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Sep 25, 2012

Robbery attempt of Quality Poultry on Hummingbird Highway

Just before one this afternoon, an armed and attempted robbery on the highway left one man injured. Two employees of Quality Poultry Products were on the Hummingbird Highway on routine deliveries when robbers attempted to jack them. But due to quick action by Peter Harder and Ronny Vega, the robbery was averted. News Five’s Duane Moody has a report on the dangerous highway incident.


Duane Moody, Reporting

Twenty year old Peter Harder and twenty-nine year old Ronny Vega, both employees of Quality Poultry Products were on their routine route delivering chicken when two armed masked men fired shots at them near mile twenty-six on the hummingbird highway. The robbery was averted when Harder and Vega sped off, but they soon realized that Harder had been shot.


Wilfredo Ferrufino

Sgt. Wilfredo Ferrufino, Officer in Charge, Dangriga C.I.B.

“12:45 rather, we received information that there was an attempt robbery of the Quality Poultry Product vehicle. As a result, police went out to the scene and we canvassed the area but we did not locate any suspects. From the report given by the driver and the salesman, they are saying that upon reaching a little pass mile twenty-six on the Hummingbird Highway, two armed masked men alighted from the bushes and attempted to stop the vehicle. The driver and the salesman then made a decision not to stop and speed off and a shot was fired which caught the vehicle and penetrated the cab hitting the driver on the left ankle area. he received minor abrasions from the pellets.”


According to officer in charge of the Crime Investigation Branch in Dangriga, Sergeant Wilfredo Ferrufino, there will be an increase of patrols in the area because there have been at least four similar incidents prior to today’s robbery attempt.


Sgt. Wilfredo Ferrufino

“We have had four previous incidents almost of the same method. So we are looking at probably the same persons conducting these types of robberies.”


Duane Moody

“I know it is in its initial stages, but your investigation, is it showing that these robbers, these armed men; they are locals or from across the border?”


Sgt. Wilfredo Ferrufino

“Well we suspect that they might be locals; the indications are that they are studying the routes of the truck. But if they are not locals, then locals are involved.”


Duane Moody

“What is the department planning to do to maybe prevent this from happening again?”


Sgt. Wilfredo Ferrufino

“Well we have, being that we have had previous incidents, we have had highway patrols up in that area. But apparently it they have studied the patrols as well and use any open avenues to conduct or to do the crime. So the patrols will continue probably more frequent than we had before, but that is what we can do at this point.”


Harder was treated for his injuries and released from the Southern Regional Hospital. Duane Moody for News Five.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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22 Responses for “Robbery attempt of Quality Poultry on Hummingbird Highway”

  1. krtdiaz says:

    Another idea might be to have the trucks to the area all leave at a certain time in a convoy so as to minimize the risk and also to boldly post messages on the tucks that they carry no money as all sales are deposited at the city or town they were last in.

  2. air says:

    People, business community should sue the thief and the grand thug Dean Barrow for stealing everything from Belizeans, Peace is gone, safety is gone, business is suffering, people are becoming poorer.

    Viva Dean Thug Barrow he is the chief thief

  3. Rod says:

    Unu see I just told business owners about this yesterday I told you people will start robbing and killing people fu food this will get worse because people have nothing to eat and no jobs people people if we do not get rid of this pm and gov. We will all perish damm I just tell unu bout this yesterday.

  4. Storm says:

    Even if the wound is minor, the intent was lethal. If the robber cannot be hanged [as he should be!], at least let him die in prison.

    I hope police and DPP can get a conviction.

  5. Uncle Benji says:

    Has the last two generations of Belizeans all become crooks, thieves and rapists, or is there something else afoot? Is the Belizean crime rate a sign of Belize’s growing poverty?

    Have Belizeans become Obamanized? (Obamanized = rely on government to do it all, and government does nothing; but the politicians get richer.)

    As Belizeans (including those Cruffies living in America that long to be white and have forgotten their homeland), we need to find ways to curb our poverty, create opportunities for the less fortunate, and perhaps, contribute to making Belize a safer place for future generations. Can we do it?

  6. BELIZEAN says:

    Good decision to run than to stop!! I applaud these brave men

  7. Xtasy says:

    These delivery companies will have to start looking out for their employees since it’s clear that the police force does not have the man power to do it, and start sending armed security with their trucks like in the case of the Bowen and Bowen trucks that go tru Maskall and other villages where these types of crime tend to occur more frequently.

  8. surgery14E says:

    Uncle Benji, what’s your problem with so called Cruffies living in America which whom you’re accusing of trying to be white and have forgotten their homeland? Are you jealous of where they are? You sound bitter.

  9. Armour says:

    Put Armour (bullet proof panels and glass) on the panels, front and sides, if u’re behind it u re protected. they ll shoot and only hit the panels. This will give you time to get away, also put on onboard cameras on the trucks to record when it is moving. You ll get an image from the cameras. Even if they have mask, at some point someone will figure out how to study body language, movements, the rifle. if police pick up expended shells they can do an analysis on the bullet to find out which gun it came from. The video will seal the deal. Forensic video studies may reveal the identity based on height, body mass etc. Police can line up suspects, and if they find the weapon, can convict based on good evidence.

