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Sep 19, 2012

Kim Simplis Barrow continues cancer treatment

Kim Simplis Barrow

When we caught up with Prime Minister Dean Barrow at the airport, he also spoke on the health of his wife, Kim Simplis Barrow, who has been in Houston in the past days getting treatment for breast cancer and for a heart condition.


Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“She completed the radiation this morning; that was the last session. She’s also made contact with a medical oncologist who will now be in charge of the monitoring process from here on out. We have to go back in three weeks time for a repeat visit with that oncologist. We also saw or she also saw a reconstructive surgeon this morning; he will see her again when she goes back to visit with the medical oncologist and at that time, he will fix an actual date for the reconstructive surgery. So we go back the second week of December and upon return from that trip, we should know when the reconstructive surgery will take place.”


Jules Vasquez, Channel 7

Dean Barrow

“But what is the staging of the cancer right now and what is the status with her heart?”


Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“First of all, in terms of her heart, we saw Dr. Durand on Friday and he did another heart test and in fact the output is now up to fifty point five. Remember when we were there last with him it was a forty; it’s gone up to fifty point five and one of the two medications that she’s taking has now been halved—the dosage has been cut in half and Dr. Durand feels that she will make a full recovery where the heart function is concerned. In fact, he says that once you’re above fifty percent, you’re in the normal range. It’s between fifty and sixty; you don’t go beyond sixty. So she is pretty much good to go where that is concerned.”

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9 Responses for “Kim Simplis Barrow continues cancer treatment”

  1. Lewis says:

    Yet another vacation for the PM? How many days has he been absent this year?

    Hard to believe there are still people who support him.

    When will we have enough of this PM and kick him out of office?

  2. Rod says:

    I am happy for her I just wonder how much of the po people s money has been spent on their lavish lifestyle look at their clothes she has on a 1’000.00. Suit a 500.00 dollars scarf and the pm wearing a 2’000.00 dollar suit makes you wonder while people in Belize are starving and getting murdered and I have not once heard this pm to give his condolences to any one of these families for his incompetence you would think that instead of spending 500.00 on a scarf she would be donating that kind of money to the children who have nothing to eat .

  3. ang says:

    I am so happy for Kim one more survivor warrior we thank God and pray that all others who need healing be delivered.

  4. Truth says:

    why don’t you take her to the medical team here in BELIZE is it too bad of a state and beyond your standards that you choose not too.
    Instead of you fixing the hospitals and making the necessary changes you take your family outside and you turn a blind eye to how things are at the hospital here in your country , your responsibility..

    This is just insane and insulting.. you do not care for the people of Belize. If you did you would make the necessary improvements in the hospitals to cater not only to your wife but to all the persons who can’t afford going out of the country..
    Incompetent minister…

  5. b.Jones says:

    I all fairness to the PM, His wife is fighting for her life. It’s obvious that the man is torn between supporting his wife & leading the country. With that being said, In all fairness to Belize & it’s citizens I feel Barrow should gracefully relinquish his position as the PM until his personal struggles is resolved. A man’s family comes first but when you are the head of a nation, said nations priorities must always be put first.

  6. island says:

    I tiad a hear bout kim simpliss. So what if she is continuing cancer treatment? So many other persons in Belize are as well, atleast she got the money for her treatment (fi we money), how bout we poor people weh no have the money.

  7. Life no fair says:

    MY auntie work all her life as a teacher in Belize, 46 years of teaching now she has throat cancer, and at KHMH they told her they can’t do nothing for her, she can’t afford to go to Merida on her pension . KHMH docs referrred her to a group that is to pray with her for her to die with DIGNITY. life is not fair,

  8. Rod says:

    Wow bjones am proud of you shows that ou are seeing the light hip hip hurray for bjones

  9. Gabriel Goodnews says:

    This is a Natural Cancer Cure for Belizeans Suffering from Cancer

    There is a natural cure for cancer. It is baking soda and molasses/honey that any poor person can afford, especially Belizeans. (Do not use sugar) After all you have nothing to lose if you are already diagnosed with cancer.

    God always makes a way for His beloved human beings, but we just have to trust when He gives us an answer. I don’t know who will read this and benefit form it, or save the life of someone who has cancer. My prayer is that you spread the word and stop depending on the pharmaceutical companies
    that deliberately keep these natural cures from the general public so that they can push their legalized poison.
    After all, only 3% of patients who uses pharmaceutical drugs survives cancer, while 90% of those who uses natural cures recovers.

    1.Take 2 tea spoons of baking soda
    2. Mix it with 8oz of water
    3. Add a tea spoon of molasses and mix and drink it

    Be sure to go outside and breathe a lot of fresh air daily, the our cells need oxygen to stay healthy.

    Take this remedy twice a day, once in the morning and the other in the pm hours. This will raise the body’s ph level and lower the acidity which is why the cancer cell was activated in the first place.
    Please note that your doctors may denounce this remedy because they were program to push pharmaceutical drugs.

    All cancers are a fungi – baking soda is a nutralizer for acid in which cancer thrives. the molasses is used as a carrier to take the baking soda to the cancer cell, because cancer feeds on sugar.

    Let those who have an ear hear what the Spirit is saying to His people!

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