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Aug 17, 2012

Married Pastor and Principal’s relationship with student

Norman Willacey

There is a serious allegation being made against the principal of a high school in Belmopan. A parent of a teen has alleged that the principal had sex with her daughter on the school compound and that the sexual relationship has been ongoing for a year. The mother had no intention of going to the media but she feels inaction by the Ministry of Education has made it necessary to come forward with her story.


Jose Sanchez, Reporting

An official report has been filed on Thursday August ninth at the Ministry of Education regarding sexual contact between a student  of Belmopan Baptist High School and the most senior member of staff. The mother of the sixteen year old girl told the media that the man her daughter had sex with was the school principal and pastor Normal Willacey. While sixteen is the age of consent and does not constitute a crime, this mother believes school rules have been violated.


Voice of: Mother of Belmopan Baptist High School Student

“I found out that she has been emailing him back and forth and talking to him and that he gives her money different times. He spends lots of time with her; everybody in the school is aware of that. She is in and out of his office a lot. She was at the computer erasing one of her accounts. She was at the computer erasing one of her accounts. When she closed the computer, the computer had frozen. So the second account; that she thought that she had taken care of, did not erase. I happened to come later on to the computer and saw it. And in this process, I see the principal of this school’s name. so I said what is this. This man is emailing my daughter and she is also responding like they’re talking back and forth. And they are talking about sexual behavior; very sexual behavior. Things that no man should be talking to sixteen year old child about; regardless of what the child’s history is.”


The mother printed out the emails, but decided to do an investigation into it because the man is well respected and a counselor to her children.


Voice of: Mother of Belmopan Baptist High School Student

“He is a preacher, he is a principal, he comes to my house and he does counsel about the bible with my children and my daughter—my boys as well as my daughter. I trusted this man to the tip because I said he was a preacher. There were signs but I ignored this because I trusted this man with my child okay. And she and I were having a lot of difficulty. So different times, I was telling this man different things that she was doing and saying and how she was acting out. And he was using these same things come to find out against me with her and turning her more against me. When I was putting her on punishment about something, he was telling her how jealous I was of her because she has this fine body and I’m an old lady and I don’t. He’s telling her things as a councilor, as a man. I trusted him. So many times, she stayed back at school making up grades because she was behind with grades. I let him be there with her because I trusted this man.”


First the daughter denied the accusation and then after the mother presented the letter and hard copy of the emails, she confessed and signed a notarized letter of the events that occurred over a past year.  She took the allegation to the Child Protective Services and one Jesus Castillo in the Ministry of Education.


Voice of: Mother of Belmopan Baptist High School Student

“I went to the C.E.O. of Child Protective Services, to the Board of Education; way up there and last week showed them print outs of some stuff. Nothing to date has come out, nothing to date. It looks like when you go out and tell, okay we will check, this is very serious and that’s all. I’m a foreigner here and in my world, no way does a preacher, a pastor, a principal get away with things like this. He was wrong and he needs to be removed from where children are. And he needs not to preach in nobody’s church because he is the devil in clothing. And that’s how I look at it; me personally.”


Late this evening after giving the interview the mother said she was told by one Jesus Castillo at the Ministry of Education who now instructed her to block her interview from airing since they will now have a meeting about the accusation. Attempts were made to contact Willacey to explain the emails and letters but he did not answer the calls. Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.


Norman Willacey is an Executive of the Baptist Association of Belize and the Vice President of the Baptist Association’s Western Region. Since the Ministry became aware of today’s interview, the parent says the Ministry has informed her that an investigation is now in process. 

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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42 Responses for “Married Pastor and Principal’s relationship with student”

  1. Bear says:

    I won’t rush to judgment here, because the charges are serious enough to destroy a man’s reputation and his work.

    The Pastor, the girl, and God all know what happened. I hope they will work it out in truth and all do the right thing.

    Whether the allegations are true in this case or not, it is a good reminder to place your trust in God and not necessarily in the humans who preach His message. Everyone of us can fail, and all of us need His loving forgiveness.

  2. Zedd says:

    Hmmmm.Very wrong judgments pastor. I feel really, really sorry for this young lady and her family, especially her Mom. She was taken advantage of by sum1 in a position of trust. I pray that the Lord will heal you completely from this deception and that you may find what true love is someday.

