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Jul 23, 2012

Ministry of National Security to take disciplinary action against association leaders

Eldon Arzu

According to Arzu and Lorenzo, the ComPol has threatened to cancel the B.P.A. office and equipment as well as revoke the secondment of the president. They also complained that they are being called to sudden meetings in Belmopan, and that the commissioner of police is not responding to their formal correspondences.


Cpl. Eldon Arzu, President, Police Association

“This morning I was notified via a third party that the association members were to make themselves available for a meeting at the commissioner’s office at ten a.m.  The situation with that though is that the members of the executive are not all centralized here in Belmopan and in order to have an effective meeting, we need to have persons from Corozal, Benque and Belize City to attend this meeting so such short notice would not have given us adequate time to get all our personnel here. I then called on my vice president, Mr. Lorenzo to get in touch with the commissioner of police to see how he could have put back the time at least to one p.m. so that the association would have all its members here to attend this meeting.”


Sgt. Edlin Lorenzo, Vice President, Police Association

Edlin Lorenzo

“The situation, Delahnie, is that I got a text and one of the problems I must say is that the unprofessional and informal way in which the commissioner office has been doing things is what is affecting us at this time because we have already written a correspondence to the commissioner’s office informing him that whenever there is a meeting regarding the police association, that we are requesting an agenda, a date, time and place so we can properly be prepared to defend whatsoever issues. During the discussion, generally he was speaking about that we must understand that we should know our role and so forth and that he is taking the secondment, which we were privileged to this year, unprecedented; our unprecedented headquarters which we got from the headquarters, he is taking that away; and all the necessities which we had obtained from the department, which we had written from—all these stuff were unprecedented, we had gone on the media and applauded him for that good effort but now he has withdrawn all these stuff from us.”


Cpl. Eldon Arzu

“Our members came in a little before one and we went to the commissioner’s office and upon our arrival there, we were told that the commissioner does not have time for us and his time was ten a.m.  So then we left, we went downstairs and we spoke to several senior officers to see if there was any new developments but they claimed that they don’t know anything. We are still at this position whereby we are still waiting to hear from the department what the position will be in respect to the persons aggrieved that we have sent.”


The association says that even if they are deployed to the deep south they will continue to advocate for their members. In a statement this evening, the Ministry of National Security says it will take disciplinary actions against those who have made public pronouncements in the media regarding the transfer of officers. That full message is coming up in the break. 

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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11 Responses for “Ministry of National Security to take disciplinary action against association leaders”

  1. Storm says:

    I wish both sides would step back, take a deep breath, and talk with other like adults and IN PRIVATE. I disagreed with the Association starting things off with a press conference and inflammatory accusations. I also disagree with this apparent retaliation by the Compol; we all have a right to associate with whom we please, and to petition the government for redress of grievances. Overall, they both give the impression our police are acting like children and letting big egos is get in the way of good law enforcement.

  2. Rod says:

    This is the kind of things that happen when their is no leader in the country total chaos no one the gov. Want to do what they are told resign barrow resign the country needs a real leader .

  3. Al says:

    There we go agian, the powers in Belize just cannot stand up to challenges. They just cancel anything or anyone who challenge them. It may be time to take a look at how this transfer thing works. My brother is a fireman and I never understood why every few years he was transferred from his family to some little town. Maybe it is time to look at the system and make changes instead of dismantling the BPA. Every country has representatives who speak for the law enforcemnt body. Change is good, if you keep doing the same thing over and over and not getting a different result it is time to look at a different way. This behavior is exactly why Belize is in the bad situation it is in.

  4. Kill all the Gang members!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    This is a human rights issue. For years the police officers have been taken advantage of — COLA, NTUCB, Mr. Sampson — Ms. Antonette Moore — please extend a helping hand to the officers — even if it is only advising them —-

    Mr. Barrow — shame on Mr. Saldivar — he is making you and all your ministers look bad — how in the world could they in their right mind — give a person 2 weeks notic to be transferred!!!!

    House rent = $700
    Light = $100
    Water = $70

    What about the officers food and thing — that is if they can afford to move —- cant you guys see this — Cant you see this Mr. PM —- Leader of the Opposition —- or you guys dont care about the police as well!!!!!!!!!

    But you guys can pay the gang members to behave — but — you will not take care of police welfare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. blackberry says:

    The PM has hired a propaganda minister in the person of Delroy. This propagandist has made his first publication; surprising it is of the ministries of national security who he is suppose to pump propaganda for. What we will be getting is a whole lot of propaganda in documentaries telling us how much crime has gone down and how the gang truce is working. We now have a Joseph Garbles’ in Belize. Wondering how much of our tax $ will be spent producing documentaries. What he won`t say is what is our conviction rate.

  6. MOZE says:

    I support the police association. Commisioner and saldivar, give our police their due respect, they safeguard our country you guys do nothing other than get fat.

  7. Rod says:

    Yea look how fat fitzroy yearwood done get all he does is sit at his desk playing games on the computer and eat eat eat and collect y big fat salary and tell lie after lie.

  8. Disown mi country says:

    Truly a third world country!!!

  9. now i see says:

    I wonder what will happen if police go on strike for one day? That will be very bad. Please do what they say we dont need that to happen.

  10. stopthebs says:

    these police officers need to organize ,there is power in numbers . but typical Belizean when sh@t get hot they loose their b@@ls that’s why these politriksian will keep on doing what they do .stealiing.stealing,and stealing……get up people and fight for your rights. POWER TO THE PEOPLE

  11. stopthebs says:

    these police officers need to organize ,there is power in numbers . but typical Belizean when sh@t get hot they loose their b@@ls that’s why these politriksian will keep on doing what they do .stealiing.stealing,and stealing……get up people and fight for your rights. POWER TO THE PEOPLE .what do you call a country where thers political leaders associate with theives and murderers ,drug dealers . the jewel….BELIZE

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