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Jul 9, 2012

Belize City resident one of men killed on San Pedro

Kendale Flowers

The investigation is spawning into a multi-agency effort as now the police have a clear link to the forty-two weapons that were stolen from the B.D.F.’s storehouse at Price Barracks in October 2011. For that to succeed, the identities of the two other deceased men must also be confirmed. The police have identified Kendale Flowers as one of the men. The Flowers family has not had a proper conversation with the department and though they have not been briefed on the encounter of their loved one, they don’t buy law enforcement’s version of the events.  While they acknowledge that he was a street-figure, they don’t believe he had to be killed. Kendale, according to his aunt, is not the first Flowers brother to be killed under what they believe are suspicious circumstances.


Patricia Norris, Aunt of the Deceased

“I would like to say to the public that my nephew was not an angel; he was a well known street person. We are not condoning whatever he has done. The only thing, our only concern and our vexation is because he was killed sometime in San Pedro this Saturday and until this present moment the police department has not come to the family and give us a reason why my nephew was killed. Well, street talk did say that he was in a boat coming from we don’t really know and they were stopped by the coast guards and they were handed over to the San Pedro police alive; alive. When we get to find out about the death of my nephew, it was through his sister. We don’t know where he was killed; All we know is that he was brought in from San Pedro by the police department. We di assume to because the police nuh tell wi nuttn yet; we di assume because the news we heard this morning over the media, his body was picked up inna yard somewhere inna Yabra that’s the news that we heard.”


Duane Moody

“And you don’t know was yet where he was shot; to what part of the body or nothing like that?”


Patricia Norris

Patricia Norris

“All we saw was one shot to the side of his head; one gunshot, we nuh si no other else shot. Mista Man me nuh know about ammunition, we nuh know about gun but when you di kill somebody when you have wah shoot out with somebody ih nuh wah be wah direct hit right dah ih head, ih have to be different. Ih have to be different, totally different, bullet wounds and suh must deh pahn ih body. Why we the family decide that we want to come to the media, my nephew was gunned down on the boulevard two months ago, two months ago in Caesar Ridge area and so far the police say dat dah wah cold case. The only thing we hear is that deh detain wah special officer weh mi di drive wah car weh kill mi nephew, afta that we nuh hear nothing else. This is why we come to the media because if the police man kill mi nephew we wah know because he was handed over to the police in San Pedro alive.”


Duane Moody

“That is as far as you know?”


Patricia Norris

“As far as I know suh if the police man deh kill ah mek we know why because Tulu dah nuh dog.”


Norris says the family has no idea who the two unidentified men are nor do they know how Flowers got to where he was found.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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27 Responses for “Belize City resident one of men killed on San Pedro”

  1. Storm says:

    I’ll bet if he had surrendered instead of trying to resist, he would be alive and being questioned right now. Drugs are a dirty and deadly business. He chose his profession, he paid the price. Since I support the death penalty for drug traffickers, I have no sympathy.

    Maybe some young man will see this story and think twice before entering the drug business.

  2. BMNJ says:

    Street figure + drugs + high power weapons = Violent death. What this aunt needed to do right now is to stop wasting time giving excuses and telling about all the sad stories. She should lock herself inside a room, get on her knees with an open heart and ask God to have mercy on his nephew. Generally speaking, she should direct all her concerns to the Almighty instead of the Belizean public.

  3. Jules says:

    Everyone know the police department is taking justice into heir own hand. The police is the government appointed assassins.

  4. Jules says:

    Everyone know the police department is taking justice into heir own hand. The police is the government appointed assassins. They are unable to solve crimes and convicts riminals successfully in court so they are killing them out. It’s not justice , it’s MURDER!!

  5. Belizean says:

    IT IS NOT MURDER!!! The authority has the full right, under the constitution, to act as they have acted this weekend. If you get shot at repeatedly, you will just be a sitting duck? Return no fire!!?

  6. Islander says:

    It is not unreasonable for our security forces to defend themselves when they come under fire from cocaine dealers.

  7. Simone says:

    so street talk was around riding in a boat or walking on the sandy beach? if not it means the family spoke to or heard from the other criminal who escaped and they should help the police by telling them what they know-otherwise shut up and bury their criminal nephew-if he didn’t deserve this, consider it for something else he did that he never got caught for and for which his family acknowledge he was no saint-Justice served as they always want-right? and if Police is now appointed assassins like Jules says, above-then thank you Police-we need it now just like when the police and citizens formed a group Los Pepes to kill escobar-fight fire with fire.