    All this could have been avoided if Pastor really believed the very words he preached about. The attacks will be hard but they are just…Aren’t we taking enough attacks from the outside? UNIBAM etc…Now this one is from within and I feel it to the core. Now the non-Believers will say that we are all hypocrites but they must know that for each one who may fall, there are thousands who remain standing by tapping into God’s power source when temptation comes. There are many of us, who by the grace of God, continue to walk in righteousness and truth.

    Belizean Christians BEWARE!!, let’s pray for strength for those who are hurting n this situation, for those who need to come clean and repent and also for those who continue to walk on the right path. Parents be vigilant… Let’s protect our little girls and boys from sexual predators so that we could all have a bright and blessed future. If our children are not happy and healthy now, the older generation will not be happy and healthy in the future. God Bless Belize

  3. leesha says:

    Shame on him. Damn. How could he have done this to so many that respect him and look up to him for support. What were you thinking. How could you have done something like this to someone as lovely as your wife, your family. How coud you go against everything that the Bible teach and you preach. Mein. I am embarrass for you.

  4. Unknown says:

    About five years ago, norman willacey wrote some indecent things to a student as well. The student did not allow it to go far and reported it. ( I am sure that this is not the first time it happened and probably won’t be the last)

    However, the baptist association sweep it under the rug. The student still has proof of all that occurred. Makes you wonder how many other kids it happened to that never told their parents/guardian.
    Even telling a parent or guardian is not guaranteed that they believe or anything will be done. The student from five years ago did tell her mom/guardian and she(the mom) remained friends with him(norman) because they go way back to global etc…
    The mother went to a couple meetings but she still sent her other children to the school. What kind of mom/guardian can live with herself knowing that they went to terrible things(her personal life and she was once a child) and did not do her best or hardly at all to help her child? Shame on her, hence I am proud of the mother of this minor.

    Had the association done something five years ago, this would never have happened. The mother of this minor was smart to bring it to the media. She’s got her daughter’s best interest at heart.
    I pray that something gets done to remedy this mess and that it won’t happen to any other child. He is a sick man and to think that he has three daughters of his own…

    How can his wife live with him knowing it’s not the first time he has attempted such awful conduct and of all things on a minor… Being a pastor, husband, father and principal should make you want to live up to a high standard. He will answer to God for his sins, just as we all will…

  5. Rod says:

    Hang him by his …. what’s wrong with Belize their is a pervasive stench in the air in Belize everyone think they can do whatever they want to do and what is the stench it’s called barrowism and it blankets the country of Belize corruption is seen as normal ever since this pm has been in office hang this so called preacher by his ….

  6. CEO says:

    This hypocrite repents really? I do love christian love

  7. CEO says:

    Lets us not forget he rail roaded Jose right out of school. Now he repents. Really?

  8. now i see says:

    At least they put his photo so we know how this child molester looks. I wonder how many more kids are going to come out and say what he did to them as well.? Churches, sects, usually protect their own. Never the victim. They just pray for the abuser a slap on the hand and dont do it again. They will say it was the devil.Its true, most people will think that all preachers are the same. Most of them not all of them.
    It is well known that when man has power usually abuses it and he has two preacher, and principal. But most of all a husband and 3 girls. For the family we pray.

  9. samedayservicewithasmile says:

    See, one week of child protective services and ministry of education NO help. One day of media interview, confessaion same day!

  10. brightman says:

    Double standards and hypocrisy!! This is precisely why many choose to stay away from religions and its ‘zealots’!!

  11. Ixchel Pop says:

    Well well…and the way they address the UNIBAM issue, the way they attacked Jose at the school…hmm indeed the good and righteous lord is not asleep. They are all wicked, wicked people. There is enough evidence to send him home for good……I have no sympathy as they come out charging on the UNBAM issue….he has done a horrible thing and must pay.

  12. girl says:

    this is embarrasing !!! shame on u mr. willacy. u being a pastor and all. what is wrong with d men of
    God!!! u r making d christians look bad!!! using ur counselling 2 persuade d helpless 2 do these kinds of behaviors!!! its a shame mien!!! i would really like 4 u 2 go jail 4 ur act becaz just a dismissal is not good enuf 4 ur act!!

