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Sep 17, 2012

UB student killed in Belmopan

Norval Belisle

Two persons lost their lives violently in the city and in the capital. A University of Belize student was murdered just after mid-night on Friday in Belmopan. Norval Belisle Junior, the youngest and only son for his family, was well liked and known among his peers and in his community. He was out socializing when he was attacked with a broken bottle and slashed on the throat. His family says there was no ambulance to immediately transport him from the Western Regional to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. News Five’s Andrea Polanco went to Belmopan today to find out more.


Rachel Bennett, Sister of the Deceased

“Life, so unpredictable; bless upon us by the power of the father performing his miracles. Be thankful; be happy for life. It is precious.”


Andrea Polanco, Reporting

Lines from one of his many poems, he left behind, twenty-one year old Norval Belisle was a master of words; an English major at the University of Belize. He was jovial, outgoing and respectable in the Belmopan community.


Rachel Bennett

“My brother was a calm, collective and positive young man, whom we loved dearly, really dearly. Our brother was studying English and he writes beautiful poems and he loves music. We have many poems written by him.”


Rachel Bennett

But the very life he wrote about was snatched away from him when he was murdered around mid-night on Friday going into the early hours of Saturday morning. Norval along with a small group of friends were hanging out here on this street in Las Flores located to the back of popular night club ‘La Cabana.’


Rachel Bennett

“We have heard that, well, he wasn’t at the bar itself. They were on the street and Norval was hanging out with his friends as per normal and we understand that the guys that were there, wanted to start a commotion with them. They wanted to jump his friends but he wasn’t around them; he was a little ways away from them.”


And that’s when one of the young men broke a bottle and dealt the fatal cut to Belisle.


Rachel Bennett

“One of them left the crowd and broke a bottle and he took my brother’s life. It was in an instant. He suffered and he fought; he fought for his life. God knows why he took him away. People say its God’s work but that is not God’s work because I know my Jesus and his work was taking him away from all of that pain that he was in. Even live to say bye or talk to us or something. He couldn’t even say anything. Taking him into the ambulance, my husband said he was kicking and really fighting because that was who he was, a fighter; a fighter for life. My brother was not a negative person; never.”


Andrea Polanco

“Ms. Rachel, to which part of his body did he sustain the injury?”


Rachel Bennett

“The artery by his neck.”


Andrea Polanco

“From what you know, was it a large cut wound?”


Rachel Bennett

“It cut the main vein and that’s why he lost a lot of blood; a lot of blood.”


It happened so fast. Mike Menjivar of La Cabana says that when he was informed, Belisle was already taken to the hospital.


Mike Menjivar

Mike Menjivar, Owner, La Cabana

“Even that this happen around the place, there was a crowd here and maybe they had plans to go in but they didn’t go in as yet. There was a problem behind the building; behind the disco on that street.”


Andrea Polanco

“At what time were you guys informed that some was killed to the back of your business?”


Mike Menjivar

“This happened around mid-night. When the staff and I were informed about the murder happening outside, the police had already came out and moves the guy to the hospital.”


And while Belisle was seriously injured, he didn’t die immediately. His sister says there wasn’t any ambulance at the Western Regional Hospital to transfer him to the K.H.M.H.


Rachel Bennett

“We want it to work. We call on our Government. There wasn’t even an ambulance to take him to Belize City on time. Norval went into the hospital when they took him a little after twelve. He was there and they tried to stabilize him. My brother didn’t leave for Belize City until three-thirty in the morning and that is because they were trying to stabilize him, plus waiting for an ambulance. We don’t have an ambulance. Those things hurt. That’s a life; a life.”


Andrea Polanco

“You think that he could’ve been saved had there been an ambulance that would’ve taken him to the hospital earlier?”


Rachel Bennett

“We would like to believe that. Anything, if it was earlier probably he could’ve lived.”


And now, the Belisle family hopes that the murderer will be held accountable.


Rachel Bennett

“We are hurt and we only pray that the justice system works. We don’t want to see him out and we don’t want him to hurt anybody else. The hurt we feel, we would not want anyone else to feel in this life. Norval has done nothing wrong to anyone.”


Selwyn King

For the U.B. Community, the capital’s latest murder has hit home.


Selwyn King, Public Information Officer, University of Belize

“On behalf of the University of Belize, we really want to extend our deepest sympathy on the tragic passing of this young man. This is very unfortunate and has touched all of us here on campus; to see that he is one of our future leaders whereby his life was taken in such a manner. We will try our best as a university to see how best we can address and contribute to some of the social issues where it involves our young people, that they need to understand how best to communicate with each other instead of this senseless rage that we continue to witness everyday So it is something that we as a national university must take some leadership role in addressing.”


