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Oct 4, 2012

Fleecing of Belize: Ministry buys lumber/cement from gas station and tires for stripped vehicle

The auditor general uncovered suspected cases of fraud in different ministries during the review of government finances for the period 2010-2011. According to the audit, government suffered great financial losses because the regulations as it relates to accountability were not adhered to. On Wednesday night, we reported on the two law firms of choice which received over one point five million dollars from the government for legal work. Tonight we look at the Corozal Public Works Department, Ministry of Works where there was a clear disregard for government procedures. The Ministry used irregular practices to purchase vehicle parts and fuel for seventy-four thousand, seven hundred and thirty-one dollars during the period April 2000 to March 2010. The department made frequent payments to the Texaco Corozal for purchases that were not usually in the line of business of any service station. The department paid for cement and lumber, air conditioning repairs and even automotive computer repairs to Texaco Corozal and according to the report, most of the purchases were found to have in fact been made in Chetumal.

The Storekeeper did not issue requisitions as required.  The storekeeper, the Director of Technical Services and the chief mechanic instead of issuing requisitions, approached the proprietor of Texaco Corozal and asked him for cash to purchase the parts.  The DTS would then either authorize the chief mechanic or the store keeper to purchase the parts at a local supplier identified by the chief mechanic with the cash received from Texaco. Another issue was with the plant and equipment register. Equipments could not be located. The ledger indicated that twenty-one pieces of equipment issued were not properly accounted: particulars such as dates, recipients and approvals were lacking.  From a cat grader, to a water truck, to road roller, to a compactor were not accounted for. The Ministry also purchased spares for a vehicle that was in an advanced state of disrepair when a Ford Ranger had been substantially stripped of its parts:  transmission, engine, pan, differential and chasis were all missing. Another issue was bulk fuel that was purchased at a higher cost from suppliers other than the one selected by the Government.  It was found that the Ministry was authorized to purchase from Texaco Belize Limited, but they also purchased from Texaco Corozal and Shell Belize Limited whose prices were much higher since they were based on pump prices, and not duty free as was the case with Texaco Belize. The pump price was sometimes forty percent higher than the duty free one that should have been purchased by the Ministry. In January, the ministry purchased nine thousand gallons of fuel while its tank can only hold three thousand gallons.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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21 Responses for “Fleecing of Belize: Ministry buys lumber/cement from gas station and tires for stripped vehicle”

  1. beachman says:

    Why can’t the people who held these positions & misused the people’s money be charged with embezzlement or fraud or someting? Just becuase you work a job for the govt should not protect you from prosecution if you break da law!

  2. I Belize it says:

    These corruption officers have made national news.
    Their bonuses and promotions are assured.

  3. Ricky Malthus says:

    As the PUPs are the only credible defense to Barrow’s complete extremism in governance, will they please step up and put fire the the populace to take to the streets in continuous protestation to show no confidence in Barrow’s government and let’s change this government one way or another. There is no rationality to have Barrow and his regime to rule Belize any longer. There is no economic sense nor political sense only kleptomaniac sense to continue with Barrow and his sticky finger pals. Amen

  4. Rod says:

    What a corrupt pm and gov. And yet no one is in jail belizeans it’s time you stand up and shout we will not take this corruption no mo from the pm down all should be locked up in jail for corruption this is the worse pm and gov. In the history of this nation the time is at hand to get rid of this cancer that’s killing this country and the parasites like barrow and vega and hulse need to be put in jail locked up for the next 20 years because they have and are destroying the future of all the belizean youth all of your families while stuffing their pockets with the money of the hard working po people of this country barrow , vega, hulse. = thief. .

  5. Uncle Benji says:

    Channel 5…….. congrats. You are doing an excellent job in exposing the sad, sad situation Belizeans are living under the Dean Ali Ba-Barrow government.

    Please keep up the excellent reporting!

  6. Storm says:

    Sounds like an organized crime ring, that is, a gang. Put GSU on them, search their properties, and put them in iron bracelets. It’s far beyond time for thieving public officials to be jailed for their crimes against the nation!

  7. nesher says:

    so much for barrows “transparency & accountability” election campaign pledge/promise….guess that went out when he was elected prime sinister

  8. cg says:

    I’m just intrigued why anyone is shocked…..cause eh hem…this is the case from ever since….and yet there you go marching at the polls acting like any party can save you…ok then…

  9. luis says:

    but you have to verify if these are civil servants or political officers on contracts doing this corruptions

  10. DejaVu says:

    Remember Barrow’s speech, something about at the slightest smell of corruption in my government heads will roll, well I guess we sholud be seeing a blood bath now. UDP is hussling bigtime and unless the people rise up the next 4 years will be the worst ever with corruption.

  11. Al says:

    I am so mad I want to spit nails, I want to see somebody go to jail for this. I beieve if all the dirt was uncovered it would send shock wave throughout the world, this is world news for sure. I would like to see every country who gives aid to Belize cease their support, until this PM take proper action to end this corruption.

    The corrupt politicians knows that there is no consequences even if they are found out, so they continue to rape the people. The service station employee or owner is also receiving kick backs, so he should be a part of the investigation and indictment. My question is why is this just now being discovered. An account who is keeping books every day should see income and spending, such incompetence. Are the people of Belize understanding what is happening, do they not care, or just plain give up on their future. The problem is that my people have become comfortable in their poverty. I wish they could understand that they can have better, just come together as a country and say, no more.

  12. Rod says:

    Unu just wait I am almost complete investigating the bank accounts of all ministers and I will then post. Bank names accounts and balance of all of them then you udp supporters will have something to digest so let it be said so let it be written.

  13. El Loco says:

    And this government expects bonholders to negotiate the superbond with them and their crookedness?

    The money is there, its just in the governements pockets. Probably best to just not pay the superbond, then just pay fees to Barrow attorneys to fight all the lawsuits that wre coming….

  14. El Loco says:

    And this goventment expects bongholders to sit down and renegotiate the superbond with them? They have plenty of money to pay, they just want it for themselves it seems.

    Probably best for them to not pay the superbond, then turn around and pay the Barrow & Young lawfirms to fight the many lawsuits that are about to come……

  15. Be Real says:


  16. Bear says:

    I find it both hard to believe and sad that there is not a single civic organization or church in the entire country that will make a call for public protests of corruption — are they ALL eating from the crumbs of stolen money that drop from politicians, so they won’t call for honesty as long as they are getting something, too?

    Is every single civic and student leader bought off?

  17. Eye in the Sky says:

    The corruption is why we can not get ahead in Belize.
    Belize will always be 3rd world and with the corruption and crime we will go down to 4th world status.

  18. Cruffy says:

    with all this thieving a fool claims we are the 4th happiest country in the world. tell Barrow, Vega, Boots and Montero to walk down Mayflower street at night (with out BDF) to find out how happy we are.

  19. Eva says:

    But most of you ate up the Christmas ham and turkey and it tasted so nice that you still had the taste in your mouths when you went to vote in February 2012.Stop the talk and let’s do something about it!

  20. Anon says:

    Only $75 G’s? Why even report that. That’s not even the daily take of some of the corrupted.

  21. Pissed Off Corozaleno says:

    It has now been brought to light why all the machinery of Ministry of Works Corozal are in a deplorable state for the first time and unable to satisfy the demands of Corozal regarding streets and roads. The money to service these machinery are going into the pockets of a few corrupted people who are protected by the UDP. This is too much. We can’t take any more. We need to overtrow this !…… government.

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