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Sep 7, 2012

Attorney says Calaney did not murder her baby’s daddy

Calaney Flowers

Twenty-five year old Calaney Flowers has been charged for the murder of her baby’s father, Lyndon Morrison, who was knocked off his motorcycle on Freetown Road on August twenty-eighth. Morrison’s girlfriend, Sochyl Sosa was also injured in the incident and found out while she was hospitalized that she was pregnant, but lost the baby. It appeared to be the acts of an angry, jealous ex, but Flowers’ attorney, Arthur Saldivar, gave us her side of the story today and he says that’s not the case. While there was an exchange between Flowers and the couple shortly before the incident, Saldivar maintains that it was an accident that occurred because they were going in the same direction when Morrison suddenly hit his brakes.


Arthur Saldivar, Attorney for Calaney Flowers

Arthur Saldivar

“This matter is now under the authority of the court; the charge is murder. Suffice it to say, my client maintains her innocence. She does not dispute that an accident took place, a collision took place, but certain we dispute the circumstances as described by the prosecution in what has so far been put out and what has been said in the media. At no point did Calaney Flowers reverse her vehicle to run over anyone; that never took place. What actually happened what that she left the two individuals—the deceased and the other young lady—on Mahogany Street and proceeded to go to a volleyball game between the bank and certain other entities that had this competition going. On her way to the Y.W.C.A., she was overtaken and when she was overtaken, the deceased slammed on his brake because I believe he was too close to the speed-bump and that caused the collision. But at the end of the day, we will be able to have all these matters ventilated in court.”


Duane Moody

“It was classified as murder by the authorities because they say it is just the choice of weapon that changed; a Saturn car.”


Arthur Saldivar

“Well it basically shows what little the authorities know about the definition of murder. Murder requires premeditation. Calaney Flowers loved her baby’s father and had no intention to kill anyone.”


Duane Moody

“They said it was just jealous rage.”


Arthur Saldivar

“It is no jealous rage. When a person tells another I will see you in court; that doesn’t say that she was in jealous rage. Again, I prefer to leave the rest of it to the time when we can deal with it in court.”

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15 Responses for “Attorney says Calaney did not murder her baby’s daddy”

  1. Storm says:

    My bet is on jealous rage, and if I’m right, she should hang.

    Another case that illustrates that playing at sex with people you don’t know is like playing Russian roulette. A few minutes “fun” can lead to a lifetime of nightmares, or worse. Young folks need to use the brains God gave them, instead of acting like animals in heat.

  2. verymad says:

    Mr. Arthur Saldivar not even you belive what you just said. I could see they are paying you good money so is your job to take her out. The real justice will come from God. Iam not saying he was good (the boyfriend ).

  3. Vuk says:

    I absolutely agree with you this time, “Storm”. Unfortunately, however, the youths of today don’t think things through at all. This is why they need guidance from the elders in the society.

  4. Arthur S says:

    Serious…Arthur, I doubt you believe what you are saying.

  5. joe lopez says:

    What a freak this attorney is, that lady is guilty all the evidence are there! I heard about one witness that saw everything what took place, this witness needs to come out and say to the authorities what took place and what he or she saw! Come on saldivar a the accused hit the couple from behind and you are saying it was not intentionaly? Come on you crooked attorney, they are paying u good right?!!

  6. lees says:

    She is guilty point blank…and if her attorney believes she is innocent they should lock his @$$ up 2…she was an angry bitter !@#$%…and because of all that ended up killing an innocent unborn child also…she should burn in hell for what she DID DO

  7. charles says:

    That attorney could face the public and say that because he must have just collected that big fee but the public knows she is guilty as hell. You me just vex because another woman had her ex and she was determined to make sure nobody else would have him

  8. Concerned Belizean says:

    Mr. Arthur, what you should do is assist our authority to convict her to the fullest. That is why Murderers come out free because of these scrupulous and cold hearted Lawyers, hope one of these days they same ones feel what others feel.

  9. d says:

    Miss flowers is doing what every woman would do. if it was me the present girlfriend is luck she is alive.she should be the one dead. woman like her like to get in people relationship.she need to find a man of her own. now she wants sympathy. to hell with her.

  10. Ayayi says:

    Opinions are like a$$holes …. everyone has one….

  11. belizean says:

    Arthur Saldivar is as crooked as can be, first he use diabetic shock for the Coyesso he can get them out of jail, well there are medical personell that can take care of them. and for this angry woman who killed an innocent person it was an accident??? you must be smoking something saldivar