  13. THETTOOTH says:

    NOVEMBER 2009
    Jose Garcia was kicked out of the Baptist School of Adult and Continuing Studies in Belmopan by his principal because of his lifestyle. The news tonight is that the school’s principal Norman Willacey has assigned him a spiritual counselor. Garcia says that Willacey told him that if he undergoes this spiritual counselling, the school might reconsider its decision to expel him.

  14. surgery14E says:

    What does Barrow have to do with this Rod? Everybody is responsible for their own actions. Stop being an idiot and have some sense.

  15. Zedd says:

    Homosexuality and Adultery are both wrong in the sight of God. Willacey was right to kick that person out of school. he was cursing the students and forcing his ‘gender’ on others acting like a sloth. Belize will never accept that type of behaviour as normal because it never was and never will be. Let the UN, Hilary and Obama take Jose to the US and give him an education in their country since they so “love” gay people. We will never see as normal men who want to be women and women who want to be men.

    Those who approve of homosexuality should try creating their own species and then create a home for them too then legalize homosexuality or whatever they want there bcaz that will be their creation. Try it!!

    But that’s not the issue here. The Bible states that before we judge anyone we must be sure to take the big piece of wood out of our eyes so we can see clearly to take the speck out of other people’s eyes. How dear you judge others’ evil when you are evil as well????!!!!

    Yes repentance is open to everyone who strays from what God intended for us to be. God is not willing for anyone to perish but for all to come to repentance, Willacey, the young lady, Jose, Caleb Orozco, me ….etc etc etc.

  16. Rosalie says:

    Let’s not be quick to crucify the ma. When we point ONE finger, remember four is pointing at us. The Bible states All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). In God’s sight All sin has the the same size, weight and consequences.

  17. Rosalie says:

    Let’s not be quick to crucify the man. When we point ONE finger, remember four is pointing at us. The Bible states All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). In God’s sight All sin has the the same size, weight and consequences.

  18. mother talks says:

    Pray for both of them, in situation like these it shows us not to judge and bring down people because as human you dont know what situation you will be in and how strong you are to withstand so dont judge the man thats the Lord job, pray for him and the litter girl, and remember he will have his time to defend himself as far as we know its an allegation. One thing am concern about if the mother saw signs why didnt she do something from the first place, so lets see how this will go.

  19. soulsista says:

    This is just shame and disgrace when an ordinary man does this its a huge issue but a Pastor come on and these are the heathens that sit in the church on Sunday thinking which next child he going to screw on monday by his deeds Solomon be known. They should cast this man out of society and hang his !##. Willacey needs to be removed from the church and he also needs to be put on the list of pedophilles sick ……. Jail his @$$

  20. Josephino Estroberto Pesomedio says:

    Who can Bear this man?
    Bear this man is out!!!
    Luckily it`s not MY daughter.. so I don`t have to Bear him.
    Let him F*&&&& YOUR daughter to see if you will Bear him!!!

  21. Whatelsetodo says:

    I am ashamed of the action that was made by the ministry and anyone who knew about this before the media. These men (Pastors) have spoken words that makes humanity cry, they have preached and made you believe in the power of God. God does forgives. But remember…no sin goes unpunished…He does not have answer today to humanity, GOD knows what you did PASTOR!

  22. BMNJ says:

    Scenario 1: She’s 16 now but maybe things were happening before she turned 16. If that’s the case, he could go to jail. Scenario 2: He said in his conversation with her, “See I do have self control.” Well, maybe he very well did! He was watching and checking her out from maybe when she was 13 or 14. He knew very well that he could go to jail for having sexual relationship with a girl under 16 – carnal knowledge. He has her personal records. He knew exactly when she turned 16. “Halelula,” he said to himself, “I can do what I wanted to do now because she’s of legal age. Aha, even if worst come to the worst, I can’t be sentenced to jail if caught. It’s good to have patience and it’s well worth the time waiting.” Am I right, Pastor Willacey?

  23. lex says:

    God is merciful & compassionate. He doesn’t love Norman Willacey any less than He loves us or Caleb Orosco.

