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Aug 27, 2012

Gunman chased Miraldo Alvarez and killed him

Miraldo Alvarez

Early on Friday night, another life was lost in one of the hot spots on the south side of the City where at least six shootings have taken place in the past few months. A resident of McKenzie Street was on his way to buy food when a hail of bullets abruptly ended his life. While the family of Miraldo Alvarez attests that he was not a troublemaker, they believe that his death was motivated by a gang turf war to take control of the Lake I area. Freelance reporter Duane Moody reports.


Duane Moody, Reporting

Twenty year old Miraldo Alvarez, also known as “Vado,” had just left home to purchase food and was riding with a friend on McKenzie Street. Less than a block away from where he lived, at least two gunmen headed towards them and opened fire. Both men ran for their lives, but Alvarez did not escape the bullets.


Diana Staine Enriquez, Mother in Law of Deceased

Diana Staine Enriquez

“From evening, ih deh ina room with ih friend as ih come from work cause dehn dah lone young people. Japhet come hail ahn and dehn deh ina the room di play game and take wah lee drink. I lay down ina di chair right yah when dehn pass. I say weh di two ah unu gwen cause unu know that gun man dehn deh bout. Every night for the past two months dah lone gunshots back yah. Ih say I just gwen buy chicken and I di come back right now. Two minutes after dehn gone you hear bang bang bang bang. I said bwai, “Vado” and Japhet just gone and I drop out of the chair and I drop pan my knee and I ran outside barefoot. I see the neighbor run out and I see Japhet and noh Vado. When I look dehn di drag Vado and ih di bail pan Miss D, Miss D. And dehn back ahn bring and set ahn right down on the yard ina di grass. And Mister Cordel bring the vehicle and rush with ahn dah hospital but we noh see weh part ih get shot, all we know dah from back on; but no blood—none ah we noh blood, di vehicle noh bloody; wi hand.”


It was former Minister, Cordel Hyde, who lives next door to Enriquez, who shuttled them to the K.H.M.H. But while undergoing surgery for a bullet wound to the lower back, Alvarez perished. Alvarez and his friend were believed to have been lay-waited by four men from an abandoned building behind the District Education Office.


Diana Staine Enriquez

“Four young man from ih get dark deh dah wah house and dehn  left outta di house and deh ina Mister Hyde house weh ih used to see ih people dehn weh burn. Dah in there ih mi deh and the one ina black shirt—because three had on green and one had on black. The one in black shirt take off ih shirt and come out with the gun di fire shot. Japhet say when he reach di lane, Vado said, bwai di man dehn the come with the gun in their hand. So they swing and drop the gun and start to run. Then he hear Vado said, bwai I get shot. And so he take two steps back, pick up him and so dehn di run. While dehn di come, shots still di fire because when we run out, shots still deh di fire. They pick up one of the bullet over on the verandah at the neighbor the morning.”


Fitzroy Yearwood

Insp. Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer

“When investigators visited the K.H.M.H. they saw him with a gunshot wound to the lower back area. Investigations reveal that Alvarez along with another friend were riding on separate bicycles on McKenzie Street in the St. Martin De Porres Area and upon reaching the junction of Luis Street, who were in the area of the basketball court. One of the men pulled out a firearm and fired several shots towards them—one fatally injuring Alvarez. Alvarez succumbed to his injuries a little after ten at the K.H.M.H.”


But is it a case of gang rivalry that has claimed the life of another Belizean youth? Residents in the area say that Alvarez was not a troublemaker and that there have been threats from a well-known gang to take control of the area.


Duane Moody

“Do you know why would anyone want to kill Japhet or your son-in-law?”


Diana Staine Enriquez

“Well dah noh only my son in law and Japhet dehn want kill back yah. Dehn say dehn wah kill everything back yah weh dah man. Dah dehn rule, dehn run things. All we know is that they are getting message that they will kill out all of them. Well dehn bally dah power. They are gunman; they lee bwai dah noh gunman; they just go play dehn ball pan di field. Not even that—they run them off the field.”


Duane Moody

“These men are from where?”


Diana Staine Enriquez

“From back of the area and PIV we understand.”


Alvarez will be remembered as the go-to guy says Enriquez.


Diana Staine Enriquez

“Very loving, cool, easy going guy; you coulda mi ask ahn do anything. Ih mi work and make ih lee money. Ih do lee plumbing, ih do AC, anything—ih paint and all.”


Alvarez was to get married in December in the United States to Enriquez’s daughter, Shawnte Enriquez. Duane Moody for News Five.


Up to news time, one person has been detained

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14 Responses for “Gunman chased Miraldo Alvarez and killed him”

  1. Storm says:

    Ethnic cleansing, Belize-ztyle.

    Very sad, but very serious. I hope GSU and BDF comes down like the blitzkrieg on these gangsters. It is important to crush them before they take over any area. The overwhelming majority of Belizeans support the HARSHEST measures against known gang members. They are a cancer that must be cut out before they kill the entire body.

    All reasonable people recognize that our criminal justice system is broken, so we accept that other means must be used to wipe out the murderers.

    I support a bounty or reward for taking down killers, dead or alive. What do you think?

  2. rose says:

    This is so sad mein… move these guys out the city and put them on a island so they can kill each others

  3. Baby k says:

    That is so sad.the gang violence need to stop there killing innocent people

  4. Baby k says:

    My prays and taughts goes out to Alvarez family

  5. Simone says:

    He wasn’t in any gang but can surely know how to flash gang signs while sitting on his motorcycle

  6. Young Gial says:

    Sad for this family, but reality is no one can say that he definately was not in a gang. He is the only one who can say if he was or wasn’t. I hope that the people can start to be a part of the solution to this gang infestment. The people have to decide if they ride with the gangs or if they want to live the right way and allow the police and other law enforcement to do their work in the area. Simple as that. Ya’ll just need to start going to God in humility and ask for Him to heal this land. That’s the only way, truely.

  7. Rod says:

    As long as we have the most impotent incompetent pm and gov in tha history of Belize nothing will change it will only get worse the hanging penalty for murder must be must be brought back if not a lot of innocent people will get killed what an impotent incompetent pm and gov damm.

  8. Nikki says:

    Your just an a$$ Rod. If you do not have anything constructive to say just shut the hell up. Stop show the world how ignorant and shallow you are.

  9. Bear says:


  10. belizea says:

    Why are a bunch of gangs being allowed to take over this or any other area? Mi seh restore capital punishment!

  11. tiredofrod says:

    Really tired of these silly Rod comments on every story. why do you guys put up with it?

  12. concern citizen-2 says:

    Restore capital punishment, I agree with belizea. They hang a woman a couple years ago, why can’t they hang these present criminals. What’s up with that, I will tell you: This is a money business with lawyers, if they hang them they cut off the money.

  13. one love says:

    its so sad mein….i just dont know what to say! i dont even know him, and it hurts! the killings period are depressing. belize is a such beautiful place, rich culture, with good looking people, and its all being destroyed! seems as if no one is taking any pride in belize, and that belize has lost its way…im gonna pray that GOD clean belize up……the scary part is, you just never know how he is gonna have to do it….

  14. Paco Smith says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with Storm’s comment on the matter.

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