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Aug 2, 2012

Victim or not? Murdered man found with weapon

Tevin Ferguson

There was another murder in the Old Capital; it is fifth in the past five days and believed to be in retaliation of the Sunday night murder of Stephen Flowers, an alleged gang associate. Around seven o’clock, nineteen year old Tevin Ferguson was shot at multiple times in the Lake Independence area; he died on the spot in a pool of blood. The twist in this latest homicide is that Ferguson is also the gunman who had opened fire on another resident who lived to tell the story. Freelance reporter Duane Moody reports.


Duane Moody, Reporting

At around seven on Wednesday night, the lifeless body of nineteen year old Tevin Ferguson was found lying face down in a pool of blood on Linda Vista Street in the Lake Independence Area of the Old Capital. Ferguson’s body was riddled with bullets; he was hit to the neck, chest, back and right side of the body. A black nine millimeter pistol was also found beside him.


Voice of: Mother of Shooting Victim

“Somebody holla the gunman dead. Then I say what? Dehn say the gunman dead—see the gunman way up the street. And well I run gone up the street and I see the gunman deh down pan the ground dead with ih gun side ah ahn.”


Catherine Robinson

Catherine Robinson, Mother of Deceased

“Police dehn say that how he gone fi kill somebody and dehn kill he.  When they tell me about the gun business and thing, I mi shock. I know that ih mi di heng with the wrong crowd and as wah mother I talk to ahn but he choose noh fi listen to me.”


Who killed Ferguson is still a mystery but it is known that Ferguson was killed while fleeing from the home of twenty-eight year old Mark Godoy where he had just allegedly opened fire on Godoy. At least twelve shots were fired, Godoy was hit on the hip and chest.


Mark Godoy, Shooting Victim

“I was on my mother’s step sitting down while she was socializing with us in the yard and about fifteen to twenty minutes, my brother hollered out a gunman. So I stand up and I fell off the verandah and when I look someone was right over me.”


Duane Moody

“You received gunshots to which part of the body?”


Mark Godoy

Mark Godoy

“One in my leg weh broke my bone and one in my chest.”


Voice of: Mother of Shooting Victim

“I only see this person run ina di yard and when I look I see my son run off the step and this person run after my son and I start to hear gun the fire; bullet. I holla; Marky weh part yo deh? And he holla mommy I deh down yah, I get shot. When I look, Marky deh pan the ground under blood.”


Duane Moody

“Did you know who your attacker was?”


Mark Godoy

“No sir. I didn’t even see the person face because it was so fast; everything happen so fast.”


But Ferguson, the gunman, became the target when a hail of bullets were fired at him.  According to an eyewitness, Ferguson was caught a stone’s throw away from Godoy’s home when his gun snapped.


Voice of: Eyewitness

“I saw him trying to exit the yard. He did come out, tried to pick up his bike, but couldn’t and he ran up the street. And during that space of time, someone began firing at him and he returned fire. He ran couple yards and collapsed on the ground. His gun fell from his hand and basically that’s what happened.”


Duane Moody

“So although you didn’t see who killed Tevin Ferguson, you are sure that the person that fired shots at him—fatally wounding him—came from behind; from the direction of Godoy’s home?”


Voice of: Eyewitness

“Yes the person that fired at him was behind him because he turned around and he was firing at that person also.”


Steven Flowers

According to Godoy, he was detained since Saturday for questioning for the murder of twenty-four year old Steven Flowers last Friday. He says it is a case of retaliation?


Duane Moody

“Do you know why anyone would want to kill you?”


Mark Godoy

“Well due to some losses I had with some of my friends a month ago—I lose two of my close friends. When they mi di shoot, they said it was me next. Even the police Came to my house and tell me make I move out.”


Duane Moody

“So it is gang rivalry or something like that?”


Mark Godoy

“Yes what I have to say, yes dah gang rival.”


Voice of Mother of Shooting Victim

“Over the weekend wah shooting happened and the police dehn come and detain ahn and the police dehn tell ahn that dehn wah shoot ahn.”


But there is another twist to the shooting and murder; both victims are allegedly related to each other.


