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Aug 2, 2012

Viva Las Vegas! Deputy P.M. gave family prime land

When we checked out today, the price of land in San Pedro, it is verifiable that the price paid by the Vega clan is chum change in which ever area the land is situated. In fact, the most conservative estimate for crown land in underdeveloped areas would be at least four times more. This morning Vega was drilled about numerous parcels of land acquired by family members.  Near the Burton Canal Nature Reserve, for example, the area was sub-divided and sold off to four family members.


Gaspar Vega, Deputy Prime Minister

“San Estevan that’s a land that he had a long time ago all he did now was to push it through and formalize the thing. In Burton Canal, I gave him a lot in Burton Canal and one in Mount Pleasant; he lives in Belmopan. Leticia Vega, that’s thirty acres; I think this is in San Estevan if I’m not mistaken. Yeah, I think it’s in San Estevan. It’s cane fields, Jules. I mean they are getting so petty. I wanted to go to German Vega because I know that’s the main focus.  Karen is German Vega and Ignacio. Okay Karen, they say the lots that she got for three hundred dollars. These two house lots that they are talking about that she bought are right behind his present home. Everybody in Orange Walk knows that those lands belonged to B.S.I. from in the 1950′s when they built the factory. He bought the two lots from someone who had bought it from B.S.I. They had a little alley that dead ended right behind his present house lot where he lives. Under the P.U.P., German Vega/Ignacio Vega started the process of acquiring that little alley. It was the P.U.P. Mayor at the time that approved it; Johnny Briceno was the Minister at the time. All I did was finalize the process and for that little alley was what we paid three hundred dollars on. It’s not for the house lot. The Government couldn’t have sold that land because it didn’t belong to the Government since the 1950′s.”


Gaspar Vega

Jules Vasquez, 7 News

“Then we see Ignacio Vega has another holdings here; Indian Hill East Progresso?”


Gaspar Vega

“Okay, Indian Hill, that’s a cane field that my father, since he was the youngest of the nine of us, was left for him. The three or four lots of Progresso that had come up at the news when we had just gotten in 2008. You can check with Mr. Albert Burns whom my brother bought these lands from because they are all lagoon frontage.”


Jules Vasquez

“So you’re saying that’s a private transaction?”


Gaspar Vega

“I guess that’s what I’m saying. All the Progresso land that he has, he bought from Albert Burns and he is a gentleman that is not in politics so he wouldn’t lie; anyone can go and check with him.”


Jules Vasquez

“And these other lots that are in Carmelita; Orange Walk, Orange Walk…”


Gaspar Vega

“I don’t, but your list is not too clear; but I can tell you that in Carmelita, I think it was thirty five acres that he bought from a guy Guerra who used to campaign for P.U.P. and that’s who he bought it from. I gave him a hundred and thirty five acres of land in the Carmelita area and out of that one thirty five, fifty acres were for him that the P.U.P. cancelled in ’98. So all the rest of land that he has was bought through the private sector and these people know about, like the land they are saying I sold for three hundred dollars.”


Jules Vasquez

“Now these lands, in your defence of it, are they fair market value?”


Gaspar Vega

“Yes, you think I should charge my brother more than the rest? I already told you that we charge eight hundred dollars for a house lot in the villages and everybody know that. We charge land in the cayes, two thousand to two thousand five hundred dollars per lot.”


Click here to see a list of the land that has changed hands to the Vega family and high ranking U.D.P.’s. That list was compiled and circulated by the P.U.P. at a press conference on Wednesday.

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15 Responses for “Viva Las Vegas! Deputy P.M. gave family prime land”

  1. Now i see says:


  2. Eye in the Sky says:

    Who bought an island for a few hundred dollars and tried to sell it for hundreds of thousands of dollars?

    Guess ?

  3. Belizean Pride says:

    no big surprise they get 100′s of acres while I can’t even get a house lot after many attempts, but yes I’m a hard working person mr. vega my taxes fuel your ride for you everyday along with other tax payers money, how you dare you say you’re the only clan that are hard working people, scuuuummm.

  4. Rod says:

    Vega = thief thief thief their is no land in San Pedro for 2 thousand dollars all these people need to be put in jail damm thy thief openly no wonder we have so much crime in the country the gov. All the thief so the rest of the country the see this and think its ok to be a thief. Good example udp the stealing in this ya gov. Is blatant and you have a pm who encourages it wow.

