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Oct 1, 2012

Home invasion turned Murder in Belmopan

There was a fourth murder. An early morning home invasion turned murder has left a man dead and woman injured. Around one-thirty this morning, a single assailant gained entry into the home of Robert Lewis and his wife, Orsula Patnett Lewis. The man, who was said to be dressed in black, masked and wearing gloves, held up Ursula in the upper flat of the their home in the Maya Mopan area in Belmopan. According to reports, the assailant asked Ursula for money and guns, but she told him she didn’t have any. The man then proceeded to put her on the floor and tie her up. The assailant then moved to the lower level of the house, from where Ursula heard screams. She managed to untie herself and jumped from the balcony, suffering injuries to her shoulder. The armed man also jumped from the house because Lewis had managed to lock the exit doors. He ran off and made good his escape by the time the neighbors heard the cries for help.  Police were later called and a subsequent search of the house discovered Robert Lewis dead; his throat had been slashed and he was stabbed multiple times. The murderer made good his escape with some cash. The Lewis family had only moved to the area some three or so years ago. They worked their entire lives in the U.S and with their savings built the house. It must be noted that the house was fitted with surveillance cameras, burglar bars and guard dogs.

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22 Responses for “Home invasion turned Murder in Belmopan”

  1. Curious says:

    Horrifically disturbing!

  2. Storm says:

    This killer sounds too dangerous to arrest. I’d give him the Gentle treatment, unless he turns himself in first to a police station. Find him, hang him.

  3. Rod says:

    This pm and gov . Must go they must go this is a must resign barrow resign before their is no one left to govern why can’t you admit that you are a total failure at your job and resign the lives of all these people are on your head for your corruption and incompetence.

  4. Rod says:

    Lesson belizeans living in the us don’t come back to Belize to live because this is exactly what will happen to you eighter you will be robbed raped or murdered so think twice people in Belize are killing people for food much less anything else.



  6. ADIOS/GOOD BYE says:

    This is all Barrows fault!!! HE has declared war on the MIDDLE CLASS. these were not rich people. they worked hard and saved their money. they surely don’t deserve to die in this manner. But BARROW and this UDP government and their PRO_POOR policies have given the theives, the kidnappers, the gangbangers a sense of entitlement. they tell them they deserve to have more without working. they give them taxpayers money to stay home, he rewards them for being in a gang. NO Ministers has the cojones to say paying the gangbangers was a mistake. has the murdering rampage stopped.This UDP government never had a plan to run this country they are clueless, and Barrow, in his egocentric, narcissistic manner is destroying our beautiful while he and his family get richer by the day!I am making plans to leave this country .

  7. Al says:

    There is such a misconception of people in Belize about people from the United States. They think becasue you came from the “states”, you have all this money, wrong. First of all, you learn not to keep a lot of money in your home. Yes, the possibility for earning a living in America is good if you have an education and can work for large companies for many years and build a retirement package.

    The majority of Belizeans in America I bet scuffle hard to earn a living, some save and build a nice house in Belize, does not mean there is a lot of money. The ones doing the robbing if they had to get up and go to work when the snow is a foot high on the ground, and you leave your house and it is dark and you come home after taking the train, the bus and endure all the other harsh conditions they learn not to covit what these people struggled for.

    Robbery is one thing, killing someone, for just a few dollars should be punishable by the death penalty. I hope the secutiry cameras help in aprehending the suspect, and please police preserve the tape, for evidence maybe we can get a conviction.

  8. Jose says:

    Belize is the Jewel: Work Hard, save hard, build your dream house, retire here…and …yes, get killed here too. Shame.

  9. Jr says:

    This is the same reason I’m hesitant to retire back home. Hopefully Belize can turn it around and clean up the society, these criminals need to get stiffer punishment and start hanging instead of just going to jail and living freely like its their other home and probably still walk free after no witness and lack of evidence.

  10. Shirain says:

    It’s so sad to hear what happened to the family but I am tired of hearing our people blaming the government for everything that happens in our country. It’s not all on the government it’s on the people who refuse to work and want to make a quick buck at the price of someone else life. As they say you live by the gun you die by the gun. What this person has done he will pay some way or the other.

