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Oct 3, 2012

UB student murdered in San Ignacio

Suzenne Martinez

A shocking discovery was made this morning in a drain in San Ignacio. The partially nude body of Suzenne Martinez, a young and vibrant University of Belize student, was found a short distance away from her house. On Tuesday night she was with friends at a Belmopan restaurant. Pictures of her last outing were posted on social media. What happened next is under investigation but the main suspect is a Maya Mopan resident who was released on bail a few days ago for sexual offences and is also linked to the murder of Robert Lewis on Monday morning.  News Five’s Isani Cayetano reports.


Isani Cayetano, Reporting

The discovery of a partially nude body in a shallow drain a few hundred yards away from the residence of twenty year old Suzenne Martinez, sometime after six o’clock this morning, confirmed her sibling’s worst fear.  Martinez, a resident of San Ignacio Town, left for Belmopan on Tuesday morning where she attended classes at the University of Belize as a Medical Laboratory major.  Her brother, twenty-three year old Jamid Martinez, was en route to work when he came across a grisly crime scene being processed by San Ignacio Police.


Jamid Martinez, Brother of Murder Victim

“I left and when I left, about the third block, and when I sih di police them noh and I knew that something [was] wrong because my sista missing.  Now when I confront them I tell them please, I really wahn know if da what unnu find because I know unnu find something please let me know if da my sista.”


Jamid Martinez

Jamid was eventually allowed beyond the cordon.  What he saw substantiated his belief that Suzenne had been murdered.


Jamid Martinez

“As I gaan and I look down, because her body was in the drain right, and when I saw that it was her I identified her right away.”


The Martinez family became concerned around midnight when they noticed that she had not returned home from school.  Her parents immediately went to the San Ignacio Police Station where a missing person report was filed.


Supt. Ralph Moody, O.C., San Ignacio Police Formation

Ralph Moody

“At about 12:30 or 12:10 last night, her family visited the police station and made a missing person report.  At 6:10 this morning we received information of a body on Eighteenth Street in the San Ignacio area.  Police visited that location and saw a lifeless body of a female on the ground.”


According to the victim’s brother, Suzenne was last seen in the company of her friends here at New Capital Restaurant where they socialized and posted live photos on Facebook.


Jamid Martinez

“This story that I heard was from my neighbor right because as far as I know [is] that they were at a restaurant in Belmopan named ‘My Uncle’ or ‘Uncle’, I think that’s the name right.  So now they were with friends eating and they took out a picture and placed it on Facebook right there and then.  And at that same moment my neighbor was on Facebook and she knew that that was my sister so they were chatting for a little while.  So they were together, a group of friends, about four or five girls, you know, but I don’t know none of them.”


Suzenne eventually left for San Ignacio Town, however, it is unclear whether she had caught a late bus or rode in a private vehicle.  What is certain is that her body was discovered not too far from where she lived.  A subsequent police investigation has led to the arrest of one person, also believed to be the prime suspect in the murder of Robert Steven Lewis in Belmopan on Sunday night.


Supt. Ralph Moody

“We conducted an investigation into the matter where we have one male person detained who is a suspect in this case.  I must say also that I believe that this person is a concerned person to the murder in Belmopan.  We also have the Belmopan [Crimes Investigation Branch] C.I.B. involved in this matter.  We recovered several pieces of jewelries and as well we have prints matching the prints in that area, along with the female. There is no sign of bruise on her body, no sign of marks, with the exception of one footprint that matches the suspect’s boots.  That print was on the female, over her private area, [on] one of her legs.”


Despite being found somewhat undressed police haven’t been able to determine if she was also sexually assaulted.


Supt. Ralph Moody

“What I can say [is] that her pants was below her knee, part of her blouse was pulled up.  Her underwear, to me, was intact so I cannot say if she was sexually molested.  We will have to wait until the doctor could verify whether or not she was molested.”


Jules Vasquez, 7 News

“Is this suspect a known sexual offender?”


Supt. Ralph Moody

“Yes.  He just came home from bail I think last week Thursday or Friday.”


Charges are expected to be brought against this individual for both murders. Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.


A few weeks ago another U.B. student was killed: Norval Belisle was out socializing with friends when he was stabbed to death on September fourteenth. 

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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35 Responses for “UB student murdered in San Ignacio”

  1. Rod says:

    People people march on this useless incompetent corrupt impotent. Pm and gov. Their main job to the citizens of this country is to keep its citizens safe and the are and have been totally failing at their job after 1,000.00 murders this pm have yet to address this sweeping murder rate any other sane person would have admitted their failure long ago but after so many murders this pm has yet to come out and offer his condolences to even one out of a 1,000.00 murders what kind of leader is this he needs to be fired kicked out of office immediately march people march pa this useless corrupt incompetent impotent pm and gov. My condolences to this family I think who ever did this should be hung by the neck tii dead and don’t wait for this useless gov. To do anything.


