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Aug 6, 2012

James Swan Junior murdered in Corozal

James Swan Jr.

There’s a highly sensational murder to report tonight. The son of the well known James ‘Raindrops’ Swan, was killed over the weekend. Recently, thirty year old James Swan Junior was named in the double murder of Charlie Espat and Eduardo Daniel Alamilla, who were found in a shallow grave in Santa Marta Village, Orange Walk. On Sunday night, Swan Junior was shot multiple times in front of a supermarket in close proximity of the Corozal Town police station. It’s reported that he was with his two children and their mother when a man pulled out a gun and fired several times, hitting Swan and a man with whom Swan was engaged in conversation. Police are still trying to piece together the pieces of this latest killing and are not ruling out that it was a hit. News Five’s Andrea Polanco reports.


Andrea Polanco, Reporting

Thirty year old James Patrick Swan Jr. was gunned down in front of the Deng’s Supermarket on Seventh Avenue in Corozal Town. On Sunday night shortly before seven- thirty, Swan was said to be parked in his vehicle talking with another a man, Ajay Bajay, when the gun man walked up and fired multiple shots. Bajay was hit twice whilst Swan Junior was fatally shot five times.


Insp. Fitzroy Yearwood, Press Officer

“They saw one Ajay Bajay, thirty-eight year old Indian suffering from apparent gunshot wounds to his right hand and left foot. Police also visited the Corozal Community Hospital where they saw the lifeless body of James Patrick Swan Junior, thirty years laborer of number 34 Fresh Pond Burrell Boom Village. He was seen suffering from multiple gunshot wounds—two to the right side of the head, three to the chest and the stomach area.  Initial investigations reveal that Swan arrived in front of the supermarket where he began to speak to Bajay when a dark complexioned male person came from behind a fence near the supermarket and fired several shots at him. Police recovered ten expended shells on the scene. Swan was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital; Bajay was treated for his injury and it was classified as wounding.”


Fitzroy Yearwood

Swan, it appears was the intended target of the hail of bullets. The murder has the trappings of a hit; but it’s too early for police to determine why he was killed execution style.


Insp. Fitzroy Yearwood

“Well we haven’t established a motive as yet, but this would want to appear to be one; [given] the nature of how it took place.”


Patrick Jones, Love FM

“Do the police know who the suspected gunman is?”


Insp. Fitzroy Yearwood

“Not as yet; unknown to the police.”


Patrick Jones

“But the investigation tells you that it was a dark complexioned person that did the shooting?”


Insp. Fitzroy Yearwood

“Yes but that doesn’t mean that that person has been identified. We can give a description about a person, but not know who that person is. They’re just saying that he was dressed in a t-shirt, came out a dark area from behind a fence.”


Aaron Humes, Amandala Press

“In this particular person is in relation to the store the incident took place?”


Insp. Fitzroy Yearwood

“No, actually the name of the Supermarket is Deng’s Supermarket owned by a Chinese businessman.”


Aaron Humes

“So was he just an innocent bystander who was talking to Swan?”


Insp. Fitzroy Yearwood

“It would appear to be so. But we wouldn’t want to speculate. This is a murder so it is too early for us to answer questions like that.”


From all accounts, when he was alive, Swan walked on the other side of the law. In the early 2000 he was identified in the shooting of Alfred Conorquie; later on in October 2005 he was one of the men inside a vehicle where an unlicensed loaded revolver was found; another man took the rap.  Then in February 2006 Swan was one of the five men inside a vehicle that was ambushed on Dean Street; the vehicle was shot at multiple times and three of the men were injured. Back then police said it was clearly not a random act; someone inside the vehicle was a wanted man. Later that year, in May 2006 Swan Jr was charged with the murder of twenty-four year old Tyrone Felix; Felix was killed on the Gill Street where he was shot in the back of the head on the morning of Mother’s Day. It was alleged that Swan’s vehicle was seen fleeing the scene. But in 2007, the prosecution withdrew the charge against Swan when a nolle prosequi motion was called.  In April of 2011, Swan’s family home was raided by the GSU; it was alleged that weed and an empty cartridge were discovered. James Swan Jr, along with his parents and a sibling were detained. Months later they went on to beat the charges. Reporting for News Five, I’m Andrea Polanco.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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27 Responses for “James Swan Junior murdered in Corozal”

  1. please says:

    This guy was involve in my cousin death.WOW!what goes around come right back around..RIP tyrone felix.

  2. Rod says:

    Good riddance

  3. GSU commanding officer says:

    RIP BJ

  4. jugdement says:


  5. alley cat says:

    Well no surprise there. It is sad that two kids will grow up without their father, but that was by his choice, I am sure he caused many of kids to grow up without theirs too. I hope the mom can break this cycle because we know bad seeds usually yields bad seeds…

  6. CAs says:

    Why surprised, killer..

