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Aug 17, 2012

Pastor texts confession to News 5

Norman Willacey

In an update to this story; News Five and Channel Seven have been attempting to communicate with Willacey while he was sending messages to his attorney.  News Five also sent Willacey a text message. Moments ago he replied in two messages and we will read them verbatim. They say, “I HAVE spoken to jules vasquez. I told him what sis andrea said, that I am consulting with my attorney. I am bringing ss books to town. Will leave them at sis andrea’s house.” The second message appears to be a confession by the pastor of the Baptist school. We repeat it by omitting the name of the minor. It says, “She priduced a facebook conversation from about easter break while we were messing arond. I Deleted my copy and repented an told her to do d same immediately. she didnot an that is what will be published tonight and that is what jules said is damaging me as a public and authority figure.” How this will play out with the Baptist Church, the school and the Ministry of Education is not yet known, but we will follow up on this story on Monday.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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29 Responses for “Pastor texts confession to News 5”

  1. Bear says:

    I believe it is possible for the Pastor to reform himself, and his confession is the first step. Confess, ask forgiveness, atone, and repent is the timeless formula for forgiveness. That’s step one.

    Let him who is without sin cast the first stone. If a law was broken, that’s a matter for the authorities to handle professionally.

    I hope the Pastor and his family can work this out privately.

  2. Disgusted says:

    “I Deleted my copy and repented an told her to do d same immediately.”

    Vile. This represents everything that is wrong with church authority in Belize.

    I feel sorry for all the poor people who trusted this man with their kids.

  3. CEO says:

    We we seem to have a real Jimmy Swaggard moment. Just repent and your reputation will be restored. It would be good for him to eat humble pie and just leave. But lets see if his idea of unquestioned authority remains a hit in the community.

  4. beachman says:

    This man needs to step down or be fired as principal, counselor, pastor…. He violated the trust of a minor, his church/school & God. Yes he can be forgiven, but rebuilding trust will be a very long process in which he should not be in a position of authority or power. The girl was 16 but he was in a position of power over her. He is 100% responsible since he the adult.

  5. Jovaughn J Hamilton says:

    There is nothing to prove that Mr. Willacey did anything. uno act like if people can’t hack into the his facebook if it is facebook these are all false accusations.

  6. rose says:

    This is why humans shy away from god. B/c of man and their lust

  7. IRIEAS says:

    Inadvertent SMS confession – the LORD moves in mysterious ways! Praise the Lord!

  8. Storm says:

    Like a broken vase, a reputation can be repaired, but people will still look for the crack.

  9. Rocky says:

    Jovaughn, He even admit that he did it. What else you want! But I believe if he confess and repent wholeheartedly, God will forgive him.

  10. Whatelsetodo says:

    “I believe it is possible for the Pastor to reform himself, and his confession is the first step. Confess, ask forgiveness, atone, and repent is the timeless formula for forgiveness. That’s step one.” —- Why don’t everyone, every single criminal, ….murderer, thief, sex offender, rapist,,,,why don’t they all be pardoned after confession, they are humans too. Some of the criminals in prison are reforming too. In PRISON!
    SMH What comes to you Pastor …take it. You partake in an offence against God, Humanity and Church. You knew what you were doing. YOU WERE THE ADULT IN THIS SITUATION!

  11. BMNJ says:

    Maybe that’s the reason why we don’t really hear anything much from the religious leaders of Belize speaking up against all the crimes & injustices that are happening in our country. They are busy satisfying their own demonic & selfish needs. Amen!!

  12. egbert young says:

    A sexual harassment case here. The parents should sue the church and this individual personally for damages.–may help this school administration to do a better job when appointing faculty members in the future.

  13. Storm says:

    Whatelsetodo, there is a big difference in earning God’s forgiveness and facing justice under our law. God knows our hearts and knows whom to forgiver and when,if it is earned and deserved. don’t know whether this Pastor will ever get there, because until now, he has been living one life on the outside and a different one on the inside. Probably a lot of work yet to do inside him.

    But we also have to obey man’s law, and it is not clear whether the Pastor’s behavior violated the law of our land. Wise or not, adultery is not a crime, and our age of consent is 16 — was he intimate with her before that? Forgiveness has nothing to do with being punished for breaking our criminal law, because that is an affront against the people, to protect all society.

  14. Allen Briceno says:

    That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. If there is any blame that is to be done here that is everyone involved, the mother should have been more observant as a mother and the pastor should have known better. But like the bible says ” let him who has not sin cast the first stone”. Every single one who has responded to this problem negatively look in the mirror and say you’re perfect and you have not lust on your neighbors wife, your school teachers, your flesh desires…i dare you to lie, because God knows our every thoughts and we sin greatly with our minds. Hate the sin, love the sinner!

