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Jul 20, 2012

Reaction from across the border on Guatemalan killed by B.D.F.

On Wednesday evening, a Guatemalan logger was killed in a shootout with the Belize Defence Force. It is second such incident this year and it is being vehemently protested by the Guatemalan government, which called a press conference late Thursday evening. The Organization of American States has been brought into the picture and both are calling for a thorough investigation.  The fatal encounter occurred in the Columbia River Forest Reserve when a team of officers on routine patrol of the area came across a trio of loggers.  The intruders are said to have been unlawfully felling trees when the unit came in contact with them. Details of the faceoff are expected to be disclosed at the end of a debriefing; however, News Five understands that the slain logger is Luis Alberto Martinez Alonzo. Two men, identified by Guatemalan authorities as Jose Antonio Sosa and Hugo Monroy Ramos, are in police custody. Martinez’ body was brought to Belize City where an autopsy was conducted and witnessed by the Guatemalan embassy. His body has been taken across the border to Melchor de Mencos and will be handed over to his family. According to C.E.O. in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Alexis Rosado, the outcome of the investigation will determine whether the officers acted within their standing orders.


Via phone: Alexis Rosado, C.E.O., Ministry of Foreign Affairs

“What happened is that a patrol unit of the B.D.F. was heading towards Machaquila Conservation Post at about 1800 hours, six p.m., and they encountered three persons who were engaged in illegal logging apparently.  The encounter led to some kind of confrontation which led to a shooting, which led to a person being shot [and] injured fatally.”


Alexis Rosado

Isani Cayetano

“Now Mr. Rosado, I am certain that there was a debriefing immediately following this incident.  Is there any truth to the allegation that it was the Belize Defense Force personnel in the area who fired first?”


Alexis Rosado

“We don’t know about that yet.  The interrogation is happening as we speak now; police were called in as soon as we could.  They went into the area.  The patrol unit was brought in and interrogation is happening today.”


Isani Cayetano

“This is the second incident where someone has been shot and killed, an intruder from neighboring Guatemala has been killed in Belizean territory.  How does it work in terms of…”


Alexis Rosado

“That is something to be much regretted.  What has happened over the last few years, as you know, you all have been reporting about it, the activities seem to be increasing in the area.  The law enforcement authorities have increasingly been meeting and observing illegal activities in the area and sooner or later we, we’ve always been afraid that sooner or it would lead to something like this.  It is something that we terribly regret.  Every loss of life is a tragedy but, you’re right, there was one incident sometime ago and we have to deal with it.  What the authorities are doing [is that they are] doing everything by the book and acting very professionally and being as transparent as we possibly can to ensure that we get the facts right and make sure that we deal with it as soon as we could.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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16 Responses for “Reaction from across the border on Guatemalan killed by B.D.F.”

  1. Storm says:

    What right does Guatemala have to criticise our defence of our own land? Or does that show they consider Belize their land?

    I think BDF did a fine job in this matter, and I hope they continue to defend the Jewel with whatever force is necessary to secure it from illegal invaders.

  2. Rod says:

    Where is the supposed leader of the country .

  3. Marie says:

    Why can’t Belize understand that every such incident hurts the Belize case FOR ICJ? We need our case to go there but these instances just aggravate the other side and rile up Belizeans when they (OAS) make this type of mistake.

  4. now i see says:

    Next time just kill them and get rid of the bodies. Too much problems to be honest. How about the Guats that come into our territory kill, steal,rape and the list go on.

  5. the truth says:

    what the f&^*&? and what happens when guatemalans from Melchor kill Belzeans (Tourists) over there? I’ll tell you what. NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So why is an illegal logger so important and the GOB has their tails tucked in between their legs.