Rachel Bennett

“Let us be there for each other and make life happy for all, which is a wish from God above; inspired by the pleasures of my life; and written by Norval Gilbert Belisle Junior.”


Reporting for News Five, I’m Andrea Polanco.


Belmopan police told News Five that there is one man detained in connection with Belisle’s murder. While we have no name, we were told he is originally from Roaring Creek but lives in Camalote Village. We were also told that the individual may be connected to the Belisle family. Police told us that it appears that the group was consuming alcohol and indications are that Belisle Junior may have tried to intervene in a fight in which a friend was involved.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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27 Responses for “UB student killed in Belmopan”

  1. Storm says:

    Of course the murderer must be held accountable — hanged, is my view of accounting for murder.

    It’s another Belizean vignette of how alcohol destroys, makes human into nothing better than senseless, dangerous animals. What intelligent person wants to multiply the effect with legal, “recreational”marijuana?

    And it also raises a question that must be answered honestly, with all the money squandered by this GOB, including gangsters on the payroll, why is there no ambulance available at the hospital?

    I’m with @Al, who said all Belizeans must rise in protest. We should study the masters of “civil disobedience” [Thoreau, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King,Jr., for example] and turn the crooks, rascals, and other criminals out of office by any means necessary.

    Is it time for a national general strike? We can mark the sovereign default — remember to celebrate that Wednesday! — with a sit-down.

    Political issues aside, I am sure all decent Belizeans offer the family their prayers for strength at this terrible moment.

  2. Rod says:

    All you udp supporters now go tell this guys parents and family what a good job this pm and gov are doing tell them unu really sorry. March belizeans march you or your children might be next.

  3. Belizean says:

    I am so sorry that this guy had to go. But I believe the life style of our young people has to change. A student being out at midnight? What has become of our youth? Well whats happened has happened, but I warn you guys, please, stay at home and spend time with the family.

  4. Belmopan Residence/friend says:

    @ BELIZEAN! he’s a student yes but that doesn’t mean he cannot socialize with his friends and go out!!I know this guy and he wouldn’t harm a fly..his death was senseless and he tried to diffuse a situation and unfortunately he was the one who got harm..the good always suffer for the bad..I guess mi friend think as all ah we who live in Belmopan..Belmopan peaceful and sh*t like violence and crime don’t usually happen here but Belmopan the get out and we need fi restore back Belmopan!!RIP Norv!!You’re gone but not forgotten!!The university of Belize lost a bright student and I lost a good friend!! Outsiders the make we lee Belmopan look and get bad! John Saldivar busy the run weh from the people weh vote ah in and the ride bout ina ac vehicle with ih sege body guard like he da frigging King instead ah ih noh hold a meeting and come up with some good solutions fi try stop the violence ina belmopan. !Hang the fool who committed this crime..Sleep on hun

  5. Belizean says:

    Yes he has the right to socialize, amen to that. He also has the opportunity to stay home, at least not in a questionable place such as this. I dont think he had the fault, in this, and like you say he was trying to resolve a situation. Well, all of that is true, but had he NOT been there any at all, he would be with us all this morning. But we cant change the case now, lets pray for the family and for all our friends

  6. UB student says:

    well we all know dat someone saw who slit Norvals throat..and yet they haven’t charged anyone for this crime yet..and i strongly believe dat if there was an ambulance at Western Regional Hospital Norval wouldn’t have lost his life..they had time enough to stop dat bleeding..there is no excuse for a innocent life sorry that comfort family n friends..another life in GOB hands..and what is DEAN OLIVER BARROW doing? nothing!Bmp residence should take this things in their own hands n deal with this guy cause even if he goes to jail he will still get out..dey can’t put a whole city in jail if we all join mind hearts n soulktogether…unless they make the city jail..THIS HAS GONE WAY TO FAR…BELMOPAN WHAT WILL WE DO???

  7. b.Jones says:

    They say it was one of his own extended family that kill him. A lot of men in Belize shouldn’t drink liquor, only when they drunk they know how to go on bad. The next day they always want to be sorry & never mean it. Grown men need to know their limit.

