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Oct 3, 2012

Leroy Lewis new National Football Team Coach

Ruperto Vicente

The Football Federation of Belize is charting a new direction under the leadership of its president Ruperto Vicente. Today the appointment of a new coaching staff was made. In the past, the Federation hired coaches that didn’t speak English, but the new coach from Costa Rica, speaks English fairly well, has a wealth of experience and had served the F.F.B. in a technical capacity over a decade ago. This afternoon at the Best Western Biltmore Plaza, the F.F.B. introduced Leroy Lewis as the National Team coach.


Leroy Lewis

Ruperto Vicente, President, F.F.B.

“There had been a lot of good coaches that applied, but we had to vet every application that came to the federation and the national team committee did an excellent job and I trust their judgment and I trust the person that they have appointed as our national team coach. And I’m sure that he has all the qualifications necessary to select the best team that could take us to the nation’s cup. But the federation continues to work on development and I must say that our new coach will not only serve us as a national team coach, but he will also be in charge of our coaching department. He will be working with our Belizean coaches and train coaches in this country. I am glad that we found a man that is willing to do that. And so ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you this evening as the president of the Football Federation of Belize, our new coaching staff for our national team headed by Mr. Leroy Lewis from Costa Rica.  Our assistant coach is going to be Mr. Charles Slusher, our goal keeper coach is going to be Mr. Kent Gabourel; our technical director, Mr. Renan Cowo. These are the four men, along with others who are going to be named later on including our physiotherapist, our physical trainer who are yet to be named, these are the who are going to carry us into the nation’s cup. With this shirt, I welcome you and officially announce you as Belize’s national team coach.”


Charles Slusher

Leroy Lewis, National Team Coach

“I see a lot of enthusiasm between the people; everybody want to work and that make I feel very good. My job does not conclude; it doesn’t matter what was the problem, from here on I want us to keep on working with the national team. I always say that Belize has a lot of talents. We are from the Caribbean then we have a lot of good athletes—good basketball players, football, athletes—Marion Jones remember—we can do it in football also.”



“Your contract; how long is it for?”


Leroy Lewis

Renan Cowo

“No contract, I believe in his word, I believe in the committee word. When you have mutual trust, you don’t have to sign no contract; I don’t wanna sign no contract.”


Jose Sanchez

“Coaches come and go in Belize and that is why I am asking. We want to know what is your commitment?”


Leroy Lewis

“My commitment is if they want me to stay twenty years, be here with them working—I’ll be here. I give them my words in front of you the press.”


Kent Gabourel

Ruperto Vicente

“The selection of players is going to be done from now until the end of October. So the selection starts Saturday where the coach and his coaching staff will be in Orange Walk at the People’s Stadium to observe players and to select potential national team players. As he has explained in November, the national team players will be meeting at the F.F.B. headquarters twice per week during the month of November. December through January, the national team is going to be housed full-time and they will be working out seven days per week.”


Lewis began working Tuesday night when he observed the Bandits on the field.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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9 Responses for “Leroy Lewis new National Football Team Coach”

  1. Louisville,Ky says:

    Good job Ruperto! Really admire your bold initiatives to take football to the next level in Belize.
    See what we have been missing, messing with Chimilio all these years?
    Oh… and I still think he should face a tribunal and answer for all those funds that are unaccounted for. Less go all the way Ruperto and set an example. Dishonest people in high places need to get the sense.

  2. Al says:

    It is refreshing to see finally someone who looks like he is building a professional organization in this country. I pray that through this sport we can put our country in a favorable light in the world. It would be nice for these ball players to earn a decent living doing what they love to do. Thank you Mr Lewis, do us proud sir.

  3. Footballer says:

    Hmm, he no sign wah contract?. Not dat interesting.

  4. Former Player says:

    Pick a team that know each other style of play, The team that is the champion in the local competitions should represent, give or take to add two or three more players from other teams. Don’t use all star players that will practice for two weeks and go represent Belize that will not work. Look at best practicies from other leading countries, those players practice together well in advance before they represent their country. And for Christ sake stop praising these players if they loose the games we must learn to have Belizean pride and not loose; the mind can move mountains and we have talented players……..

    I trust that since we have a new organization at the helmn favouritism in now out the window, and please pick talented players that are hungry for a “WIN” and not because we hear their name in the league for years, some of these old players should retire and give way for young blood……

  5. Storm says:

    These moves give me some hope for the future for football in the Jewel. Fight on!

  6. Reality says:

    Love the moves being made. Time for Belize to show those around us that we don’t have a set of “poco tiempo” players. We have talent, and now with this move being made. If it holds true then we will be a force to be reckoned with in our region.

    Represent us well.

  7. USG says:

    Good move but you should also work with a forward like Norman “Tillman” Nunez to also help. We have a lot of talented footballers in Belize but I have still not seen a striker like Norman Tilliman Nunez Pipersburg, no matter what you all say about him, he is still 1 of Belize’s best footballer still playing presently.
    The least the Football Federation of Belize can do is to ask Norman Tilliman Nunez Pipersburg if he would like to assist with the National Team….The man have talent and skills to share..he made most of the stars: David “Manu” McCaulay, Charles Slusher, Deron Jones, Jorge Garcia & Danny Tun. I was at all these guys concacaf games and National Team games. He was the general for Juventus Yarbra and Belize and no one in this country of Belize can denie that and if you do, you are a Tilliman hater…..

  8. LeRoy Sherrier says:

    Many Thank for your feedback, If I got to sign a Contrac there will be no problem with me, In Football a lot of Coaches sign Contras, to have the Federation tied up, so they can take the Federation to Court when they get fired… I will be in Belize untill you the people want me to be here. I am a ritired Citizen of Costa Rica, after more than 40 years as CUSTOM BROKER AND A SOCCER COACH. I have four children and 5 grands. Many thanks again.

  9. Johnny Vargas says:

    I have to say that I had the privilige to see Mr. Leroy Sherrier Lewis as a Player and as a Coach here in Costa Rica. I’m from a small town Called Siquirres in the Province of Puerto Limon, from where many of our greatest players are from ( Mr. Lewis included). If there’s something I can tell you about Mr. Leroy is that he is a Winner… He never bent his knee even in the agony of defeat,and always pushed for the win regardless of who was in front, very much alike to Mr. Hernan Medford Bryan another very succesfull Costarican Football Player and Coach… Mr Leroy is a fighter and a relentless warrior, a very clever one I must say. I hope you all learn as much from Him as you posible can,and embrace all the knowledge , wisdom and courage so characteristic of him.. Oh… one more thing… he is a man of his word and doesn’t take any BS from anyone,he doesn’t need to… He’s been in charge of Belize National Team for a Short period of time and has already proved himself by making History in “Copa Uncaf” a victory and Qualification to the Gold Cup “the first time ever for Belize” God Bless Profe…

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