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Aug 27, 2012

Hardest working Mayor has 2 jobs?

Darrell Bradley

Two weeks ago, Mayor Darrell Bradley announced that he was floating a bond for twenty million dollars to repair at least fifty percent of the city’s streets, including the major thoroughfares. If you drive through the city or if you walk across town, you would have noticed a major improvement in the condition of streets such as Queen Street, Daly Street and connecting streets from the downtown area to Belama on the north side. Bradley may be making an impression as a mayor, but did you know that he is also engaged in private practice as a lawyer? In October of 2008, Prime Minister Dean Barrow spoke about a salary cap for then Belize City’s Mayor Zenaida Moya. Assuming that figure remains the same, Mayor Bradley should be making a fixed salary of six thousand dollars per month. Aside from his paycheck as mayor, he is likely making far more in his law practice because he continues to go to court on behalf of clients. We point this out because, according to an attorney we spoke to, elected mayors ought to be confined to the work of City Hall since they are paid directly from the public purse to do a full time job and should not be engaged in any form of employment during working hours.

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22 Responses for “Hardest working Mayor has 2 jobs?”

  1. Storm says:

    I would pay most of our politicians to STAY AWAY from the government offices where they do too much damage.

    Belize City probably needs a full-time mayor, since it is large and has full-time problems. Either City Council or the National Assembly needs to enact some law on this point that applies equally to all comparable government positions.

    In addition to the full-time issue, there is an obvious question of conflict of interest, representing clients that do business with the city, for example. Officials with conflicts of interest, at a minimum, should be prohibited from making decisions on matters that affect such interests. And it they cannot make decisions, why pay them?

  2. marsebo says:

    another Dean Barrow dogs, who is stealing public money, by not going to work full time, instead taking money from both side, the government and as attorny.

    he is using his post to collect even more client as attorny.

    Kik the grand dog out Dean Barrow and this looser to.

  3. Louisville,Ky says:

    I see nothing wrong with the Mayor having two jobs. I am certain that with his work ethic, Mr. Bradley does not watch the clock and confines his Mayoral duties and responsibilities to strictly 8am to 4pm.
    I guess there is no dept too low that his opponents would go to try finding some dirt, noh. Since no one can say that the Man is overpaying himself or, ‘di tief ‘ the money, the best thing critics can accuse him of is: having 2 jobs! Oh Boy !!

  4. Jim P of Corozal & Maryland says:

    I think it is wonderful that a person with the skills to earn a good living in private enterprise, would share the same skills with the people of Belize. The fact that he is earning more income outside of government proves that his motivation is civic minded. And the positive results of his leadership speaks for itself. And I hope more will follow his example because the country needs more builders and far less takers.

  5. Truth says:

    IF the Mayor DOES his JOB as many others should do and not only blaaab and take the money .. Then there should be no reason why he cant continue his normal practice.

    Ensuring that your city is looked at should be his priority for sure, Prioritize!!!!

  6. Buju says:

    YO really cant please some people!

    Mayor Bradley is doing an excellent job!!!!!

  7. Leo says:

    Within a year of being Mayor of the largest municipalities in Belize, Mayor Bradley has done far more than any one mayor before him(PUP/UDP). Even amidst dire economic straits, he has found creative ways to keep the City from further deterioration. It takes one who truly cares to undertake such a feat.
    If he can do this while maintaining a law practice, then he will still get my vote. If the people don’t approve of him having a second job, then lets give him a raise.

  8. belizean says:

    Good guy and i hope there are many more people than them, i also hope that not only he has that privileged but anyone that has the potential.

  9. RENE says:

    Mayor Bradley has indeed been a blessing to this city. 6 months into the job and he has outdone any mayor that Belize City has had. I see nothing wrong with him having two jobs. I rather that he has to jobs than he only has his mayor salary and be in a position that he would have to use the public purse to be able to meet his personal needs. Mayor Bradley… Keep doing what you are doing.. Great Job.

