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Oct 2, 2012

Security guard found dead at workplace

Charles Gamboa

A security guard from Dangriga, Charles Gamboa, was found dead at his workplace on Friday. The family believes he was murdered but the police are calling it a case of sudden death because a post mortem has not yet been conducted for lack of a pathologist. Gamboa, by family accounts, was in good health. But six hours after he was last seen at the compound of the Agriculture and Natural Resources Institute, his body was founded by another security guard. Police have questioned many persons, but a determination on whether or not he was murdered, remains in the air. Duane Moody has the reaction from family, students and the police.


Janay Gamboa Ferguson, Daughter of Deceased

“My pa work hard work hard. My pa ride up da work, come back; run taxi; go back da work…”


Sheriley Gamboa

Sheriley Gamboa, Daughter of Deceased

“My dad was a hardworking man; worked very hard for all of us. Always wanted the best for all of us. He works hard mine. Nice, very nice man—we know ih had ih lee bad ways—but he’s a very nice man to us. He will be sadly missed. We all loved our dad to death and we will feel it a lot because he is the breadwinner of our house and we as the family can’t believe that my dad has died. But we need justice.”


The emotional family of Charles Gamboa spoke of the loss when the father of eight children—five girls and three boys—four of them still in school, was found dead at his workplace around five-thirty p.m. last Friday by a co-worker. The family received word of Gamboa’s death sometime around seven that night.


Sandra Gamboa

Sandra Gamboa, Wife of Deceased

“Mi daughter called me; she asked me weh part ih pa deh? I tell ahn yo pa noh deh yah. She ask mi weh part ih pa deh? I tell ahn ih noh deh yah, he deh dah work. So she tell me she di come yah. So when she come, she buss ina the house crying. So I ask ahn dah what? She say ih pa dead. So everybody start to cry; dah soh this thing gone. So I tell them noh make no noice, noh di cry. So we deh di wait and wait and from deh we say mek we go dah hospital. So we gone and pan fi we way dah hospital, we di wait wah lee bit. Same time when we di wait—same time we reach deh, the body di come, the police di come with the body. And they stop the police vehicle and we surround the vehicle and we see that he got wah stab in yah soh and ih got one in yah soh and ih got one in yah soh.”


Janay Gamboa Ferguson

“I received information that my dad passed away while at work. And I came and I told my family but we didn’t think anything of it. We said maybe it was just his time, but when we went to the hospital and ID his body and saw all those stabs on him, it was then that we said he was murdered.”


Duane Moody

Janay Gamboa Ferguson

“The death of the fifty-three year old security guard here at the Agriculture and Natural Resources Institute has sparked an investigation as Gamboa was not known to have been suffering from any illnesses. In fact, he rode daily some eleven miles to get to work.”


Janay Gamboa Ferguson

“When we got back from the hospital, we were greeted here by the principal, Mister Francis Marin and Mister Harris Sabal, the Chairman of the Board and Administrator of the Polyclinic here and Mister Marin told us that apparently my dad suffered an asthma attack which is ridiculous because our dad doesn’t have any medical history of asthma.”


Francella Linares

Francella Linares, Vice Principal, ANRI

“I was in a rush after the meeting because we were running late to get to ITVET and so I tried and I tried, [and] I told the teacher, Miss, I am worried because I am calling Mister Gamboa but I am not getting through. But we don’t expect anything to happen. At 8:17 to be exact, the cook at the institution, Misses Dolores Alvarez Palacio, she called me and she told me Miss Linares and she was crying and she was telling me. “Mister Gamboa died.” And I was like what? Don’t tell me anyone—I was puzzled. And I started to cry too because I was in a state of shock.”


According to Vice Principal of ANRI, Francella Linares, Gamboa was last seen by faculty and staff just before twelve that Friday and hours later, they were informed of his demise.


Francella Linarez

“When we got up here at eight o’clock, I met Mister Gamboa and every morning he came and he was always a very ncie person saying, “Hi Miss, morning; how are you?” And I said, “I’m doing good and you?” Miss you know; good man good. We saw him during the course of the workshop; he was picking up a few papers that were left on campus. He was in very good health. I can attest to that that there was absolutely no signs of illness from my part that I could have observed. And as the person who was in charge that day, if there was any sign of illness, I would have asked him to board the bus with us and leave for Dangriga.”


The family believes that Gamboa was murdered.


Janay Gamboa Ferguson

“My dad has been working up there for eighteen years and he used a bicycle to ride from here to there and back. And anybody could see that if he was asthmatic and at that age, he woulda mi never be able to do such things. So right there we know that foul play was involved.”


But the case is being treated as a sudden death by the authorities in Dangriga since a post mortem is yet to be done by Doctor Mario Estradabran to determine what caused Gamboa’s death.


