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Sep 14, 2012

Wikileaks from U.S. Embassy show Hezbollah in Belize for years

The recent capture of Rafik Mohammad Labboun Allaboun, who acquired a Belize passport and other documents in a matter of three days, is a high profile case of a very old program. Fraudulent passports, and visas given to facilitate human trafficking of Chinese, Sri Lankans, Nigerians, and Somali nationals to the United States has been regularly reported by News Five over the past few years. Labboun’s brief two day encounter in Belize has eclipsed a case that few persons have been aware of in the Jewel. A Wikileaks cable on April fourth, 2008, purportedly from the U.S. Embassy about terrorism suspects in Belize was released one year ago, on September eleventh, 2011. The cable suggested that a Pakistani-Belizean national was involved with drug trafficking, money laundering, and had possible ties to the dangerous Hezbollah and al-Qaeda terrorist networks. The Pakistani national owned a business in the Corozal Free Zone and his operations involved Lebanese-Belizeans.  The Pakistani national employed persons to carry small quantities of drugs packed as medical supplies from his Belize pharmacy to Mexico and to the U.S. border.  He allegedly used Belizean and Mexican taxi drivers and bus operators to transport the drugs, using Mexican bus terminal workers and vendors as couriers.  The businessman is also an owner of a salon in Tijuana, Mexico, where he used his girlfriend to distribute drugs in the area. When in Tijuana he goes by the alias, Doctor Vegas. In addition to keeping a house to stage his drug shipments in Chetumal, he employed Belizean nationals and a Lebanese Belizean called “Ziah.”  He was believed to have been involved in money laundering, drug trafficking, and firearms smuggling. The cable goes on to say that both Ziah and Doctor Vegas are assisting the international terrorist organization Hezbollah, either indirectly or directly.  It seemed that these individuals have been under surveillance for quite some time as the cable says that, “Lebanese-Belizeans have long been tied to stolen vehicles being shipped to Lebanon, and suspected ties to Hezbollah. Other sources have provided evidence of human smuggling.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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12 Responses for “Wikileaks from U.S. Embassy show Hezbollah in Belize for years”

  1. Rod says:

    And this corrupt pm and gov. Continue selling passports all these people should be put in jail for treason march belizeans march this is what you should march for now is the Belize spring show this gov. And the world that you have some brains.

  2. Bear says:

    Let’s name names, or at least provide a link so we can read the cables and not be forced to speculate.

    Every Belizean should know the terrorists living among us, since apparently GOB is indifferent to the presence of dangerous criminals here.

  3. BMNJ says:

    Maybe the Police Dept and FBI should investigate the containers of ‘chalk’ brought in by Vernon Cutkelvin to see if it’s linked to the Lebanese terrorists inside the free zone.
    I’ve also heard that a Middle East decent person (probably a Lebanese) is sometimes seen in the ‘Ghost Town’ Bailar area. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he’s one of the suppliers of drugs and guns to that gang.

  4. PG bwai says:

    Belize is infested with criminals from all over the world. Like a Cross between Underworld and Gangland.

  5. RadicalBelizean says:

    This comes as no surprise. I sat in a class room in London UK, and the first day of class the lecturer asked that we introduced ourselves.

    Of the 25 or so classmates I thought I would be the only person from Belize. To my surprise their was a gentleman who began introducing himself. He claimed he was from Belize, and that his mother tongue was french. So most of the class couldn’t understand what he was saying. When it was my turn to introduce myself I said I was from Belize also. The lecturer said that he had been to Belize and didn’t realised that we spoke french as well. To which I replied I didn’t either.

    Needless to say I quizzed him over the break and he indicated that he was from The Congo but couldn’t tell me how he obtained his citizenship. It made me quite angry. We have a lot of people with Belizean passports, but it makes me wonder how many are members of terrorist organisations and the criminal under world.

  6. Liberty and Freedom says:

    Belize is a Jewel – a diamond in the rough. With all the corruption and crime it is a a flawed diamond indeed. What Belize needs is a strong and honest leader who will set the standard
    for all the Ministers. There must be consequences for dishonesty. Simple suggestion – fire any guilty party and ban them from politics and having a civil service job. At the lower level, fire them and ban them from ever having another civil servant job, or run for politics. Notice I did not mention jail time; what would hurt worse if they were fined a minimum of $50,000BZ.

  7. Al says:

    Oh BMNJ, I feel what you are saying. There is a link between the Cutkelvins and this gang of low lives people, I put some $ on it. How can Belizeans allow their country to become such a sewer. Once these people are allowed to put down anchor, guess what getting them out will take an act of God. These are dangerous people who cares nothing about anyone except the almighty $.

    Belizeans take to the street against this government please. Protect your safety and your children’s future. Call on America to take sanctions against this corrupt government. Unless you make loud noise in the streets, you will become captives in your own country.

  8. jungle says:

    You are right, look at the PM’s son why do you think he was in jail in the uSA, you think he was honest, no way, and his father should have some shame, because his father has his set of gang that he finance, why do you think he is corrup he do nbot have any love for the people of belize,

  9. ratty says:

    Need some serious international attention

  10. politrick says:

    I find it interesting that everything is the PM’s fault. or the fault of politics. What about the people who are corrupting their jobs…don’t they have a role in i t also? D oyou think the PUP would be any different? One quesiton. Who was in power when all these Arabs were first let into the country?
    red and blue mix togetrh makes green…universal colour of money.

  11. Bert says:

    I cant agree with politrick more, why is everything the PM’s fault. The PM alone doesnt make up the country. So as Belizeans lets stop blaming and blaming and lets look at the issue from a perspectives that isnt bias towards a politial party. Lets be real

  12. concern blzean says:

    The thing with us Belizeans is that we like to take things for granted. Once it is not affecting u directly we let if go by; only if it affects a village, a town or a city then we stand up and voice our opinions. I think this will have an effect on all Belizeans in a whole.
    All this leads to corruption by both political parties. All they are worried about is $$$$$$$ in their pockets. Not seeing the bigger effect they causing to our beautiful country and its Belizean ppl.
    Look at the mass Nationalization that took place right before elections of this year. Did a criminal background was conducted before nationalization were issued to these persons?
    So true but sad. I think all parties involved should pay the consequences; and i would agree to what liberty and freedom says…. band them or charge these wicked persons who only caring about making money.

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