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Jul 25, 2012

More land grabs in the Ministry of Natural Resources

There has been an ongoing and scandalous land grab at the Ministry of Natural Resources. Last Wednesday, we reported on the huge parcels of land that had been acquired by Ignacio Vega, the brother of the Deputy Prime Minister for a mere pittance.  We have been carefully combing through the voluminous files on the land that Ignacio and other family members as well as highly connected friends have acquired either on lease or on outright sale. If you do the math, the total land area of the jewel is twenty-two thousand, eight hundred square kilometers.  With a population of three hundred and fourteen thousand, it means that density per square kilometer, if distributed equitably, each person would be entitled to thirteen square kilometers of land. However, this has not been the case, as historically, the issue of land has been one of questionable appropriation and distribution. A total of one thousand, nine hundred and nine acres went to Ignacio Vega and his wife, Karen while an additional ten thousand, one hundred and eighty-six acres has been distributed to other family members. This entire portion could have sufficed for seven hundred and eighty-three Belizean individuals. The cost per acre is also of note and questionably, the allocation of prices was done ad hoc with no set formula per acre. For instance, for six purchases ranging from five hundred to eight hundred and ninety-four acres, a sum of eight hundred dollars per parcel is paid as purchase price.  At the maximum price, this equates to one dollar and ten cents per acre.

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18 Responses for “More land grabs in the Ministry of Natural Resources”

  1. x says:

    I just wanted to see if I could write in before Storm did

  2. Marie says:

    Where is the chart-I don’t see any

  3. Storm says:


    PM Barrow, you preside over a theftocracy if you let these transactions stand.

    Maybe it’s time for the people to storm the Bastille.

  4. Rod says:

    No leader in the country nothing but corruption corruption corruption going on in this gov. Everybody the thief from the top down wake up belizeans wake up march tha the pm house tell him to resign he cannot run a chicken coup much less a country demand his resignation he is a total failure at his job.

  5. Lucas says:

    One day not so far away, all this land will be returned to the rightful owner, to the hard working people of Belize.

  6. Amazed says:

    We will rant and rave on this medium. Many persons will submit heated arguments why this is wrong. Next week we will have forgotten it, and the Vegas will be happily enjoying their mega-properties. In five years Mr Vega will come back with a fist full of dollars and a bag full of promises (which, ironically, will include promising us a lot) asking us to vote for him. And you know what…we will.

    Long live Belize.

  7. OH MY says:

    I agree with you 100% “Amazed” you know Belizeans so well. We flap our lips for an hour and we go back to what we do well….NOTHING

  8. OH MY says:

    I agree 100% with “Amazed” you know Belizeans so well. We flap our lips for an hour and then we go back to what we do so well……NOTHING.

  9. Eye in the Sky says:

    The same thing also happened years ago when we had a Minister of Lands and Natural Resources from Corozal.

  10. rubs says:

    where is the PM? can he avoid al those land transactions and give it to the people who really need it. im belizean and i have 1 parcel only BUT, i bought it with my own sweat working hard. Then, i had lease another one and !@#$%^& benque mayor mom cancel my lease.. where is the @#$%^& GOB

  11. Outsider. says:

    Amazed said it best. Belize needs a Third party that isn’t in it to rob the country and fill their pockets. It amazes me how downright dumb the voters can be. It’s like nobody has a brain.

  12. Al says:

    There are no more leaders like Mr Price left in the country. Mr Price lived in the same house he started in politics with. He made land available to people and made it affordable for them to build and own. That man did so much for the people.

    Today what we see are politicians who are all for themselves and their friends and family and God help the rest of the people. How sad it is. I would hope the people will remember how much money went missing from the city government and boycut the restaurant the former mayor is buillding, some of your government could be building her nest egg and the mansion she built.

    Wake up from your slumber and beging to see with your eyes not with your open palm to be filled by the most generous politician.

  13. Juniore Guerra says:

    Third World Raise up, Third World. Enough with the stealing, raise up, Third World.

  14. Ridgid Stan says:

    DPM has working in the ministry of natural resources:

    Mr. Cruz, married to Sandra Vega, DPM niece
    Mr. Nestor Hernandez, nephew to DPM
    Mr. Baroni Hernandez, nephew to DPM
    Mr. Jossie Hernandez, nephew to DPM, has concession for logging

    Nepotism!!!! just like the PM!!

    News 5, do your research and you will be surprized!!!

  15. Gregori says:

    And I wonder, dont they feel ashamed of doing this. In front of the entire belizean population to do this and the price they paid is even more ridiculous. I wonder if anything will be done about this corruption without shame, I cannot believe how they do this. News 5 please get an interview with the DPM and ask him about this and let him know the belizeans want a response just as how eager he was willing to respond when he wanted our votes. That he must answer, because he is in that position because of us and if he does not want to give and answer make it public that he denied, so when he campaigns we will deny as well

  16. Tito says:

    man, i am from Pg i want a piece of land and they tell me that i can’t get because there is no land available here in PG, Why Mr. PM? Help us here in Pg get half an acre to live on, we don’t wan’t those large amount that the Vegas are grabbing.

  17. Redhb says:

    These filty politicians ought to ousted out from Belize!! It is bad enough that Belize is in such a degrading state because of greed and corruption… Both voters and politicians need to redirect their hearts to the sole purpose of freedom from the Union Jack..!!! We are good a talking a good talk; whilst the borders are being neglected and drug lords running loose as though it is the Wild Wild West..! Because of both greedy voters and corrupted politicians our country is such a disgrace; even to foreigners!!!
    I always encounter unwelcomed confrontations; concerning the mess and filt that takes place in the land of Belize; which I’ve always considered “one of the most beautiful nations in the Western Hemisphere..!” and IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Living abroad does not exempt me and other Belizeans from the disgraceful critism that polutes the air..!! I often find myself being defensive when asked my background and especially when told that ALL BELIZEANS are drug dealers and thieves…which is a total insult in the totality to the many hard working Belizeans whom are very honest and hard working people with great integrity!!!
    I Love my people and my country…sooooo I will keep on praying for the restoration and healing of a sovereign nation that was once founded under Godfearing men, so that our leaders can return their hearts to God!!!..
    We need to unite in one heart and not be divided and start loving our own…no matter what our color or goal may be!!
    And just to add little note: for “The People Who Are The Nation Of Belize!!”
    Very Important !!! The Minister of Foreign affairs needs to go fly a kite and sing a different tune somewhere where no one can see or hear of him ever again… The guy is ridiculously clueless of whom he is or where he is going…!! The man is a “threat to the country and to his own self!!” GET RID OF HIM As Soon As Possible…!! He is a Wolf in sheep clothing!!!..

  18. bzn_who cares says:

    when will the people unite and hold these corrupt politicians responsible for their actions? But the people will come back and vote for the name brand that they know. So in the end, when elections come around again, we will have either a red or blue govt back in place for another five yrs. And we will continue to rave again about the ill doings of the next admin in power. YES, both red and blue have continued to rape this country of its natural resources and deprived the people of what’s rightfully theirs. And to calm the crowd, they will continue to give their little handouts at election time and bribe the people ( who are desperate) into voting for them. Somebody should have gone to jail a long time ago to set a presedence for others who want to occupy these political seats.

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