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Sep 12, 2012

Sweetheart says right handed man shot himself in left side of head

Harth Gillett

A San Ignacio businessman is dead tonight, but there are unanswered questions as to whether it is a case of murder or suicide. Superintendent Ralph Moody, officer commanding the San Ignacio Police, says their investigations have so far revealed that former police officer, forty-four year old Harth Gillett and his girlfriend, twenty-four year old Jacqueline Lbarra had been arguing since Monday. Things escalated on Tuesday night because Jacqueline wanted to end the relationship, but Harth reportedly told her that he couldn’t live without her and then shot himself in the head. But his estranged wife, Rosalina is not buying that version of the story. She says Harth was in contact with both her mother and sister earlier in the night and there was no sign that he was troubled. Furthermore, he was shot on the left side of the head, but Harth is right handed, which would make it highly unlikely that he pulled the trigger. Harth passed away this afternoon at the K.H.M.H. and Rosalina told News Five, she wants a thorough investigation.


Rosalina Gillett, Wife of Harth Gillett

“He was having a relationship with this girl and she made my life impossible. I’m his original wife, but we had a lot of problems and she kept harassing me and kept making my life impossible so I just decided to leave them alone. At no point I saw that Harth wanted to commit suicide because he was at my mom’s eating at six-thirty, he called my sister at eight o’clock, he was normal and at ten-twenty I got a text saying he shot himself and only two of them were in the house. He’s dead, he can’t say what happened and she says that he killed himself. But the doctor says the bullet went through the left side and he’s a right hand person. So I don’t know how he could have killed himself that way. And nobody came to tell me that he had shot himself, not even the police, it was only through a text that I found out that he shot himself. And I came to see him today and he passed away at three-oh-five. I really want the police to investigate what happened at the house because the girl might be lying because I don’t see how he can shoot himself on the left hand side, it’s impossible.”


Delahnie Bain

“So at this point the family believes that this may be a case of murder?”


Rosalina Gillett

“I think it’s a case of murder because I don’t believe a right hand person would shoot on the left hand side. So I want them to investigate at the San Ignacio police because at no point they came to see me. Up to this moment I haven’t heard from them. The girl took his car I think, I don’t know where his car is, I haven’t been to station as yet; and his phone, I don’t know anything of his belongings. I saw her; they let her go earlier this morning when I came. I saw her around nine o’clock, she was in town so I don’t know what police are doing to her or investigating but I would like them to investigate the matter more.”


Delahnie Bain

Rosalina Gillett

“And you wouldn’t know if they had any problems or so?”


Rosalina Gillett

“Well, they were dancing the ninth and the tenth, happy; like a hundred people saw them. I don’t know—he didn’t show no signs of suicide, she’s saying it’s suicide but I don’t see how it’s possible, he didn’t show it. He was walking around up to nine o’clock he was walking around. People saw him walking around nine o’clock.”


Harth Gillett leaves behind four children, including a son studying in Cuba. Rosalina says they are waiting on him to make funeral arrangements.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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18 Responses for “Sweetheart says right handed man shot himself in left side of head”

  1. Storm says:

    Whatever happened, it’s another tragic loss in the Jewel. And another case of people ruining their lives by getting involved with the wrong people.

    I think it is of huge importance for every person to learn that they can live alone and be happy until the RIGHT person enters their life. Life is a lot less messy that way.


    Good riddance.

    Lying, cheating, no good ……. got what he deserved.

    Nothing is sacred in Belize anymore, especially trust.

  3. RAY says:

    Rose, sorry for your troubles, you should have kept him out of your life completely. It is not impossible for a righthanded person to shoot themselves in the left side of the head, but I believe someone else did. Harth RIP.

  4. JahKid says:

    Menopause and andropause, the cause of many split up relation. The woman slows down and the man wants more and the wife can’t handle and man splits looking for younger girls. Condolences to the grieving family.

  5. Oh MY says:

    where is the crime scenes van, do a gun residue test on the deceased and the sweetheart, please don’t rest your case on Estradabran’s findings.

  6. Jeeboo says:

    Sad end to a sad life. He wronged many people, including the Mexican that he sold 130,000 of fake travellers checks to.

  7. belizea says:

    ‘sigh’ why do men have to carry on so with a lot of extra baggage when the person they need the most is already at home? I mean, there he was eating at the mother-in-law earlier in the day and then going to his sweetheart at night to beg her to stay with him. men are too conflicted….. And I agree with Storm on that sentiment….

  8. verymad says:

    You should thank the girl for cleaning the garbage. How can you love someone that dont love you or your kids?. Shame on you!!!.
    Give her his dead body let her see what to do with it. Maybe she can eat him this time for reall.
    The young gial already have some other stupid man so why you worry?.

  9. DarlingMe says:

    Wow…a man lost his life and instead of being compassionate you are bitter and vengeful. Who hurt you boo? Let it go…
    My thoughts and prayers are for his family and loved ones.

  10. hopecreek says:

    Every life God gives is precious and regardless of what a person has done on this earth (good or bad) they never deserve to pay for it with their life. I don’t personally know any of these people but I do know the victim was someone’s son, father or brother and we must be mindful of the loved ones left behind who will read these insensitive, negative and sometimes ignorant comments. So instead of the negative bashing of the dead, how about offering some encouraging words to the family left behind or how about uttering a word of prayer for the wife and children who are now without a husband and father, or the grieving mother, father, brothers and sisters who are left to deal with the tragic and untimely loss of their son???

  11. sister says:

    Its pittyfull against ignorancy!!! DAMN a man life was taken! It doesn’t matter at this point about his pass he’s dead….he was a father, drother, uncle and no one deserve for their life to be taken by an individual….

  12. Ted Steinway says:

    A right handed person can easily shoot a bullet into their brain with their left hand on the gun. Why not?

  13. Natalie says:

    My goodness you are so right DarlingMe …. i never knew belize people to be so awful…. bitter …. and disgusting! Someone died over stupidity clearly but I’m sure u all have your dirty deeds. Who made you all God? You need to pray because you are just as low as your comments. I guess some of our mothers didn’t raise us properly or at all. I don’t know Harth but what kind of person would I be to talk such trash regardless. With your angry comments u must lead a depressing and bitter life I hope u live long enough to change cuz don’t forget you could be the next in that casket. Change your ways and your life ignorant people!

  14. Osborn gutierrez says:

    Diss da low !@$$ someone well never do something like dis to him self

  15. Osborn gutierrez says:

    Dis is not true police need to do some more work

  16. Osborn gutierrez says:

    Well i think de gial have more to do with dis

  17. butterbean says:

    Wow i can’t believe some of the ignorant comments that i just read. Insensitive remarks, come on people give thought to the mourning family. Only God can judge!

  18. Cuz says:

    I hope all your bitter people have not skelenton in you all closets. All that IGNORANCE!!!!!!!!! but we know who the ignorant people are. Just saying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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