  8. Al says:

    BMNJ, there is no mercy after death, he is where he will spend eternity, no amount of prayers will help him now, it is fenished, he already stood before God and already got his just reward. It is too sad the dead cannot speak, I am sure the message would be change your ways. I am sorry for the aunt and the family, but this boy set the course for his life, she needs to stop blaming the world and put the blame where it belongs. This young man made a decision to live by the gun and he died by the gun, as he lived so he died. Where is the church? Pastors and Ministers have lost their tongue and the word of God that can change things is hidden. I call on the church to bring a rivival back to the people, preach Jesus and not Saints who are dead people and have no power. The Bible says that we are to pray to the Father in Jesus’ name, not Mary, St Jude, Sacred Heart but in Jesus’ name. Start praying now people, break this warfare off this country, before God has to destroy this babylon.

  9. Ragamuffin says:

    Everytime a crimminal is killed the family claims foul play…. these are the same people who would have profited from their illicit affairs…. The media needs to stop entertaining these people with their silliness.

  10. jungle, says:

    look like this ant is supporting these young men in drugs, what a shame on you aunt, you should be the one to stop them, he is been killed that is just what he want in his life

  11. Uagadodo says:

    Nice family you have Ms Norris….proud of you. You are exactly like them..

  12. Buju says:

    Great job security forces!

    Everyday these people cry foul!
    Everyday these people put the blame one someone else!
    If its not the government, its the father…
    if it’s not the father then its the system…
    If it’s not the system then its the lack of sporting facilities and so on

    They parents and individuals needs to take responsibility at some point!
    If you live by the gun you die by the gun – plain and simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. shabba says:

    stop put deh yah people pahn tv. clean up the city. one less gang banger. If 3 of ur sun done get kill I think something wrong with how yu raise deh.

  14. Lady X says:

    The depth of Belize’s ignorance is very much on display in these blog comments. It always saddens my heart when something like this happens. …Why? Do I condone criminals? Definitely not!…but these “notorious street figures” are merely pawns in a much larger game. However, when you are poor you are disposable. That is what these families are saying and we have to allow them to air their discontent to the media.

    The “big fishes” who are controlling all the illicit activities in this country never get caught but only get richer continuing to drive around in their SUV’s and build bigger mansions! These boys ride bicycles and live in shacks on the Southside of Belize City so although many risk their lives to make a “hustle” their daily lives are not improved. When one is gunned down on the street by the police or one another, many other young men are groomed to take their place because as a country we are not properly developing the talents of our young and steering them into positive activities such as sports, arts, music and academics.

    It is indeed tragic when our “educated” (I am presuming that all of you bloggers have some adequate level of education) can rejoice at the killing of an 18 year old by our armed forces. You should instead be asking yourselves how is it that this 18 year old ended up in San Pedro as part of a drug gang?” Other follow-up questions should be…why was he not gainfully employed in some sector of our economy?…why was he not a part of some summer program with other young people engaging in positive activities?…why was he not eagerly anticipating attending university in August like others his age?” The sad and simple truth is that for southside youths and many other poor people in this country (>40% of our people) these types of opportunities are few and far between. An African proverb says it takes a village to raise a child and I firmly believe that so when our young is constantly dying by bullet we cannot just say it is the family’s fault, or even just the government’s fault, we have to critically look at us as society and and say we have failed!!! All of us!!!

  15. Not Lady X friend anymore says:

    @ Lady X, the man 18 DJ, thats a grown person fully capable of making his own decisions. Many young men from the southside who lived in shacks have decided to do something other than become a criminal.

  16. Belizean says:

    Well, everyone has a choice!! This man certainly had a choice. And I made a choice too. If he had really really wanted to, im sure he could have attended some type of function or acticity. BUT, he surely was not interested

  17. Louisville,Ky says:

    Lady X, I agree with some of what you said above however, I beg to differ on some of your opinions. Yes, as a community we have failed in keeping more of our youth on the straight and narrow and they are indeed being used like pawns in this high stakes game.
    But, they also have a choice in this matter. Why was he not enrolled in a summer school program, or using some of that street smarts to start a legitimate business like we read about in the media with that youth and his courier service, for example? But no, He chose to be on a desserted Island with an arsenal of high powered weapons and decided to shoot it out with the security forces. What do you expect? You live by the sword, you die by the sword…. Cold talk! Now bury ahm.