  5. lucky says:

    This is such a shame, he did let us know one thing that if you are not in politics you don’t lie. I don’t understand why the gang just keep shooting each other. God forgive me for saying this, but these are the people they should be getting rid of. These are the people that have you in the position where you are Belizean, broke and fustrated. If that super bond was split between the people of Belize everybody would be rich but instead it continue to be only certain people get rich in your country. All the crimes is because of your government.

  6. indy says:

    On Channel 7 the Hon Gaspar Vega agrees that indeed he gave land to his family and he is not sorry or thinks there is nothing wrong with that. Doesn’t nepotism, corruption, abuse of power..etc come to his mind??? Ok PM said that the PUP did the same: true we agree on that and this is no secret on this. Belize is a small country and everybody knows people’s business. But come on I thought you guys would be different!!!

    PUP is denying the allegation and counter attacking oh geeze. STOP STOP!!! tell us how you will make this better, give us an example of legislation that you will pass!!!!! Give recommendations on how they should do it or write a legislation and present it to the house (granted that it will never pass but at least do something!!!!


  7. Elgin Martinez says:

    This is nepotism at work,no surprise this is the norm in Belize.Hence the reason the country is in a F up state.

  8. Storm says:

    I applaud the media for uncovering this flagrant corruption. I am amazed that the PM has not lifted a finger to correct it.

    Maybe it is time for the Senate to ask the Governor General to intervene. We need a new government, maybe even a caretaker government, and we need it now.

  9. Rod says:

    March belizeans march tha the pm house enough is enough no wonder barrow have enough money fu go tha Miami every week I wonder how much he done take if just the ministers take thousands of acres of land and he protects them from going to jail let’s take all of hem put them on a plane to anywhere other than Belize rise up belizeans before you are the next one shot .

  10. SHAME says:

    What a dumb-@$$ Gaspar Vega is.
    He literally put his foot in his mouth when he said that “all the Progresso land that he has, he bought from Albert Burns and he is a gentleman that is not in politics so he wouldn’t lie”.
    Vega admits that a politician that he is, is a complete liar. And he is the deputy prime minister of Belize-no $#!%!! What a shame!!
    Barrow must be scratching his head and covering his face in disgrace, saying to himself “what a !….ing dumb @$$ Vega is!!!
    The media should follow up on Vega comments and insist that he explain what he meant.

  11. subKonshus says:

    Weren’t Joe Coye and Florencio Marin taken to court by this same administration for the selling of public lands below the market value. Time is longer than rope Mr. Vega. The same knife weh stab, sheep stab goat.

    Check out the news archives:

  12. GAPI says:

    I am not a normal person,Jules!!!!!
    analyse these words, considering he is the next in line to be Prime Minister, he is deputy and he thinks of himelf as aabove normal, God forbids he is to be Prime Minister, the sense of entitlement, the arrogance, narcissism is overwhelming, I am so sorry for Belize. while the country is worried about crime and the average Joe is try to make ends meet , to pay bills and buy school uniform, we have a Leader with this mentality. Belize will be worse than Haiti in three years.

  13. Belizean2dbone says:

    What more should we expect to be told by politicians. We are the ones that exalted them in the first place and made them feel as they are on pedestals. As a people we have to understand that politics is a business in Belize. The taxpayers and the business people in this country are the investors. We finance the government with money and leave ourselves without. When our hands are tied behind our backs, they return to us and offer to cut us from our bondage by offering us 2 hundred dollars for a vote. We are so blind that we just take the money and fail to realize that we are paid already for those votes. Think Belize is getting what it deserves. Things wont change in this country until we realize that voting for a party solely based on popularity or bribery is not the way to go. Politician like any other person in this Country will always look after Family first. It is in our human nature to do so. We cant blame Gapi, we just got ourselves to blame.

  14. MAGABUAY says:

    This !@#$%^&*() is clearly a !@#$%^&, look what he says, he says you can check with Mr Burns who is not in politics,,, so he wouldnt lie jajajaj what a fool he is clearly a fool by saying that he is revealing the truth…that all of those ………. are liars and hypocrites !!!

  15. Earl Grey says:



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