    Lastly, work with police and GSU, set up sting operations. Let the authorities know you ll be on the road, they dont have to follow instead stay on both sides of the prone areas, lay wait them not too far away, after a report comes in of an attempted robbery u can respond so quickly they wont have time to flee except in the bushes. GSU/police/CIB should work with BDF to know the terrain, if they run in the bushes chances are some BDF/GSU trained officers can locate them hiding. Once we bring people to justice, Its Over!!!!!

  10. Reality says:

    People have been trying to rob trucks for years. Its not a matter of which government is in power. More often than not it’s usually foreigners that come in and try to get a quick buck and jump back across the boarder. I’ve heard and seen it for years.

    These employees need to be insured and protected, because if they so happen to die on the job I’m sure “no even a pack a leg” their family will receive.

  11. Uncle Benji says:

    @surgery14E. Here’s hoping that your nom de plune actually implies that you are a medical surgeon, and not a surgeon of white powder.

    Kudos to you for admitting you are a cruffie longing to be white. I love honesty. I admire candidness. Keep it up black boy.

    No. I am not jealous. For starters, I am neither black nor a cruffy. I am a Belizean God. If you don’t know what that means, ask George Price what he meant, when he said “Land of the Gods.”

    Hint hint: My kind comes from Belize. We were not imported from lands afar.

  12. Chenco says:

    So the Chicken really ran away this time. Good job guys.

  13. nigel says:

    This is what happens when we allow just about anyone to come into our country without question. Why do we have an immigration department… oh right to sell out our country by facilitating terrorists with passports. Granted that both political parties supply these people (Guatemalans, Hondurans, Salvadorans etc.) with overnight residency in exchange for their votes, the immigration department needs to actually do their jobs and go into these villages and root out and deport any undesirables or other illegal immigrants. Belizeans must open their eyes and realize that we are slowly being invaded and our resources (i.e. our health care system etc.) are being exploited and taxed way beyond a manageable limit. In Belmopan for example look at the spike in the incidence of violent crimes and the area that it is occurring and the demographic of people living in those areas. I hate to sound racially biased like that racist feces slinging primate rod, but we have enough problems as is with our own born Belizeans (especially the ones being deported from the US) to allow the likes of MS13 and other low lives from Central America coming into our country and terrorizing our people and our inherently peaceful way of life.

  14. ceo says:

    One simple solution to this problem: we need to move our country towards a society that uses less cash and more electronic payments. Delivery peiople should never handle cash then they will never be targets for robry.

    The vender can be paid through the bank and all this mess would be avoided. The delivery guys only need to collect a receipt when they make their delivery so they would have proof of payment.

  15. BELIZEAN says:

    @nigel…I love your comment as quoted, ” I hate to sound racially biased like that racist feces slinging primate rod”…..Absolute fact!!!

  16. Seletar says:

    Some good comments, some amusing ones. Some both.

    @krtdiaz has a great idea for self-help trying to organize the trucks voluntarily into convoys. There’s strength in numbers.

    @ceo has 2 good ideas. [1] Move our country. [2] Move our country to use less cash, more electronic payments.

    @armour has a good idea about putting “dash cams” into trucks, so if they are stopped by criminals, there will be video evidence. Just knowing it might happen will deter some thieves, I believe.

    I saw a complete dash-cam system [that can easily be moved from one truck to another, if needed] online for US$100 [comes from the States, so shipping is more]. See . It’s on that first page of the website. I’ve never seen anything like it for sale here.

  17. Louisville,Ky says:

    I can sense some racially motivated comments on this blog. It’s like an ill wind that blows no good. I don’t know what are your motives but, YOU need to cease and decist.
    There is absolutely nothing wrong for one to fool himself into thinking that he is a god, for where ignorance is bliss it is indeed folly to be wise. After all, fools must be entitled to enjoy their own opinion.
    This is from a BLACK man who is proud to be black, thanks God every time for being black, and would not have wanted to be anything but black. Straight like that !!!

  18. me says:

    decriminalize bullets proof vest , so business owners can give thier employess.

  19. blackberry says:

    i have been saying this for years and nobody seem to be listening. now we are feeling the effects.

  20. concerned says:

    @nigel… not sure what makes u think that it’s the immigrants that are doing this. It’s a shame you think like that when it’s your own kind that are committing these crimes. Look around you. Who is the work force of Belize???

  21. Aria of PLacida says:

    @Uncle Benji:

    Why do you worry about people who are far away. You talk about cruffy trying to be white. There are all races of Belizeans in America and Europe who do not think about Belize. Some of them are your kind , you self proclaimed “Belizean God’. Look around you and try to do what you can for your country. Stop hating others for not doing the job you should be doing. Listen to how you sound, you ‘re more of a” Belizean dumbass” than a “Belizean God”

  22. Uncle Benji says:

    @Aria of Placida – What are you? Your blog name sounds sluttish. Here’s hoping that you are not living illegally overseas and turning $10.00 tricks. If you are, please do not tell anyone that you are a Belizean.

    Now it is time for your education. As a Belizean God, which has nothing with race, I live the best of both worlds, it also means that I speak several languages, and educated in more than one country. Our difference is simply one……… I make good things happen in Belize and wherever I might be. I am a contributing member of society. Aria of Placida? Suffice to say, that Placida is derived from the latin root of “Pleasure”.. Hey, I might be interested. Wink! Wink! Luv Ya!

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