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Aug 3, 2012

Kaina Martinez runs proudly for Belize in Olympic Trial

kaina Martinez

For a moment this morning there was a glimmer of hope that Belize would make it big in female track and field at London 2012. Of the three athletes competing for the jewel, Kenneth Medwood will be competing in track and field semi-finals this Saturday while Eddermys Sanchez was eliminated on Sunday in judo in nineteen seconds by Hungarian Miklos Ungvari. But this morning homegrown Kaina Martinez placed second in the qualify one hundred meter race.  While it didn’t turn out as sweet as we had hoped, Martinez says it has been her dream to be an Olympian. Here is her story with News Five’s Delahnie Bain.


Delahnie Bain, Reporting

From early this morning, all eyes were on Belizean athlete Kaina Martinez who competed in the hundred meter sprint at the Olympics in London. Clocking in at eleven point eight-one seconds, Kaina placed second in her in heat in the qualifying race and moved on round one. She didn’t qualify for the semi-finals, but accomplished a first for Belizeans competing in athletics.


Via Phone: Kaina Martinez, Belizean Athlete

“Overall, I feel pretty good overall. On the other side, being the fact that I wanted to do a personal best makes me feel kinda not disappointed but kinda bad. But when I ran the whole event and stuff like that I think I did a great job. So I’ll just look at the positive and remind myself that, despite the fact that I didn’t make the time that I want to, I have done a good job.”


Sonny Meighan

Via Phone: Sonny Meighan, Chief of Mission, Belize Olympic Delegation

“This morning athletics were opened, the track events. Kaina did a first for Belize. She qualified in her heat, she came second in her heat and qualified to go on to her first heat this evening at seven o’clock [Midday local time]. She lost the heat, she got eliminated and so she is out of the competition now. But she did very well, she ran against some very stiff competition and she was a bit disappointed of course, we all were, but she’s in high spirits right now and she has said she will continue training and represent us proudly again.


Like the rest of the country, Kaina’s mother, Gorgia Alvarez, was watching her on TV in Seine Bight and is proud of her performance.


Via Phone: Gorgia Alvarez, Mother of Kaina Martinez

“I was more than happy because I got so many calls from people, calling me and telling me they wish her good luck.”


Delahnie Bain

“And so what has it been like for her, as her mom, working with her and getting her to the stage that she is now?”


Via Phone: Gorgia Alvarez

“Well, I will tell her to keep on trying; maybe one day she might be lucky to win.”


Via Phone: Kaina Martinez

“It’s an awesome experience. I mean words can really describe honestly how I feel being here and being a part of the competition. I just think it’s an awesome experience. For me, personally, it’s like I have done it because this is what I wanted; to be an Olympian. So that itself is awesome to me and the experience and the huge crowd that you get to see in the stadium is like wow.”


But it’s not over for Team Belize. Kenneth Medwood also competed this morning in the four hundred meter hurdles and finished with a time of forty-nine point eight-one seconds. Medwood is moving on to the semi-finals and will compete over the weekend.


Via Phone: Sonny Meighan

“Kenneth Medwood also qualified to the second round; he ran this morning. He is going to run again tomorrow, Saturday at seven o’clock in the evening. So he’s our hurdler. He’s running against some real world champions who I’ve known from two Olympics ago, including Felix Sanchez from the Dominican Republic who is a world champion, Olympic champion. But we’re hoping that he does well tomorrow.  We’re proud of them, they did very well. This is Olympic Games where the best in the world are here and they went onto another round. A lot of countries didn’t even go on to the second round like they did; some big countries. But yes, we’re proud of them and we’re hoping that they continue to run because they’re both very good runners.”


Looking into the future, Kaina says Belizean athletes can bring home medals if the investment is made in training them.


Via Phone: Kaina Martinez

“Belize has a lot of talent; it’s just a matter of exploring those talents and giving the youths the opportunity to excel beyond. You know, we have a lot of talent home, I don’t think that anyone here has so much of a talent that Belize doesn’t have, it’s just a matter that they have put more into getting their athletes ready you know. So we have a lot of talent, it’s just a matter of us giving that opportunity to excel more and beyond.”


Delahnie Bain for News Five.


The Belize delegation returns on August thirteenth.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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24 Responses for “Kaina Martinez runs proudly for Belize in Olympic Trial”

  1. Earl Grey says:


  2. Demo says:

    As a Belizean living abroad, I´m so glad to see that the local media is covering our athletes at the Olympics; though they should be covered more when they represent Belize at other international and regional events. I hope that Kania Martinez, a home grown Belizean athlete gets the praise she deserves when she returns to Belize. She, and the other 2 athletes have made Belize proud and have worn B-E-L-I-Z-E with pride across their chests!! I hope to see that their success results in the government invest in our Belizean athletes. It would be so simple to have national trials in athletics and pick (just throwing out a random number) 5 male and 5 female track athletes and give them scholarships to train in Jamaica and you´d see Belize on top in the world stage four years from now!! Congrats to the Belize Olympic Team.

  3. enrique gonzalez says:

    proud to b a belizean

  4. enrique gonzalez says:

    up belize

  5. Maria Marshall says:

    Well done Kaina, you were among the greatest and you made Belizeans everywhere proud.

  6. Storm says:

    I believe Kaina is right, that Belizean athletes could perform above all expectations for a small country, if we just have continual training and a decent facility. I hope that is something the business community could get behind and support, so it is free from the government and politics. Maybe the Chamber of Commerce or some other national organization could start a private group to do that.

  7. Storm says:

    I believe Kaina is right, that Belizean athletes could perform above all expectations for a small country, if we just have continual training and a decent facility. I hope that is something the business community could get behind and support, so it is free from the government and politics. Maybe the Chamber of Commerce or some other national organization could start a private group to do that.