    Rod, What the hell Udp have to do with a fight among drunk people ? I just when pup is in office liquor nuh cause fight. What an idiot you show yourself to be. Do yourself a favor and hit your head against the wall every time you feel to make a comment…smh

  8. A Jew says:

    U are totally right UB student! Enough is enough! Crimes in Belize are getting out of hand! How on earth there is no ambulance at the Western Regional Hospital to transport Norval to the KHMH. Dats is a damn shame! This government is not doing THEIR JOBS! If the police cant control the crime, then who can?! Tomorrow would be a perfect time to protest! Belizeans must show that we are still in control of society and not the criminals and “wanna be kings” of this government.

  9. Lets play a Geography Game says:

    Where is our Prime Minister today? a: Miami Beach b: Trinadad and Tobago c: Washington
    d: Houston
    While Rome burns Nero Fiddles>>>>

  10. Belizean says:

    @ b. Jones

    I wish all commenters here were as wise as you. If my dog bites me, I can blame Barrow? Shucks man, if thats the mentality there will be a lot more violence than ever!!!!!!!! Agree all the way with b jones. GROWN MEN NEED TO KNOW THEIR LIMIT!

  11. Al says:

    Good reference to Nero. Nero ordered Rome to be burnt, just as this prime minister is allowing this mess to continue. With the stroke of a pen he can change the law, that would set stiffer penalties for crimes, especially death to murderers.

    What does he care about the poor families that are loosing their children. He can leave the country anytime he wants to, no problem. The poor families have to scrape to bury their dead.

    Storm, this is the only language left with which our people have to fight , and get an international audience that will pressure this government to act. Take it to the streets, I will continue to say that.

    My guess Storm, is that this thing is so far out of hand, that this government just do not know what to do. I have offered my services free, to serve as consultant to this prime minister and his people, I can be reached through my email that is available through this station’s blog.

    This government need to call an emergency session to address the terrorist situation, the lack of structure in government offices, the crime wave and the legal system. The upgrading of the infrastructure of these government offices is most crucial.

    I understand that the land office computers were down for months, how can an office as important as this be without a computer system this long, while the PM is missing in action.

    Who is in charge of the country? are they dumb, because I hear no voice.

  12. PISSEDOFF says:

    @ Belizean u nuh suh bright yoself..all hospital fi have dey own ambulance..who responsible fi give di hospital ambulance eh??da we belizean ppl fi buy ambulance or da di government???hmm who nuh suh wise now.. stop think outta yo @ss! n if yo dog bite yo the i guess yo dog know weh kinda bias n unwise owner he has…yes people fi know they limits but it’s the government resposiblity fi make solutions n try simmer down crime??what was their solution??pay the gang members fi stop make crimes..that the work??or we belizean fi blame wiself fi dat to??open onu eyes!!police officers supplie the gang menbers wid drugs pan di street n dey get dey cut to!!when grenade n weapons go missing from the police department n dey find gang members wid they who di hell u think give them??di police dey nuh fall under the government??Ah??weh yo got fi say now??no better leader dan the late George price belize got fi si..

  13. Storm says:

    Maybe it’s not the best thing for a student to be out at midnight, but it should not be punished with death. I was a college freshman long ago, and I stayed out late a few times to prove I was all grown up. Fortunately for me, no drunk slashed my throat, and later I actually did grow up.

  14. Rod says:

    Bones and belizean unu really got tough head fu real I bet the two a unu had dunce hat pan unu head Ina school if you don’t see why I say what I say then their is no hope for people like you two big dummies if barrow doesn’t put consequences to crime in this country people will keep killing each other the two a unu need fu get in line behind barrow as being he cause of all the murders in this country I hope ou or one of your family members are not next because of your stupidity.

  15. Belizean says:




  16. b.Jones says:

    Al, Rod & PISS-d-BED…

    Criminals don’t go to jail because of laws, criminals go to jail due to convictions. The justice system of Belize is a total mess and it’s not Barrow’s Fault. The justice system needs a total overhaul from police to the Dpp, which will take hundreds of millions to do, something Barrow don’t have.

    @Pissed…Most of those grenades went missing from PUP days my friend. You’re a little off with your info.

  17. Sandy says:

    @ Belizean soh dah nuh PM the pay the man them fi hold down the violence in the city and the violence still continues? there are a lot of corruption going on in this government and the PM knows and does nothing about it.if you nuh encourage them by giving them free money and put them @$$ fi work and when they the linger on the streets pick them up then we would have a better society bottomline…..

  18. Belizean says:

    @Sandy….My question still remains…..Would this person be with us today had he NOT went out at that time of the night???? DECISION TIME!!!!!!!! Tek up responsibility!!!! Dont do all the wrong things and then expect the Government to be there, ambulance, etc etc, to hug and carress and pat and rub your back!!!!

