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Jul 19, 2012

A Guatemalan illegal logger is killed in the south; 2 others arrested

There is breaking news tonight that a Guatemalan logger has been killed by the B.D.F. in the Columbia River Forest Reserve in the Toledo District. According to a release late this evening from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the incident happened on Wednesday evening between the Edward Central and Union Camps when a B.D.F. patrol was heading towards the Machaquila Conservation Post. The name of the deceased has not been released but the government confirms that; “There was a confrontation which resulted in one fatality and the arrest of two persons believed to be Guatemalan nationals. Police were this morning flown in to the area to conduct an investigation. The body is currently being retrieved.” The Government is also expressing its regret at the loss of life and extends its sympathies to the affected family. Back in February another Guatemalan national Juan Choc Chub was allegedly shot and killed by the B.D.F. in the Chiquibul Forest. The Guatemalan government asked for compensation but it is not known if that was paid to Choc’s family.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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16 Responses for “A Guatemalan illegal logger is killed in the south; 2 others arrested”

  1. Storm says:

    Hooray for the BDF. If GOB will get TOUGH about enforcing our borders, I will feel better inclined to it.

    What we don’t defend today, we will lose and never get back, until Belize ceases to exist.

  2. Rod says:

    Now this situation with Guatemalans is spiraling out of control and we do not have a leader in the country to monitor the situation.

  3. Sondoval says:

    Why de bdf kill inocent people for training for diversion what the bdf one start a war whith Guatemala , I don’t think it’s a god idea 5 kaibiles are enough for finish whith all bdf

  4. BZ DAPPA says:

    Mek guatemala kno seh dem a come een bad mon country … Belize nuh play natal !!!

  5. Al says:

    So many people sees Belize as an easy mark. The guatemalans are robbing the country’s natural resources, and then when they are caught their government wants compensation. It is not the responsibility of Belize to provide income for the guatemalans. Why is the Guatemalan government not watching their border and keep their people off Belize lands. If a Belizean was killed on their side of the border poaching or logging illegally, would they pay the Belize government, I think not. Protect the country by any means possible, meeting force with force if necessary, score one for the BDF.

  6. Rocket says:

    To Sandoval: If you are so hurted about hte BDF killing those …….. poachers in our country then you should go join your dam kiabiles and come do illigal activities here and see what will happen to you and you little 4 feet tall kiabiles.

  7. Belizean says:

    THey should have done this with every single logger and xate thief they find. SHOOT EM ON THE SPOT!!!

  8. Jeff says:

    Congratulation to d bdf job well done. N sondoval u sound ignorant u could go back to your god forsaken country Guatemala n suffer like d rest of your people. Your government caunt even take care of what you all n u all want some more. Greedy puppy choke. Give it a rest u all need to rest n enjoy Belize.

  9. T BZ says:

    Sondoval u wish! 3 British soldiers kill an entire kaibille camp! Be carefull what you say because BDF soldiers are very skilled and am sure of this that they can defend our country great job for the BDF that will make them think twice about coming in to raid our natural resources! Let the guatemalan government help their people instead of teaching them to steal from others!

  10. now i see says:

    @ sandoval not only the kaibiles are dangerous also their * waitress* that come with different sickness. Why dont you go back to your Guatemala? You will never be Belizean (even if the paper says so).

  11. The Real says:

    Ok, folks i am very privilege to have an opportunity to voice my opinion. but i am in full support of the BDF and what they to protect our borders. because ain’t no where in the world ppl would there to do cross borders activity and rob or lute from another country. but i think the defense force has put its foot down and getting the job of protecting our natural resource by all means and that’s what we need to take into consideration as belizean citizens. and we are not the problem its the Guatemalans for crossing a country border illegal and lute the country natural resources. and for the fella sandoval who post that comment about 5 kibile could done the BDF, my friend let me educate you a bit. the belize defense for as an organization is a well oiled machine with a variety of officers with all sort of specialty from the best training academies around the WORLD like for example the ROYAL MILITARY ACADEMY SANDHURST; Royal Marine Commandos, WEST POINT and so many other that’s being class as the best due to facts after world war 1 and 2. so get your head out your a** and think again. the specialties we have is ready for any threat that pose it self to the ppl and the borders of the country.

  12. BMNJ says:

    We need to build a fence along the Belize & Guatemalan border. I think our foreign minister & minister of security should go to the UN and try hustle some money to build this fence.

  13. Uptight says:

    These people rape our forest everyday and still has the heart to fight with the military.
    Kill them all and come back alone!

  14. UBelize says:

    Only my opinion. Violence brings more violence(physical, verbal, emotional, etc.) We are all citizens of this unique planet. Maybe, here we have an opportunity to prove ourselves as Better Persons. If both sides(Belize and Guatemala) with the help of NGO’s and others could take serious steps to STOP any illegal activity and preserve PEACE (and the ENVIRONMENT) at least on this little area of the planet, then we would have set an example of True Citizens of this Planet.

  15. Billy tum clarke says:

    Sodoval jaja cant replay sht back .lol. Good job bdf.

  16. The real says:

    Im proud to be apart of the BELIZE DEFENCE element, and a BELIZEAN who serve for my country and the ppl. And to Sandoval it’s death before dis-honor. I will not allow or met NO individual conduct any illegal activity or steal from my ppl. What’s for them or there great or great great grand kids. Because whatever unrealveled assets that’s in the jungle of my sovereign nationis there’s. And I am going to defend what’s there’s; therefore if ppl like you could have respect the borders of Belize. I can assure you one thing that there won’t be any problem. But one thing I’ll assure you, I’m a law abiding citizen who believe in the laws of the land. And will fight and defend for my country and flag for what’s there’s! Why? Because I’m that’s what have been mandated for me to do in rain or shine. And for your personal knowledge señor Sandoval research about the Belize Defence Force and be updated because we are a well oiled machine for whatever threat that present itself to us. And be inform that we won’t give up not one square inch, not one crabou, not one mango! Because it’s fir the BELIZEAN PPL.


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