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Jul 9, 2012

Military Operation kills 3 men who had stolen B.D.F. weapon

Three persons were killed on Saturday… but before you think it was the regular gang related violence in Belize City, it was not. A joint patrol of the Belize Defense Force and the Belize Coast Guard engaged in a full scale battle with armed civilians who brandished similar weapons as well as both regular caliber and military issued ammunition. The patrol encountered combatants on the north end of San Pedro in the Bacalar Chico and Rocky Point areas that borders Mexico. The darker sister to tourist populated and cobbled San Pedro streets is at the North end of the island which is desolate, overgrown  and is well known for wet drops of South American cocaine. And though no parcels of cocaine were found, when all the shells were expended and the smoke from the gun barrels cleared, they uncovered a large cache of weapons. News Five’s Jose Sanchez reports on the Bacalar Chico shooting and the links to the B.D.F.’s Weapons Store.


Jose Sanchez, Reporting

After receiving a tip of hostile activity on Ambergris Caye, a joint forces team headed seventeen miles north of San Pedro to the Bacalar Chico area of the island. A foot patrol began at six a.m. on Saturday morning. Two hours later they found trees that were broken, shot down during target practice with high powered weapons.  One mile before reaching Rocky Point, a ten minute battle with high powered weapons ensued with unknown enemies. Captain John Borland, Commandant of the Belize National Coast Guard said that by twelve p.m., three assailants were dead.


John Borland

Captain John Borland, Commandant, Belize Nat’l Coastguard

“The operation was launched as a result of information gained on armed groups operating in this area, acting hostile to elements of the community; causing them to fear for their lives and their welfare. The security forces; recognizing that this was our direct responsibility, launched that operation to clear the area of any forces that were indeed operating in this area—armed or unarmed—as long as they were acting hostile and conducting illicit or illegal activities. The operation was inserted at the Boca Bacalar Chico area and then progressed by foot to clear an area approximately ten miles extending south to San Pedro. Shortly after the patrol deployed, they began recognizing telltale signs of what they believed were illicit activity. They came across empty shell cases fired from weapons that they were familiar with; they saw boxes that contained these ammunition; they recognized some of the vegetation and trees being used as targets were clearly identified, visible bullet marks on these vegetation. The patrol then realized that this was indeed potential hostile environment and began operating tactically as we are taught to do when approaching any hostile area. Approximately four miles into the patrol, the lead scout signaled that he sighted someone in the vegetation about three hundred meters from where the patrol was located. The patrol then halted and the commander ordered that they would leave their heavy equipment behind and then proceed in order to conduct an assault if they were engaged. Shortly after they began advancing tactically, they came under fire. The patrol commander then ordered that the patrol took cover and return fire in the direction where hostile fire was coming from. They recognized that four individuals were in the area where the hostile fire was coming from. The patrol then started firing and maneuvering towards that location to assault and fight through what we then identified as an enemy objective. The area was cleared and the enemy position was neutralized. The patrol then searched the area where they discovered three casualties. The enemy forces suffered three casualties described to be dead at that time. There were no casualties suffered by the friendly forces or the joint security force patrol.”


Kendale Flowers

One of the four gunmen, who was fifty meters away, escaped into the vegetation.  The identity of only one man, Kendale Flowers, a Faber’s road resident, was identified as one of the persons killed during the crossfire.


David Henderson, Acting Commissioner of Police

“One of the persons has been identified as a person from Belize City and known to have affiliation with well-known gangs. The other two still have not been identified as yet. There must be an investigation whenever somebody dies. It must be investigated.”


Jose Sanchez

David Henderson

“Is there any investigation going on simultaneously regarding the weapons and Kendale Flowers and his associates?”


David Henderson

“Yes there is a full investigation being carried out at this time. One, as to the identity of all weapons found, as to the incident that occurred. At this time the weapons are being checked carefully. We know that one of them is from the B.D.F. that was stolen; the others are yet to be identified.”


In the investigation carried out by the Belize Coastguard, it was revealed that at least one of weapons found, was amongst the forty-two stolen from the B.D.F.’s Weapons Store House in October 2011.


Captain John Borland

“One M-sixteen A-one rifle, two M-four carbines, one nine millimeter Ruger pistol, three bullet proof vests, two binoculars, five rifle magazines, a large amount of five point five-six millimeter and two-two-three ammunition and a small quantity of marijuana. We are very familiar with those types of weapons. The M-four carbines are the exact kind of weapons that our security forces use—meaning the B.D.F. the Coast Guard and the Police Department. The M-sixteen rifle in particular has already been identified as one that went missing in the weapons that were stolen from the B.D.F. The other weapons are still being investigated. They are in the custody of the Forensics and Special Branch and they are taken to the Lab because as you know, the serial numbers have all been filed off. So it needs to be looked at with better equipment than just the visible eyes.”


Dario Tapia

Dario Tapia, Commandant, B.D.F.

“The vests are black in color. Certainly it is not something that the B.D.F. uses. In terms of the binoculars; we have looked at them. They are two different types. They are of the commercial type and not the military type. So their equipment would appear that those are acquired from the civilian shops or shelves.”


