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Aug 31, 2012

Church meets with Central Bank over “spouse” definition

The Domestic Banks and Financial Institution Act has sparked the ire of the churches because of the definition of the word spouse. On Thursday night, we told you that the bill had gone through all the stages in the House and was passed by the Senate on Tuesday; the final step would be for the governor general to assent. But before it reached the desk of the GG, a meeting of a church delegation, led by Roman Catholic Bishop Dorrick Wright with Central Bank authorities was held. Bishop Wright and Maria Zabaneh of the Bishop’s Council; Eugene Crawford, the president of the Evangelical Association of Belize; along with Scott Stern and Louis Wade of Belize Action met with the bank officials. The definition of the word spouse was too open, too vague and the church officials felt that it could be interpreted to include same sex unions because it reads, “an individual person, a wife, husband, or other individual with whom the first-named natural person is engaged in an ongoing conjugal relationship, whether common-law union as defined by section 148 (D) of the Supreme Court of Judicature Act, or not and whether or not the two persons are living together.” The bill is said to have been tailored along the lines of a similar bill from Trinidad and Tobago and prepared by Belize’s Solicitor General Cheryl Krusen with assistance from the Commonwealth Secretariat. As an outcome of Thursday’s meeting, it is expected that a recommendation will be made to alter the definition of spouse. It should not be difficult to amend since it has not been signed into law. The statutory instrument to repeal the Banks and Financial Institutions Act with this new bill, is now in its final stage.

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16 Responses for “Church meets with Central Bank over “spouse” definition”

  1. Uncle Benji says:

    The Church is confusing the Belizean issue of same sex spouse definition.

    Seventy-one percent of Belizean have a friend, family member or acquaintance who’s gay; and chances are that gay person is a priest or religious clergy.

    So why the ballyhoo from the Church? What are they trying to achieve? If anal sex is a crime, if homosexualism is anti God, why does the Church practice both?

    Confusing. Confusing.

  2. Ryan says:

    Doesn’t the Church have better things to do?

  3. blackberry says:

    We in Belize are incline to take passages from other countries constitution and law which are not in conformities with our customs and way of life. We also tend to not take Belizean`s position into consideration when signing international conventions and treaties. All we see is the little aid which we will prostitute ourselves for.

  4. inmyopinion says:

    I am happy to see the churches so active in trying to pursue this issue. I would only wish i would see the churches especially the catholic church more active in the community. Other than masses, they do not seem to engange the community. I call myself a catholic and in my town San Pedro, there are ZERO activiites by the catholic church other than church services. More outreach should be done not only in San Pedro but in all communities. They live off the donations from the church members and should give more back. I hope and pray to see a difference soon.

  5. Josephino Estroberto Pesomedio says:

    A spouse is one`s husband or wife, period, why so much FALSE definitions to SUITE some gains?

  6. Nikki says:

    How about the church stop worrying about what consenting adults do with one another and instead meet with the BNTU and BAPPS and ATLIB etc. etc. about appropriate teacher-student conduct, and stop protecting pedophiles within the church??

  7. BMNJ says:

    To the Council of Churches: Homosexuality is not the only problem that the Belizean society is facing today. I hope you will show an interest and stand up against these other issues as well: murders, rapes, child molestations, breaking down of the family structure and society, etc …

  8. James says:

    I guess we now let morons like Luis Wade tell us how to manage economic and financial affairs. This is why the country is going to the dogs. Simply letting such individuals dictate the definition for economic purposes is foolish and irresponsible. The Church and such individuals have their right to their beliefs but when it interfers with Economic issues such as this, It time to put them in their place. You do the preaching and let our economist make the right decisions.

  9. Young Gial says:

    Thank you Jesus for your Church delegation. Bless all those who have given their time in assisting with this matter. God bless our country and may He send His Holy angels to keep watch over us all, in Jesus mighty name AMEN.

  10. Me says:

    a lot of you is talking pure s***! Why are the government trying to push the definition to change after all these years. The definition is man and woman and it is them that should find something better to do. If you all that are defending is gay and want shit to change,thats your problem but stop worrying about the churches and their beliefs. When the goverment make a move, you all dont stand up and say nothing, but the minute the church makes one, its a huge deal.Belize isnt Belize anymore and thats why that spit of land has a lot to suffer.God isnt sleeping.

  11. brightman says:

    @ blackberry, the church has been prostituting and exploiting the innocent and gullible for centuries!!! It is apparent that the issue here is forced doctrine and control. The church is only interested in maintaining its status quo and everyone else is expected to obey and follow blindly for –now that is dangerous and reckless!!! keep the church in the confines of the church: feeding the hungry, ministering to souls, comforting the down-trodden, and monitoring their clergy and their urges, and leave the affairs of state to parliamentarians and economists. Belizeans need to wake up and be informed…medieval beliefs should be a thing of the past.

  12. Liberty and Freedom says:

    This whole issue is a covert action by the UNIBAM crowd. Belize has been pressured by the USA, Great Britain, the United nations and others to change it’s Constitution to accept sodomy as the norm. Open your eyes Belizeans. This is an assault by the homosexual and lesbian crowd to destroy the sanctity of the family. Take a look at this website and ask yourself if this is where your children are headed The Central Bank is part of the Bank of International Settlements in Switzerland. Belize is headed toward a One World Government – we will lose our identity. Read the UN Charter – no religion except that of the State. No moral values – anything goes.
    Uncle Benji throws out an unsubstantiated statistic – prove it…. It is like throwing dog poop at a wall and trying to make it stick. It still stinks like dog poop.

    God teaches us to love our brothers and sisters but not in the way the homosexual/lesbian community has defined it. We are not taught that we have to accept this lifestyle. It is a lifestyle, not the norm if you are a True Believer. Most Christians and Muslims see it for what it is – an abomination. So all you “accepting” people, you either do not have children or a love of God.

  13. who you think? says:

    @ bightman, stop worry bout the church, its you all that are worthless and committing crimes not the church. The church preaches for everyone to try to noty commit crimes and be less sinful. But people like you cause society and the world to be where it is.

  14. OUTSPOKEN! says:

    WHY is the hypocritical Catholic church delving into issues that consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms??? There are no gay people having sex on the streets for anyone to see but there are poor, hungry, homeless, sick, abused and underprivileged masses that they pass EVERY SINGLE DAY and ignore. Don’t even get me started on the paedophiles and fornicators, adulterers and sickos that make up their congregation and inhabit high positions within the dominion itself, starting at the vatican. TAKE THE LOGS OUT OF YOUR OWN EYES BEFORE YOU SEEK TO TAKE THE SPECK OUT OF OTHERS’

  15. Storm says:

    What I have been wondering is why the government tries to sneak a re-definition of “marriage” by us in a bill on the Central Bank?

    Looks like a sleazy lawyer trick to me — I’m glad they got caught.

    If GOB wants to approve same-sex marriages, it is a major decision, and must be debated up front, so all can have a say.

  16. Soledad Weckman says:

    The UFB Direct website says ACH limits are $2,000 per day, and $5,000 per month. I wonder if this is still true if the transfer is initiated at the other bank.

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