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Aug 15, 2012

Gang Truce now Peace in Progress?

The super bond may be on the mind of those who are interested in the economy, but human bondage, the type that enslaves and ties the minds of our youths with hand guns, is a grave concern for the rest of the country. And in Belize City, areas like La Croix Boulevard in the Lake Independence area has become a battlefield between local gangs with five recent shooting incidents on record since May.  The Minister of State in the Ministry of National Security with responsibility for the gang truce, Mark King has not spoken on the issue before. But when the media caught up with him at an event this morning, the obvious question was whether or not he believed the gang truce was working. King says that the ministry would not negotiate with terrorists and that, in fact, the gang truce is holding. But for the increased crime in the area; King says that plans are in the pipeline to deal with the criminal activity.


Mark King, Minister of State, Ministry of National Security

Mark King

“That is an unfortunate sound that we have been hearing for years and years; especially in the Lake Independence Area. Like I’ve said, we’ve sat down with the police; we’ve reinforced the police in this area; policing within a certain time in this area—we all know the police have limited resources and we are doing exactly what we can. But I am saying to stop that kind of crime, we know people dodge the police too so at the end of the day; it is no one day task. It’s a continuous thing that we must stay on which is why we have developed other series of plans including the neighborhood watch program, the quick access program and so forth. We are also in liaison with the Mahogany Street Precinct and Eastern Division to see how we can put this together. But I know that we have been taking additional task: having the GSU and other members of the police department come in to this area and secure it properly.  I’ll move away from Gang Truce and now call it Peace in Progress. It is functioning; however, it is functioning for those persons who are willing to cooperate and work with the program. For those people who aren’t, like I said, we don’t negotiate with terrorists and we don’t negotiate with those who want to be violent—you are out of the program. So yes it is functioning for those who want to be a part of the program.”


The Gang Truce will now be referred to as Peace in Progress; the difference in definition would be that the groups are not quite there yet as previously stated.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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15 Responses for “Gang Truce now Peace in Progress?”

  1. Storm says:

    Hon. King, are you a fool, drunk, or just a liar?

    Belize is the fifth most murderous nation in the world!

    We are on another record rate for murders.

    HOW HAS YOUR POLICY OF APPEASEMENT AND SUPPORT OF THE GANGSTERS SAVED LIVES? They are still murdering law-abiding people, they just can buy their bullets with government checks.

    The entire policy is a disgraceful one. End it, and unleash BDF and GSU on the gangsters so they all end up like Arthur Gentle. 100 dead gangsters, and we will enjoy substantial peace and security.

    And hang ALL murderers.

    A country that does not defend its citizens from violence is illegitimate.

  2. Philleziean;) says:

    It’s about time they start doing something.

  3. Holy Father says:

    Let’s pray that all these misguided gang banger souls get blessings bestowed on them and they meet their maker very soon.

    Let’s also pray that the GSU forms a death squad to eliminate these gang bangers. One per day will keep morticians happy.

    Heaven on earth would be having a GSU death squad with a theme song like “another one bites the dust.”

  4. Truth says:

    what is the price or amount of money that determines the peace among gang members. And not using that money to improve healthcare etc. just plain stupid and incompetent.

  5. Elgin Martinez says:

    All the GOB is doing is empowering Gang members.

  6. PUP says:

    no blame me, you all elected him.

  7. egghead says:

    I agree with Storm. I was in the first TSU formed under Keith Hamilton and a former BDF. We need to get back to those days where the only bad man in town was Dougal. We used to take him past the cemetary and whip his butt and let him walk back, and you know in those days peolple used to be scared of the dead. But, not anymore, they are killing just for glory. The police is treating these thugs like people. Forget about their rights and let them build the highways, Infrastructures and break stones in the quarry. We need the to bring back the old days.

  8. Hatari says:

    In order to control our out-of-control crime problem is to FIRST OFF completely reform our unprofessional and inept police department. Remember the “Crooks Report”? It outlined what needs to be done. Did GOB follow those directives? Of course not! That would require some actual honest effort from the police brass and politicians. Now the Minister of National Security (who has absolutely no experience or qualifications for the job he holds) has assured us that “he will not consider an outside Commissioner of Police” as recommended. Unfortunately, Belize does not have anyone in the police ranks that is qualified to turn the department around. When will we ever learn?

  9. rose says:

    Let them bring back chester williams in Belize City. Chester fu we

  10. RedBwai says:

    So GOB is paying the gang members to keep the peace…any fool out there could tell you there is certainly no peace out in the streets right about now between the gangs. GOB shouldnt have been paying them in the first place…GOB should stop paying them immediately…they arent doing what they were being paid to do…let the “good” gangsters pay for the “bad” gangsters…because out here the good law abidinig citizens are always paying for bad ones…and i mean that in a literal sense too..let them kill each other out in the streets…wud jus be a few less gangster in the streets then…

  11. RedBwai says:

    I agree with Storm & Holy Father 100%…we sooooo need a death squad here in Belize….an trust me wen i say…if the government doesnt…the ordinary law abiding citizens will establish their own death squads to rid Belize of all those scum of the earth good for nothing gansters..put them down like the dogs they are i say!!

  12. Belize bwoy says:

    All the pm is doing is giving these guys money to by more guns .

  13. NY says:

    The media needs to start calling these idiots LOOSERS, and not elevate their status to gangsters because real gangsters do not murder innocent kids.

  14. me says:

    NO death squad is needed, gangs should be forced to work for food on jail. we need bette roads.

  15. freddy says:

    Let’s face it belizean people the gangs will take over belize city.unless the police can protect there identities the gangs will retaliate on there familys everybody knows everybody.the goverment of belize need to protect there officers an i dont see how they can accomplish that without anyone getting kill.

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