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Sep 24, 2012

PM speaks to heroes during Independence Day Speech

Both Prime Minister Dean Barrow and the leader of the Opposition Francis Fonseca were effusive in remembering the Father of the Nation, George Price in their Independence Day messages.  Barrow renamed the Western Highway in honor of the fallen leader while Fonseca spoke of Price’s vision and mission in the achievement of Independence. This year, the leaders played it safe and stayed away from any hostility. News Five’s Jose Sanchez reports first on what the Prime Minister had to say.


Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“George Orwell said: He, who controls the present, controls the past and he who controls the past, controls the future.”


Jose Sanchez, Reporting

At his Independence Speech in the Capital, Prime Minister Dean Barrow spoke directly to the country by acknowledging those individuals whose stories were ingrained in the nation’s psyche.


Dean Barrow

Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“I speak, therefore, of the young Rowan Garel; physically without sight, whose daily existence must in so many ways be a challenge; but who brought this nation to its feet, applauding his exploits in scaling literally and metaphorically our highest peak. I speak of the citizens of San Ignacio and Santa Elena and Benque Viejo, banding together to help solve the despicable murder of the youthful and oh-so-promising Jasmine Lowe, her parents’ beautiful and bright eyed daughter.  I speak of the tremendous coming together of large numbers of Belizeans from all walks of life in the inspiration telethon that raised over a million dollars in one day. I speak of Dr Adrian Coye and Dr Joel Cervantes, (and their colleagues at the K.H.M.H.) who successfully and respectively performed the first open heart and spinal scoliosis surgeries in this country.”                                         


The conversation eventually turned to economics and the future of Belize’s debt now given a sixty day extension following a 11.5 million dollars partial payment on the Superbond.


Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“The members of our national Debt Restructuring Team, engaged in the high enterprise of helping us recover fiscal sustainability and survivability; fighting thereby another post-independence battle for Belize; conducting a second internationalization campaign; making Belize’s case to Bondholders, but also to the Directors of the I.M.F. and the representatives of the various countries on the I.D.B. board; pressing forward in the unrelenting manner that this existential issue demands.”


Via Greek Mythology’s Cassandra, whom Apollo granted the gift of Prophecy, the P.M. pointed out that the foreign investment is coming.


Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“The Cassandras who predicted the stalling and drying up of foreign investment as a consequence of the nationalizations have been completely confounded by events. Exhibit one in this context is the two hundred million dollar investment of ASR in Belize’s sugar industry, and the Green Tropic project to plant cane in Cayo.  Also, the Bowen Shrimp Farm is back up and running thanks to significant foreign equity partnership. Our business outsourcing and near shoring initiative continues to pay dividends, and there are now upwards of two thousand persons employed by the ever increasing, F.D.I.-sponsored number of call centers. There is a magnificent tourism resurgence taking place, which has seen an eight point five percent visitor increase between January and June of this year over last year; and sixteen and twenty-three percent in July and August 2012 over 2011. This good news is to be topped off shortly by the Qatari Diar’s purchase of Caye Chapel. This will then lead to a Four Seasons branded, five star hotel on the property. Talks proceed apace with Turkish investors that plan to invest in both container and cruise ports in Belize. Wall Street money wants to come in to plant thousands of acres of grain for export and for local feed. Quite some time ago, Harriet Beecher Stowe put it best: “…discords only…enhance the perfection of harmony. A faultless style sends you to sleep. (But) Defects rouse and excite sensibility to seek and appreciate excellences.” And there are also other words of hers when she remonstrated with artists that only “painted with dry eyes and cool hearts”, “thinking little of heroes, faith, love or immortality.” Well, long may Belize continue to make heroes, faith, love and immortality integral to our national sensibility.”


Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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7 Responses for “PM speaks to heroes during Independence Day Speech”

  1. Storm says:

    With all of his brilliant accomplishments, where are the jobs?

    And a word about “Qatari Diar” — the government of Qatar plays a two-faced game with al Qaeda and other terrorists. They let the U.S. have a counter-terror base, but the head of their intelligence service is [was] a personal friend of Osama bin Laden, and personally helped him transit Qatar territory, according to many published reports.

    So why does Qatar need a private island in Belize? A resort or a secluded terrorist transit point? GOB will not have any idea what is going on there until, God forbid, something terrible happens.

    Everyone should keep a skeptical eye out on Cay Chapel now.

  2. blackberry says:

    My admitting “we have tried everything” The PM has admitted to the failure of dealing with the gang problem of Belize for the past four years. He has also been admitting “I do not know” I am beginning to believe he do not Know how to run a country.

  3. Lucas says:

    Deano knows that Belizeans have great respect for Mr. Price and Mr. Goldson but have no respect for him. He knows the people are angry and to make us happy, he renames the highways in honor of these two great Belizeans. What’s wrong BALLHEAD?. Running out of tricks?. The 19th century British historian Lord Acton said: POWER CORRUPTS AND ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY. Psychological after psychological tests were conducted to prove the maxim true. Most notably the infamous Stanford Prison experiment. However, recent experiments published in the JOURNAL OF APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY found that POWER DOES NOT CORRUPT; IT REVEALS PRE-EXISTING ETHICAL TENDENCIES. Speaking on behalf of her husband, the President, Mrs. Obama said: THE PRESIDENCY DOES NOT MAKE THE MAN, IT REVEALS THE MAN. Therefore, The Power of The Office of The Prime Minister did not CORRUPT DEAN BARROW; IT REVEALED THAT DEAN BARROW IS A CORRUPT MAN. President Lincoln said: ….IF YOU WANT TO TEST A MAN’S CHARACTER, GIVE HIM POWER.

  4. rubs says:

    freaking PM doesn’t care th person nationality or records that will invest $$ in bze, he only cares off POCKETING $$$ and the hell with everything. ……….. the pm

  5. air says:

    Dean loser Barrow speaks of his failure, hahahahahaha, nothing new

  6. Rod says:

    Where is judas getting his facts from must be out of his peanut brain tourism is down people don’t want to come to Belize anymore they are afraid if they come here eighter they will be killed robbed or raped judas really sees the belizean people as fools but. U no the fool nobody judas except yourself you are the most corrupt and incompetent pm in the history of this great nation and you will go down as such so let it be written so let it be done.

  7. Truthbetold says:

    New business good for Belize? Especially for Barrow and Williams, they probably got to handle all the deals and will cream millions off the top again!! Follow the money!!!
    Five star hotel in Belize, hahaha, who will be staying there, back packers and Lebanese waiting for their quick track passports? Wake up and smell the roses.
    Quit the BS talk and show some real development that has actually happened and how many permanent jobs you have created for the country ( not your cronies or gang buddies) since being elected … Don’t worry I’ll answer for you …. Zero, Nada

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