Voice of: Mother of Shooting Victim

“When we reach dah di hospital, when I look I see my husband family reach the hospital and my family deh dah di hospital too. Then one of my husband cousin come across to me and tell me that dehn nephew just get dead. But then I tell them that Marky just get shoot. And then he say; oh. And dah so we find out that this young man weh come shoot Marky dah Marky cousin.”


It is believed that the incident is gang related. Mother of the deceased, Catherine Robinson, says that Ferguson will always be remembered as a loving person.


Catherine Ferguson

“Ih dah mi wah very loving child to me and ih sisters and brother and to my ma. Ih dah mi wah nice loving lee bwai home and anybody who know ahn could say that ih dah mi wah nice loving person even to outsiders.”


Duane Moody for News Five.


Godoy is in a stable condition at the K.H.M.H. And as the urban violence continues, gunshots were fired this afternoon in the Port Loyola area. The police and residents of the area were on the streets but fortunately it did not end fatally.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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13 Responses for “Victim or not? Murdered man found with weapon”

  1. I Belize it says:

    One murder a day will easily get the Jewel blue-diamond status as #1 homicide rate in he world, pushing aside Honduras and El Salvador as a distant 2 & 3.

  2. nigel says:

    LOL!!! Instant Karma! This should happen more often, just too bad his intended target didn’t die too.

  3. gun man gun down in gun town says:

    it is what it is. live by the gun die by the gun.if he was so stuid to choose a gag over his own cousin then he deserved to die.

  4. gun man gun down in gun town says:

    live by the gun die by the gun.if this guy was so stupid to be willing to kill his own cousin for a gang then he deserved to die. P.I.V terroroze back there long enough. about time them get a taste of their own medicine

  5. Rod says:

    Keep paying these gang members for nothing barrow how can you be such an idiot I say no one in Belize should a pay no taxes so that this corrupt gov. Can waste it on gang members. Out barrow out judas guan guan get out you are a useless incompetent impotent twit.

  6. Simone says:

    Just GOOD. As usual-the mother jumps on TV for the 15 minutes of fame the criminal she raised or could not control to say he was so loving and good etc. What an idiot and failure-cant even be a good assassin and ends up embarrassed and twisted up on the street dead. One less and good riddance-NEXT.

  7. gun man says:

    that is not true aight mabe the guy never new dat they were related come on if i deh ina wa gang rite u tink i mi wa gu shoot ofta my own cousin just fu deh ina wa gang deh mi wa have to kill two a wi no suppose the same man weh send he gawn du dat da di same one weh kill ah now only deh no wen he di cu and wat he wa du and if godoy mi deh by ie self and he mi get hurt den he ca get up and shoot di man while ie di run ca he mi wa week and ca move live dat.make sence out of nonsence wise up use unu head….

  8. Storm says:

    It may be vigilante justice, but it is still justice. And Belize is a little safer for an assassin being off the streets permanently.

    Sounds close enough to self-defense to satisfy me.

    Was this dead gangster one of the fellows receiving a paycheck from PM Barrow? I hope the media can verify it.

  9. Rod says:

    These are the people you are paying our hard earned money to barrow well make I tell unu gang members something tha barrow the set unu up fu kill each other so keep on letting barrow fool unu.

  10. Justice says:

    Most people in Belize are related. Some people just don’t know all their family members. Because of this along with other factors our young males are being used stupidly by the real gangsters, who refuse to get their own hands dirty, to commits these mindless murders.
    I comment who soever killed the hit-man. This should be a lesson to all other hit-men. If they don’t value the lives of others then their own should be of no value. We need more snipers to get those want-to-be hit-men off the street.

  11. rose says:

    @gunman, what are u saying? Doesnt make any sense

  12. KEKI says:

    @ gun man, you miss the whole point! now part in d new cast or comments state that mark godoy got up from the ground an fire back at his cousin tevin ferguson.

  13. tek ah look at dis says:

    do u want to know Wat really happen…. OK first of all dey neva knw dey mi related… and dey neva meet each other before… and dis a gud lesson y family should knw each other….

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