  19. getitright says:

    @ Belizean Belize is our home our land of the FREE!! why should we be locked up in our homes to be safe??Belize is our home hence the reason we have leaders to run our home(country) can stop crime but we can have a huge decrease in crime if the government steps it up!!but has anyone tried to do something about crime??no!! and @ b.Jones u need to bump up your info as well cause the crime level increased drastically after the pup got out of power..n the PUP wasn’t paying criminals!! frig the politics!!the matter of today is crime n d current goverment can’t control nor are they doing anything to do so..Barrow busy the travel with ih wife fi cancer treatment and that’s all that matters to him..nuh Belize!! politicians busy the quarrel with one another instead of not coming together and form something a great solution to deter crimes..dummies!! Fix the health care systems..shame on the government..this boy could have survive had if belmopan had their own ambulance..onu nuh di help we..onu the kill we..onu unprepared n ya’ll not putting those money weh onu borrow fi good use!!SHAME ON THE GOVERNMENT AND SHAME ON THOSE WHO FEEL AS IF THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT TO BE BLAMED FOR THE LACK OF AMBULANCES IN THE HEALTH CARE FACILITIES!!!!!!!!!

  20. fed up says:

    @ belizean u are the most ignorant commenter on this news blog..It’s like your’re saying you’re going to the store and u die..n people start commenting saying u should have stayed home!!silly no sh**t..u don’t know what happen that night so keep your dumb @ss comment to urself..Hospitals are under the government u fool..and it’s their responsibilities to be prepared when situation like this arises..god’s not sleeping u badminded fool..when something happens to u i pray that your family can take the comments that ignorant people like yourself are going to say about ur story!!bottom line is!!if the hospital had the equipments needed this young man life could have been saved!!

  21. Belizean says:

    Good..Open 3 times the amount of bars, legalize marijuana, cocaine, meth etc, support profanity, make sure children can watch TV 24/7 watching horror and action movies, make sure all parents split up and divorce, and last of all teach the children that ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL of this is OK. Oh,,, I guess all of this is ok to do anyways, according to the comments of most people here

  22. belmopan says:

    every one says that it is his ex girl-friend current boyfriend cousin .y else would any one want to hurt Norval? RIP Norv.

  23. K.L.M. says:

    the youth of today in belmopan are not as innocent as everyone thinks, of course that doesnt mean the deserve to die. especially so young…but a lot of youth in belmopan spend their time smoking weed, and drinking, its no surprise that that youth met such an unfortunate end…mein, the youth in bmp have to tighten up, then the poor soul´s family says that he wasnt a troublemaker bad such, which might be true, but i am sure he probably goes out with his friends to drink a little too much, spends too much time smoking weed and such…guys i have seen this….15, 16, 17 year olds doing this..i have seen it…….stay at home, if u go out, or go bash, try not to get in trouble, dont look for fights and if it cant be avoided, leave, and dont frequent the place too often…your life is worth much more….parents control ur children, they are out there smoking weed and drinking, i see it all the time……it is a fact. u have to be more strict. keep them at home.

  24. Concerned says:

    I have read some of the comments on the post and some of them make no sense. I still have yet to understand why Rod even post his comments. @ Belizean… I see where you are coming from however; the deceased is not responsible for his death. YES, we all have choices and he did have a choice to stay in bed. Nonetheless, he made a decision to attend a nite club. Note he is over the age of 18yrs of age and according to our law he is ALLOWED to consume alcoholic beverages and attend a night club. It is sad that HE being the peace maker in the situation had to die. The deed has been done and I grieve for the family who has lost their love one. Rest assure, you people going back and forth won’t let the matter diffuse or bring him back. Belizean, what you shud do instead of coming off as confrontational perhaps you can do some Evangelist work and change the WORLD!!! I do hope that ur child/children are as perfect as you make your life seem to be. PRAYERS for the FAMILIES affected by this.

  25. Yolanda Cas says:

    I would like all the media houses and the Minstry of Health to investigate the reason why the belmopan hospital ambulance was not in operation on the night of the attack on Norval Belisle. If the ambulance was working this young man would have been picked up earlier from the street by Las Cabana his life would have been saved. This investiagtion would be eye-opening and shocking to find out the problems happening there. Please, please investigate.

  26. P.contreras says:

    This was my bestfriend someone who was always cool very humble and quite wouldnt hurt anyone! Why would someone want to hurt him? Justice must be serve!!! We miss you rip norval!

  27. Fansy says says:

    This goverment to blame for all these crimes caz murderes keep walking free so ppl are not afraid to kill anymore. Dats jus how i c it

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