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Aug 9, 2012

Man photographed with stolen M4 Carbine not killed in San Pedro

It made headlines when a joint forces operation was engaged in a shootout near the Rocky Point end of Ambergris Caye. Three men, Alexander Mazariego and Ismael Garcia of Las Flores, Belmopan and Kendale Flowers of Belize City were killed. According the police, months before the operation was carried out they had received pictures showing both Flowers and Mazariego in possession of high powered weapons. Now, there is some sort of confusion because the man who was identified to be dead is alive; matter of fact he was recently busted for drug possession in San Pedro. So how did that happen? Well, it seems police were naming the wrong person in the picture. It is sensational because in the picture he was holding a high powered rifle that the authorities has identified as stolen from the B.D.F.  News Five’s Andrea Polanco has the story.


Andrea Polanco, Reporting

In a press conference called by the joint forces; BDF, Police and Coast Guard on July tenth, the media were furnished with this picture; according to police, it was twenty-two year old Alexander Mazariegos. Note that the surname on the picture wasn’t spelt correctly.


David Henderson, Acting Commissioner of Police


“This individual, he is an individual who we know is from Belmopan area, from the Salvapan area. In fact, these pictures obtained about a month ago and if you make keen observation on the firearms, you’ll see the nine millimeter is identically similar to one that was obtained during that incident on Saturday. If you look at the M-Four carbine, it is identically the same. These pictures were obtained one month prior to this incident. So in no way, shape or form, the security forces had to really plant or put or cause any injury to anybody.”


But Martha Mazariegos says that man is not her son.


Martha Mazariegos, Mother of the Deceased

“Well actually, it’s not; that is not my son.”


The man who the police incorrectly labeled as Mazariegos, is now positively identified by authorities as twenty-two year old Elias Hernandez.  On Tuesday he was arrested after he and two other men were found with marijuana. One of the men had charged at law officers with a machete.


Martha Mazariegos

Martha Mazariegos

“That is the other guy; the guy who deh just hold with drugs at San Pedro; his name is Elias Hernandez.  And like how I said, this is my son, not that guy. I need them to clarify it because I have in my hands I have the Amandala, The Reporter with that same guy’s picture on my son’s name and I don’t like it because it is not my son.”


Andrea Polanco

“Do you know him personally?”


Martha Mazariegos

“I know him personally yes; he is from Salvapan.”


Andrea Polanco

“Was he one to maybe hang out with your son; just you know hang out together?”


Martha Mazariegos

“I’ve never seen him with my son; maybe once or twice but not doing things or nothing so I don’t know why he was with him. I don’t know.”


The picture was published by all media houses after they were released by the police with her son’s name. The coastguard has indicated the labeled picture came from the police.


Martha Mazariegos

“From the Amandala, The Reporter, Channel.”


Andrea Polanco

“So they are saying that the media released those photos; they didn’t?”


Alexander Mazariego

Martha Mazariegos

“Yes, that’s what they told me that they didn’t do it. So I don’t understand why this happened. Even my brother who lives in the states he called me and told me he didn’t expect that from my son. Like I said that is not my son with that gun in his hand.  The way I say, I don’t like it is because my grand kids are growing and what will they think? Like I said, I don’t know what my son was doing out there but when that picture came out, I don’t like it. To me that they killed my son; it is very hard for me now. I have my two grandsons and what will they say when they grow and now I’m here to help my daughter in law because she has to work.”


Reporting for News Five, I’m Andrea Polanco.


So the police have a living suspect that can lead them to the source of the theft of weapons from the B.D.F.’s weapons store. We’ll have more when the police are ready to comment on the error and the investigation.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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13 Responses for “Man photographed with stolen M4 Carbine not killed in San Pedro”

  1. Maria Marshall says:

    Very confusing !!!

  2. Rod says:

    Only in Belize these things can happen these people are all illegals from eighter honduras or Salvador anyway they should all be deported anyway.

  3. rasman says:

    The police are as confused as the message they send to the public

  4. MACAL RIVERA says:


  5. TB says:

    She doesn’t need to give any explanation to her grandchildren, just raise them differently that she did her own son. Otherwise they will end up just like their papa. Unlike many other parents, she gets a second chance to get it right through her grandchildren.

  6. alley cat says:

    Well the real picture did not make him look any better, throwing up gang signs. If they got that pic from Mom then she is not too bright.

  7. Now i see says:

    What your grandkids will do? Mmmm let me think THE SAME THING THAT YOUR SON DID.!!!!

  8. Storm says:

    A little embarrassing, but it just means there are more bad guys on the cays than we knew before. It is obvious that the government doesn’t have control of the cays, and criminals are taking them over. I hope Coast Guard and BDF, and anyone else able to help, can sweep them clean soon. No mercy.

  9. raul guevara says:

    exactly send them to their country.

  10. Joe says:

    u can see the lack of education on a person simply by the way they express themselves about others…….

  11. BMNJ says:

    Will get to hear some interesting findings by the police very soon. Stay tune Belize audiences. Part II is coming up live on your television screen!!

  12. jmichaelg says:

    The Zetas want that piece of Belize and they will take it if the police continue to stumble around and do their usual unprofessional and inept job at securing our country.

  13. Islander., says:

    Yes, all the above is true…..but ,,, it also shows the police are not telling the truth..

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