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Sep 7, 2012

U.S. Fugitive arrested in San Pedro bar

Khaffak Sahib Ansari

An American fugitive is in the custody of San Pedro Police on Thursday and is expected to be handed over to US officials over the weekend. He is forty-six year old Khaffak Sahib Ansari, who was convicted of Fraud in the U.S. in May. Ansari was reportedly managing the Boat Yard Bar in San Pedro and was detained just before six p.m. when he got into a misunderstanding with a female patron. But it wasn’t until investigators decided to search his name in their database that they found out that Ansari should have been serving a jail sentence of three years and five months in the US for the fraud conviction. Ansari, who owns Stryker Avenue Market in St. Paul, Minnesota, was charged in May 2011 and later pleaded guilty to trafficking about three million dollars in food stamps. District Court Judge Paul Magnuson imposed a prison sentence and ordered him to pay two point four million dollars in restitution. Ansari reportedly came into Belize on August eighteenth, 2012 and has been living alone on Ambergris Caye where he was in the process of buying a local business. The U.S. Embassy in Belize has been notified of the arrest and arrangements are being made to return him to the U.S.

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10 Responses for “U.S. Fugitive arrested in San Pedro bar”

  1. Storm says:

    He needs to talk to the Slovak killer Mello and see how to beat extradition.

    Speaking of Mello, let’s get an extradition treaty with Slovakia and ship him out before he kills someone here. Sign it secretly, so he can be arrested before he has a chance to run somewhere else.

  2. Rod says:

    No surprise here San Pedro is full of rats and why this pm and gov incredible incompetence if he is in a data base then how did he get in the country who did he pay off and how much did he pay to pass customs. These people should be put in jail check his pass port and see which customs officer let him in the country then he or she should be put in jail , along with barrow since he is in charge the buck stops with barrow that’s why I have been on his case because all these criminals are killing belizeans because of the incompetence of this pm and gov. Worse in the history of this great nation.

  3. Liberty and Freedom says:

    Good, another American deported for criminal activity. You can imagine what he was involved with in Belize. Obviously he is a naturalized American and was probably a criminal in his original (native) country. There are many good Americans in Belize. They have founded businesses, employ Belizeans and give time and money to make Belize a better place to live.
    This dog pile needs to be pushed out the back of the plane on the way back to the US.

  4. From the West says:

    Good police work, I am surprised how many criminal Americans are caught in Belize

  5. Mick says:

    Good job to the smart policemen who decided to do a more intensive search into this fellas background. I believe that there should be a system in Belize to ensure that these types of individuals are snagged as quickly as possible. One way is to have access to an international database at all the border entries. We also need to look into the idea of fingerprinting all entrees to Belize!
    These criminals are always looking to come to Belize because they can stay here in relative obscurity. We need to put systems in place to discourage that. We should also establish some imigration sweeps so we can spot check on some of these folks, especially in the rural areas!
    And to blame the current pm and the government is plain stupid. Instead of partisanship we should be thinking pf protecting the Belizean populace. This partisan idiocy does nothing to improve our lot and it makes you look brainless.

  6. Rod says:

    The only brain dead here is you mick no wonder Belize is in the state it’s in because of brain dead people like you mick .

  7. nigel says:

    My question is how did he make it into the country without the same background check being done in the first place? Or maybe the question to ask is who did he have to pay? Just because he has travel credentials from the great USA he is allowed to come into the country without being vetted. I wish we can do the same when we go to the US. Everyone that has ever entered the US or even tried to get a visa to enter has been subjected to scrutiny that falls short of anal probing. We are a weak and whorish country and we are a little too welcoming and trusting of foreign nationals especially when they have an american accent. You would think with all the recent reports of child molesters from other countries being caught and murderers from other countries being deported our “government” would try to secure its people; but I guess like Zenaida said “they have no balls”. The only thing they are good for is to harass their own taxpaying citizens and turn a blind eye to the criminals that work for them. It is so damn ridiculous that a man will get harassed by the police if he stands outside of a Chinese store drinking a beer (because cost of living is so damn high he can’t afford to go to a bar)before he goes home after a hard day’s work and a known criminal will move about the streets seemingly unnoticed while he looks for his next victim to rob. Welcome to totalitarianism my fellow Belizeans. I guess in the powers that be warped logic this is a measure to protect us… look at it this way if we go from work to home we won’t be targets for their employees to rob and this also keeps with their agenda of tearing apart the middle class system and further stagnating the economy by discouraging spending and thus making us lower class slaves for the handful of slave masters that are getting rich. What a highly productive slave machine you are creating mr. prime minister for we will need you so much and be so deep in you and your cronies’ pockets by the next general election that we will have no other choice than to vote for you and your regime or maybe there will be no more elections by the time you are done. Maybe that will be for the best because this so called democracy is just too damn insulting to our intelligence as it makes us feel like such a$$e$$ thinking we actually matter when you and the opposition carry out mock elections and the determining factor in whose turn it is to rule is decided by the man with the biggest bank account and who can naturalize the most guatemalans and other Central Americans who by the way come and rape our land, resources and children.

  8. Al says:

    Belize is one of the few countries that you do not need a visa to enter the country. As long as you present your passport at the airport it is stamped with a departure date and away you go into the land of safety from foreign law. Before I travelled to Nigeria I had to send in my passport with a letter to the Nigerian Embassy in Washington, they did a background check and then issued me a visa. When I got to Nigeria I had to answer more questions, at the customs desk and then I was made to go through security where they checked my luggage thoroughly. Belize is too wide open need to close some loopholes. This country need new minds, with forward thinking to lead this country out of the bondage that these old uneducated backward thinking @$$ holes have kept it.

  9. Gary says:

    Yeah!!! San Pedro hosts some serious criminals but the people there don’t notice them since their not BLACK!!!!!! AS soon as they were seeing BLACK BELIZEANS on the island, even the Minister got up and was talking About quaranteening us BLACK BELIZEANS from going to the island….. you can all keep and I hope you all stay together with your international CRIMINALS!!!!!

  10. ouagadoudou says:

    Gary…..grow up

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