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Sep 20, 2012

Bus Association revs up for new prices

Patrick Menzies

On Tuesday, we reported that after several meetings between the Transport Board and the Belizean Bus Association, effective this Saturday, September twenty-second, commuters from Belize City to Belmopan and all stops in between will be paying higher bus fares. The hike applies to regular and express runs and charges will go up from four to five dollars and from five to six dollars respectively—that’s ten cents per mile. The increase, says the association, reflects the high fuel prices and that fares have not changed since 2002. But with the price increase there are thirty-seven conditions that bus operators must undertake, including improved bus conditions and the implementation of a ticketing system. Spokesperson for the BBA, Patrick Menzies, says the outcome of a meeting on Wednesday was positive and promising.


Patrick Menzies, Spokesperson, Belize Bus Association

“We want to thank the ministry because they are planning on working with us; the things we were requesting. Some of the things the minister was mentioning saying that he will be lobbying cabinet for: duty free fuel if possible; just as the cane farmers have, looking at helping with the importation of parts and tires and stuff like that and exemptions with those things. The minister also explained that he expects the buses to abide by the thirty-seven point conditions. We agree a hundred. He also agreed that it is not illegal to raise the fares or to adjust the fares. The minister said he will be lobbying on or behalf for that rate adjustment that we are looking for. We shared with them the financial situation that the industry is in and we went back and forth on that but again they do see that need. Besides the price adjustments, they are asking about the conditions of the buses? We are improving those. We are working on those. We are requesting that the ministry as they said, we want it to be provided by this Saturday; it is not a ticketing—for right now it is just a boarding pass. Some people be rushing out the gates like animals. I’ve done it, it is crazy; it makes no sense—none of us like it. And we are asking the ministry to help us to stop that.”


Menzies says that they are also discussing a further increase to sixteen cents per mile after which they will focus on rates for runs to the Corozal District. The BBA is also requesting that a member of the association be named to the Transport Board as stipulated by law.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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7 Responses for “Bus Association revs up for new prices”

  1. commuter says:

    Increase in rates should mean double up on buses for possible standees. We all want to travel and pay the prices so long as its comfortable and safe.

  2. Mr. Concerned says:

    I just want that transport department don’t even think of raising the bus fares in the south. its already super high. just imagine James charge $4.00 from Georgtown High School to Mango Creek which is only 12 mls. They have been ripping big time in the south

  3. Ub Student says:

    Goodness, gracious, Laad have mercy!!!!!! How much more can we take!!???

    I would like to beg the Minister of Education, for God’s sake, to please have students who are from Belize City to be able to take their courses on the BZ City campuses to avoid this price hike come next semester or year. Let me tell the public that majority of the people who are using these buses are students from UB. As students of UB some of us have been struggling to meet transportation costs from Belize to Belmopan and back and now this hike in costs???? Money does not grow on trees! And if people have not noticed Belmopan is not a place that many UB students like to be for reasons such as high temperatures, far distances to walk between the campus and the terminal unless you have the luxury of paying for a taxi! Everything is going up and if you really want to help UB students from Belize City, Minister of Ed., keep us in the City because all we’ll have to pay is about 2 dollars and can eat decently and not have to drink water to quench some of our hunger … yes people, some cannot even afford to purchase lunch. To hell with with making Belmopan the central campus there are enough students in the Cayo district that can make up that University and simply we’re tired of being the cash cows for these transportation companies and taxi operators.

    You say, we rush the buses, well let me tell you there are damn well good explanations for that … seat saving occurs, lack of seating, over-sized people either taking up majority of the seat (uncomfortable!!!!!!!) or squeezing you against the walls of the bus (and do not dare tell them about it either, hehehe!!!! – I personally think that they should be charged for the whole seat despite how mean it sounds) , if you’re a woman you try to avoid men too since they are always spreading their feet leaving you uncomfortably trying to sit on the chair – all these we try to avoid!!!!! Some people have no respect for space!

    With this ticketing system, I just hope that when when the tickets are purchased, these tickets will somehow be redeemable or refundable because some people may only have one class based on their schedules in BMP and others in Belize City and if they miss the bus then there is no sense in catching another one because that class will be finishing by the time the other reaches BMP so sure as ever we want our monies back or as in typical Belizean fashion WE WILL RAISE HELL!!!!!!!!

    Shaw Bus Line, if I may make a request fix those buses and get new drivers too!!!!!!!!!!! You all drive like some turtles no matter which person drives (2hours!!!!!!!!!!?????????) and hey, in fact, with this new hike … try and get a loan to buy some new buses it is absolutely shameful how you all look on the roadside always breaking down!!!!! And that goes for West Line tooo fix your whack buses people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry for my wording, not the UB standard for writing, but it’s simply my expression of being fed up!

  4. aldo says:

    @UB Student. I have to agree with you there.

  5. western concern says:

    If we talk about 10 cents per mile and we make the addition let’s see what we come up to.

    Belmopan to Benque is approximately 23 to 25 miles. putting 25 miles at 10 cents should give us $2.50 cents am i right? So why are we being charges 5 dollars from Belmopan to Benque. Does the 10 cent per mile apply only from Belmopan to Belize City or is it through out the George Price Highway? Minister why are we paying double the price from Belmopan to Benque?

  6. Western Route says:

    I heard that the bus fares was going up but there is one particular company which is ripping off in their prices. All other buses; for example, James Bus Line, Guerra’s Bus Line, Griga Line, G-Line, etc. are charging a fee of $5 but for the D&E Bus Company they are charging $6 in the express runs vise versa from Belize to Belmopan and back. Passengers were concerned about this and it was unfair to be charged $6 when earlier they were charged $5. I think they should implement the old time rule where tickets were sold in order to get your seat in the bus but one constant price and not be changing.

  7. Independence says:

    they don’t feel anything because they are not the ones who use the transportation. They have their own private cars. The prices are to high and something needs to be done before it get worst and quick too

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