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Sep 6, 2012

The Budna chronicles: Joseph Budna detained in Guatemala

Joseph Budna

According to a late report in Nuestro Diario Norte, a Guatemalan newspaper a Belizean is in serious trouble in that country. He is thirty seven year old Joseph Budna, who is in police custody in San Benito, Peten. There are few details available but the reports are that there was a clash of some sort in San Benito and Budna was detained as a result. He is being accused of criminal acts and believed to be involved with the gangs. Budna, who passed himself off as a journalist in, was in a series of unfortunate events while in Belize; including being kidnapped, robbed and arrested for alleged drug trafficking. He migrated to Guatemala, but that was not the end of Budna’s headline chronicles.  In May 2012, Budna told police about an extortion attempt which resulted in a shootout in Quetzaltenango City resulting in police killing one man and arresting another.

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17 Responses for “The Budna chronicles: Joseph Budna detained in Guatemala”

  1. Rod says:

    Good riddance

  2. Fernando Garcia says:

    this guy was a leader of a transnational gang: this is the report in the newspaper Prensa Libre:

  3. Uncle Benji says:

    Honduras and Guatemala shares an open border, meaning citizens from one country can cross over to the other country with a simple I.D.

    Guatemala black people normally live down in Puerto Barrios, where huddled together, they can escape Guatemalan discrimination.

    Budna passed himself off as a freelance journalist. His Spanish skills are awful, and running around outside of Puerto Barrios, he stood out like a rotten mango.

    People were kidnapped in Guatemala, and held in Honduran territory. At least nine eyewitness have identified him as being leader of a ragtag kinapping gang. When the Guatemalans are finished with him, the Hondurans want him extradited for using Honduras to commit crimes. This stupid, black boy is finished. His days on earth are numbered.

    I am happy, very happy for what happened to Budna. Belize is already getting a bad rap both on Honduran and Guatemalan talk radio shows.

  4. Uncle Benji says:

    Below is copy of a letter to a Guatemalan newspaper in which they comment about Budna and his crimes in Guatemala.

    I post the letter to show the mindset of your typical Guatemalan where Belize is concerned.

    these people (Belizeans) not only stole our land that is legally ours; but now they kidnap and kill our people. What screwed up authorties we have that still tolerate these people (As in Belizeans.)

    Thanks Budna for the name you have created for Belize. I am glad your crimes have come to an end. Get ready to meet the Guatemalans and thereafter the Hondurans.

    Luis gonzales

    08:03hs | 07.09.2012 |

    Estos no solo se Hueviaron Belice aunque Sabemos que Legalmente es Nuestro, Matan a nuestros Paisanos y Todavia se los Secuestran para sacarles Quetzales, Que Huevos lo de Nuestras autoridades tanta Tolerancia con este tipo de Gente

  5. Nimbo says:

    Good riddance I say. Over there he will get to know how the law deals with these people since in Belize, our Government pays the gangs for committing crimes – all with our hard earned money.

  6. david96500 says:

    I agree with Nimbo, good riddance. Channel more stories on this guy. I am sure Belize has better and more positive news we can focus on. Keep on the great work you guys are doing over there on Channel 5.

  7. Vuk says:

    Firstly, I don’t know whether or not Budna is guilty of the crimes they accuse him of. If he is, then he should be punished; if he isn’t, then they should treat him in line with the laws that exist in that country, although, I’d suspect that a Belizean caught up in their legal system would be made mincemeat by the Guat government and media, as so to re-enforce their ahistorical claim and Anti-Belizean beliefs in the minds of their masses.

  8. alley cat says:

    I guess he is not Uncle-Benji’s family member who move to guatemala…

  9. Disgrace says:

    Authorities should have executed him..he is one of the biggest disgrace to we are painted black because of the inhumanity that he did to those innocent people…but of course authority allowed him to do as he pleased. How can he travel into these country as a Belizean without anyone questioning what he was doing in and out of Guatemala and honduras with different children every time. So what if he said he is a reporter…so anyone can go in these countries as long as they are reporters?? he must paid big money!!corruption is all over..and that is the reason many killers and sexual abusers get away with the crimes they have committed.

  10. Belizean panya says:

    interesting to read the comments of the guatemalans under the link provided by Fernando Garcia.

  11. ratty says:

    I wish we have positive news all the time. Anyway, this dude, if he’s a dude, always hit the news. When they finish with him he’ll be fluent in spanish

  12. OUTSPOKEN! says:

    This is not the first time Joseph Budna has been accused of pedophilia. Everyone who is rushing to his defense needs to check their facts and re-think their opinion of this guy. He was in hattieville prison serving an 8 yr sentence for rape of a male child and while there, he was confined to super max in order to keep him separated from several of the younger foreign inmates from Central American countries that were serving time in the prison. Reason being, he used to entice, solicit and bribe the foreign inmates with niceties to solicit sexual fanors because he knew that most of them had no families in Bze to look out for them. These are FACTS! Contact anyone at the prison who would be willing to search the archives and release information on this guy’s history! I hope they lock him away for the rest of his life in the worst prison in Guatemala or Honduras!!!

  13. Tickle says:

    well all i can say for this fool, is that i hope he gets whats coming to him, i remembered when he raped my home boy back in the day, he was also convicted for it as well but the law dont do nothing for us i guess.

  14. gerald underwood says:

    uncle. benji I think you are a first class @$$hole. are you racist or some. bs. why do you have to refer to him as black don’t he has a name you stupid !@#$ I guess you are one of those corn tortilla and black beans eating muda!@#$%^ huh

  15. JahKid says:

    No pity for this evil dude! Let the Guats and Hondurans eat him alive. He always had much reasons when caught up here in Belize. He was caught with a bag full of marijuana and I don’t know what happened but the fool was free again. Let him pay for all his wickedness and rot in jail.

  16. Anon says:

    I hope the hang him electrocute him of worse! This guy is scum from the bottom of the bucket! THANK GOD it was Guatemalan police who got him! They don’t mess around! I trust he is already feeling sorry but I hope by the end of it all he feels at least soe of the pain he inflicted on others! This gang was involved in trying to carry out a kidnapping of soe or all of my four young children and I was forced to flee the country while a private investigation discovered the links….nth is guy is nasty like a bot fly preyi g on others, growing fat on the pain and suffering and hard earned dollars of innocent people! It gives me great joy to envision this guy moaning in a Guatemalan hospital….awaiting what is to come! Hope he doesn’t make it through and if he does he can expect to begin taking his licks first fro guat then fro honduras!

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