  12. Calaneys Cousin says:

    In the name of my awesome GOD in the PERFCT heaven this is what i dont like about some people in general they like to assume alot of cramp by talking alot of crap woooooow i dont think most of you who comment even no my cousin her sons father or there sweet baby son. How many times do you people hear not to add your say if they dont no the real story woooooow people are real aweful sometimes. My cousin Calaney Flowers is not a bad person she was a good girlfriend and a excellent mother and a great cousin. My cousin calaney and there baby son father never broke up people never, they were still living together in the same house. My cousin and her baby sons father did not break up you foolish people who are judgemental and talking alot of crap. My cousin and morrison where together for almost 4 to 5 years, she barely found out that he was cheating on her with the other female sosa for just about half the time they were together okkkkkkkkkkkk typical man he turned out to be. So for the other woman which is what sosa was not the new girlfriend like she claimed to be she was in the wroooooooong and soooooo was morrison. Sosa lied ill say it again sosa lied she was the other woman my cousin was still the girlfriend. And to show you all how most of you foolish people dont think when they got into the argument before the inciddent happen my cousin calaney was telling him morrison to move out of the house and that he wouldnt be able to see his son anymore. She should have told him to just move out because a innocent child should have both parents but now my baby cousin might not have nooooo mother and his father is death unfortunately.
    Morrison was a ok man hard working and a wonderful father but why was he cheating on my cousin whhhhhhhy alll he had to do was tell her he want to break up and move on. My cousin would have been able to handle that and move on herself she didnt need him she didnt not depend on the man like most woman do she had a vey good job at the bank. But she was upset because she found out her man and sons father was cheating with another woman, and most woman would have been upset upset like i would have been aswell to find out something soooooo crazy. He was cheating and my cousin and the other woman have the same body parts so i ask again why cheat men and women why cheat pllllllllease just let the other person no you want to move onnnnnnn. Now morrison is DEAD and my cousin is charged with murder, nowwwww let me let you allllll no this i am a very fair person my cousin calany should be charged for her babies sons father death, but not as murder as a accident because that was what reallllllly happpened. i believe what my cousin says that they were alll going her in her car and sosa and morrison on his bike and he couldnt stop in time from going over the bump and my cousin couldnt stop intime from hitting them. But the accident happened unfortunately, and i dont think it would be fair to charge my cousin with murder on perpose as if she was driving mad by being jelous to murder because thats not the cousin i nooooo. to be fair i think my cousin should be charged with accidently murder because as she said it was a ACCIDENT. So she can get out of jail and still be apart of there sons life and she loves my baby cousin more than life it self this i NOOOOOOO. And if the other woman sosa was reallly pregnant then i am soooooo sorrry on my cousins behalf for the lost of her percious baby my god the sweet innocent baby that was lost. And i also think my cousin calaney should spend some time for the sweet lost life of the innocent baby my cousin calaney again is not a horrible woman but she is not perfect everyone and i mean allllllllll human beings makes mistakes and our our almighty GOD knows best but how could a another woman cheat with a man she knows is not single and has a baby son think about that you foolish people who is harshly judgeing my cousin. Think about my baby cousin still needing his only serviving parent now, his mother my cousin who is also sick you foolish people who like to judge. OHHHHHH yes my cousin has been battling cikle cell for many many years now which will also be apart of her trial because that meANS MORRISION was misusing the un healthy. CALANAY my cousin I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH god bless cuz and god bless morrion and sosa and the baby that died and my little cousin who is still alive. LET THE TRUTH BE TOLD

  13. Calaneys Other Cousin (Belizean Barbie) says:

    This is a very pressing issue for me, Calaney and Lyndon and I have been close from since as long as I can remember. I talked to Calaney as much as i possibly could (her being the one that understood me as the black sheep of the family) with me being in america and her in belize. i have been talking to her for the past couple months before this tragedy happend. she was always telling me about this chick that Lyndon was seeing that obviously didnt know her place. This Sosa woman was calling Calaney cussing her out when she could not find or did not hear from Lyn…This woman was nothing but a plague. Sosa even came and FAUGHT CALANEY at HER OWN HOUSE!!!!! SHE WAS NOT LYNDON MORRISONS NEW GIRLFRIEND. Calaney and Lyndon shared the same roof together with THEIR child, and miss Sosa knew this. She knew when she started messing with Lyndon that he had a family. i dont know how exactly everything went down, and i am by no means condoning what Calaney did. I was very close with Lyndon as well and i know the kind of man he was. He was a great father and he was pretty good at being a boyfriend to calaney except for when Sochyl (however you spell it) strolled into the picture. Just a couple days before Tragedy struck, CALANEY, LYNDON and THEIR BABY along with HIS MOTHER went to Caye Caulker for a FAMILY VACATION. dont you think if Sosa was the “new girlfriend” she would have been the one going on the trip and not Calaney? I dont like to see how people are trying to paint a portrait of my beautiful cousin as a complete monster. I dont think that her intentions were to kill, but !@#$ happens. and it is very unfortunate. My poor little cousin is now without a father and a mother. i believe everything happens for a reason and everything is in Gods hands. But I pray that you people open your eyes and realize (especially men) that playing with a womans heart and emotions are not something that should be taken lightly. There is only so much a woman can take and most men dont seem to understand that! and Ladies, we all know what its like when your man is caught cheating on you. some people take the news differently than others. some people dont know how to stay cool under pressure. i have always known Calaney to be the sweetest prissy princessy kind of person. ive never known her to even attempt to hurt a fly. This is just an example of when love goes wrong, the kind of things that could happen. thats just my thought as her little cousin and best friend.
    -Belizean Barbie

  14. sochyl friend says:

    i agree wit calaney cousins i know its true sochyl was just the other woman n also i know its true she was caling calaney to curse her she had alot of fault cause knowing he was married she shud have get inolved wit him i know her for a while n she is a good woman but dat was her big mistake to take a married man i like her as a friend but i know dat calaney was rite she was n i an belie it was an accident beause its realy painfull to see ur babys daddy wit some stupid woman waking aloer bze just beause u dnt look like before cause u had just gve birth to his own son i hope most of those woman who like to go out wit married men learn to get into ppl life especialy sosa ause d next time itshe wnt esape n i hope God have mery of calaney n help her to get out of dis i belie nobody kill ppl just for fun dat i really belie she was angry n frustrated for these ppl were makin fun of her by walkin deliberatly al over GOD bless u calanEY

  15. Claudia Gordon says:

    Women need to teach their sons to respect women and not use them and then flaunt their evilness in the woman’s face.

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