    Anyway, I’m proud of all three of our Olympians — like Winston Churchill said, “never so few!”

  8. Roy Esslinger says:

    I first met Kaina in Seine Bight several years ago on a mission trip and since that time have helped support her in every way to accomplish her dreams. I am considered by her a father that she never had. Its a parents responsibility to raise their children with values and its everyones responsibility to help them obtain their goals. Through the years Kaina and I have had many struggles to get her to where she is at today, Now I hope that the great country of Belize and the government officials will open their eyes and see that in order for their country to continue to excel they must get behind their athletes and give them the tools and resources to move ahead in the future. I truly believe that the future of Belize is in the children and everyone of us needs to show them just like I have shown Kaina over the past 10 years that with hard work and proper training their Dreams do come true.

  9. C brascoupe says:

    Great job, Kiana, A victory for your country and for women! this is just the begining!
    Seine Bight and Belize must be proud

  10. Sasha says:

    I’m very proud of the belizean team @ the olympics, you did a splendor job with the resources you had, hopefully Min. of sports can devote money to your training and all others that have the commitment to excel to higher ground.

  11. Eye in the Sky says:

    One of the few times in my life that I was actually cheering for Belize.

    The rest of this country has gone to r@$$.

  12. KAYQ says:

    Congratulations once again to all our Belizean Athletes, We should all be very proud and all puffed up, this should give us all bragging rights. Just think what could’ave happened if they had the proper training facilities to accommodate them. kaina is truly an athlete in the raw so to speak. You should be truly proud of your accomplishment. I truly hope you will be the voice for the other aspiring athletes so the govvernment can take heed and realise that whatever you all accomplish out there is for the good of our country. It’s great to present with your country across your chsr our back and holding your country’s flag in high esteem without having to look around wondering “what hve you done for me”. Yes I love my country and I’m proud to repesent my country but is my country going to do to help me represent it in a winning field?
    More cheers for our athletes, and to the government, it’s good to send representatives from our country yes, it makes us all proud win, place or show but, what would even greater would to give hem the right support like a proper size swimming pool,a field that is worthy, th right coaches and trainers and the proper education . who knows how many athletes must have fallen by the way side for lack of proper education,what’s up with gym or physical education? We can win and we should win and we will win when our athletes are treated like athletes with the adequate governmental support. Cheers for our athletes, May God our Heavenly Father truly bless and encourage all of you as you do your best to represent our beloved country BELIZE!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Jr says:

    Great job kaina belizeans home and broad were very happy to see you perform. keep working hard and do what you do best, you have potential to be back in brazil 2016, sucks that government not investing and doing enough to have a international coach in Belize and proper facility to have more upcoming athletes be home training and reach their true potential.

  14. Track Enthusiast says:

    It is unfortunate that we have to keep sending athletes to compete at this level without having given them the tools and support to do their best. Belize does have talent. However, after 25 years – that I know about- the government have yet to provide athletes with proper training facilities. Not even when the funds were provided by an outside source were they able to deliver proper facilities. No coments from this side on where the money went but they should be ashame of how poorly these matters are handled.

    Instead of paying criminals they should be investing in the youths that are looking to do something positive with their lives.

  15. Belize goddess says:

    Iam proud of my country also I feel that Mario jones can train them. They jus need a little more push and Belize will make it

  16. Well Done! says:

    I’m am so proud of Kiana, great job for our country. Even though her time was not her personal best, I just want to put out there that belize do produce excellent talent. I remember Sharlette Barrow ran a 10.9 someting in her days and never made it to the olympics. I can mentioned many more female track and field stars who ran faster Kiana and never made it. Please don’t get me wrong I love Kiana, but I hope the people responsible start doing something for our athletes to help them with their dreams.

  17. Teg says:

    congratulations, Kiana. politicians should stop thnking on thier pockets and start building belize’s future. we have a lot to offer to the world

  18. Belizean1012 says:

    Congrats Kiana, job well done!! I am so proud of you. With that said, I just want to mentioned that we have produce excellent femal athletes with tremendous talent. Sharlette Barrow in her day ran a 10.9 something but never made it to the olympics. I can mentioned a few females. Instead of giving praises to Marion Jones maybe we should have given it to our local girls who did it all without drugs. I hope the people responsible for the development of your athletes start doing the right thing and promote them(athletes) instead of yourselves.

  19. D Audinette says:

    Maybe now we the Belizean Public start to demand better sporting facilities and support system for our athletes from the Government. Ms. Martinez has shown great perseverance in getting to the olympics (mostly on her own). The irony of it is that she will return a national hero with the whole welcome ceremony and after that is over we will forget all about her and her achievements. We need to fight for our athletes because they carry the weight of our country, all our dreams and aspirations on their shoulders. We need to support them!

  20. impartial says:

    the GOB should invest more in sports, education and health than in feeding gangbangers. there is potential in B-ball, track and field and even soccer

  21. MadDOG says:


  22. Teg says:

    our goverment is not interested in our athletes! only in our lands!!!!!!! too bad

  23. I.G. says:

    Someone should inform the Caribbean Broadcasters that Nigeria is not a Caribbean country since they gave that runner about 5 minutes of coverage. Well done Kaina.

  24. Joel Sutherland says:

    I have spoken to coaches in the US that have tried to work with Belize Government to get Track & Field up and running. I was told that there was no infrastructure or support! There has to be a Ten-year plan in order to compete on the World Class level. We have high School runners running faster than 11.81: Kaina Martinez Great job!!! keep the development going!

    Coach Joel

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