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Jul 16, 2012

The body of a missing woman discovered near Bella Vista Village

There’s another murder to report. The body of a woman, who was also reported missing last week was found this morning. Twenty-two year old Susanna Rosalia Lopez was last seen alive last Wednesday in Bella Vista Village in the south. Lopez was in the company of a man at a bar known as La Mafia. There are no police details on this latest murder, but we do know that Lopez was found dead at around eight o’clock this morning near Bella Vista.

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22 Responses for “The body of a missing woman discovered near Bella Vista Village”

  1. Storm says:

    Another killer to hang. I’ll gladly supply the rope.

    People all over Belize need to rise up and help the police to find and eliminate the criminals among us, as they did in Cayo with Bert Vazquez, and as they seem to be organising to do in Corozal.

  2. Rod says:

    This gov and pm talk about everything except the murder rate but it will not go away by itself it only keeps getting worse the belizeans are being snuffed out at an alarming rate where is the gov. And pm on the murder rate at this pace we will have over 400 murders this year.

  3. Belizean says:

    First of all, this lady shouldnt be going to a bar!! Thats fault NO. 1 If you go to bars, chances go up by 95 % that something bad will happen to you. If she had stayed home, most likely she would be alive yet. By the way she has kids!! Whats up with mothers going to bars? Her fault too, not just the murderer

  4. trikz says:

    @Belizean..u stupid o wat??? anybody over the age of 18 can go into a bar if they please…what difference does it make if you are a mother???…

  5. susan says:

    Belizean – so all women are just supposed to stay home at all times? Only men are allowed a little light entertainment now and again? Just because a woman goes to a bar, that means it is OK for someone to kill her? Do you never go to bars? Everyone that ever sets foot in a bar is at fault if something bad happens to them? Of course rumours are flying that she was a “bar girl” – but what if she was simply an honest working woman, serving drinks, trying to make a living? It was still her fault? What is it with people that blame the victims!!!

  6. dani says:

    what is wrong with going to a bar and socializing and being with friends? everybody goes to a bar once in their lifetime. it does not mean that you are looking for trouble… 95% chance that something happens to you.. what a statistic u have just invented lol.. its not just the murderers faults? stop being ignorant

  7. Seletar says:

    Belizean, I sort of agree with you — my first thought was, “I would expect to find trouble at a bar named ‘Mafia’.”

    But that stupidity / poor judgment does not make anybody fair game for murder.

    Let’s put the blame where it belongs, on the killer. And let’s make sure he gets the justice he deserves one way or another.

    I pray somebody good can raise the children she left behind. I assume there is no father to do that. That multiplies the tragedy and extends it far into the future.

  8. Mar says:

    How sad it is that there are people out there that blame the victim. There are monsters living among us that target women wheather they go gout to bars or not.

  9. Belizean says:

    All of the above dont understand me. I meant this for women, AND MEN PRIMARILY!!! But tell me, how responsible is this women if she has children and goes to a bar and drinks? It seems to me that most people that comment here, have lost their conscience, and dont live by it anymore. Doesnt mean youre looking for trouble, youre just making yourself vulnerable. Please people, first you say the Church should do something about crime, and then when a lowly honest citizen mentions Godliness then they say how stupid he is, eh? That means nobody wants things to change!! And if that was her job, she should have found a different one. Poor kids thats right, who will raise them? If she had gone to a church gathering less chance this would have happened

  10. janessa says:

    This was my friend I grew up w her and if ower govament dont do justice the village of bellavista will it was not and animal this person killed she was a duaghter,mom,sister,friend and wife of someone so dont think theres not going to be justice

  11. janessa says:

    Belizean may the good lord forgive u for ur word and thank God the parents of this girl dont see wat u write,let me tell u all I want to say to u in one word and look for the meaning in a dictionary Moran

  12. Belizean says:

    By the way Susan, I DONT GO TO BARS!! I know too many people that get into fights, get killed, get into accidents, get murdered, raped, etc, BECAUSE OF ALCOHOL!!!! Indirectly or directly, MEN and Women alike.

    But dont get me wrong, like what this guy did, is absolutely outrageous!! And I hope consequences follow him till he is no more!!

  13. Al says:

    It does not matter if the woman was at a bar named HELL, she has the right to go wherever she wants to go and the right to live her life. I would bet the killer wanted to have sex she said no, he raped and killed her. Please do not bury her without swabbing her for semen. It seems like Belize men cannot take no for an answer as soon a you talk to them, smile with them they want to get you to bed, can’t a woman just be a friend without sex.

    I was on vacation staying with my brother in Hattieville, I was home alone, this man came by the house, I never saw him before in my life, and after 10 minutes of talking to him in the yard, he was telling me about what he did for a living which is sell cashew seed, like it was a big job and I would jump at his little pennies. Then he wanted to know if he could hug me. I made it very clear, do not touch me, I don’t know you, you don’t know me and I am not interested in being hugged, so please be gone. I found out you have to be straightforward, you cannot make it look as if though you are easy or they look to take advantage. Women need to begin to learn how to protect themselves and practice safety.

  14. BMNJ says:

    Since she’s only 22, how old are her children then? Who was taking care of them when she was at the bar socializing & having fun?

  15. Imar says:

    I closely knew susanna and i am terribly hurt of what has happened, may she rest in peace, and she defenitely did not deserve such a death

  16. victim friend says:

    u know something moran this is a 22 yr old girl.for the reason we dont know was at this bar,that is in my village.u know this man kidnapped her and raped her and killed her justed becuase she ignored his tempts to sedused her,its not this guy fault its the government that give visas to American convicted person that comes to hower country.this person was in prison for Raping sevral womans so whos fault is it………..this person in the first place wasent sopposed to be in Belize

  17. Clhyde says:

    People, let’s not miss the point, and be worrying about her personal business matter of fact is, she is dead. And some cool hearted @$$hole killed her… If we don’t pressure the government with the media, nothing is gonna come out of it…AND for the record I knew this woman, she used to work at wings store in San Pedro, she was a good woman and none of the above mentioned, who was just trying to survive… Not cool to hear all those comments.

  18. Wendy says:

    That’s really sad! Even more by the way she was murdered, and the way her life was. I really hate the act that man did. Life is our only and most precious opportunity God gave us for salvation..hmmmhh..:(

  19. Marie says:

    I will say this in caps PUBLIC ARENA HANG THERE A#### all it takes is a couple and u will see some kind of change I’m only saying

  20. MACAL RIVERA says:


  21. badly says:

    who said the owner asked her to stay… that guy is not the owner.. he just rents… sad.. she was our friend and descent anf friendly… we will have to do something before someone else is dead here around our area..

  22. Serafina says:

    She had no kids . I know this young lady . . Regards to her family. .

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