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Oct 1, 2012

Telemedia Chairman, internet cheaper than coke; no joke

Net Vasquez

Earlier this year, a survey of the Caribbean indicated that Belize is amongst the countries with the slowest and most expensive internet speeds. And as the dominant provider, the criticism landed squarely in front of Telemedia executives, we can only assume while they sipped on some carbonated soft drinks. Chairman, Net Vasquez, doesn’t believe the report takes into consideration all the pertinent factors. And in his opinion, at times Telemedia’s internet is cheaper than Bowen’s coldest Coca Cola.  But instead of fizz, Vasquez’s comment quickly fizzled as we placed it alongside Senator Joy Grant’s recent speech that confirms Belize is far behind in internet speed and connectivity.


Net Vasquez, Chairman, Telemedia

“A few weeks ago, an article surfaced in the local press which made reference to our rates in comparison with other countries in the region. I want to take this opportunity to give a little explanation with those comparisons that were made. I feel that it is misleading and improper when apples are compared with oranges. it is a bit unfair for the journalists to only include our public charges and not to ascertain our weighted average rate which is our actually rates inclusive of discounts and other packages that we offer. The fact that over ninety thousand students in Belize have access to free internet from B.T.L. must also be considered when trying to ascertain our rates because this is a substantial cost to company. And ninety thousand is also one-third of the population of Belize. We also allow the entire population of Belize to the surf internet for five dollars Belize per day. This means that they do so at the rate eighty-seven cents U.S. per day on double and triple days. Now how much lower do you want a rate; eighty-seven cents per day on double and triple day? Now to me these rates are even lower than any rate that was published in the chart by the press. In fact; that eighty-seven cents is even cheaper than a coke; okay remember that.”


Senator Joy Grant, Minister of ESCT&PU [File: September 27th, 2012]

“The Global Competitiveness Index report of 2012 ranks Belize as one of the least competitive economies in the world. We are ranked one hundred and twenty-three out of one hundred and forty-two countries.”


Net Vasquez

“The population of Jamaica; when comparing our rates to that of Jamaica. Jamaica is approximately have about three million people in population; which means that when they purchase bandwidth, they provide for a market of three million people for the internet service. Now when we buy, we buy for a market of three hundred thousand—ten times smaller—therefore they get a better rate to begin with. And when they sell; to sell to a market of ten times bigger.  So you just cannot take the rate of Jamaica and compare it with the rate of Belize. But we give rates, like I told you a while ago, at a rate cheaper than a coke for an entire day; where you can surf the internet for an entire day every day of the month.”


Joy Grant

Senator Joy Grant [File: September 27th, 2012]

“With regard to communication and information technology in the region, Barbados has a seventy percent ICT penetration for internet. Costa Rica, which is closer to Belize in size and topography, has thirty percent penetration. Belize has ten percent penetration; Belize City being the highest and Punta Gorda being the lowest. We have been actively considering initiatives to provide Belizeans with internet at an affordable price. It has been documented that there is a direct correlation between internet connectivity and economic growth.”


Vasquez says Jamaica is also half the size so less equipment needed such as towers.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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18 Responses for “Telemedia Chairman, internet cheaper than coke; no joke”

  1. RedBwai says:

    Seriously? are u freaking kidding me??? Less than a coke?? how stupid does he think we are?? ..a small glass coke is $1.00, a 1/2 liter glass coke is $1.50, a 1/2 Liter plastic coke is $2.00bz a 1 Liter coke is like $3.75bz….an if my primary school mathematics has served me right those are far less than the $5.00 bz per day they charging for 24hrs of internet on your phone. At $5.00bz per day multiplied by 30 days in a month = $150 a month for crappy slow internet. If i drink a coke a day (a liter or half liter) for an entire month, it wud still cost me far less than dat $150 internet charge per month. Yet they say we cant be comparing “apples to oranges” when clearly they are comparing their high cost internet service to Bowen & Bowen’s Coke??? such hypocrits!!..BTL well knows that their internet rates are outrageous when compared to the speeds they are giving us. I guess BTL wants to keep the Belizean people in the stone ages…keep us ignorant and in the dark to whats happening in the world around us…keep us oppressed and poor…information is power!!…knowledge is power!!…why shud Belizeans be subjected to such denial of knowledge. The entire world plays way way way less for internet than we do in here in Belize…why is this??….his explanation doesnt cut it to me…its pure bull$#&* to me…come better than that..

