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Sep 17, 2012

Will alleged corruption list lead to 56 cops being dismissed?

A two page document, labeled as top secret and making serious allegations against police officers, has the department in a major upheaval. The memorandum, dated June twelfth, is purportedly signed by the head of the Special Branch and addressed to the Commissioner of Police. The subject of the memorandum centers on allegations of corruption by police officers who were said to be monitored by the special branch and considered persons of interest. The top secret memo does not specify what corrupt practices the officers are allegedly involved in, but it lists the names of fifty-six serving officers of various ranks. These include two senior superintendents, four superintendents, two assistant superintendents, two inspectors and ten sergeants, corporals and police constables including one woman police constable. Some officers have been making contact with attorneys to say that they have seen the list and that their names appear among the fifty-six. Public and police procedures require that officers who are accused of wrong doing or corruption are to be formally placed on interdiction which means that they have to be removed from their positions and sent home until investigations are completed to substantiate the allegations. Before that happens, however, they would have to first receive a formal letter of interdiction or discipline in order to mount a defense or response to any allegation. We have been unable to confirm whether the Police Department top brass has met on the allegations.

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22 Responses for “Will alleged corruption list lead to 56 cops being dismissed?”

  1. Storm says:

    If the investigation was honest, then this seems like a good start to get rid of the worst of the worst. Voltaire once said something like, “It’s sometimes necessary to hang one admiral to encourage the rest.”

    We all know in our hearts that deep corruption, almost certainly including contract murders, has been a cancer in the police for a long, long time. It’s demoralizing for good officers, and hard for the public to know who to trust in uniform.

    I propose that DPP announces a policy of some leniency for the accused police who make an “early admission of guilt.” I have read that policy being used elsewhere to ensure some convictions, and to get criminals RUSH to inform on the others in a race for leniency.

    I hope any police who are charged are locked up without bail, because a dirty cop can be a dangerous person on the streets with witnesses while awaiting trial.

    For the future, I think we need a law that REQUIRES a prison sentence of double the normal length for crooked police. It’s really a form of treason, and deserves hanging.

    I’ll stay tuned on this story.

  2. Rod says:

    This is no surprise their is no leader in the country and even when heis here he is hiring drug dealer s Gand members and you the belizean public stay mute you are a sorry bunch. Well I will start appealing to the business community now you will start getting robbed daily now since families have no jobs and no food to give their families so you the business community need to put a stop to all this madness in the country close down the country until this pm resigns we need a real leader in the country we need an outcry so loud that their is no mistaking what we need close down all businesses in the country.

  3. Dan says:

    Like all of the other wrong doings in our country, this too will be forgotten in a few weeks. Nothing will change because everyone has something on everyone else, so know one names names.

  4. busha says:

    only 56?

  5. I Belize it says:

    Boys and lady constable, do not worry if employement is terminated. The gangs and the more professional Zetas have oppounities for qualified corruption officers. Don’t panic and don’t rat, that is your future employment test.

    Get a lawyer, Zeta financing for the elite few, no conviction guaranteed. Look at Mello, hold your cards, the govt got nothing, and if they did what is the chance they can successfully prosecute?

  6. gisela says:

    storm did you mean for dean barrow to resign in favor of said musa. you must be joking right? i men would you put the man who broke into your house to build your burglar bars hmmmm

  7. gisela says:

    we have such short memories

  8. rod says:

    gisela i hope you or one of your family members are not the next to go get some brains you people are exactly like doubting thomas you see whats happening and you still dont believe what fools.

  9. MadDOG says:

    men, i wonder why they are so , husslers, of the nation… well simple watch on there pay people….. madas if the GOV can pay us good wages to sustain ourselves/family and give the officer benefits then i can say if they bribe some one,,, a immediate dismissal should happen don’t u think…

  10. Reality says:

    Seems Rod has a personal vendetta against the PM.