  6. Lucas says:

    Certainly blame has to be ascribed and it must squarely be fixed upon the Guatemalan Govt. In Guatemala, govt. goes out and govt. comes in and, no govt. makes a legitimate effort to educate their people living along the border that when they cross into Belize to conduct illicite activities, they do so at their own risk and peril. Activities that the Guatemala Govt. would not tolerate if done in their own territory.The reason being that it perfectly plays into Guatemala’s Govt. agenda towards Belize and gives a !@#$ about the lives lost because they are poor ignorant Mayas. The Guatemalan Maya community should hold their govt. responsible for all the death of each Maya by following a policy with Belize that in no way benefits the Maya community. If Guatemala is truely concerned for their Maya nationals living along the border, instead of blaming Belize, they should educate their people and begin prosecuting those Guatemalans who for their love of money put at risk the lives of those poor Maya brothers.

  7. Johj says:

    I agree with you lucas but first of all get your stats right it is not Maya people who are involved in this latest tragedy it is three spanish persons .

  8. john says:

    I agree with you Lucas but please get your stats together before you comment it is not the Mayan people of Guatemala involved in this latest incident it is the ignorant Spanish speaking people them.

  9. greg says:

    There are no spaniards in Guatemala, 99.99 percent are mayas or mostly mayas, yes they are a spanish speaking country but they are not spaniards so lucas is probably right.

  10. JM says:

    The lost of life is definitely regrettable, however our BDF has to do what the have to do to protect our boarders. Guatemalans have no rights to come into our country and destroy what we as Belizeans have been protecting. As per our officers stop reporting every single incident that happens on the boarder.. dead people no talk..

  11. Rocket says:

    lucas.. its true . but for a correction there. .. they are not mayas.. they are spanish people. who dont give a rats…they are the ones who dont get educated… they govt give them land . but they sell it to huge cattle ranchers . the castellanos’ meaning the white spanish.. so with the money they have or get. thats not enough.they come to harvest in our lush and virgin jungles….so i would strongly agree that , the soldiers got enough of them , thier ignorancy .. so its time to let the ticking clock..alarm and shoot them.
    on the other hand though.. our govt is not supporting its own people its soldiers to do their job.. why the rats you send a civilian’”"” a police” to investigate such matter. thats very stupid… ..very stupid..
    police to investigate a militants action.. .. MNS needs to wake up and smell the coffee..
    we need to strongly show the ingornant spanish,,the poachers, the xaterors that its our country . its our jungle our let them piss off. ..well, soldiers .. way to , two down..
    more to come.. and go down.. .. wat people dont see, is the general view of it.. 95% of our belizeans pple dont know wat a paradise we have , all they see is from home to town to shops and school. thats it…. if you take a walk in our jungle.back in ten years.. its very radiant and lushful of fauna and flora.. now its deteratin to a mere flora…. sad.. we need to protect our natural heritage for generation to come.

  12. MACAL RIVERA says:



  13. Vuk says:

    Firstly, “John”, the reason why the user “Lucas” made that statement in regard to the Maya is because they are the actual majority of the Guatemalan population; Mestizos, while large in number, are a minority.

    And secondly, I support the actions taken by the BDF as they were defending the national integrity of the country from foreign elements intent on pilfering its natural and material resources. The Guats have no right to criticise what the BDF did as they would have done the same thing if they saw Belizeans coming into Peten and engaging in similar actions.

  14. Belizean Pride says:

    I stand with the BDF shooting, this is our land and we have no way backing down, once we’re on our jewel we have to protect it. guats need to get it inside their cohune heads that Belize is Belize and not part of guat neither their playground or backyard. for how long will our slack gov. keep taking things easy with these guat coming inside and destroying our reserves. hope the gov. don’t take the blame on behalf of our BDF but stand as a man with big responsibility as the PM that says from this line on don’t be stupid to cross the line. we need to take a stand for all these things before a war breaks. OAS is just a bull crap, they always seem to side with the guat wonder why.

  15. janga says:

    Will say no to ICJ. Becaz OAS love Guatemala and they are all in favor of them. We will continue to defend our country BELIZE. GOOD job soldiers. QUE VIva!!!

  16. BZ DAPPA says:

    Push di wole heep a shotta dem deh inna Belize Cidy fi gi guatemala corn frum di wun cide a wi borda dan wire wi cah dem wudda tief out pockets frum di illegals an dun dem out!!!

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