  2. Storm says:

    WHAT’S WRONG WITH FREE AND OPEN COMPETITION? Monopolies are wrong, they cheat the consumer.

    Let other companies come into the Jewel and compete, and prices will drop. And bad and overpriced suppliers will fail and disappear.

  3. Rod says:

    Belize people always getting the shaft in every aspect of life under this gov.

  4. Uncle Benji says:

    Internet services are expensive in Belize, very expensive considering the slow speed at whic rusth data is accessed.

    Net Vasquez is a good man, but a deficiency he has. All his life, it has had to be his way or no way at all. Trust me. I am an ex alumni of his.

    Additionally, as the saying goes……. fishaman no wan se e fish stink.

  5. nigel says:

    These human leeches make me sick!!! To think that the government took over BTL for the good of the people and the nation; I call bulls#@t on that. They are no better than the previous owners, in fact they are worst because they are using the peoples money to take away more money from them. But maybe it’s a win win situation for them as it serves both their greed and the stifling of information. Information as they say is power and if you educate and inform the poor uneducated masses then you have a problem as they may unite and come together and eventually realize they are being oppressed and eventually turn against their oppressors. We are on the brink of being either rich or poor and the middle class is fast becoming an extinct species in this country. They are creating a system of aristocracy and it will be the very wealthy 1% that ends up ruling over us all.

  6. sparky says:

    You call edge internet??? it works outside of the major cities, but in the cities there is no internet on the phone. But don’t worry, it’s COMING SOON!! WTF!!

  7. Marion says:

    Everything in Bz is a monopoly & you people voted for it. Once you vote a gov’t in power there is no going back, because these FOOLS won’t resign even in the EYE OF THE STORM. TAKE THAT.

  8. Al says:

    This is what I mean, even some business people do not have the knowledge or business sense to take the county into the 21st century electronic age. Even the government lack the technological capacity necessay to run a country peroperly. Imagine Belize still writing important things like property information in a book, excuse me.

    Storm I agree with you, there should be competition to provide the necessary services to the country. Remember Belize is a dictatorship wearing the clothes that looks like democracy. The naked truth is that Barrow is no better than Fidel Castro, The only difference between Belize and Cuba is that Barrow have not declared himself a dictator, but take my word for it he is.

  9. shabba says:

    The PUC does not allow the importation of Satellite internet equipment which is now dirt cheap. with a $200 US satellite receiver and 20US a month subscription you can get a 2MBps connection. Compare that with BTL ridiculous $40 128KBps crap.

  10. Admittedly Leaning Blue says:

    Ever occur to anyone just how wrong it is for the majority of those directors, supposedly of a company we “took back for belizeans”, all dressed in red? Now we know who the company was really taken back for!

    Belizeans wake up. Government cannot even run government competently, they need to stay the @#$% out of business!

    Oh and by the way if u missed tha last couple of blackouts don’t dispair, there’ll be more.

  11. Who to Believe says:

    Net Vasquez or Joy Grant. are they taking about the same country.
    CRAZY GLUE was correct, rememba he said, Net Vasquez, Esuivel and Barrow would run the ship into the reef. well now the ship is sinking fast those of you that can swim, better get prepared, for dead bodies will start to stink soon.

  12. Belizean Pride says:

    this old scum got the be kidding, how the hell he compare the coke with the crappy slow internet they give. mein tell you these people have lost shame.

  13. Teddy Steinway says:

    Numbers don’t lie. Politicians do.

  14. Ted Steinway says:

    Politicians lie. Numbers don’t.

  15. verymad says:

    Mr Net I think you are talking about the ( other) coke. Not the liquid one. You internet sucks and yes you are robing the people.

  16. Genotu Rembiuos says:


  17. Hill says:

    I guess he never used the 128kb internet or GPRS on his phone

  18. Salguod says:

    I am in Canada right now and I can watch Channel 5 news on my laptop.

    When I am in Belize I CAN NOT watch Channel 5 news because the Internet is toooo slow.

    End of story. BTL Internet sucks.

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