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Oct 2, 2012

Why has no one been charged for Kaylee Burgess’ murder?

Tonight’s question is: Why do you think no one has been charged with the murder of Kaylee Burgess: No evidence, Sloppy police work or the Suspect may be highly connected. Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to

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10 Responses for “Why has no one been charged for Kaylee Burgess’ murder?”

  1. Storm says:

    There’s evidence, but maybe police haven’t yet found it. It’s possible that there are shenanigans within the police investigating the case because of personal reasons.

    Hon. John Saldivar, when a high-profile case like this BABY MURDER becomes the subject of national polling, don’t you think you could rouse yourself to some level of activity and take hands-on responsibility to make sure the case is thoroughly and VIGOROUSLY pursued until it is solved? Even ask for outside help if the Jewel lacks the expertise or resources to solve it.

    Alternatively, if you’re not willing to lift a finger to do the job assigned you, please resign, step aside, and let someone more interested in securing the Jewel take over.

    The ghost of little Kaylee cries for justice!

  2. no news says:

    Duh! It is Belize.
    Let’s be Mellow about this.
    Corruption officers are busily working

  3. no news says:

    Let me guess, same for Giovanni Chi.


    All of the above.

    There will be no justice for this innocent child and the other murdered victims of tomorrow due to incompetent police and the Prime minister work.

    First of all education plays no role in the police department policy, and then without any knowledge of forensic expertise or medical facilities to facilitate in this investigation how can we expect any justice at all.

    What is the GOB doing about this very important issue?

    Nothing, except making long term plans with India.

  5. Al says:

    I believe one reason why this case is going cold is due to poor investigation. When this child’s body was found in the backyard, the entire family should have been evicted from the crime scene, including from the house. There should have been a thorough forensic search made of the home and the yard. The family should have been separated and questioned individually. They should not be given an opportunity to ramble, they needed to answer questions, based on a structured interview of who, what, when, where, how and why.

    Suspects should never be allowed to hear each others statement. That allows them to weave a story for coverup. Apart, one does not know what the other is saying and that allows the investigating officer to get a better understanding of the overall picture of what was happening.

    Start recording each persons statement so you can go back and listen and compare, In a case like this or any murder case with this many people you cannot and should not rely on memory. Then go back and interview them agian, I bet you will begin to see patterns of changing stories, the truth stays constant, lies change, people forget what lies they have told.
    You cannot allow these suspects to just ramble they will confuse the h33ll out of you. I get confused listening and reading what they say, imagine two three people talking at the same time.
    It is still not too late, go back and reinterview them separately again and comapare statements the suspect will surface. I am sure the investigating powers will not see this post and if they do, they will think someone is trying to tell them how to do their job. Considering the number of cold cases and the most recent ones, ya, you need help.

  6. HELP says:

    There is just a handful of police officers working in Ladyville, with poor transportation, 1 small booth, poor ammunition and not enough resources supplied to them to solve crimes. Criminals from the city and surrounding districts are entering this village because they know the government does not supply Ladyville with enough security despite several requests. Ladyville is the growing city and they need traffic police and better infrastructure as the commercial zone is growing northward. Ladyville needs more officers before it becomes as corrupt as the city. Robberies are now the norm in the entire Belize District. Is everyone walking in a subconscious state and turn the cheek to the cold reality. Ladyville needs desperate help as it is now spreading to Lordsbank, who has no police booth. PEOPLE ARE DROPPING ON HIGHWAY LIKE ANTS OR INSECTS – HIT AND RUN, NO ATTENTION TO THE LADYVILLE AND LORDSBANK CRIES. WHY? NO CONVICTION. SINCE THERE IS NO LEGL JUSTICE, MAYBE THAT IS WHY PEOPLE ARE BEGINNING TO TAKE THEIR OWN JUSTICE AS THE GOVERNMENT (OFFICERS) IS NOT DOING THEIR JOBS.

  7. impartial says:

    this just encourages ciminals to commit crimes against children… can’t the authorities realize that?

  8. Seletar says:

    @Al, good point that has been mentioned before here — POLICE NEED TO RECORD STATEMENTS IN ALL SERIOUS CRIMES. [Maybe all crimes, but that is too much to wish for.]

    And investigators need to take thorough, planned statements, and separate all the witnesses. One of those witnesses is undoubtedly the murderer.

    No child is safe around that family while a murderer lives in the house. Neighbors, beware, and keep your eyes open and your children guarded!

  9. friend says:

    yeah i agree i say to arrest the sister and the boy friend and charge them for murder i bet one of them will talk. That sister is soo cold to if my boyfriend kill my niece i me wa one say something i no love no man more than my niece and if da she do it try confess its ur niece ur sister child stop be cold the devil is around throw him out of ur life. Police try do u investigation and stop sit in the dam office and mind people business.

  10. FRIEND says:

    well, welcome to the 20th centry murder. u can believe that criminals have more priviledges than the Police and if the Police does the work the criminal makes a false report and everybody is on his side without knowing that he took a life. we must stop talk about the Police and help the Police the Police only can do much but the community have to help to safe our future. think about it and then the next time you take time to hammer the Police you will think that one day you will need the help of the Police

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