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Jul 11, 2012

Legalize it; official initiative to discuss small quantities of weed

While the Police Department and the Belize Defence Force have been doing their part to collect and destroy marijuana plantations in the country, burning an entire field may not be the end to the problem. There is an initiative underway to possibly legalize it on the corner. It won’t make you smarter as the popular song says, but the discussion is an intelligent one to curb a budding situation at the courthouse. A letter seeking input on the sensitive subject was sent to the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a copy was recently rolled over to News Five. It says that the Ministry of National Security has appointed a committee to evaluate the idea and make proposals on decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of Cannabis. What it means is that the penalties for marijuana possession will be altered so that (quote) “the offence will then be subject to regulation which will allow for the implementation of probationary measures. It is also proposed that no criminal record be kept in the first instance and portions of the penalty be reserved for drug education.” (unquote) According to the letter, the current legislation treats anything over sixty grams of marijuana as drug trafficking and anything less as possession. A conviction for possession of cannabis is punishable by a fine of up to fifty thousand dollars and/or up to three years imprisonment. The proposal, therefore, would decriminalize the possession of up to ten grams of marijuana, and persons would instead be subject to mandatory drug education and no imprisonment. The reason behind the move, according to the letter, is because cases for possession of small amounts of marijuana have been cluttering the courts and prison. It says that having a permanent criminal record for the misdemeanor further disadvantages an already marginalized group of persons and establishes a barrier against meaningful employment. The decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana is also trending internationally for similar reasons.

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19 Responses for “Legalize it; official initiative to discuss small quantities of weed”

  1. Storm says:

    This proposal is a form of surrender.

    Except for some studies that suggest cannabis alleviates symptoms of glaucoma or negative reactions to AIDS medicine and chemotherapy, there is nothing positive about marijuana in any form for general or recreational use. It makes nobody smarter, sexier, or better in any way. It does make them lazy, unproductive, uncoordinated, stupid, and dangerous behind the wheel of a vehicle. Do you favour legalising those results?

    I know some other places have adopted such measures, but I have never seen a study or report that things are better off because of them.

    If such a proposal were adopted, I fear it would be like letting the camel’s nose under the side of the tent — pretty soon the whole camel is in the tent with you!

    Would there be an age limit under which it is illegal? Would there be INCREASED enforcement and sentences for traffickers and those who sell to children? [If I were King, anyone who sells, gives, or provides ANY drug to a minor would get a mandatory term in prison, at least 5 years, for EVERY offence.] WOULD SALES BE LICENCED AND TAXED? Would sales be limited to licenced establishments like liquor [theoretically] is? Could anyone farm it on his own property?

    Much to consider and debate. Might as well start now.

  2. Sherman says:

    Its about time Belize come to its senses,many hard working Belizean have miss great opportunity,because of a ganja position on their criminal record. Will they strike these record from our criminal history?

  3. Rod says:

    Wow wow wow goes to show you that the criminals are truly entrenched in this gov. They have enough clout to try and persuade this gov . To legalize drugs I hope that the American embassador is watching what is going on there and is making appropriate steps perhaps the republicans in office will be interested to see how the us money is being spent and what are they getting in return the legalization of drugs in the country what will they legalize next murder and rape.

  4. Islander says:

    I have no issue with this.

    But if an employee shows up high at my work place I’ll fire his @$$ just like if he showed up drunk. Same rules as alcohol should apply .

  5. Speak My Mind says:

    @ Islander of course a employee wont b stupid to show up at work High or Drunk!!!! Legalizing weed is d best thing i ever heard so far,,,,, this will show u everything d police want to no u just watch n c dis will b just for a while

  6. david96500 says:

    To Rod…several states in the United States are already implementing this. And you are missing the whole point of this. If we clear away these pety possesion issues and there are hundreds of them that clog up our courts, then we can deal with the more serious matters sooner, matters like murder, rape, etc. Our court systems has limitations and justice would move faster than it does now.

  7. Elgin Martinez says:

    Since we wan’t to copy everything that’s done in America,Why not copy Utah’s Death by Firing Squad policy to deal with these heinous crimes committed against our hard working Citizens.