  11. OCCSM says:


  12. Mojo says:

    its a shame when everyone knew Belmopan as the most peaceful town or city. You can’t blame the PM nor GOB nor the economy. people cant say its others peoples fault when the criminals decide to take action. They NEVER think to hurt innocent people. Maybe there should be a “Shadow of death” like Honduras had… Go for them.. alive or dead… I would like to lead that though…

  13. Deja Vu says:

    This case reminds me so much of the Attorney Stuart Leslie and his wife’s case.

  14. Pedro Dolmo says:

    I cant believe some people that are so naive to this crime situation I have lived in every central america country and the pattern of these home invasions and the stabbing directly point to a central american immigrants person. I remember the slaying of Mr Richard Stuart was his own house keeper the Government should have never legalized all these aliens without first getting a criminal record from their country people need to stop sitting down ontheir @$$#$ and complain now is the time to rise up nobody will want to invest or retire in a crime infested country . The Government needs to start focusing on combatting these criminal activities I mention curfew a long time ago if your serious about the safety of your citizens then the Government needs to show it

  15. ay says:

    know this that in last days perilious times shall come ,for men shall be lovers of their own selves coveteous,!!!!!!!!!but evil men shall wax worse and worse,

  16. Rod says:

    Occsm they are being paid to take care of the citizens of this country and paid way too much and all we get is thousands of people dead they are useless and cannot protect the people of this country that’s why they need to go and if you don’t get then you are an imbasil resign barrow resign you are a total failure at your job you should take a complete pay cut for the job your doing I can’t see how you can sleep at night and as for you occsm I only hope you or one of your family members are not next then you would change your tune .

  17. Belizean Pride says:

    @ mojo
    you mean the “death squad”that’s what we need in belize give details and search for them dead or alive and finish them. law is not up to date with the criminals. criminals seems to be more professionalized than the law because they know that the law officers are unprofessional and always behind with lack of evidence, lost the statement and all kind of sorry excuses that make the criminal far from being caught or convicted.

  18. NY says:

    The PM and his cronies are responsible for creating a safe enviroment so that everyone can live peacefully. Everything in bze is broken i.e., the judicial system, the police department and the GOB itself. To solve most of these crimes in Bze, highly skilled forensic experts are needed, e.g, as in this case where the culprit left behind his identity (his blood), but i guess this is going go into the unsolve case files because the so called professionals are so inept.

  19. NY says:

    I don’t want to be so hard on the jewel, but there are a few things that must be said eg. the citizens of BZE need VANS to transport the dead to the morgue, they need highly efficient 911 service, officers must be able to respond to any given situation in under 10 minutes, and the laws must be amended so that the penalties must reflect the severity of the crimes.

  20. concern citizen says:

    I blame the gob for not hanging these criminals, what’s is wrong with this gov, why is the gob not hanging. Try it, it might just be the medicine Belize need.

  21. verymad says:

    Investigate the wife ” something is fishy”. That is if nothing comes out with the cameras. Very well planned murder. Was there a insurance involved?. Fishy,fishy. I think the husband came home thats why he was downstairs and she was upstairs with the lover she panic and jump off from the balcony and the lover had to deal with the husband. Maybe I like action movies. But if da no so da nielly so.

  22. moses says:

    Lets find the killer and get a definitive answer. All Belizeans in the Belmopan area, especially health care providers, and family members, be on the look out for young man with unexplained injuries to hands and arms. My investigative intuition is that the killer is related and/or connected to the family in some way. This was a ballsy attack for a solo intruder. How come the husband was not alerted to the commotion upstairs. Did the wife holler (natural reaction). Did the intruder silence her with a gun. Did the police take DNA samples, did they check with local hospitals, did they check with local informants. The intruder must have been casing the house for a while, talk to neighbors, the gardeners, housekeepers, relatives. Come on investigators, do your job….., This is a Belizean tragedy. Most all Belizeans want to go home, build a nice house and live the rest of their lives comfortably and one SOB is destroying and have destroyed many dreams.

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