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Sep 14, 2012

Missing twin; Doc says there were some errors

We have been following the story of Michel Gonzalez, who claimed that her twin son went missing after she gave birth at the Northern Regional Hospital. She has had two ultrasounds that confirmed she had a double pregnancy, but the mother alleged that the hospital treated her very coldly and up to now she hasn’t been able to talk to the doctor who delivered the baby. On Thursday we spoke to Dr. Marcelo Coyi, with whom Gonzalez had consulted four times at the clinic at Corozal Hospital. He told News Five that the reliance on the ultrasound caused the confusion. He says that closer screenings on the images need to be done to confirm facts. And while he says they did everything right, did they carry out a clinical examination and was it done right?


Dr. Marcelo Coyi, Obstetrician

“That was done but you have to remember that physical examination is less accurate than ultrasound so you have to measure those two. In a lady who is obese and who has a big baby, it increases the error of clinical examination. The ultrasound in general is more accurate in terms of that clinical examination. So where you have to parameters, you take the one that is more accurate and that is the reason why everybody was following the diagnosis of twin pregnancy by ultrasound.  There is something called bias, so I say if they come with ultrasound that is more accurate than clinical exam that says twins, then in general, all examinations afterwards become bias and that is what happens in this case.”


Andrea Polanco

“Would you say it is bias, though, or is it that medical practitioners have become so reliant on these tests, although they know it carry a percentage of error?”


Dr. Marcelo Coyi

Marcelo Coyi

“Right, right. That’s true and that is why the clinical examination is important. As I told you in the clinic note of the four visits that she made, only one heartbeat was noted in two of them. But as the trust was in the ultrasound that was not looked into.”


Andrea Polanco

“So she had to do a surgery that she never, from the beginning, had to do?”


Dr. Marcelo Coyi

“Well at that point in time, I don’t think; it’s the c-section was done on the diagnosis of the ultrasound, so we all relied on each other and if the doctors did it on the ultrasound, then it means that they did the correct thing.”


Andrea Polanco

“Now, with respect to this story, it’s in the media and that mother is very upset as can be expected…?”


Dr. Marcelo Coyi

“Yes, and it’s a disappointment, but we need to deal with reality.”


Andrea Polanco

“But you would say that certain things need to be looked at and probably addressed more carefully in terms of the doctors and nurses who are in the system?”


Dr. Marcelo Coyi

“Yes, I think, I agree with you, totally. We need to evaluate our images findings more accurately now. We can’t just take it on face value anymore.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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9 Responses for “Missing twin; Doc says there were some errors”

  1. belizeanheat says:

    Should that be the case then stop using the word “Confirmed” and tell mothers
    We believe you may be carrying twins, or there is a strong possibility, but we are not sure.
    Choose your words carefully Docs and you will avoid this hot mess.

  2. Crazy says:

    And the mother should take your word after all she been through. Really.

  3. Storm says:

    Dr. Coyi’s explanation makes less sense to me now than it did yesterday.

    I think more firmly than before that an outside medical professional should review the entire file, since Dr. Coyi too closely identifies with the doctors whose work he was called on to review. “. . . SO WE ALL RELIED ON EACH OTHER” he says.

  4. WHAT..... says:

    @Storm. Good point.

  5. Aphro says:

    Agree with Storm. It may indeed have been one baby (since it had all of 8lbs…twins normally weigh less???… in Belize? the world? somebody do the research caz I feel bad for the mother… so now I go to the Dr and do my ultrasounds and they tell me i have ‘something they CONFIRM they need to cut out of me’…. (TRUTH: nothing there to cut.) … what they will cut out? my two seeds? must be careful what you say Doctors. we depend on you that’s why we seek medical attention…

  6. rod says:

    Dean Barrow is responsible for this. If it was a PUP government that twin would still be alive and no one would have stolen it. sue him for his millions. !

  7. Jose says:

    The fact is that the Belize medical profession…the entire medical system is totally UNTRUSWORTHY…that is the root of this problem… You cannot blame the mother…who trusts our medical system??? definitely not yours truly.

  8. Al says:

    Is it me not understanding or is Dr Coyi talking nonsense or talking in circles that does not make sense. If this woman had an ultra sound and there were two babies, how could there be a bias. If it was determined that there was only one baby why was this not told to this mother before she was given the c section. It would seem that the doctors would have had access to the utlra sound before the delivery and could have told her there was just one child to be delivered. There is a bad smell with this story. I hope this persons child was not taken,
    I hope people will take note of any neighbor who might have a new baby, that showed up right around the time this child could have been born and have no or some poor explanation of where the child comes from, please report it.

  9. dangerzone says:

    this entire thing is a mess up and cover up case, Dr. Coyi stated that these things or sorts of erros is more prevalent in obese women, if you look at the young lady she does not seems obese at all to me???? its just rediculous how in belize things goes aray and the ways that we look and find to cover up things. I strongly believe that a proper invesstigation needs to be done. even if the doctors are true, they are the ones that needs to be blamed because of false and misleading information and they should be held accountable

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