  8. coral Black says:

    Wait a minute. Aren’t drugs legalize already? 90% of earth population are doped up
    off synthetic pharmaceutical drugs, you can get any amount you want, just go to your local Pharmacist aka (Drug Store).The real issue is Poverty, with a capital P, don’t act like you’ll don’t know. What a bunch of educated fool! No wonder Politician do the thing they do. YHWH

  9. Sasha says:

    Totally agree with Storm & Rod, if you legalize it everyone that wants a quick $ or high will grow his own, how stupid can gov’t be. This crime should still be on criminal record, but should not stop you from getting a job; if it is your 2d time then you haven’t learnt your lesson & be denied one depending on the position being taken.

  10. Marzs says:

    I don’t see what the whole issue is…it’s only small amounts….the ones who will have the problem are the dealers….@ Storm, if…… “cannabis alleviates symptoms of glaucoma or negative reactions to AIDS medicine and chemotherapy:….so what?!…it’s the smoker’s risk, the smoker’s issue……let them be…..SMOKE AT YOUR OWN RISK!.

  11. Marzz says:

    I don’t see what the whole issue is…it’s only small amounts….the ones who will have the problem are the dealers….@ Storm, if…… “cannabis alleviates symptoms of glaucoma or negative reactions to AIDS medicine and chemotherapy:….so what?!…it’s the smoker’s risk, the smoker’s issue……let them be…..SMOKE AT YOUR OWN RISK!….to each his own.

  12. Aware ghetto youth says:

    To david 96500 thank you for explaining why a move like this will make alot of sense.

  13. BMNJ says:

    If policemen and BDF soldiers were to smoke marijuana, is it OK for them to stop smoking just seconds or minutes before going on their active duties with their 9mm or M16 rifles? What about marijuana smoking on Sundays and Holy days? Will there be any restrictions just like alcohol drinking? Is driving under the influence of marijuana smoking illegal? Marijuana smoking stinks (smells horrible). Will there be any zoning areas for them to smoke or are they allow to smoke anywhere as they please?

    What is small quantity? When police finds a small quantity of marijuana from a person, will he use his discretion or will he be carrying a scale with him to measure the weight of the content? If a quantity that is 5 times the amount of the legal limit were found inside a dwelling during a police raid, would it be legal then if 5 persons are living inside that dwelling? What if only 1 person was present at the time during the raid because all others living there either went to work, went to a concert, etc.?

  14. busha says:




  16. Junie says:

    @ Elgin……I 5th d motion………….ah deh wit u 2 d max

  17. $en$e says:

    Has anyone seen how the crime rate of Portugal went down after marijuana was legalized hello..

  18. says:

    About time… Look around at the countries that did it and see the positives they are getting out of it…

    Open your eyes people, have you ever wondered why Marijuana is painted as a Class A drug by the DEA? Putting it in the likes of Heroine and such when it is actually a natural herb less harmful than alcohol or cigarettes?

    The history of marijuana’s criminalization is filled with:

    Protection of Corporate Profits
    Yellow Journalism
    Ignorant, Incompetent, and/or Corrupt Legislators
    Personal Career Advancement and Greed

    Drugs in Portugal: Did Decriminalization Work?

    ” in the five years after personal possession was decriminalized, illegal drug use among teens in Portugal declined and rates of new HIV infections caused by sharing of dirty needles dropped, while the number of people seeking treatment for drug addiction more than doubled.

    “Judging by every metric, decriminalization in Portugal has been a resounding success,” says Glenn Greenwald, an attorney, author and fluent Portuguese speaker, who conducted the research. “It has enabled the Portuguese government to manage and control the drug problem far better than virtually every other Western country does.”

    Read more:,8599,1893946,00.html#ixzz20z5Fe1wG

  19. Informed Youth says:

    Well I just can’t wait to go and take a leisurely stroll in the southside Belize City and see the amount of ignorant fools who doesn’t know the difference of decriminalize and legalizing of marijuana on the streets smoking blatantly in the open. get to see the “popos” just arrest them and the pot smokers blurt out it’s legal and so on

    The decriminalizing of this herb is really a way for the government to kill two birds with one stone if I may, one: To fine these people for the herb which will be another source of revenue to GOB and two: after getting their money send the @#$ to jail and getting the distributors and suppliers and so on. This is going to interesting in the next couple of months.

    BTW i just enjoy reading comments about decriminalizing marijuana in Belize lol

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