The bodies and evidence handed over to the police for further investigation. Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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21 Responses for “Military Operation kills 3 men who had stolen B.D.F. weapon”

  1. Storm says:

    Three cheers for the BDF and Coast Guard together, as well as whoever made the tip. And thank God none of the “good guys” suffered injury.

    Hopefully this action will put a dent in the recent violent crimes in the waters of this region. I hope a full investigation reveals who else is involved, what they were up to, and maybe, with ballistic evidence, can even help solve some crimes.

    With 175 islands, the Jewel needs more and better capacity to patrol them. Any remote island is a potential haven for cartels, pirates, and other vermin.

  2. BMNJ says:

    It’s a pity that one escaped. Nevertheless, job well done by our security forces!!!

  3. Rod says:

    Barrow fault again these are gang members that he moved to San Pedro just like all the other ones he distributed to the rest of the country he should feel proud . Well people things will still get worse because their are stil no consequences for murder but I must say good job to the people involved you just saved us a lot of money not having to take them to court now let’s hear the other names so we all know who was involved.

  4. IMM says:

    Well done, at least our Coast Guard has the right idea. Why waist time with a trial when we know that they will get off. Eliminate them on the spot and spare our law abiding citizens of any further crime.

    Cheers to Mr. Borland and his team. We need to do the same with the pirates in the southern cayes.

  5. Belizean says:

    Rod be happy youre not shot by these guys!! Come on, be positive! This is great. Im very impressed that our own security forces have shown fearlessness in the face of death. If Rod decides to slap his wife, well, then I say maybe she should call barrow and tell him its his fault

  6. Al says:

    This name is familiar, the same names are heard over and over in cases of Gang violence. Belize needs a three strike law. If you are arrested and charged with a crime that is a felony two times the third time the jail sentence could be life. Clean up the streets. I applaud the security forces and thank God none of them were killed.

  7. Islander says:

    I am glad Mr. Borland headed the interview . This was by far the most Professional press release given by our security forces.

    We now need to get the GSU to come raid some houses in San Pedro . We need to deal with the gangs of thieves that have decended upon San

  8. Simone says:

    well done Coast Guard, BDF and Police-see what can be done when you focus and work together? and good for the dead ducks-they get into that business and know the risks, why don’t they just tell their families before they leave that “if I die-dont go on TV making fools of yourselves-I did deserve it”

  9. Ragamuffin says:

    God Job Coast Guard…. proud of you guys….

  10. Buju says:

    From the interview on another station it seems the family would have been
    pleased if one or more of the security forces were injured or killed!

    To the family i am sorry for your loss but ur relatives were not out there to plant vegetables
    or build a house! They were there for illicit activities

    Maybe the police should look into the missing fishermen from Sartaneja who went missing if it is connected to these thugs!
    Just some food for thought!

    Again – a job well done by the security forces!

  11. josephbudna says:

    what a wonderful job done by our lawinforcement officials thats what these fools need kill all of them out we are with you all, Buju good point its true these persons that went missing frim sarteneja could had been kill by these criminals or others that are opperating in that area

  12. Guardian Angel says:


  13. tiffany says:

    well done, well done!!!! this had better be a warning to any and all who are involved in unscrupulous crimes in belize!! shoot to kill meh say!

  14. geo says:

    well done to Belize coast gaurd indeed, but it seems as tho you guys are still not going for the right person. i mean why continue to go after the little petty criminals hiding in the jungle waiting for a bail or two to float by. why not just target there ring leader and see what they stand againts after that, i mean he isn’t that hard to find and he’s well known to the police.

  15. joe says:

    Good job keep it up always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Storm says:

    The content and number of these comments seems to prove what we all know — most Belizeans support the security forces and want more and more success for them. We’re all the victims of the few evil people who are like a cancer on the nation.

    I especially agree with Al — I support a strong three strikes law to put the worst criminals away until they die. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    And Islander is right, too — it’s obvious even to visitors to la Isla Bonita that criminals are open for business from north to south. It’s becoming an ugly and dangerous place, and pretty soon word will spread through the tourist world.

  17. dunfedup says:

    Only 3? Aim must not be too good.


    Firstly I believe that when those weapons went missing the Minister and PM should have cut off the head not the neck that Commander should have been the one to go home as he is incompetent not his deputy. Kudos to the troops on the ground but the commander should get a kick in his @$$ its his fault the weapons went missing anyway too lackadaisical, look at him can barely move have to get a uniform sewed as the ready made ones can’t fit him.

  19. Carrie says:

    Proud of you guys. Good Job, Protect our jewels from the scoundrels. Keep up the good work!

  20. jesse says:

    I dont hear nothing about_rules of engagement-i guess belize dont have none,thats what the diff is between us US soldiers and the central american wana be soldiers!

  21. Marko says:

    More of this type of operation needs to be carried out all over Belize. Clean our country up so that we can once again feel safe. Bring back hanging and crack a few necks of murderers,flogging for sex crimes and hard labor sentences for stealing. Great job by the Coast Guard and BDF!! As to the criminals that were killed three less for tax payers to feed. In a poor nation like Belize there should be no three strikes and we’ll feed you till you die. Three strikes and you’re out… the price of one cartridge. Corrupt law enforcement and politicians also need to be held accountable they are the worst of the worst.

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