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Aug 22, 2012

“I am not a normal person” P.M. explains Vega’s soliloquy

Gaspar Vega

At the press conference this morning, the prime minister also touched on the land grab. Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega recently came under fire for giving out large tracts of land, about twenty eight parcels across the country, to members of his family. When confronted with the evidence of the transactions, Vega told the media that he and his family are not normal people in Belize. He punctuated his statement by distancing himself from regular people, saying he works much harder than a lot of other people. Vega had no apologies for the family land grab scenario nor was any action taken against him. Instead, the Prime Minister explained away the meaning of normal.


Dean Barrow

Dean Barrow

“I didn’t see the interview and I didn’t see your piece. I don’t know whether you put it quite like that in the peace. But at least you are saying if he said that he was not a normal person, he explained what he meant by that; that I work harder than normal persons. if you just put that out there—I’m not a normal person—that sounds awful. But if you put it in context, then it’s not then nearly so bad. I just hope that you did put it in context for the news as you are doing now. So put I am not normal because I work harder than most people. I find that unobjectionable. So put. I don’t know what the circumstances are; I don’t know the exact degree of consanguinity of these various family members—if some include a third cousin twice removed—they then become just part of the normal electorate and constituency. So I would need some more details before I would venture to answer your question.”


In Thursday’s newscast, we’ll have more on today’s press conference.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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18 Responses for ““I am not a normal person” P.M. explains Vega’s soliloquy”

  1. Rod says:

    This is the biggest problem with our country is that we have a pm who condones rape murder thief and every other crime you can think of when the population sees its supposed leader as allowing and aligning himself with crime then this is when total caos occurs in a country and this is exactly what is happening in this country total corruption so get ready belizeans things are going to get much worse because of your inaction and lack of senses people will start stealing and killing for food in Belize mark my words.

  2. marsebo says:

    Yes he is not a nromal person , he is from planet Vega, where all the rats and their seblings live and strive, Poor Belizean do not deserve a good life, only Mr. big rat and his family deserve.
    Belizean take to the street do not allow these Beggers from Dean Barrow to Vega control you by wealth and land grab, your land your money they are stealing.

  3. KID says:

    Rod please comment on article above. Not on your dreams you had last night

  4. junito says:

    Its jst messed up that our PM turns a blind eye to this bs.

  5. White says:

    Exactly PM… Most of us are not normal persons if we talk about working hard. I have been working hard along my family members and we cant get a piece of land to do a house. It is very dificult to live in Belize… All Belizeans work hard to earn their living… All Belizeans are not normal people… Vega is a … just because he has money he does that kind of things and obviously he counts with the PM´s support too

  6. Uncle Benji says:

    Chicken$#!%! You screwed up that interview Ali Ba-Barrow. Vega is a thief. We all know that. But Vega knows that you cannot do anything about it. Why? You have done the same. Birds of a feather, flock……….

  7. Storm says:

    Wow, we are ruled by narcissists and megalomaniacs!

    Truth is, Belizeans who are lucky enough to find a job during our current record unemployment work hard like animals. Hon. PM and DPM have no idea what real hard work is, I think. But they do SCHEME hard.

    I was ready to throw Gapi overboard for his remarks, his thinking he is special. Now I want to throw our Honorable PM behind him.

    But before that, PM, please defend or denounce Vega’s actions: is it your government’s policy to have a pinata in the Lands Department for your friends and family?

  8. AND??? says:

    At the end of the day, what will the people of Belize do? When it’s all said and done, what will we do???? As I always say, Dah suh we like it. We sit and complain and blog but we do not stand up. The curroption continues and we sit around and talk talk talk.

  9. Gapi says:

    I am not a normal person, Jules,, but PM can’t touch me because I can bring up Lois, Dennys, Anwar. Kimano. so I have no fear, Jules

  10. cayobuay says:

    thats is so right – pm has his brother in crime back…….. whats there for him to get the details of when abnormal vega said it on national tv the yes he doent see anything wrong with what he did……but peel head seems to be blind and deaf also………

    one day we the hard working people of Belize will become abnormal and start bun down babylon….tuff mein people deh suffer out yah, striving to put food on the table and pay bills and these sumbags just continue to raping our country…….

    trust no politicians they are the formal criminals with pen and paper

  11. blackberry says:

    Just when I thought he had quit saying ( I don’t Know )

  12. A jew says:

    Look at Barrow’s response and see that he condones this type of behaviour by his second in command. This only goes to show that People like the Vegas only get in power to benefit themselves only. “I am not a normal person” Mein what an arrogant response from an arrogant, wanna be king individual. PM have similar feelings like the DPM.

  13. Nimbo says:

    Hmm- is this admitting that his actions are OK with you. You continuously not surprise me anymore.

  14. impartial says:

    “I hope that they continue to make those kind of wrongheaded decisions so that they can disintegrate..” Patrick Faber
    “I also do hope both parties disintegrate…” Impartial

  15. Orange Walkenio says:

    its such a pity that we have gotten to this stage………our leaders think that because they do some work they deserve such compensation…i dreaded the day our leaders, my PM n my DPM would openly admit on national television…..what will happen wen everybody starts thinking like that…if they do it…then why not the rest of us…..this is all recipe for disaster….this is just criminal…..n to top this off…we(I) do nothing….things need to change…..soon….re-evolution needs to happen…but can we handle it?

  16. juniore guerra says:

    Thirld World be happy. You elected them. You took the $50 that the law abiding UDP was giving away in order to buy your vote; just like any other third world Banana Republic. Rejoice Thirld World and BOW DOWN to King Barrow and the Royal Prince Vega. Be happy with the $50 they gave you, Third World.

  17. TashybzeTashybze says:

    I will make it my business to check out what’s up with this I have 50 acres of land in more tomorrow village from my grandma papers an all right on figueroa st yeah. So to all ou who is !@#$%^& up go build your house so I can take it all away. She worked hard to buy that an no will will take what she payed for so o ahead

  18. Realist says:

    Belize is going down the drain very quickly.Everyday you have people working hard to survive and trying to get ahead in life and prices of goods and services goes up.How can we survive in this country if the money we make is just enough to pay bills and be broke at the end of the day.Look at all the new vehicles the ministers are driving,i know if they didn’t spend so much on vehicles,gas and allowance for ministers they could have made the superbond paymet.The public servants who drives the ministires vehicles are just as bad as them because when they are waiting,they don’t roll down the windows they wait under ice,because they don’t look lie they are use to the heat when we know they don’t have a/c at home.Ministers don’t do a damn thing.Always acting like they are important.our country is too small for this $#!$.Our laws are not strick,you can get away with anything in Belize,especially if you have money or have political ties………….

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