want their voices to be heard. The placards, with images of Suzanne and poignant messages to say enough is enough, fueled many present.


Mike Salazar

Mike Salazar, Councilor, San Ignacio Town Council

“We need to come on out and let the public know that not because it happened again we should just stay silent. We should continue protesting and letting the people know that we will not just sit down and accept what the criminals do out there. So again, Shari and myself, we decided let’s go out and meet with the taxi drivers and have them partner with us by doing a motorcade to go through the communities to let the people of Santa Elena and San Ignacio know that we will not be silent to the crimes that is happening within this community. We need to make a stand, we need to voice our opinions, we need to make mention and let the criminals know that we will not just sit back; we will fight. We will challenge them and find possible solution to minimize the situation especially in the crimes that are happening in the Cayo District.”


Eduardo Juan

Eduardo Juan, Resident, Bishop Martin Neighbourhood Watch

“We are not out here because we love to be out here; we are here because we must take back our Twin Towns. We are here because we must send a message to our government to reenact legislations to stop that fool about giving corrupted people, criminals, bail. For instance like rape should never have bail—we’ve had that enacted before. Child molestation should never have bail and the criminals that murder our young people should be lynched. We must send a message to all our politicians—I don’t see not one of them out here; no representatives out here—to support us in our struggle against crime and violence. I am inviting them to come out: don’t be ashamed, don’t be afraid, this is our country. this is our country and we must put a grip on it.”


Louis Wade

Louis Wade, Pastor

“I am a full supporter of the death penalty and it is time for people with light-mindedness in the issue of death penalty—we need to bring pressure to bear on the government of Belize. The bible says that when justice is slow in iniquity and sin rules the street and rules the day.”


A U.B. student, well-known and loved by her community, Suzanne leaves behind friends who are still grappling with the brutal killing.


Carmita Lemus, Close Friend of Deceased

“We used to make music together and we used to go out and perform together and her parents used to support us in it. Suzanne was a very optimistic, strong person, dedicated to her studies. She wanted to be a forensic. She always had the desire to make a change in Belize and unfortunately, it’s like I am going to sing the song alone and work alone—she’s gone.”


Andrea Polanco

“So when you got the news, of course, it was a big shock to you guys?”


Carmita Lemus

“It was a big shock. I don’t know if—I traveled in the bus the same day she traveled. However, I traveled late, around ten, and the area they found her, when I arrived around that area in the night; I walked by and I felt chills, I felt a vibes. I knew something was wrong, but I never knew that her body was there.”


The Martinez family, consumed with grief, gathered at the small peaceful demonstration, unable to share a few words. But, locals like Marcel Bedran and Eddy Braun of the Neighborhood Watch Program, have seen one to many murders and are vocal on the issue.


Marcel bedran

Marcel Bedran, Chairman, CNWA

“This is about us coming out to support the Martinez family, the Jasmine Lowe family, the Robert’s family. It is about us coming out and asking the hard question like I was just interviewed: Why are we afraid to talk about capital punishment when the whole country is talking about it? Why are we afraid about talking about who is responsible for releasing a guy on bail that has such a record into our society.”


Eddie Braun

Eddie Braun, CNWA

“Why is it so easy to get bail? Why do the majority of these criminals walk free? Who is controlling? Who is in charge here? The public, we want to see justice. We are crying and demanding justice. How long will we allow international countries or systems to rule our judicial system and sit back and watch what is going on here?”


And while the towns have led the charge by example a few months ago in the Jasmine Lowe case, the leaders know that they must go the extra mile for justice to be served across the board.


Marcel Bedran

“Drastic situation calls for drastic measures. We could at least table it for now and get a referendum sort of consensus on what is capital punish; what is the detriment to Belize if we reinstate it as opposed to weighing it to the murder cases. What will it do then? I think we need now to sit down and say what is the next step; we need to go to one level higher. Obviously, we are beign strained by all these events that’s happening. Remember, it is not only Jasmine and Miss Martinez—it is a hundred and twelve murders already this year.”


Reporting for News Five, I’m Andrea Polanco.


Late reports say that there is still not enough evidence to press charges for the murders of Martinez or Lewis. 

