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Oct 3, 2012

Belize ranked 4th happiest country in the world?

There’s some good news that will make you smile. In April of this year, Belize was ranked at number thirty-four of one hundred and fifty-six countries on the first ever United Nations World Happiness Report. That report was released exactly six months ago and we don’t know what drastic changes may have occurred in that time, but in another study released today Belize is ranked as the fourth happiest country in the world. The Happy Planet Index includes one hundred and fifty-one countries and looks at experienced well-being, life expectancy and the ecological footprint of a country’s residents. Of the top ten countries, seven are from either Central America or the Caribbean. Costa Rica is named happiest country in the world, followed by Vietnam, Colombia, Belize, El Salvador, Jamaica, Panama, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Guatemala is number ten. Believe it or not, the US is ranked at one hundred and five while Denmark which was number one on the UN list is at one hundred and ten. It makes you wonder what factors make the rankings so different. Well, while the UN surveyed residents, asking them to rate their level of satisfaction, the happy planet index focuses on sustainable well being. Here’s an explanation from the creator of the Happy Planet Index, Nic Marks of the London-based New Economics Foundation. 


Nic Marks, Creator, Happy Planet Index

Nic Marks

“Everybody wants a good life and I presume we want people in the future to live good lives. We created the Happy Planet Index really to highlight the tension between creating good lives now and good lives in the future. Because we think people should be happy and the planet should be happy, Why don’t we create a measure of progress that shows that? And what we do is we say that the ultimate outcome of a nation is how successful is it at creating happy and healthy lives for its citizens. Economic activity tends to be taken as a sign of the strength and power of a nation and yet all it is, is just economic turn over. What the Happy Planet Index does is it takes two things really, it’s looking at the well being of citizens in countries and then it’s looking at the resources they use. It creates what we call an efficiency measure; it says how much well being do you get for your resource use, it’s like a miles per gallon, bang per buck indicator. Running horizontally along the graph, is ecological footprint, how much pressure we put on the planet; more is bad. Running vertically upwards is a measure called happy life years; it’s like a happiness adjusted life expectancy and the yellow dot there you see is the global average. The challenge really is to pull the global average up here, that’s we need to do. And to do that, we need to pull countries from the bottom and we need to pull countries from the right of the graph and then we’re starting to create a happy planet. You can download the report; you can look at your personal HPI score. It’s the first global index of sustainable well being.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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24 Responses for “Belize ranked 4th happiest country in the world?”

  1. Eye in the Sky says:

    What a RETARD.

    Nic Marks must have been smoking too much of the happy tabaky (weed) in Belize.

    No one in Belize is happy except for the politicians in power.

  2. it's just that simple says:

    Tell it to Stephen Lewis, Kaylee Burgess, Giovanni Chi, Jasmine Lowe, and a lot more happy-happy innocent-dead-people. Unfortunately living is not sustainable here.

    Nic Marks should come, live in Belize City for a couple months. He will be lot more happy than in London when they ship his body back if he wins the happy homicide lotto.

    What do the poll numbers say to “if you had plenty of money, would you happily leave the country with your entire family to a more safer place?”

    Did the govt pay for this puff study?
    Belize barely beat out El Salvador, Jamaica, Venezuela, Honduras and Guatemala, maybe there is a shot at getting to be #1 murder country. The top five murder countries made it to the top ten for this happy privilege. Those poor people in UK, Switzerland, Japan, France and Germany, they are rock bottom doing worse than Palestine where they get bombed regularly, food is scarce, no electricity, and no water.

    This situation is pretty bad and not funny. This study is a joke.

  3. chaveli says:


  4. me says:

    Mr Nic Marks most be one of dean barrow well known. but just wondering what is the cash reward to do this.

  5. impartial says:

    even bigger BS!

  6. Nimbo says:

    Simple- it must have been King Barrow and his family who were interviewed for this report.

  7. Uncle Benji says:

    Who is this idiot? Vietnam on a list of happy places? LMAO!!! Vietnamese people continue to flee Vietnam like rats.

    San Francisco: Vietnamese folks are smuggled into the USA on cargo ships, thrown overboard in the dark of night, where some swim to safety, while other die.

    Houston: Drive SW Houston streets, Vietnamese prostitutes galore. Looking for a better life, they go to America where they prostitute themselves to pay off their passage from Vietnam to USA.

    Vietnames population (illegally) stands at 7 million in the USA. You call that happy?

  8. Ixchel Pop says:

    Who are they fooling? They must have interviewed the fat cats of this government.

  9. A Jew says:

    Agreed everyone! The fats cats of GOB must have been the ones interviewed for this BS report. Belize, 4th Happiest country? Got to be kidding me. Maybe back in the days, but now Belize is no happy place, especially Belize city where most of the population is located.

  10. Internet junkie says:

    anyfool can write something and place it on the internet. anyone now has an opinion that can be made public in a second, we need to decipher among all the junk on the internet to find valuable credible information. THIS IS JUNK, this is like BTL’s conclusion that people in Belize don’t buy laptops and iphones enough so it follws they don’t want fast internet. we need to teach more CRITICAL THINKING in our schools.

  11. Mr. Clean says:

    Because Belize is a tax free country. American alot of taxes. Cost of living is cheep in Belize, compare to other countries. Esp America.

  12. GET REAL says:

    SO INACCURATE!!! Belize ranked 4th place? Oh what a wishful thinking… If only it could be. Sadly this is not an accurate ranking!

  13. vicky says:


  14. Storm says:

    Let’s invite this idiot to come live in the City for a month or so. If he survives, let’s see how happy he is. My guess is he will run for the border before the sun sets on him a second time.

  15. BMNJ says:

    What! We almost get a bronze medal!

  16. hmm says:

    lmfao @ almost get bronze metal..

  17. stopthebs says:

    happiest country in the world{ BELIZE } are you sh#tting me .Borrow must have use our tax dollars to bribe this guy .. tell that to 8 murdered Belizean that happen over the weekend…happiest i can’t stop laughing…… power to the people..

  18. Jose says:

    Well congrats Belizeans!!! First time I read comments where all of us agree that an IDIOT is writing but intelligent Belizeans rebutting this fool!

  19. Ryan says:

    Not a fat cat nor a GOB employee and I am damn happy, yep, Belize is surely a good place to live in!

  20. moses says:


  21. Genotu Rembiuos says:


  22. Merle Hoare says:

    If Belize is in the 4th Place why is the business streets such as Albert and Queen St are closed as soon at SUNDOWN, .

    Before making such a statement the facts should be researched, above all who did he interview

    Why so many of us moved away is it because of the SAFETY HAPPY FEELING>

  23. curt says:

    United Nations just making us feel good as they silently overthrow the government and add another country to their One World Government – We can’t make our “IMF” payments so they restructure the government how they want it – just as they have planned long in advance. The “Against Drilling for Oil in the Reef” has just been a distraction to what is really going on right now. Six months ago they said Denmark was the greatest place on earth. They can write whatever they want to mislead and CONTROL people. This has not been a happy country for Jasmine Lowe. RIP Jasmine.

  24. italian tourist says:

    Belize ranked 4th country in the world? For what? For too many murders? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA
    ASESINOS ASESINOS ASESINOS ASESINOS, you should be the last country like Nigeria and Ruanda and Sierra Leona

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