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Sep 18, 2012

How smart is he? He fired at Corporal then pulled gun on GSU officers

A brazen minor is facing a slew of charges for allegedly shooting at a Police Corporal and pulling his gun on a group of GSU officers on Monday night. PC Daniel Flowers parked his vehicle in his yard on Zericote Street at around ten p.m. and as he walked toward his house, someone called out for him. When Flowers turned around, a single shot was fired at him, but it missed. The gunman whom he had a misunderstanding with minutes earlier, then sped off on his bicycle towards Ebony Street. Shortly after the shooting, a Gang Suppression Unit mobile in the area spotted someone on bicycle speeding in the direction of Partridge Street. They caught up with him at the corner of Vernon Street Extension where he reportedly pointed his firearm at the cops. The GSU officers shot him on the left thigh and above the knee. A point thirty-eight revolver and an expended shell were found next to the gunman, who was soon identified as a fifteen year old minor of Periwinkle Street. He was treated for his injuries and released from the K.H.M.H. into police custody. The minor has since been charged for Kept Firearm without a gun license and six counts of Aggravated Assault against the GSU officers. Additional charges are expected for the shooting at PC Flowers’ house. Police have released the name of the minor, who the GSU says is allegedly a member of the PIV gang.


There were also two shooting incidents on Saturday that have just been reported today; one in the city and another in San Pedro. Just before ten o’clock p.m., Belize City fisherman Nicholas Poot, was ambushed as he arrived at home. Police say Poot was attacked by six masked men. One of them pointed a gun at him and a struggle ensued. During the fight, a shot was fired and Poot was injured on the left shoulder. The other Saturday incident occurred in the morning in the San Pedrito Area of La Isla Bonita and involved two step brothers. According to Byron Espat, he was passing his step brother, Roli Espat’s house when they got into an argument. Byron says, Roli left but returned with a nine millimeter pistol and fired twelve shots at him. He escaped unharmed and police are investigating the shooting.

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13 Responses for “How smart is he? He fired at Corporal then pulled gun on GSU officers”

  1. Rod says:

    Hip hip hurray wonderful job you doing udp tha the victims fault the gov. And pm have no responsibility fu none of these murders and robberies and rapes tha all the people fault. Hurray fu udp. You are doing a wonderful job lets give a hip hip fu udp. Hip hip hurray fu udp and barrow.

  2. Storm says:

    This could have had a Darwinian ending. This young gangster is too stupid to live long. Police were 100% justified to kill him in self-defense, and showed excessive restraint in not doing that.

    If he’s old enough to pack a pistol and shoot at police, he is old enough to do time as an adult in prison.

    Our lenient laws for young criminals were written in a day before the kids were employed by cartels and gangs, before they carried guns and shot people to resolve minor disputes. I say we must treat armed juveniles the same as adults. They do damage to the community out of all proportion to their numbers, and they will NEVER make a positive contribution to the Jewel.

    Let’s get on it, Hon. Saldivar, get the law changed to protect us from pistol-packing gang members, no matter what their age!

  3. Marie says:

    Seems only Gsu is ever patrolling- good job again gsu and please train our regular police to do what you do

  4. Uncle Benji says:

    Belize City is out of control; and for all those anti GSU folks, remember this:

    GSU is our only salvation. It is a pity that they arrested the poor fool that shot at them. It would have been so much easier and self satisfying, if they had taken him down the road and clubbed him until he spoke fluent French or become a paraplegic.

    This may sound mean to lots of Belizeans, especially the Obamalites in the USA, but here in Belize, it is civil war, and the good guys are going to win.

  5. Young Gial says:

    Hello GSU, nice to hear from you guys again. Keep it up mein, hope all you GSU officers keep focused and keep the momentum. Don’t slack off please, you guys are different from the rest of the lazy police at the police station. We have faith in you and hope that God strentens your unit financialy, emotionally and spiritually. May God bless each of your families and each of you as you go to work and face the danger of your work. Keep the spirit up, don’t loose momentum, be different and continue to make a difference. Continue to fight for a safe Belize….GOD BLESS.

  6. cayobway says:

    and tomorrow some of his relatives will come on television and say that gsu plant the gun on him. and that he is just an innocent minor.” wait for it……….”

  7. Monica says:

    The laws in Bz will never change because the STUPID Reps in Gov’t are not qualified for the position they hold. They don’t even know to write a sentence much less make AMENDMENTS to the Constitution. This is the reason they never comment on the PROBLEMS AFFECTING THE COUNTRY.

  8. chris says:

    ( A point thirty-eight revolver and an expended shell were found next to the gunman) this is so dumb how in the hell you find a expended shell next to the gunman . a revolver doesnt eject its shell!! GSU just the set up that guy

  9. CONCERNED says:


  10. surgery14E says:

    Good point Chris. I wonder how the GSU will explain that!

  11. Memories says:

    All i can say is that GSU did a good job, and that they are trained to demolish in a JUSTIFIABLE way. What i can say base on what the media houses showed the public in the past, is that they are professionally trained caused if a guy is riding his bycicle, and he points his firearm towards the officers, he signed his death warrant by doing so. And congrats to the GSU despite the fact that the Curropt Police are targetting them. But be reminded that we have young, smart and strong GSU Officers, i should say even Handsome…lol. Cause if i can recall their is this officer NAH, he was involved in a shooting where he was hanging out with his friends on cemetary rd, when suddenly a guy from the Ghost Town area appeared and tried to rob NAh and his colleagues. The robber committed a suicide by robbing the notorious NAH of the Police Department, cause he ended up running away leaving his gun on the ground and trying to run with a gunshot to the leg. So my people we are in good hands with the GSU who DOESN’T FEAR DEATH. So you criminals who want to be criminals in my country tighten up cause here comes the War Angel’s of God vs EVIL. I lived in this City for my 44yrs, and i have never seen such a Unit of great work they have done. God Bless the Officer In Charge of the GSU who is running this Unit with the Help of you, they are fighting a war where at the ending of the day they are winning.

  12. Choices says:

    Good Job GSU Officers, He should have been in the Ice Factory despite the fact that he is a minor, but all i can say that God gave him another chance to reflect and stay focus in the life he is living. Some people will criticize but what i have to say is from my thankfull heart i feel towards the job the GSU is doing. My people, your all are in good hands, despite the fact of the officers involved in allegations of brutalization, but you all have to recognize their hard work they are doing to keep us safe. i can recall sometime in 2003 their is this officer who name is being called constant from the GSU, was involved in a shootout. He is NAH, from the GSU. I can recall, base on the news he was hanging out with some of his friends on Cemetary rd. When suddenly a guy came and pointed a firearm trying to rob them. But, what i can say is that he committed suicide in trying to rob the Notorius NAH and friends. Mein i laughed when i heard that the guy ran leaving his gun on the ground with a shot to the leg. My People we are in good hands with the GSU, despite the fact that they are being tarhgetted by Human rights etc… So don’t hassle about a leg their is more on the way. God Bless the GSU.

  13. Philleziean;) says:

    @Benji y don’t u go play in them bullets in Bze city this is coming from a proud Obamalites @&America no mek u get away with mada!@$$. Wtf they so need to change Belize name to the wild wild west or Bagdad(Iraq)

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