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Sep 28, 2012

Illegal aliens caught

Rene Lauricio Dimas Juarez

The Immigration Department has three persons in their custody and is looking for two more after they were tipped off that illegal immigrants were being housed at a Baptist Church in the city. Immigration officers acted quickly after receiving the information, but only Salvadoran national, twenty-seven year old Rene Mauricio Dimas Juarez was found at the church on Thursday. His wife and two year old son are said to now be in hiding.  Dimas, who has been in Belize since April twenty-fifth, 2010, has a passport and had been renewing his visitor’s permit each month, until December 2010.  He is now deemed a prohibited immigrant and faces immigration charges for which he has been served and will be arrayed on Monday.  The other two immigrants that were detained are Guatemalan nationals, twenty year old Guatemalan nationals, Jose Luis Almazan Casanga and twenty-four year  Juan Bautista Aldana Valdez. They were also arrested on Thursday afternoon shortly after they arrived in Belize City. Almazan and Aldana were caught on Cemetery Road and it believed that they had just exited a bus from Cayo. They are also awaiting arraignment on charges for Illegal Entry while removal orders are being requested for all three prohibited immigrants.

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13 Responses for “Illegal aliens caught”

  1. Al says:

    There is corruption even in the church. A church that breaks the law and hide illegal aliens, I say check the legal status of the minister, or whomever was hiding this person. I would say this is not the first ilegal alien person this church has protected, they have done this before.

    What is the process for renewing a visitors visa on a continous basis, a person should be made to show that they have the financial means to support themselves while in the country and provide a valid reason for extensions. Let us get some policies in these critical areas of government please.

  2. Bear says:

    Someone needs to talk to the pastor. He cannot hide behind religion and break our laws. And if a church is just a front for criminal activity, it dishonors all the churches and blasphemes God.

  3. wilbert says:

    Jesus was also a stranger at the deepest level ,Jesus was also a stranger ,without a home,with nowhere to lay his head .Mattew 8:18-20 John 1:11 belize is a free land and don’t try to be like the americans because belize will be punish by God for injustice.

  4. Al says:

    Bear, the naked truth is that there is no penalty for breaking the law in Belize. If this government was stronger, guess what people would think before they break the law. I bet the immigration department will not do an investigation, excuse you have to know how to investigate before you can do an investigation.

    I truly hurt for my country. I wish it were as easy as taking a pencil eraser and erasing all these ugly things and blow the dirt away. But the only eraser is in the hands of the citizens, until they begin to stand up for their right, they will continue to get the same old, same old.

    Where is Ms Shackron, she seem to have given up the fight. Poor woman was probably threathened to cease her activist work, so sad.

  5. Truth says:

    Some how this is funny cause we don’t hear Asians being caught or Nigerians or Indians/Iranians/Lebanese etc BUT until they are caught else where.

    This does show that the immigration department must do their job all around not where its convenient or just to deflect Belizeans to notice they are working and have them forget of the bigger problem.

    Damn this is just getting worse day by day.

  6. John Boy,Carson,Ca says:

    The church was only doing their job.That is what they supposed to do feed the hungry,and give shelter the homeless.That is called compassion.Jesus himself was born in a foreign land.

  7. Rod says:

    Truth you are so right only the Spanish get caught all the Chinese Indians Nigerians Haitians, none of those people ever get caught I keep telling you all that barrow is the biggest bigot there is he is prejudice against all Spanish you can see it in everything when a crime is committed if tha one black y get off free or only get a few months if tha one Spanish y get three of four years in jail wake up people you are being victimized by barrow and his bigotry.

  8. Vuk says:

    @John Boy:

    I don’t care if Jesus was born in a foreign land and I don’t care if the church was being “humanitarian” toward these criminals.

    What I care about is the fact that they broke the law. What I also care about is them getting the punishment they deserve.

  9. John Boy,Carson,Ca says:

    The church did the right thing,and should continue to do the right thing.The bible said to love your neighbour as you love yourself.That is God law which is greater than man made law.

  10. moses says:

    The church will and should always feed and take care of the needy. Rod, by spanish, I assume you mean the creole term for all our latin central american neighbors and not Spaniards from Spain.

  11. nigel says:

    @ Vuk, you seem to be the only one with any sense. People call for justice and the law to do something about crime and then they will make comments to the effect that it is ok for these people to break the law. The bottom line is that if you come into this country illegally there is no way of the Government or anyone in society to know if they are here for opportunity or if they are here because they have committed a crime in their country that they are running away from. We have enough problems as is with our own Belizean criminals being deported back to Belize (this is a fact we cannot help but to accept) one day and the next committing a crime because there is no opportunity for them.

    @Rod again you used your opposable thumbs (which in your case is a fluke of nature) to spew your hate filled bigotry. You are the dumbest a$$ in captivity. I challenge you to ask someone (as this may be too much for your less evolved brain to handle) to do a fact based research into the racial make up of all the inmates housed at the central prison in Hatteville and I assure you the results will be too much for your racist little mind to comprehend; but let me give you a hint… they are not of Hispanic decent.

    How can we ask Guatemala to respect our sovereignty and our border when we allow these people to cross it unchecked as if it was “artificial”.

  12. la raza says:

    This is just so funny……………………… this case used as a front to cover for all the abnormalities at the immigration dept…………………what has become of the dude case that got all the documents in the blink of an eye………has anyone been fired for that as yet or has he been given an office to do better organizations.

  13. Bev says:

    Dont you people got anythang better to do than hunt down illegal aliens?i mean of course other wise there pedaphiles or serial killers than of douht!im sure theres alot more serouis things to worry about .as for instances why not worry bot our own americans who are homeless with children on the streets.HELLO!From my point of veiw and observation i seem to notice that most of those illegal aliens are just tryin to live a normal life and are hella lot harder and stronger workers than our average american.sad to say and last of all who are you to judge?are you god?it is writtin and foretoled in the bible it is a sin not to help someone who needs it and how you dare go against one of the lords people such as the preist ?you never know one day or maybe one of your kin could be in the same never know just always remember what goes around comes around no matter who you are no exceptions !maybe not today tomorow but trust me and you it will so when your pointing one finger remember theres 4 more back at you

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