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Sep 25, 2012

Teakettle man said he had nothing to do with rape

Fitzroy Yearwood

Four women reported they were raped over the celebrations weekend. Suspects have been identified in the cases and the police department has questioned them as well as potential witnesses. On Monday’s newscast the police press officer identified the people who were detained for questioning in relation to one of the incidents in Belmopan. One of the men, Richard Grey, called News Five to say that he is innocent and did not rape the nineteen year old woman.


Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer [File: September 24th, 2012]

“A nineteen year old female reported that on the fifteenth September 2012 at twelve o’clock a.m., she left Rain Drops Bar in Teakettle Village en route to a friend, she knew only as Tiffany, residence within the Village. She admits that she was consuming alcohol prior to that. She is saying whilst there, five male persons known to her as: Ernesto, Elton, Richard, Andre and Orlando arrived at the same location. She claimed that she went outside of the house and was followed by Elton Vasquez who pushed her to the ground, choked her and had sexual intercourse with her against her will. Police have since detained Richard Grey, nineteen years; Elton Vasquez, eighteen years; Orlando Reyes, eighteen years; and they are looking for the other two men in connection with this rape report.” 


Via Phone: Richard Grey, Detained after Incident in Teakettle

“The police no accuse me a doing no crime. What I di call ‘bout da di statement and the newscast weh unu put over the announcement that a gial been raped da Teakettle Village and my name call up and I had already been took into the police station by the police. Wednesday afternoon I was arrested, they hold me for forty-eight hours and they released me the Friday evening, the twenty-first without no charge or without any kind of problems. They noh accuse me of no signs of rape or nothing; they only hold me for pending investigation.”


Jose Sanchez

“But you do realize that report came from the police themselves?”


Via Phone: Richard Grey



Jose Sanchez

“That report was issued by the police; the one that was aired.”


Via Phone: Richard Grey



Jose Sanchez

“On the news last night.”


Via Phone: Richard Grey

“But then I wah know why had it been issued out when we neva been charged; I neva been charged.”


Jose Sanchez

“That’s a good question for the Police Press Officer, Fitzroy Yearwood, to answer since he issues the press release. But did you have any sexual contact with the lady?”


Via Phone: Richard Grey

“Teakettle village, the young lady that claimed, some young lady had claimed that she had been raped.”


Jose Sanchez

“Did you know the young lady? Did you meet the young lady?”


Via Phone: Richard Grey

“No sir, no sir. What I am calling about is just to clear my name because I had never been charged, so why my name still di announced about raped? That dah like you di scandal my character because if you dah rapist then you can’t get nowhere ina life.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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8 Responses for “Teakettle man said he had nothing to do with rape”

  1. Storm says:

    I wish some women’s group, or some other concerned civic group, would push to have a new law to castrate convicted rapists. It is the only way to prevent future rapes.

    If someone like Bert Vasquez had been convicted and castrated after his first offense, we would have a lot fewer girls damaged by him now. He is far from the only serial rapist here in the Jewel.

  2. Uncle Benji says:

    Abused and ravished by Catholic nuns at a very tender age, Uncle Benji takes a hard stance where rape is concerned.

    Until Belize takes a hard line against rapists, Belize will continue having severe rape problems. Rapists should not go to jail. They need to be castrated (men) or have their ………… sealed shut (Nigerian style).

    Simple as that.

  3. BMNJ says:

    Vigilante – forced castration of repeated sex offenders is the only way out.

  4. Double standard says:

    when Bert Vasquez was involved it took almost a week for them to release his name. he was referred to as a “business man”

  5. Seletar says:

    Is there a movement starting here?

    I absolutely and seriously agree with BMNJ, Uncle Benji, and Storm — convicted rapists should be castrated, the law should be amended to add that as part of the sentence.

    How do the rest of you feel about this idea?

  6. ladymatura says:

    i woudl also wnat readers to consider that it is so difficutl to get a conviciton for any sexual offense and the women are always so messed up it is they who sometimes do not have the strength to take the stand – but when they do they are once again violated when the same rapist chose not to get an attorney and so he is hen able to cross-examine these women and taunt them – yes i have seen it. and when the seven out of a hundred get convicted, the women are once again violated when the Parole Board give these men early release form prison – i sorry NO parole for sex offenders. it is proven that sex offenders are NEVER one-time offenders… they keep on doping int and it you assault a woman sexually you traumatize her emotionally and not all can stand up and face their perpetrator! Let the movement thus include that these offenders never be given any parole!

  7. Logic says:

    If you want to see why crime and in particular violent crime is increasing in Belize, maybe it’s time to start looking at yourselves?

    The comments on a lot of crime articles are full of violent ideas, hanging, castrating, shooting, etc.

    If we don’t want a violent society we need to start with ourselves and our community’s attitude to it. If the community thinks that violence is acceptable, the community will have violence.

    Look around the world. The countries with the lowest crime rates don’t have vigilantism, hanging, castration, etc. They have forensic evidence, fair trials, actual convictions and unbiased judges and juries.

    Live by the sword, die by the sword. It’s your choice.

  8. Baby A says:

    I wa se dat elton vasquez had nothing to do wit dis kaz if he mi wa rape somebady e culda mi do it wit his gyal. i knw he love his gyal n e gyal love he too bt unu jus d scandal da lee bwai name like dat. da lee bwai jus d stat e life wit e gyal n wen e gyal hea dis she trip. so i gat one thing fi tell dis arracellie dat elton vasquez nuh touch u so stap tell lie. n if e mi touch u den y u wa money offa e head u knw wat he culd do wit da money he culd continue his life wit his gyal. my youth try get wa life n lef a poor bwai lone.

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