  24. Nigel says:

    So he has been having sexual relations with this child (she is a child for God sakes!!!) for a year??? Do the damn math at some point in this year this child would have been 15 which is below the age of consent. Even if 16 is the age of consent that does not give him the right to have sexual relations with a child that has been put under his care. Look at it in this context, if he can o it to a 16 year old what will stop him from doing it to any younger girl that catches his eye. Truly the devil disguised as a man of God. The next violation of this child came by the Government Ministry that failed to do something about it until the mother chose to find justice by turning to the media. This is exactly why men like him and Bert Vasquez exist in our society and why our young girls are granted scholarships only after granting sexual favors to the power that be. We as a society are holding our children down so that these animals can rape them. I bet just because he is a “God fearing Christian” this whole issue will soon be swept under the proverbial rug which by the way is already over flowing with all the societal nastiness that is already under there.

  25. Misty Blue says:

    Isaiah 14:12 How art thou fallen from heaven, Oh Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nation!

    Belizeans, how many of us can really say that we honestly know who our religious leaders are? Who are these folks that we are entrusting our lives and the lives of our children and love ones?How many of us can answer the question “Who is the real Norman Willacey?”

    The real Norman Willacey is a person hiding behind a frock. A frock that he use to cover up his evil doings.

    The real Norman Willacey is a person that carries the title of principal. The title that he use to intimidate and manipulate his victims.

    The real Norman Willacey is a person that presents himself as a conselor/life coach. The persona that allows him to place a guilty conscience on his young preys engraving in their minds that it is their fault so “repent”.

    The real Norman Willacey is a person that is a liar. The title that he use each blessed morning when he close his eyes and pray the prayer that God will continue to allow his predatory secrets and denials would stay just so “SECRET AND DENIAL”.

    The real Normal Willacey is a person who for the past thirty-two (32) years have denied and disowned his son.

    The real Norman Willacey is a person who twenty-eight (28) years ago, his son said “Hi, you are my father!. The real Norman Willacey frowned and turned his head. That encounter made a profound impression on that young man’s life forever.

    Morally, Norman Willacey despite your despicable behaviour, every child deserves to know who their biological father is. Spiritually, based on your own words, “a child is a blessing and gift from God”. If this is so, why then, have you been denying your own Flesh and Blood. If a child is a blessing and gift from God, then why, are you preying on little girls under your authority. Children that have been thought to respect authority figures. Children who have been placed under your safety and care at school and church just long enough for you to contaminate and destroy their lives. Children who have been thought to respect and submit themselves to Christ (not you). The laws of Belize definately need to be reformed to accomodate men like you. Rev. Willacey in your Mother’s Day sermon you critized and condemed your fellow Belizean men by saying “It’s not right that so many men in Belize have denied and disowned their children”. If you truly believe your own words, why is it that you still deny your own and prey on someone elses?

    It is high time for the real Norman Willacey to look at and do something about your own unconscionable behaviour. If you are still in denial(obviously you are), sophisticated science is available today. Your behaviour doesn’t seem to be the best situation for any child to be in. However, being that you are a representative of the Lord and a person that should be a christian (meaning Christ-like), we will give you first chance at rectifying this issue. This is a typical case of you can run, but you cannot hide because your past never fail to catch up with you.

    So, will the real Norman Willacey please STAND-UP AND RESIGN FROM YOUR POSITION OF AUTHORITY.

    To the Ministry of Education, whether it was concentual or not. IT HAPPENED ON HIS WATCH AND ON THE PREMISES THAT YOU SUBSIDIZE USING THE PEOPLE’S MONEY. Have him removed and placed on Administration Leave, pending investigation. Our children’s safety is Number one.

  26. whip them says:


  27. tall says:

    take it from someone who knows, this type of atrocious behavior is happening in our schools more than people may realize; its more common than you might think. Parents, keep a close eye on your high school children and investigate anything that you think may be suspicious. (i.e. studying on the weekend with a teacher, staying back late to “catch up ” on studies). believe me, some teachers (and students) aren’t as innocent as you might think!


    Ha Ha. At last it is known, hopefully it is his last. Ask Radiance, she could tell say why she is not working at the Baptist High School no more. Just because of a situation like this. But one one wanted to pay her any mind.

  29. Just saying says:

    If this was a white man the comments who be far worse, he is no better than the white man from Sarteneja that was jailed , he is just like Bert Vasquez preying on our children, he belongs in jail and handcuffs like any sexual predator. don’t ease him because he is a black man.

  30. Airdan says:

    This is a clear example of how hypocritical Christians are. Never trust any of them. These so-called pastors and ministers are the worst of the worst. They just use religion as an excuse to get close.

  31. ceo says:

    Where are the bible beaters now? This is the same way you did not show up when the priests were abusing our children!

