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Aug 22, 2012

GSU uncovers illegal firearms

The Gang Suppression Unit has not yet responded to allegations that twenty Crooked Tree residents were brutalized by its officers; one resident complained that he had been pepper sprayed on his private parts. But today the GSU released information on other recent operations. On Tuesday evening at around five-forty, a search was carried out at the lower flat of a house on Matron Roberts Street, which is occupied by thirty-two year old Desmond Haylock and his brother, forty year old Duke Wright. A nine millimeter Lorcin Brand Pistol and a magazine containing five live rounds of ammunition were found in Haylock’s bedroom. He was arrested and charged for Kept firearm and ammunition without a Gun License. Nothing incriminating was found in Wright’s room or the rest of the house. The GSU says that Haylock was deported from Los Angeles on May twenty-sixth, 2011 for the “Possession and Purchase of Cocaine”. He was also reportedly an active member of the Rolling Twenty’s Neighborhood Bloods gang based in South Los Angeles.


Jason Williams

In another search this morning at the Supal Street residence of Jason Williams, who is also known as “Soup”, the GSU confiscated a ceramic pipe that is used for smoking illegal drugs. The pipe was found inside Williams’ bedroom and contained cannabis residue.  He was arrested and charged with Possession of a Pipe under the Misuse of Drugs Act. According to the GSU, Williams is the reputed leader of the Supal Street Bloods Gang. And this afternoon, the GSU conducted a search at an abandoned lot on Ross Penn Road where they recovered a point three-fifty-seven revolver with the brand and serial number filed off. The handgun, which was wrapped in a black plastic bag and hidden inside a plastic container, was loaded with six point thirty-eight special live rounds of ammo. No one was in the area but the firearm is believed to belong to a reputed member of the South Side Gang who lives nearby.

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15 Responses for “GSU uncovers illegal firearms”

  1. Rod says:

    See people this is what I have been telling you all for years now that judas barrow is the cause of all the murders in Belize because judas barrow has been taking back all these gang members from the united states for a few pieces of silver so far in the past 4 years this pm has taken back over 450 gang members from the us this policy should be abolished their is no law in the world that says you have to take back criminals from anywhere have you ever seen any Cuban criminal sent back to Cuba no they will not take back any Cuban criminal from anybody but because this pm is so money hungry he will do anything for money how he can sleep at night I have no idea knowing that he has been the cause of over 500 murders so far even judas himself only did his deed only once this pm keeps on ticking so don’t wonder anymore about all the murders in the country it is because of your pm. Who has been taking back all these murderers from the us for a few pieces of silver.

  2. marsebo says:

    Woooooooooooooooooooow , what a great catch , the dogs(GSU) uncovered a gun, hahahahahahah, let the gangaster strive and roam free and look for a single gun hahahahah maybe the private army of the grand begger Dean Barrow planted the gun to uncover it later , hahahahahah

  3. KID says:

    This article has nothing to do with murder ROD. What a ridiculous comment. Just keep with the content of the news ok? But we all know you cant keep on topic anyway. No feel bad man.

  4. Uncle Benji says:

    Congrats to the GSU. Keep up the good work. Keep harrassing, beating and arresting these scumbags. If you find that they are clean, plant eveidence on their sorry souls; just do anything to keep them off our Belize City streets.

    Please when you beat them, please try very hard to cripple them. Do it Honduran style. Beat and stomp their stomachs, leave no traces. Gastropathy is sure to follow.

    Criminally inclined folks will criticize GSU, but remember, decent, law abiding Belizeans supports you.

  5. Storm says:

    Good job, GSU. Keep hammering the gangbangers. I think most of us appreciate it when you do that.

    That gun looks like it has seen quite a bit of use — the finish looks pretty worn in the photos.

    As for deportees returning here, I don’t believe GOB has a choice. Every nation is obliged to take back its citizens; they are our responsibility, in the end. But when gangsters are returned, they should be closely watched under the eye of the police, and locked up at their first bad step.

  6. Young Gial says:

    Here is a perfect example of how the use of marijuana is in direct realtion with criminal activity. See, a lot of marijuana users and sellers eventually become paranoid and believe they are being victimized hence the reason why they have illegal ammunition and illegal firearm. Who knows what else, maybe they smoke weed to have an excuse for why they do their criminal activities. I hope that this Government does not allow the decriminalization of marijuana. … Help us God!

  7. Young Gial says:

    Oh, and by the way, thanks GSU for once again arresting and digging out these criminals from their infested holes. Seems like only the GSU doing work in the City because if dah noh fu the GSU you noh yer nothin from the POLICE CIB, ADU, SPU, Relief and the rest. Weh the rest di do Mr. Minister????

  8. Bear says:

    Young Gial, you go!

  9. alley cat says:

    that gun could have been use to kill you or a family member marsebo. So let’s give thanks for even the little gains…

  10. rose says:

    Thats what they get payed for! @ROD I dont think u can be any stupider…. theres a difference between, illagal resident, permanent resident and a citizen… our PM’s dont have nothing to do with deportees. America dont want no illegal criminals living in their country. Get dat in ur thick skull rod! Their illegal living in america commiting crimes, America send them back to their native country. I think dats d simplest ways i can break it down to rod! I hope he gets it this time.

  11. BMNJ says:

    10 yrs for illegal firearm possession + 10 yrs for ammunition possession = concurrently only 10 yrs; but 20 yrs for illegal fireman possession + 20 yrs for ammunition possession = concurrently 20 yrs. Now, that’s a win-win situation for everybody except the crooks.

  12. concern citizen-2 says:

    As for Rod’s comments: They have been sending criminals back to Belize for sometime now. So, as I see it all the governments before this present gob, and you know what I am talking about, were getting money from the US and accepting criminals. You, are a PUP who just hate the present gob. why don’t you talk about your present PUP leadership who wants to practice dictatorship, let me hear you say something about that.

  13. deedee says:

    Ahahahaha Rod please stop, sometimes I think this individual is just being sarcastic, there is no way we can have people in this world or country for that matter with that kind of ignorance. If there is MAY GOD HELP US ALL.

  14. ratty says:

    I was expecting the gun man to get beat up. Apparently only innocent people get beat up.

  15. Phillybelizean says:

    @uncle benji u need to make uihp ur mind which team ur on team gsu or team gangs the other day u were talking how gsu beat man for nothing,$#!% yhere are doin there job I am all the way wt teamGsu.

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