    How many more have to die before.

    While I don’t sit back and expect the Pm to prevent every single murder I do
    Expect him to devise a method that might stop or help to prevent these horrific crimes from occurring so often.

  3. BELIZEAN says:

    SO SAD, People made in the image of GOD, being murdered, and committing murders! Lord have mercy on the people of our country

  4. Uncle Benji says:

    Sad. So very sad. Suzenne was such a charmer. I had the good fortune of considering her a friend.

    R.I.P. and Godspeed.

  5. Fedup says:

    Now if this suspect doesn’t deserve a death penalty, i won’t know what to think about the Justice System. He is clearly unfit to be living among the civilized society.

  6. Al says:

    Rewrite the law, he should not have been let out of jail on bond after being arrested for sexually molesting someone. This is absolutely a case for the death penalty. This person possibly killed two people in a twenty four hour time frame. He does not deserve to live .

    Preserve every piece of evidence, keep it under lock and key, make sure it makes it to court. This person has to be convicted and he needs to be put to death.

  7. Christina says:

    They guy supected of the crimes was released on bail? How many times do we hear the same story? We have nothing but incompetent people working in the police force and CIB. Wow only in Belize!

  8. Truth says:

    public execution for all murders … vote for capital punishment by hanging too if one must.. or give them to the public .

    let them rethink twice or more before they even attempt to hurt. PRISON wont do them any justice..

  9. Ixchel Pop says:

    This is indeed a deeply troubling situation and perhaps not the last one who will hear about. This young lady could be anybody’s daughter or sister. What is also very sad is that we have robbed our country of a great talent and contributor to our society. I have nothing more say…we have become animals in this country. What response are we going to get from the PM? Paying off more gang members to keep the peace? Another smart press conference?

  10. sick and tired says:

    something needs to be done bout the crime situation. this suspect have been the interest of several sexual allegation in the Cayo district. Why did they give him bail. He needs to be publicly executed.

  11. Nimbo says:

    Although I am happy to hear we have a suspect detained, please take your time and do a proper investigation, go by the book and do not allow any loopholes. The last we want to hear is that this monster (if guilty) got away due to a technicality, fault in the investigation OR famous in Belize, the file got missing on its way to the DPP.

    Please GOD we pray for our community and for Belize.

  12. deedee says:

    Yes……the suspect was just release from jail last week, he was out on bail & now a young woman has lost her life. I read somewhere also that police believes this person is responsible for the murder in Belmopan that happen over the weekend. If it is proven that this maniac who is a known RAPIST had indeed committed these acts, I believe the court is responsible for these deaths. This guy got off rape charges so many times, when will this madness end?? My prayers are with the family during this terrible time.

  13. cayobway says:

    i m guessing that the pm wants to be the first to break the silence of the rope.!!! cant wait to see anymore…….we done get enuff of this crap……


  14. Peoples Power says:

    yes, yes, we are all enraged now, but where is Bert Vasquez, chilling out in Hattievelle sometimes, ordering pizza and updating facebook on the free internet at prison. we need stick-with-itness. The Jasmine Alert system is a step in the right direstion now we need to agitate for a sex offenders list and certain restrictions on parolees. we the people need to do it, Police have not even identified this persons to the media and he is suspect in two horrific murders.

  15. BMNJ says:

    I have yet to see photos of this suspect to be posted by the media houses. I could be walking alongside, in front, or behind this person on the street and not knowing that he is the suspect. I once again appeal to the Police Dept. and the media houses to post photos of murderers and rapists so that the general public could be on guard and possibly assist the law enforcement agency with the apprehension of such criminals.

  16. kruffy di talk says:

    Whats the right remedy for reduction of crime? lets see… More Jobs, More patrols, More education. Now we can’t offer more jobs because foreign investors are scared to invest in Belize. We can’t hire more officers to patrol because the country does not have enough revenue to compensate them. As far as education is concerned…there needs to be continous training provied to teachers in order for them to keep their teaching liscense…. there needs to be social workers that visits the homes of students that don’t show up to school for unexplained reasons and the parents need to be held accountable. Police officers needs to have more regular training on “CONFLICT RESOLUTION”….they need to learn how to talk to people in a professional way. All this blaming of the Prime minister i think is unjust….I am of no political party and i no longer live in Belize, BUT…. I can say that if i were the Prime minister of Belize and i was dealt the cards that he has….the country would be the same way it is now. You can’t change long term damage overnight….nor can you completely overhaul a government body after an election…. think about it…. the politicians get elected but the actual workers in all these government offices remain the same… nothing changes. Until the WORLD finds a financial balance, things will continue to go downhill for Belize as well as many other small countries. Communication is a key tool for all Belizeans….teach your kids at a young age to communicate…ask questions…talk about problems. My condolences to the famly of another lost life. RIP.