  10. A Jew says:

    Mayor Bradley was elected Mayor of Belize City. Bradley and his team of city councillers (Chang, Leslie, etc) take their council work as part-time jobs. They show up to work when they feel like, most of the time they are not in their office. Belize City and its residents come first and this is certainly a conflict of interest. It is the mayor’s job to fix and clean the streets of Belize.

  11. Ixchel Pop says:

    That the Mayor has two jobs is of little concern to me as long as he does his job well. That is commendable as he choose to seek another job rather than robbing the public purse to meet his needs. We all have second and third job in these terrible economic time…a good example on how to survive…perhaps this is the way to go in Belize as haad times continue to last.

  12. Beth says:

    What a load…..Darrel is one of the best things that has happened to Belize City in a long time….the man’s heart is for his people… Louisville. Ky said: he probably does not watch the clock on his Mayoral duties and unlike others who have taken the job for the income and found it wanting and so have probably overpaid themselves, he is using his strong work ethic and doing double time. People are so critical……if you don’t your lazy and if you do your not doing enough. Until you have walked a mile in his shoes and have found him wanting STOP TALKING.

  13. alley cat says:

    The man knows how to multi-task… Somehow I get the feeling that PUP and UDP politicians see this man as threat.

  14. Duoble Standard says:

    rules are rules, he is paid a full time salary, there is no way he can go to court for private clients. plain and simple, thats is stealing from the public purse, collecting a full time salary and not being there. maybe he learn something from papa who has four full time paying jobs all coutesy of public funds.

  15. Rod says:

    Louisville ky. Why u no come live tha Belize and really experience what’s going on in the country you sit back tha states they the post garbage aw real traitor to your country this ya whole gov the thief. Starting with judas barrow. Tha people like you whey have this country in the gutter please no give you advise when you no even live ya traitor.

  16. Rod says:

    Lone thief thief thief but all a unu wey vote fu udp deserve it

  17. Xtasy says:

    Did they finally stop showings Rod’s comments? Or maybe BTL block his internet….hmmm. I dont see a damn thing wrong with the mayor having two jobs…he’s just doing some of the other lazy politician’s job. He’s gotten more done than any of the others combined together have. Kudos!!!

  18. soulsista says:

    As far as am concerned Darrell should not be performing private practice in a public office as he is being paid out of tax dollars so he has an obligation to be full time Mayor. Besides that Darrell seems to be the only politician doing something in belize I cant knock the man down cause he is alright so far

  19. WilBoy says:

    The Mayor is doing a super job. Nothing wrong with supplimenting his income in these hard times. Some people are really bitter and angry in this world and want stay that way. Mr Mayor, do you thing as long as its an honest and legal living. At the end of the day, none of the bitter fools will put a slice of bread and glass of water on your family’s table.

  20. deedee says:

    @Xtasy… Rod is right on here slamming his favorite prime minister & other politicians , you should know mayor bradley wouldn’t have pass without Rod giving his/her 2 cents. As for the topic in question I think mayor bradley is doing a good job with trying to clean up the city as much as he could. Like other posters have said before he has done so much more than what his predecessor thieving zenida & others combine have ever accomplish. Good work mayor…keep it up.

  21. b.Jones says:

    The mayor is good for the city yes and etc…. but my job wouldnt allow me to go feed my cat & dog during business Hrs, much-less hold a part time job during the hrs they paying me.

    Come on folks right is right &wrong is wrong.

    Beside handling personal business during his working (which is stealing, by the way) the bigger problem at hand is bigger than the mayor. We are talking about possible conflict of interest. Not saying that he is doing it but he is in the position where he can create situations to favor his clients.

    Again this is bigger than the mayor. Do any of you think that Barrow, Must, Godfrey, etc… relinquish their right at the respectable firms they own ? NO. none of them. They all hold on to their rights and practices, generating income (even more when in power) all do to the influence they have over client matters.

    This is a problem which needs to be addressed and laws need to be passed to stop it.

    Perfect example of how it would work, In any professional sport in America can a player be owner or part owner of a team, due to the fact that they can affect the outcome of a game.

  22. bmp chic says:

    thats right deedee ,

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