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Oct 1, 2012

17 and executed; no one knows why

Jamie Dominquez

After a brief reprieve, the gun violence sparked up again over the weekend, sending the murder count up by at least three while other violent incidents had the police on their toes. In the city alone, there were two homicides.  Just after midnight on Friday, a seventeen year old minor was executed at the corner of Vernon Street. A single shot delivered to his head caused his instant death. There are no clues as to why anyone would want to eliminate Jamie Dominquez aka Chippas. Duane Moody reports.


Duane Moody, Reporting

Rest in Peace “Chippas”—are the words written by friends on the back of this Isuzu Rodeo where the seventeen year old’s life was cut short.  The minor, Jamie Dominguez, was sleeping on the tailgate of vehicle in a fetal position as seen in this image when a lone gunman, at close range, executed the teen with a single shot to his head.


Fitzroy Yearwood

Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer

“Lying on his back on the tailgate of an abandoned black Isuzu Rodeo with an apparent gunshot wound to the right side of the head. Initial investigation reveals that about one a.m. people in the neighborhood heard a single shot and upon making checks they found Dominguez already dead in the abandon vehicle.”


Dominguez had just finished socializing with friends at their usual hang out spot at the corner of Vernon Street and Partridge Street Extension when he met his untimely death.  The death of Dominguez has shocked family and friends as he was not known to cause any trouble and is linked to any gang.


Carla Pitts, Aunt of Murder Victim

“I wouldn’t say a victim of gun violence, I would say a victim of how Belize City deh right now; the society and everything. I know personally ih noh do nobody no wrong to the extent of what he get because ih dah noh that type ah person deh. Ih dah wah person yes ih deh out deh ina di street. Weh ih do; maybe ih might take something from somebody fi try and survive fi get to weh ih really want and thing, but I noh know ahn as wah gun persons.”


Duane Moody

Carla Pitts

“What are the police saying?”


Carla Pitts

“They di ask we question. They want know and we wah know the same thing. We don’t know. We di try fi make they give we some answers, but we noh know.”


Dominguez lived with his aunt, Carla Pitts, on Zericote Street about 4 blocks away from where he was murdered. Pitts says that Dominguez will be remembered as a fun-loving person.


Carla Pitts

“He mi loving to everybody; especially kids. He mi love kids. Ih come home every day and provoke them and tantalize them and they loved him to death.  He just fun fi deh around with. If you sad or even vex with he, he wah make sure you laugh before he left from in front of you.”


Anyone with information is asked to please contact the nearest police station or Crime Stoppers Belize at 0-800-922-TIPS. Duane Moody for News Five.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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18 Responses for “17 and executed; no one knows why”

  1. Storm says:

    We have so many random murders here, I’m just going to buy a rubber stamp that says, “R.I.P. — hang the murderer!”

    It’s sad at 17 he was living and died like that, having had no real chance at life. The short story hints at a too-common story in the Jewel: living with his aunt [where are the parents?], his aunt defended his stealing “to try and survive,” and sleeping his last minutes on the back of an abandoned car. If he’d been a full-on, notorious gangster, I guess he could have had a government paycheck.

    Until the gun-slingers in Belize are WIPED OUT, I don’t think decent society can ever regain control. My suggestion? Send GSU and BDF out on a mission to take down the gunmen, one way or another, and mobilize citizen posses to help identify and chase them down.

    Well, I don’t have a rubber stamp, so here it is: HANG ALL MURDERERS! No mercy, no exceptions.

    I hope police and DPP can solve this one and get the killers off the street permanently.

  2. Rod says:

    When will this useless incompetent pm resign so many lives lost due to the incompetence of this pm and gov . How can he sleep at night knowing that he is the cause of all these murders because of his total inaction to crime how many more must die barrow how many more Resignnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  3. air says:

    Ask the thugs of GSU, no fake victory claim, when innocence people die, GSU the private army of the grand thug Dean Barrow are losers, what a loser always a loser.

  4. Victim of circumstance? says:


  5. Steel says:


  6. Al says:

    It is so painful to see week after week our young men are killing each other, why. How did our young people get so cold, that a life is not worh anything to them. The future of the black race of Belize lies in the young men who are being killed, we will wake up and find that the country is full of foreigners not natives. As it is now, I feel like I am in Mexico or Guatemala, because those are the majority of the people I see.