  17. Enough of the gloating says:

    I agree with you 100% deedee. The COURTS IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THESE DEATHS!

  18. nna says:

    hasnt anyone realize that we might be in the verge of a women phsyco killer,, remember the girl in bella vista that was found partial nude her name was susana martinez ,,,what a coinsisence this girl has the same name and surname and was found dead on the same circumstances…

  19. BELIZEAN says:

    I agree with this statement “kruffy di talk” made: Communication is a key tool for all Belizeans….teach your kids at a young age to communicate…ask questions…talk about problems. My condolences to the famly of another lost life. RIP.

    And I emphasize, teach your children from young. It is sad that we have to get the mind set that we need to trust no one, but that is where we are now. We all have to learn to be wary, look around, live in consciousness, read between the lines, and almost imagine, if this or that person might want to harm you, cuz he might be a criminal. I pray for this family!

  20. Sad says:

    These things will only change when we start demanding better laws from our politcians. The same lawyers that defend criminals are the same ones that write the laws. How we expect different? Stop blaming the police, they are under paid, under trained and unequipped. Lets point the finger at the top or else shit will never change.

  21. Jose says:

    SAD. They can spend so much effort amending our constitution to take control of two rotten companies, that only God knows who it is benefiting (other than the powers at be). Yet they cannot amend our laws so that these monsters are kept in PRISON UNTIL THEIR TRIAL TO PREVENT THIS NONSENSE FROM HAPPENING. Scenario 1: Rapist goes to prison…Attorney paid cash. Attorney convinces magistrate or judge?? (I am not a legal person.) to release rapist. Rapist released..rapist rapes and murders again… STUPID JUSTICE SYSTEM.

    Scenario 2: Crime gets out of hand. Government cannot solve it…so they pay gangs for being gangs. Gang leaders “invest” to expand their business (crime). So they give money to recruits to move around, target more honest citizens, steal (home invasions), kill them,,and return profits…they get part of the profits…and the “investor” who invested our tax dollars…gets his profit. ANOTHER DAY IN A $#!%% COUNTRY. R.I.P SUZENNE.

  22. Vampire says:

    Belize??? Is this A country or a JOKE?? no Really Answer me !!! Ofcos it is a JOKE… yes i repeat..BELIZE IS A JOKE !!!!! Let me start by Hierarchy of Power… Governor General a Joke!!! Pm a joke!! Defence Minister a joke!! Police ALL jokes!! Some of the (SOME) Belizean people All jokes!! (Hate on One Another/ Instead of Support and Love One Another)… I DONT BLAME ANYBODY FOR CRIMES….I BLAME THE GRASSROOT OF BELIZE!!! Check your homes!! Check your kids!! Check your Origin…Check your grassroot!!! My SINCERE condolences to the famly of another lost life. RIP.

  23. trouble says:

    So Sad, he is a serial rapist and was granted bail

  24. souseh says:

    I agree 100% with SAD’s last comment!!

  25. cayobway says:

    i agree with u jose. YOu could not have said it any better buddy. dealing with crime = shy but not money shy…..

  26. Concerned says:

    what is happening to Belize? every day we hear news about murder. and every day it worstens.. when will someone stand up and really think with their head and put politics on a side and make things right. i mean come on people, its not fair for innocent people to die. those criminals that are running loose in the city, those are the ones that should be dying, they are the ones that need to be punished. but why this smart and innocent girl had to die. God knows but we want justice. not only on this case but several things that happen that the gov and police say will investigate and they never do. it is sad to hear these things that occur mostly every day. i am concerned because i as a female would never want these things to happen to me, my daughters or any other person. i dont want this to happen to anyone but it happens. my sincere and deep condolences to the family and may God be with you in your time of grief.

  27. Bear says:

    Not just released on bail last week, but also out on bail since LAST YEAR for another rape!

    Bring these animals to trial quickly — the public deserves protection first and foremost!