  11. A Jew says:

    Gisela still living in the past, if Barrow resigns the people must elect a new leader. As for the list it is a serious thing occuring within the Plice department. A Special branch must also must be placed in government to find out which of the elected leaders are also behind such offenses. Even though we all know who all are committing serious acts of corruption.

  12. I will eat my shoe says:

    I will eat my shoe if ONE out of the fifty six is fired.

  13. Louisville,Ky says:

    My fellow Belizeans, please don’t be holding your collective breath in hopes that anything will come of these alleged Police shadiness. Because,you will live in hopes and literally die in despair, you hear?
    Graft and corruption is wound up so tightly in the fabric of Belizean society so much so that there is not nearly enough honest people or officials to bring any kind of pressure on these criminals. It has become a way of life in the Jewel.

  14. rod says:

    I no care how much people get kill, how much house get bun down. I just want Barrow to be gone. Put Said Musa anybody… u no understand how i feel like i gwine crazy… Barrow barrow barrow barrow… that’s all i see… need it out of my head.

  15. THE ONE says:

    many make speak of corruption and don’t know what the are sayin by just going off and speaking about this so called list i must say i have seen a copy of the list it has on 51 names not 56 and it is only those that are suspected more over rumor has it that there is another list of officers who they know are corrupted, but datsa start since nothing have been proven aganist these officers who alledge must prove. and why is it that the list only speak of officer below the rank of senior suprinetendent the one who made the list if he sould be a member of special branch why havent he place rank above his own we all are entitled to our opinion why is it that the letter is address to the Commissioner of police what interest is it to him why isn’t his name on the list if i could ask

  16. mamsy says:

    I thinks the list short of one WOMAN SGT. who is always investigating but she herself needs to be investigated open your eyes those of you who are not corrupted and screen who you send to investigate it falls in their favor and in that way they will never be caught and they are the ones who are doing the worst things

  17. Dirty sugar!!!! says:

    “He who alleges must prove.” It is very easy for me to write a report and incriminate anyone without proper evidence. Just because i am with someone at this time does not mean that i have anything to do with their character. I dont control my associates behavior. So just because they see me with someone they cannot assume that something is happening between us. Unfounded allegations is just that — unfounded — until it can be proven!!

    If the Dept. fires anyone without proper evidence — and by not following the proper procedure lined out in the Police Act, they will be sued for improper termination.

    It is unfair for a person to be blacklisted with fabricated evidence!!!! Proper evidence must be presented!!!!

  18. Bear says:

    I remember reading about the gangster period in the States when they formed a small, elite police squad that became known as the “Untouchables” because they could not be bribed or touched by corruption [yes, there were movies based on it, but the group was real]. They were police of unquestioned honesty who went against the worst of the worst, criminals and corrupt politicians. And they were pretty successful, bringing down gangster Al Capone, for example.

    Do we need Untouchables in the Jewel? Who would YOU choose to lead our Untouchables? I have one man in mind, but maybe there are more.

  19. Funny says:

    This funny as hell they just funding out about these rats. What the hell most of them smoke wee@@@d with my brothers and cousin. This is some funny $#!%. The head of the police should have more rules and higher education to join the force. Funny

  20. Hatari says:

    This should be an interesting story to watch unfold. Lets start a betting pool on how many actually get dealt with. I say 3% will be made scapegoats and the rest of those incompetent, big bellied, fools will walk away. I say 3% because isn’t that our current conviction rate on major crimes?

  21. Mick says:

    “Rod”, I like your comment saying that ” i feel like i gwine crazy.” Not to worry Rod, given your posts/rantings you have crossed that bridge a long time ago.
    For the rest of the posters of the same ilk, you make no sense when you jump into thinking that changing the politicians will be a cure. There is a systemic departmental cultural shift that has to take place. It is blase to take bribes in the police and other departments, the defense been ” I have to eat/feed my family”! Gone are the days when there was integrity, having pride in doing your duties profesionally. That culture has to change.

  22. sugacity says:

    Dean Barrow is a slab this man has ruined our country. He is corrupted and misleading our people he need to resign that why a lot of Belizean are leaving the country to find a better future.

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