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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27 Responses for “Cayo residents in full force following murder of UB student”

  1. Rod says:

    March to the gov building march on the police station bring the rope with you do the job yourselves you cannot depend on this useless corrupt incompetent pm and gov. Over a thousand murders in the country and this pm has yet to come out and offer condolences to even one greaving family out of more than a thousand murders again I will say it your main job judas barrow is to keep the citizens of this country safe and you have failed and keep failing in your job you need to step down resign you are a total and complete failure at your job when are you going to get it. Don’t wait people take care of the situation yourselves or nothing will happen guan barrow Guan .

  2. Uncle Benji says:

    Yeah. Yeah. Much ado about nothing. Our rainbow brothers and sisters in the Cayo district enjoy being on TV and in the spotlight. Marching, griping and !@#$% ing will not bring back the dead.

    It seems that our rainbow people (half lebanese, half black, half mayan, half chinese, half everything) are always a day late with their PAC movement.

    I am not impressed.

  3. Storm says:

    I’m with Pastor Wade. The Bible supports the death penalty, and that is sufficient authority for me.

  4. BELIZEAN says:

    I know this Alberto Ical. He tried to break into my parents house. We caught him, me and my brother!!! That guy is a freak! He is sick in his upper brains!!!!!!!!!! He as raped many many women already..He is a stinking drug addict, alcoholic…*&^$%%^^….. Why is he still out? Or out “AGAIN” ???

  5. Jose says:

    If the people come together and demand more strict laws such as denying bail for serious crimes, and perhaps life time as minimal penalty for home invasions that result in harm to our citizens, the authorities must comply with us. Suggested penalties:

    1. Rape and home invasions leading to bodily harm (no death): lifetime in prison,
    2. Rape or home invasions that lead to death: dealth penalty.
    3. No bail for any of the above offences.

  6. Belizean Pride says:

    @uncle benji,
    don’t be an idiot at least we have the balls to show our faces on the tv our discontent what about you who only spew your words on a blog section and is afraid to show you face on tv and say i’m unlce benji and don’t believe a crap about cayo people protesting,eh come on be a man not aunty benji. at least we show our community that we stand together.

  7. History Minded says:

    @ Rod – Does the PUP pay you to add your nonsensical comments?

    The main thrust for the movement requires that the youth join in. The youths are all talking about getting the death penalty back but fail to organize. When young people can organize, the demonstrate will really be a movement.

  8. Sad says:

    It really amazes me how all these church leaders are advocating the death penalty. Are we a society THAT corrupt that we need to go to such crude measures to obtain “justice”? Its foolish. We are still not seeing the root of the problem. As always we just want to put a bandaid over it. Im proud of people standing up for whats right. But lets not let religious extremism get in the way of people wanting to get the right people convicted and put away for the crimes they committed. What will hanging them do? It will show the world how crude and uncivilized we are. I thought we passed that point a long time ago, we are educated. And, with our judicial system being so corrupt, whose to say we wont hang the wrong people. Come on Mr. Wade, I expect more from a man i respect.

  9. mikkie levine says:

    to uncle benji, first of all you are the biggest, worhtless, selfish, ignorant, heartless piece of nothing just wasting others air to breath. u need to change ur life and the things going on in ur head because one day it will come to u maybe not u but someone u care for or maybe thats why ur the way u are because none gives a crap about people like u. santa elena n cayo citizean
    are a community and cares about each other especially thier childrens, so don’t u try to bring hate in our community

  10. Rod says:

    History minded. The only nonsensical person on here is you p brain it’s because of people like you that this country is the way it is because of brain dead people like you.

  11. notimportanttoknow says:


  12. cayobway says:

    cayo district has sure changed a lot i can remember when cayo people would take this guy away from the jail and float him down the macal river, we need that force again, it can be done, don”t be afraid, government cannot arrest the whole cayo district, they don’t care anyhow.

  13. History Minded says:

    @ Rod, your funny

  14. annoyed says:

    when one of the politicians son or daughter or one of mr. barrow favorite son’s gets killed, then we will see the light of capital penalty, for now they dont care because it’s not there love ones that is hurt, but when elections come around again you will notice hoe they are begging for ur support n makig promises, but you know i dnot fully blame the goverment even tho they are Fu**i** curropted!!!! i blame the citizens that greed the money that they offer to them and hurry vote without thinking clearly!! now they are cryng for support, if u want support take actions upon urself!! dont expect the govmnt to do anything caz they will never move, especially since its foreign organizations that is controlling them!!. before you notice it those foreign organization will take over belize! independence was just about 2 weeks or so back, and the government still isn’t showing that they appreciate belize and willing to keep it safe n crime and violence free. and for them chancey police. stop harrassing the youghts in the streets n deal with the big man them, i tired of seeing police taking advantage of minors and running away from the big time criminals!!! like some spooked dogs!! GIRL SCOUTS UNIT, ANTY DRAMATIC UNIT, POLICE(PIGS) spook!