    And change the bail law — let a judge DENY BAIL COMPLETELY where [a] the defendant committed it while on bail for any other crime, [b] where the crime demonstrates the person might be a danger to the community, such as rape, child molestation, robbery, murder, [c] where the person has inadequate ties to the community so he is a flight risk, [d] where there is a concern for witnesses being threatened or dissuaded from coming to court.

    I believe repeat criminals laugh at our entire criminal justice system — if it can be called a system.

    Oh, one more thing — CASTRATE SEXUAL PREDATORS so they CANNOT victimize more people.

  28. Luby Chavez says:

    Our young ones are getting murdered left and right, this guy that is a suspects release on bail how many more families have to bury their kids for something to be done Belize need to have tougher laws to deal with these animals you can’t even cnsider them human being.

  29. DAF says:

    We all live da belize, but we divided, notice how the second class people no mess with the lower class people. And the First Class people no worry about nobody. This da lot ah talking, and no action. i just the say we have to help out each other anyway possible. show kindness to everyone you meet. what have happen done happen now da time to make sure you put in your part. maybe it may not make a lot of difference but at least you do algo.

  30. Genotu Rembiuos says:

    I GIVE UP !!!

  31. Storm says:

    Cayobway, I’m with you and Dexter.

  32. wireless says:

    I read the Belize news everyday and I swear there is nothing that you can depend on more than the fact that another one or two murders would have been committed. Pretty soon we won’t have anywhere to put these mindless offenders. These people have forfeited there rights. Human Rights needs not to be a player for these people. The jail is now a safe haven for them. How many kids that really want to get ahead and make a difference in life do not have the money for another meal ,internet connectivity , and all the tools that are so lacking for them to succeed. We have got to lets these offenders know that it is not going to be good not if but when they are caught. There is no free ride for the hard working people of Belize so there cannot be a free ride for these bastards. Let jail be a nightmare that they will remember for all time. The systems should protect honest hard working citizens not these liars and killers that get lawyers to find loopholes for them to be back on the streets.

  33. Hope says:

    What a sad situation, depressing indeed! Evil out there is inevitable, we simply need to instill good principles in our children so they can become good, intelligent, intuitive and strong humans and learn to protect themselves from predators like these…these scumbags will get their share in this lifetime or the next! I pity them, as they ignore the divine power, ridiculous to think they can get away with crime and walk our streets as if everything is all bubbles and sunshine!
    She is gone and that’sthe reality, the difficult part is for the ones that stay to mourn, cry rivers for her.

    BTW does someone remember the other young girl Maritza Santos….she was murdered by Michael Silva…has justice been served? is he back from Guatemala? Is that case closed???

  34. RealTalk says:

    Personally, I feel as if our police are not well trained. Secondly, Belize does not have Highly EQUIPPED Labs to process the evidence collected if any is collected at all. This is something the government truly needs to look into… it would be a great investment to our country…

    When on a crime scene, along with detectives, they need, forensics technicians, Evidence Technicians – Crime Scene Search Technicians, all of the above mention…. looking for fabrics in the grass, tire marks, anything out of the usual…
    That’s the kind of team we need in the police force…. take pictures of the surroundings, Train these men and women who serious want to b police men, to fully execute their jobs as POLICE MEN…

    We all know how many cases have been thrown out due to insufficient evidence… it breaks my heart, and this is not from watching 48hrs, which we all know is real, but its just the intensive training that these people seriously need to go through in order to earn their badge….

  35. RealTalk says:

    Then this get me too… WHy I feel like they probably have the wrong person but this makes them look good… and the only reason why I saw it looks like they have the wrong person is because, where is the lap-top… if they found other stuff on him where is her lap-top.

    Other reason, how did they find her body? who called it in? and one thing I could tell U, if they’re really doing their job, and are trained properly, they can tell if she was killed there, or she was killed somewhere else and they just dumped her body there…

    From my knowledge or from what I’m reading, I feel like they set the scene to make it look like she was raped and killed there… theY pulled down her pants and lift up her blouse either this unsub is dumb or just a real sloppy criminal, who by the way knows that the Police won’t be looking at it from that point of view….

    Like I said, I’m not saying the government doesn’t need to tighten up, cause the killing is outrageously getting out-ah-order… but the police force needs a facelift, better training.. better forensic lab, if any at all… AND STOP LETTING THESE PEOPLE GET OFF WITH JUST A SLAP ON THE WRIST.. OUR LIVES ARE WORTH MORE THAN MANSLAUGHTER BY NEGLIGENCE OR ACQUITTAL DUE TO LACK OF EVIDENCE…..HUMAN RACE AS IT IS KNOWN IN BELIZE WILL BE EXTINCT

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