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Aug 17, 2012

Known gang affiliate shot

Austin Rowland

Twenty-five year old Austin Rowland, a resident of Oleander Street in the Lake Independence area, is recovering from a gunshot wound to the left leg following an armed assault on him on Flamboyant Street on Thursday night.  Reports are that Rowland, a known affiliate of the PIV gang, was in the vicinity of the long barracks when he came under fire by a gunman he later identified as Kareem Smith.  At around nine-thirty p.m., while standing near the basketball court, a volley of shots, as many as seven, was let loose in Rowland’s direction, causing his injury.  Scenes of Crime personnel later recovered a single, live nine millimeter round of ammunition, as well as five expended shells from the scene of the shooting.  Rowland, according to our records, has an extensive history of run-ins with the law, beginning in July 2005 when he was arrested along with four others for the murder of Celestino Zetina.  Police are looking for Kareem Smith in connection with his shooting.

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8 Responses for “Known gang affiliate shot”

  1. Storm says:

    Give Rowland and Smith equal guns, and tie them together with about a 3 foot cord, and let them blast away at each other. If one survives, hang him.

    Here are two of the 100 or so gangsters that should just disappear from the Jewel permanently. I hope justice is done.

  2. Uncle Benji says:

    Hopefully, he dies. Hopefully, the GSU will form a death squad and kill them all. I would gladly contribute $$$ to the formation of such a GSU unit.

    Kill their kids, parents, brethens. Kill them all.

  3. BMNJ says:

    Since there’s no political will by our politicians to reintroduce back capital punishment, then at least we have ‘gang will’ to compensate for this shortfall.

  4. Belize bwoy says:

    Listen to your self guys no better than the killers . The father is a forgiven man . Keep positive this man might be a victim to sociaty.

  5. Nigel says:

    @ Belize bwoy, a victim to (of) society (society)? So what you are saying that known murderers and people who choose to be criminals are victims? So I guess we can release all the criminals from prison because they are “victims of society” and while we are at it we should go on ahead and forgive Jeffery Dahmer, Adolf Hitler, Bert Vasquez and all other mass murderers and killers because they are “victims” of an unjust and law abiding society. Yes God is a forgiving God but he also requires us to change and want his forgiveness. People like these will die the same way as they live violent and there is no change for them in this life. I wake up every day just like everybody else and go to a job that pays me a salary that barely pays the bills; I can choose to live the life that these guys live and probably make more dealing drugs and carrying out paid hits but I choose to live the life that God intends for everyone to live. Using the excuse that the economy is bad so they have to turn to a life a crime is total bull, it’s justifying shooting a Chinese grocer in his head for no reason while committing a robbery. I say kill them before you (Belize bwoy) become the victim of people that have become lifelong criminals. This is the life that some of them have chosen to live and no amount of jail time or gang truce money is going to change that. Talking about gang truce money… I bet a person like you would want the US government to pay the Taliban to behave and stop committing acts of terrorism. Sounds ridiculous? So does asking these urban terrorist to stop shooting up homes and little children sleeping in their beds, it just won’t happen until we do something about it. God helps those who help themselves, so let’s help ourselves and society by hanging these hindrances to our way of life.

  6. BMNJ says:

    Belize bwoy, do you know what you are saying? This is the impression that I’m getting from you. Since God is forgiving and since the person might have been a victim of society, it is OK and justifiable for someone to kill another person. In the news, we heard over & over, time & again, when gang members were in court being tried for not 1 but up to 3 & 4 murders. But according to you because of God & the society explanation, it is OK & just stay positive.

    The child molester, Bert Vasquez, might very well be a victim of society as well and God is forgiving. So again, we must stay positive.

    How about the Chinese businessman who was killed during the arm robbery recently? But because of the excuses you have for them, again, in your opinion, it is OK & just stay positive.
    Well, I guess Adolf Hitler and Usama Bin Laden must be excused as well because God is forgiving. And who knows, maybe they were victims of society as well. So we must stay positive.

    When, my friend, that we must look within ourselves and start to be responsible for our own actions base on freewill given to us by God and the freedom of choice to do either the right or the wrong thing?

  7. belizean says:

    We should do what the American Indians did to their prisoners. Find a snake pit, where they cant get out of n throw them in there. Throw a gun in after them with only one bullet in it. Then let them make the decision on who gets to die quick n who gets to die slowly from a snake bite, with excruciating pain.

  8. End Of Days says:

    Guys, you are doing it wrong. You should make sure he is dead, that way we have one less scum to worry about. 323,000 people, 43% in poverty, 23% out of job, yet only a handful of losers deem it fit to terrorize hard working Belizeans by robbing and murdering them. Society need to stop being tolerable to these scum because a lot of people are poor just like them, but not every single poor person out there committing crime, most are out there doing an honest days work.

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