  15. dun says:

    bring back hanging stop relying on d govmnt take actions upon urself!! then you will see justice! foreign organizations, waste of time, GIRL SCOUTS UNIT! ROLL!! ANTY DRAMATIC UNIT! ROLL!!

  16. Nays says:

    To All Those Requesting The Death Penalty!

    Conviction rate for murder is almost NIL…who will you hang??? If we can’t convict!…First lobby to get better systems,evidence collection…witness protection etc….before you scream for the noose…we can’t hang who we can’t convict! Sheesh!

  17. Chiquibul says:

    What kind did uncle benji smoke today???

  18. Steel says:

    The wages of sin is death…. HANG THE #**!@

  19. Mr. Clean says:

    I wish Belize City people’s would do the same.Great job Cayo’s people.

  20. Coralblack says:

    Wow! Confusions on the street, confusion from commenters,while others are
    been blood sacrifice everyday.The only sane people,seems to be: well; seems to be, is the GOB,because,when it’s all said and done,they think they get to keep what they stole from the people,and the people get Poverty,Death and a life full of Misery. People you’ll stand alone,PoliTricks is just a game, Politician do not care about your sons, and daughters been murdered everyday,to them; you are nothing but Collateral damages.Take back your Government, take back your community, streets,and resources; and to all you so called killer out there, acting like
    you are the (Most High) who created life that you can take it as you please, you know not, what type of Energies you dealing with, it’s obvious.Unity People Please for Humanity Sake.

    Love Justice so we All can Live in Peace YHWH El Olam

  21. barbie says:

    i had live in cayo all my life and now the gov is mess up its just getting worst each day we have to do something wake up people .

  22. History Minded says:

    @ Nays: While, the conviction procedures needs some serious reformation, the call for capital punishment should not be quieted.

    If this is an idea that can unite the people, then let it sound out. Let the people take to the streets. This will certainly cause others to want to modify how things are done.

    And if it would be legalized even before there is serious reform, it would still assist. They are murders who get bail/parole or are in prison. The justification for hanging is that FEAR will act as a deterrence for potential criminals.

  23. focus people says:

    focus your energy, making noise and swinging a noose looks dramatic but accomplishes nothing. has the pressure been kept up on Bert V, is the crowd assisting with a real prosecutor. lets address sexual offences in the country and their penalties, sex offenders list, life without parole for repeat sex offenders. lets get focus rather than shouting and insulting each other via this medium.

  24. Gio says:

    Belizean Pride well said.. atleast we have the balls to stand up and to protect our future. Uncle benji u tnk dis da di city?? Hell no!!! In Cayo we stand and protect one another. Dat shows cooperation between our community not sarcasm!! And yet Cayo is the place where we get less help frm GOB; but I tell u this, if d security force don’t act then we the people will act! That’s why our country dosn’t progress because of sick mindz like those that are in our country!

  25. Eva says:

    The reason why our country is in this mess and heading straight to hell is because of all the above.We cannot unify. This is a blog to post our sentiments and solutions for the mess that is Belize and we end up insulting one another and quarelling???!!!!!!! It’s time we realize who our real enemies are and go after them and not after each other.MY GOD!! We have different opinions and solutions and we must respect that. Let’s realize what we have in common, which we would all agree is that we are tired of crime and want criminals/murderers to be hanged, and run with that, with one mind, with one voice and take it to Capital Hill in front of the National ASSembly!

  26. mj says:

    Such a disgrace with our justice sytem as murderers, rapist etc are all let free when humble hard working Belizean when commit an action in defence are treated worst than those murderers same on our so called justice system

  27. wake up says:

    yeah everday our community is getting worse…. damn it. this man has been charged so many times for rape… hello and he is still out……………..i am a full supporter of the capital punishment.. mabe that way those idiots learn…wake up people we are no longer living in peace … we need justice for suzzane

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