    Parents nurture your male children, show them love, hold them in your arms, build a tender caring personality in them, and then teach them to respect themselves and others. This is not a job for the government, it is a job for the women who carry their children for nine months, and endured the pain of childbirth. Please do not just leave your male children to raise themselves, do not be mistaken boys needs a mothers love and tenderness just as much as girls do.

    Women I do not care if your child is born from a meaningless sexual encounter, that child becomes your responsibility. Give your child the best raising you can, that child could be the one that change the country or find the cure for cancer, we will never know if they are not given a chance.

    Belize is the only country in Central America, that you do not hear amazing things being done by the most unassumed person. Please let us start towards that and not be recognized as the country with the most homicides and literally the place that time forgot.

  7. Xtasy says:

    “maybe ih might take something from somebody fi try and survive fi get to weh ih really want and thing”……and this is OK??? Sounds like somebdy got enough of that.

  8. karma says:

    its too bad. karma!!!

  9. daniel flowers junior says:

    6 murders in one weekend: I guess they’re making up for the September drought!
    As for this youth being killed with a single ‘killshot’ to the head, with none other than a .38 special (a police issued rifle), no wonder so many murders go unsolved!

  10. Hello says:

    Tek sometin fah somebadi is known as stealing, where is his mother and father. the society needs to step in and charge parents for neglect and abandonement maybe then they will stop bringing these poor souls tot he world.

  11. Al says:

    Steel, does it matter where he was sleeping? Is it ok to kill him because he slept in an abondoned car? I know that is not what you mean, I am just trying to make a point. He did not deserved to be killed if he was sleeping in the drain or a trash can. It was his choice to sleep where ever he choose.
    They need to look at the very people he was hanging with, or had old beef with. This crime was committed by someone close to Mr Dominguez, he knew his killer. What I am seeing recently is that these people hang out and drink with each other and then, when drunk remembers some foolishness that someone said or did and decide they were disrespected and kill their disrespector, how stupid.

  12. Daniel Flowers Jr. says:

    Case already closed. The Police will not investigate its own. We simply don’t! We need our rogue cops to perpetrate the illegal drug and weapon trade.

  13. moses says:

    First off: Its not fair to put all the blame on the women (mothers). We are not animals. Male lions just !@# and lef, but we are humans. We have the ability to reason and we have morals. In Belize sperm donors are given passes while they slap their chest and bregin how many pickney they produce. The mothers (pow things) are left to raise their children in the wild streets of Belize like eena jungle. Women choose your mates responsibly.

  14. citizen says:

    it is time that law abiding citizens arm themselves and shoot first then ask question. the country is out of hand and the only one getting away with murder are the criminals. i bet that if you tried to defend your self and you killed your asailant you get a couple of years at prison. it is time for vigilante to start eradicating the criminals.

  15. amy luwis says:

    these young and inoccent victims are being breth taken not by god but by our own man kind sorry to say but who ever did this will suffer the bare consequences on this innoccent young teens life. (you who do dis yah murder wah suffer the bare consequences and yuh nuh wah live fih si dat long i d tell you that same victim weh you kill should ah haunt yuh !@$$ and do what he got to do cause this nuh done suh but just memba what goes around comes around. and if it was up to me why in the world will you leave your flesh and blood to suffer on the streets of violence common mother you could have done better but i nuh blame yuh mih sista mih have nuff love fih give yuh and that deh seen hurt me

  16. Jermz says:

    “…needs to step in and charge parents for neglect and abandonement ” I agree with you wholeheartedly Hello….There should be laws in place to address these issues, and if these laws are already in place then they should be enforced. However, what makes you so sure that that’s the case here. How can you know beyond a doubt that his mother didn’t do all in her power to ensure that he had what he needed to stay off the streets? How can you know that his mother hadn’t exhausted all options available to her to keep him at home? How can you be sure that him being there at that exact moment wasn’t his choice?

  17. Daniel Flowers Jr. says:

    The Police will have to just close this case. We don’t investigate our own!

  18. vintage1 says:


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