    Where are the protesters? make sure you show up at court with the same fervor!

  32. Uncle Benji says:

    Rape! Uncle Benji keeps away from this topic, because he was also a victim of rape. At the age of twelve, Uncle Benji was sexually raped by a religious nun.

    Abused, confused and frightened, Uncle Benji sought the comfort of a second nun. Guess what? You got it. She abused Uncle Benji.

    Sister …………., sometimes I wonder where you are and how many other little boys have been yours to satisy your nymp ways.

    Aah, the secrets of the Catholic Church in Belize. I have heard it say, that behind the cement walls of the convent lies………

  33. MACAL RIVERA says:





  34. The Confessor says:

    Shame, Shame, Shame,

    Last night was a very busy night in heaven. As I knelt trying to push my prayers through ahead of other folks prayers, I heard a desperate voice coming from behind. It was such a desperate cry that it caught my immediate attention. It was Norman Willacey praying.

    As I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my secrets to keep
    If I should die before I wake
    I pray the Lord won’t tell anyone I am a fake

  35. Just a Thought says:

    Water Boarding is used around the world to get terrorist to tell their secrets and their next plan of attack.

    Since HONEY is Norman Willacey taste of choice, could the Government of Belize and the Ministry of Education grant us permission to use “Honey Boarding” on this child molester to get him to “do tell” the general public, especially all mothers of teenage girls how many victims are out there and even more, who are the other young girls he is currently sizing up.

    Just a Thought!

  36. Cliff says:

    people need fi stop try pass judgement pon di lil girl, she 16 fi crying out!! n this been going on fi over a yr..which means he been messing with ah from age 15, the law state that a perosn under the age of 17 cannot give concent to having sex.And forgo it’s statutory rape and the dude knew he cld get ointo trouble for sleeping with an underage girl in the first palce. he messed up his life, she didnt do $#!% but got fooled by an older man that was suppose to help her with her trouble, but insteasd he added on to her trouble. Remeber this man is a Pastor and he’s married, and this little girl is 16 and in high school

  37. Carrie123 says:

    This may sound a bit twisted but I can totally understand how this situation probably developed…the student – teacher fantasy (in this case student – principal) and teenage curiosity. We’ve all been there (or at least thought about something along those lines.) However, fantasy and reality are two different things.

    The principal-pastor in this case SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER. This girl is a kid and kids are easily influenced. Also how could he speak of God given his actions…what a big fat hypocrite. He should be fired and banned from working with kids.

  38. Carrie123 says:

    This may sound a bit twisted but I can totally understand how this situation probably developed…the student – teacher fantasy in this case student – principal, and teenage curiosity. We’ve all been there or at least thought about something along those lines. However, fantasy and reality are two different things.

    The principal-pastor in this case SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER. This girl is a kid and kids are easily influenced. Also how could he speak of God given his actions…what a big fat hypocrite. He should be fired and banned from working with kids.

  39. Belizean says:

    This Happens in every single school, teachers give girls high grades in exchange for sex, and if the girl refuses the deal, they fail the girl.

  40. Nikki says:

    this man should be ashamed to call himself a man of God he is a disgrace. He need to be treated like all others you pray on children. He is a monster. He have the gall to even state that while he lies beside his wife he is thinking about this child. Who is to know while he is on the pulpit preaching the word of God he not is looking in the congregation for his next victim. He need to be wiped in the public and sent to prison. I know we all have sinned but he says he is a man of God he should be setting the example. He and Bert Vasquez need to share a cell. They are both filthy alike and both need to be condemned for their worthless act. He should be shame to show himself in public. He need to look for the next tree that can stand his weight and hang himself he is no different than Judas. so he should do what Judas did after betraying Jesus hang himself

  41. Pelican says:

    Not really surprised that this type of “conversation” pops up. I always watch the very “close” relationships between these so called pastors and their “flock” Especially amongst the latino community in those multiple evangelical movements… You figure!….

  42. bbhsgraduate says:

    omg.. and to think that this man was my principal for four yrs… judged me and accused me of things i wasnt guilty off.. caused me soo much pain and tears.. what kind of person is this.. in always knew there was smthin fishy with radience.. one day she was jst no longer seen in that offfice and nothingwas said.. hmmm…. she found out stuff she wasnt supposed too…

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