  7. Truth be told says:

    Would can’t describe my emotion, I know Bj and his family. I kept my distance cuz I know his life style, he was never no saint and I’m sure some if not all the allegations are true. I happen to see Bj last week and I thought to myself I haven’t seen him in a long time and now he’s dead. Truth be told it was his turn to go along with all the rest of wicked beast out here. The only victim
    In this situation is his kids, they are innocent everybody else jus have to suck it up cuz they know his life style and condone him. He has 3 kids not 2 he also has a son with another girl. Well Good redance for true cuz Bj serve his purpose on earth and it expired on him, am sure a lot of families cried cuz of him, now it’s his family turn.

  8. belizeanheat says:

    Kill em all, let God sort em out.

  9. Now i see says:

    Thank God one less criminal on the strrets. Too bad the kids had to see it. They will continue what the father didnt finish.

  10. Simone says:

    let all bad man criminals see that their life is worthless and only their kids will suffer if they dont happen to get hit by a tray intended for them. Then their girl will marry someone else also.

  11. GAPI says:

    I am not a normal person!!

  12. ConsciousBelizean says:

    RIP BJ….judgment day has come! Sending prayers out to his children…hope the vicious cycle does not continue.

  13. Eye in the Sky says:

    Looks like the drug wars are getting hot in Corozal Town. Is juice going to be the next victim or is he too protected by the police.

  14. Storm says:

    Sadly this is the only kind of justice for gangsters we can expect in the Jewel. Maybe once the worst of them are dead and buried like this, we can fix the police, DPP, and courts, and restore law and safety to the nation. I don’t know whether this was done by another gangster or a vigilante, but I am satisfied with the result.

  15. LIFE says:


  16. SAD, BUT says:


  17. michael Mills says:


  18. Peace & Justice says:

    No Wonder Belize is in such disarray… Look at you people, seeking vengeance rather than PEACE and justice… TO ALL THE PARENTS AND FAMILIES WHO have lost children in this “war” and ARE POSTING ABSOLUTE IGNORANCE UP HERE… KNOW THIS: YOU ARE AT FAULT FOR YOUR SLAIN children/family members. YOU WERE THE IRRESPONSIBLE SO CALLED PARENTS AND FAMILY WHO LET YOUR KIDS GO ASTRAY… AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED IF YOU LIVE IN A GLASS HOUSE DON’T THROW STONES!!! i highly doubt any of your family members or children were innocents or saints if they have had any involvement in this WAR … Please have some respect for a family in mourning…. Belize and Belizeans NEED TO REGAIN their HUMANITY and LET GO of the hate! May God Bless this family and all families wounded by this senseless ignorant violence… let’s not harbor resentment or seek vengeance… BELIZE NEEDS PEACE…. LET’S PRAY FOR PEACE…!

  19. far away says:

    RIP Bj so sad to hear all this! Living far away n not knowing y mek it harda fi understand but everyone get theres no matter wat. God is watching!

  20. please says:

    RIP TYRONE,every dog have its day.

  21. please says:

    RIP TYRONE,every dog have its day.CRY RAINDROP just as my cousin mother did when your son killed her son.

  22. Bj says:

    Bj finally run out luck…..pussy mi tink he badda dan bad…..full clip from one a di same plp dey weh yo violate. RIP !@#$%

  23. DEAN BARROW says:


  24. crazy says:

    wow, i knew bj a long time ago….hes wasn’t a saint but i never knew he would turn out this way. sorry to hear what happened to him, also sorry to hear about the other families and victims….RIP to all of them….

  25. one love says:

    Ah read all dis negativity an realize how jealous and arrogant ppl sound. Ah willing fuh bet dat all these ppl family running bout doin alot of bad things to. BJ probably wasnt mr perfect but he giv lee handout to ppl. Unuh careful wah all unuh seh cuz it cud be u or ur family next.

    Mek dis man family cry an mourn in peace. if unuh neva like BJ at least give fuh he family deh space.

    Jah Love to this family!!!

  26. Bj's sister says:

    Im just seeing this… Death is for everyone, agree! Life is for everyone, agree! but who are you to judge my brother or anyone else who had passed? did any of you see him kill anyone?
    point of the matter is, my brother was not a murderer n im not saying this because im his sister bcaz im real, if i or he was wrong i can admit it but my brother lived his life as anyone else would, he made eand meet to provide for his TWO daughters n immediate family. I came to the conclusion a long time ago before my brother even died that ppl wa always be ppl if yo do good or bad n this piece ah !@#$ blog right now prove me right… ! …u know what i cant even continue… !@#$ all ah unu n may my brother rest in peace n all the other “beasts” as u call them… Love u Beej <3

  27. lola says:

    It is sad to see the ignorance of fellow belizeans
    We all have children and we want nothing but the best for
    Them but to judge people for what other people make assumption
    For who are we to judge that’s what God and the law is for and obviously
    The law did’nt find James swan Jr guilty of any crime that he was being accused
    Of yet you people judge him. He was a good man who was a giving person who did what
    He had to do for his family like a lot of men in Belize .people should think before they
    Speak as regardless he is someone’s child ,father and brother.
    And to all the jealous people don’t worry the family is strong nothing will bring us down.
    He will continue to live on and may God bless those families that has lost love ones

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