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Aug 8, 2012

Mayan King and John Zabaneh deny U.S. allegations

Mayan King Limited issued its own press release this evening saying that John Zabaneh and his companies, “categorically state that these wild and unsubstantiated accusations and any and all allegation of wrongdoing made therein against him and his companies are false and highly defamatory.” It reads like this: “John Zabaneh and his companies are not engaged in drug trafficking, are not operatives of and have neither had nor currently have any affiliation or association with Joaquin Guzman Loera, the Sinaloa cartel or any other narco-trafficker whatsoever.  Moreover, Mr. Zabaneh has never met nor heard of Daniel Moreno nor has he seen nor spoken with his nephew, Dion Zabaneh, for several years and does not know of his whereabouts. The release continues to say that Zabaneh and his companies including Mayan King Limited have been and continue to operate legitimate businesses only.

Horst Schoenhoff

These businesses, which include banana and citrus farms, employ over seven hundred and fifty workers, pay over two point five million dollars per annum in taxes and duties and generate over fifteen million U.S. dollars in foreign exchange earnings per annum through exports thereof.  These businesses struggle like many others in Belize and have loans that it must service like many others in Belize.  It is feared that these reckless fabrications may adversely affect the continuing operation of these businesses but in time Mr. Zabaneh and his companies are certain that they will be fully exonerated from these false accusations.” Zabaneh will respond in the future through his attorneys. But if you do an online search for Mayan King CEO’s name Horst Schoenhoff, you will find a legal trail including a thousand pound bust of Belizean grown marijuana that involved Horst. And his associates in that case were also implicated in incidences involving Colombian planes bound for the US

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15 Responses for “Mayan King and John Zabaneh deny U.S. allegations”

  1. Storm says:

    Hard to imagine that a smart businessman like John Z would mistakenly employ a fellow with ties to Colombian cocaine cartels to run his agricultural business. Bad luck that!

    I urge the Zabaneh clan to sue the US for defamation to clear their good name.

  2. Rod says:

    Sue sue sue

  3. Belizean Pride says:

    keep digging more info, we don’t want cartels running in our jewel, cause later all of us we’ll pay the consequences of cartel wars which we haven’t reach that point but we will, if nothing is done to stop it.

  4. Uncle Benji says:

    Americans have a severe drug problems. Young girls become prostitutes in order to pay for their drug habits and many families are destroyed because of their drug addictions. However, that is an American problem. Ask me if I care?

    If the Zabanehs are in the drug business, it simply a law of supply and demand. The Americans demand, the Zabanehs supply. I say, go for it baby. If Americans self destruct……. so be it.

    @$$ kissing Belizeans that idolize Americans will lash out at me for standing up for a Belizean. Well i am like that………….. authentic Belizean.

    In the kangaroo courts of the American system, no man is guilty until proven so. Then John Zabaneh and his cohorts are innocent, until proven otherwise. Belize supports the Zabanehs.

  5. john joseph says:

    B s unlce benji;

  6. alley cat says:

    In my opinion, It all just feels wrong, these guys and their companies have had a label attached that circumvents both legal systems, America or Belize. Maybe they are guilty but that goes against the whole idea of presumed innocence, the Judge and Jury (Belize or US) are the ones that assign guilt, in this case it appears a sort of economic sentence has been applied without a trial. This affects lines of credit, jobs etc… Where I differ with Uncle B is that if they are guilty then they need to deal with the consequences. We can’t just blame it on America’s habit…

  7. thewholetruth says:

    Please allow me to post these links. It contains the details of Horst drug related legal troubles in the US and Belize with planes.

  8. Truth Warrior says:

    What idiot encourages drug dealers ? Bengi you are an admirer of evil !!! O.K….In the 80′s they shipped some weed, made money and set up business – no big deal. But to sell your soul for wealth is very different. Cocain is satan himself in powder or rock form. These Zabanehs who are very wealthy, seem to be extreamly greedy and evil, they bow daily to satan and praise him by taking part in these actions. Everything has consequences . Distributing major amounts of cocain, here, there or even in america must have serious consequences. The great amount of lives destoyed, and all the pain and suffering caused to the families and children of addicts is no joke. Someone’s got to pay…God is a fare God. What goes around comes around, theres a million other ways to put it. Only gangsters respect gangsters. I have no respect for drug dealers or their admirers. People Wake Up…A man’s actions have two outcomes…Blessings or Curses !!! These Zabaneh’s have obviously been tricked by the devil, and seems you too Benji.

  9. Now i see says:

    What i dont understand is why it was the americans that are looking into this? And not the Belize goverment? I mean, they are doing all the deals from here. And everyone knows that the zabaneh, and moreno are drug dealers. Morenos wife hides behind the bible and plays the fool. She knows everything that the husband is doing. She said that he is working with nemo and acording to nemo they have nothing to do with him. Now i see where the big boat,all the propertys,houses,bars one of a sudden. Here in Corozal. If the americans really whant to clean this they will have to start from waaaaaay up. Theres a lot of corruption in this country. If the americans are acusing them for drug traficking its true and we the people know it too. It will be interesting if the u.s. freezes acounts and cuts all dealings with the inlaws of this drug dealers also (big importers) and who knows what all. Its about time they start cleaning Belize from all these garbage. Iam 100% with the americans. They should also check for the human traficking. Dont give them time to escape. One more thing not all Belizeans think like @uncle bengi (probably he cant go to the u.s.)

  10. Xtasy says:

    Well until someone else can come up 750+ jobs for people of this country……….I suggest you sit down and shut up.

  11. lauren says:

    it’s about time they’re caught! they’ve sucked out the innocence of our country and made money.

  12. MzPutToRight says:

    thewholetruth and lauren sound like 2 fools. Think before you all write and stop being powered by envy. In this country, it seems that as soon as someone is successful, the “Crab ina bucket” syndrome takes over. Hard work really does pay off, lazy people should try it sometimes.

  13. BMNJ says:

    CHANNEL 5 POLL for tonight is:
    If there’s profound evidence that John Zabaneh is indeed a drug trafficker, should he be punished to the fullest extend as the law allows or should GOB close a blind eye since he and his companies are the bread and butter to 750+ families and also vital to Belize economy? Yes or No.

  14. Truthbetold says:,4278818

    Everyone on the street knows the deal, he ain’t St John and nobody does anything, why??? Must be somebody high up got him covered.

    Remember cousin Deon, he still owes us $6.2 million that he took from BTL. apart from his other dealings.

  15. MzPutToRight says:

    Truthbetold, I wonder why you are so obsessed with those men. You sure are doing ALOT of research, ah hope you di bathe and brush yu teeth because you really seem to be spending all your time up the *ss of these men. Damn, get a life lmao

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