  15. Zedd says:

    what we can all learn form this is just like the Bible says,”be sure your sins will find you out.” & “whatever is done in the darkness will be brought to light”. Evil Things have a way of coming to the light just at the time when it is the most inconvenient.

    God hates hypocrisy. He prefers that you be cold and in sin than you being lukewarm and being a hypocrite or wolf in sheep’s clothing. GOD HATES THAT !

  16. Whip Them says:


  17. Whip Them says:


  18. Jade says:

    For all of US have sin and fallen short of the glory of God!!! hello ppl we are all human being… and JUST SOOO U ALLLL KNOW IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO…. I BLAME THEM BOTH…. because now a days young girls know right and wrong and at times they are the ones to be behind man and allow themselves to get !@#$%^….. and the man well he old too and knows the word of the lord far better.

  19. REEL says:

    All hypocrites!! if he was a white man we would be ready to lynch him. he is a repeat sex offender. he needs to be jailed and subsequently placed on a sex offenders list and to have absolutley no contact with minors, or he will sexually abuse children again.

  20. Michelle SR says:

    It seems this creates a backlash on the church.. i just want to say that what was done is not a reflection of God or Christians..he is human and he sinned..that does not mean that ALL Christians are the a matter of fact i dare say that his heart was not in line with that of God’s word or this would not have happened, but we cannot say that Christians are wicked because of this, someone in a close relationship with God shuns sin, and while we are not perfect there are things we just dont do because the Holy Spirit convicts us. His action is not a reflection on Christ or Christians..and “church people” and Christians are not the same..going to church every Sunday or even everyday does not make you a Christian. Repenting of your sins and being born again. surrendering your life to God does. True Christians know of what i speak.

  21. Teragram says:

    I can see why in some cultures women have to be covered up

  22. Jayci says:

    Regardless, he should be treated like every other person who has done wrong-punished. Let him take up his confession with gog and they deal with that together because who are we to condemn anyone. But we also have laws that we need to abide by. Our country is governed by law so just like the theifs and murders are tried so should he. Not because he is a pastor it’s okay for him just to repent and it should be over with. We have to keep in mind that while he may never do it again there is a chance that he might do it again. He may be tempted with other young girls. So if he will not be tried he must at least be taken down from authority and get some councelling of his own because oviously he has some serious problem to go down that road in the first place. Which parent will ever rust him again-seriously?

  23. jayci says:

    Everyone keep talking about the church and repenting and forgiveness. Damn it, althought he is a pastor he also have done something wrong. If he feels like repenting and asking forgiveness, that should be between him and god, we as Belizeans have nothing to do with that. What we as Belizeans should be concerned about it that he slept with a young girl and he should be dealt with occurding to the laws of Belize. Yes, 16 is an age of concent, but that doesn’t means that some other measures must not be put into place for this not to happen again. Like the murders and theifs, he must face some kind of disiplinary action. He might not do it again but he might also do it again, we can tell for sure. So in order to clear all doubts, he should be removed from all his authority positions. He should also get councelling himself, because ther has to be something wrong with him in order for him to go down that road in the first place. Once he he won the trust of authority and his church after getting help, then who would we be then to condemn him. But right now, which parent will trust him with their child-seriously?



  25. belizea says:

    God is everywhere people. At the very least, this individual should be removed immediately from his post of supervisor, counselor and pastor of this flock. The rest is up to God as to what will become of him in this life and the after life.

  26. belizea says:

    God is everywhere people. At the very least, this individual should be removed immediately from his post of supervisor, counselor and pastor of this flock. Remember the trial of Jerry Sandusky in the USA? He hid behind his role of Assistant Coach at Penn State University and committed all sorts of sordid sexual acts with the young boys and men he came in contact with. Lets make sure that Pastor Willacey is removed from his position of trust in this Church immediately.

  27. Buju says:

    A man can do 1000 good things and it goes unnoticed but as he does 1 bad thing he is crucified for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. bryan says:

    i think he should take a break in preaching the word of God like how he is pastor and that is a sin in sight of GOD and his congregation. He need to confess for what he do and we r not perfect we all sin each day and only GOD is perfect.. And as a christian we should know the truth and the things what god want us to do. But for all non- believers the best thing to do is to be born again and repent for our sin. And nowadays things is changing because god will soon come to pick his people and only for those that born again and repent.. Therefore let us be ready and awake because no one know when GOD will come….\

  29. Solutions says:

    Ministry of Education. You have an obligation to protect our innocent children. Remove him immediately from his position of authority while we discuss his punishment. After all he has not only been condemn in our public court of opinion, he has produced proof of guilt himself.

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