Mark Stevens

ASP Mark Stevens, Deputy Commander, Dangriga Police

“Dangriga Police is currently conducting its investigation into the circumstances of the death of Mister Gamboa. However, we are currently awaiting the post mortem by the pathologist. As soon as that is concluded, then we will proceed thereafter with a view to conclude our investigation into the matter.”


Francella Linarez

“What happened to my co-worker? What happened to my colleague, you know? We at ANRI, we try to have that connection with each other and to have one of us missing today, it hurts me you know. If sudden death was not the cause, as the person here, I feel threatened; I feel unsafe in this environment. To come to work and not know if there is somebody out there targeting somebody else or watching us.”


Ulmar Palacio

But while there are more questions than answers into the sudden death of Gamboa, he is greatly missed by his family as well as the students and staff at the Institute where he worked for eighteenth years.


Ulmar Palacio, Student, ANRI

“I’ve known Mister Gamboa for four years and he has always been friendly to all the students. You would never hear Mister Gamboa abusing someone or getting in problems or anything like that. When my aunt told me that Mister Gamboa was really dead that’s when I felt it.”


Adrian Flores, Student, ANRI

“I know Mister Gamboa for at least some couple years through his taxi business, security. He was a friendly guy to me.”


Charles Palacio

Charles Palacio, Student, ANRI

“When I found out, it was shocking because I just saw him the morning before he comes to work because every morning he passes by my house riding to come to work. It was very shocking.”


Francella Linarez

“I want to see some justice taking place in our country and especially here at ANRI because this is an environment conducive to learning and our students are mourning the loss because he was a close colleague to everyone—staff and student—everyone.”


Duane Moody for News Five.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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7 Responses for “Security guard found dead at workplace”

  1. Storm says:

    From all the statements, Mr. Gamboa sounds like a nice man to have known. My prayers for his family and friends.

    I think Belize should probably have another doctor trained as a medical examiner to determine cause of death. Some cases seem to call for a “second set of eyes” or second opinion, and sometimes simple logistics or even Dr. Estradabran’s vacation schedule might require some other qualified person to do the job.

    I’ll bet if we fired some of the gangsters on government payroll, there would be money enough to train up another examiner on a part-time or Piecework” basis. And be ready to step in whenever Dr. Estradabran decides to retire and hang up his scalpels.


    There is still only one pathologist in Belize and he is old, blind and deaf.
    He is almost a hundred years old by now, and he should be eliminated from giving the cause of deaths especially an inept one who has difficulties remembering the importance of his job, time and dates.

    It don’t matter how nice or innocent you might be in Belize, don’t matter if you lock your doors at night, don’t matter who you are, the murders are lurking in the dark waiting for the opportunity to snuff your life right out of you.

  3. Louisville,Ky says:

    Something just isn’t adding up. If Gam’s wife and kids are saying that he had stab wounds on his body, how on God’s green earth can the Police not treat this case as a homicide?
    They say only a pathologist can ascertain cause of death, so why has the body not been examined to make that determination? Indeed, there has been more questions than answers and a thorough investigation needs to be done in this matter. Not just because he was my friend and neighbor but more so because he was a father and husband and most importantly, a human being.
    My deepest condolences to his grieving family, his wife and kids. And to Jun Jun: Just stay strong my Boy and keep yuh head up and carry on where your ole man ( Mahley ) left off.

  4. Nimbo says:

    Have the police been brainwashed as well? Just like our PM who is calling Belize “green heaven, pretending all is fine and dandy here”… If they family saw stab wounds an asthmatic attack will not inflict such wounds…right? Do we have qualified people in positions or are they just playing the fools? Do they take us as fools?

    Mein- where are we headed as a country????

    Mr Minister of National Security, Mr Person in charge of Police – whoever is in authority and in charge of our national security (certainly not our PM – he is so busy and all is well in Belize it is of no concern to him) are you living in Belize and noticing all that is happening and just turning a blind eye on the current situation? Or have you been brainwashed by our leader and think we are living in the jewel still???????

  5. USG says:

    Belize police full of !!!!

  6. An idiot says:

    The PTBs think that it sounds better to state that the murder count is 6 instead of 8 since Friday. That’s the reason why the Police refused to suspect murder, even without knowing the cause of death.

  7. Ifitsmelllikeaduck... says:

    He was a son, brother, husband, father and friend, and he will be greatly missed.

    WOW, where is Belize heading, its 2012 and the police system is more corrupt than ever before. When did they start handing out police badges and medical depress together? How can anyone look at a dead body and determine that he/she died from an asthma attack…Dr. G. your job is safe if we leave everything up to the police in Dangriga. Only one Pathologist for the entire country…did I mention it’s 2012. Where is all the money going from tourism, I agree with STORM…the government is corrupt.

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