  18. Storm says:

    I disagree with Lady X. Hilary Clinton always says “it takes a village,” but that means nobody is responsible. It takes PARENTS to raise a child, and girls who get pregnant from boys who leave them to impregnate more women are condemning their own children to poverty and hopelessness in almost every case. Stop unwed pregnancy, and you will cut crime more effectively than any other way.

    I take responsibility to raise my own child, and I don’t want any village sticking its nose into that sacred duty.

  19. Merry go Round says:

    these people are not victims, to say that the system oppresses them and that there is no alternative for a black south side youth is a damn lie. south side Belize needs a true Black leader, to preach and LIVE morally. to teach moral family values, pride in your africanness, hard work, responsibilty, respect for women. the Blacks in belize are in the worst condition ever under a black Prime Minister. check that out.

  20. BMNJ says:

    Very well said Lady X. “It takes a village to raise a child.” That’s why there were many instances whereby school teachers were being confronted, targeted, & attacked by the students’ parents. But yet they were doing the right thing, and that is trying to discipline their children in school. I recalled many years ago a 8 – 9 year old boy was attacking another boy – punching & kicking this poor defenseless boy. I saw this man parted the attack and scolded the boy. Next thing you know, he went home and told his mother. The mother went to confront the young man. She said to him, “What happen, you da eh pa or eh ma now? No mek i have to hea again that you touch mi son because i no wa play with you!” I guest the ‘villagers’ in this case can only be the actual mother or father.
    And then, how about the parents taking their children to church services every Sunday? I know for a fact that there are many parents and even single parent raise their children to be respectable,responsible, Christian-like adults without a whole ‘village’ to do so. Many times it’s the parents who are digging the graves for their children because they are condoning their sinful behavior and activities and many times profiting from them.
    Life is about choices: choosing the right or the wrong path. Why is it that when a gang person was killed his family members and relatives would attend church service that they would NEVER have done otherwise for months and years? They should take him or encourage him, and even themselves, to go to church services every Sunday and not only when the unfortunate happened. The churches are opened for everyone free of cost. It’s a win-win situation. Blaming the society? I think it all depends on the situation and circumstances.

  21. alley cat says:

    I always wonder if Belizeans where not poor 30 years ago, or 40 years etc… I just don’t buy this poor execuse. I grew up on the south side and slept in a bed with 3 siblings, back water when dry season and never thought to kill and take from my neighbor. People need to stop these lame execuses.

  22. Islander says:

    The THEY ARE POOR excuse is bs! It’s not like all Belizeans were rich back in the day when corporal punishment, hanging and guns were legal.

  23. OriginalWoman says:

    I agree with you Lady X it does “TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD.” Back in the days, Belizeans used this method well and we all were well cared for by parents, teachers, neighbors, elders….things were more simple, less complex, more respect and less hate for others. People always endured hard times, and did not steal, rob, kill, etc. the way it is being done now, because the villagers were always watching and looking out for each other. tHISE DAYS ARE LONG GONE, UNFORTUNATELY. Too many people are judgmental these days, even many of the bloggers who make comments here. They read the stories and immediately become judge and jurors.

  24. BigFisherMan says:

    Lady X, you sound like someone who grooms and programs these very youths to carry out your agenda on the streets. When one dies you know exactly where to go to get a replacement. You know where they get there arms, ammunitions and money to finance their movements all over Belize. It’s because of sentiments like yours that no one accepts responsible for their criminal behavior of our young people and the prevalence of criminal activity in our cities, communities, and our whole nation. When do we accept responsiblity for our own behavior and the behavior of our children. And by the way KUDOS to our security forces, wheel and come again. Peace WILL come to San Pedro.

  25. BigFisherMan says:

    Lady X,
    it is sentiments like yours that continue to excuse the bad behavior of the youth and all criminals in our nation. Your comments sounds very much like a facilitator, you sound like the person that knows exactly where to find a replacement when one of them has a shoot out with authorities and gets killed, or gets killed otherwise. You facilitate them with the guns, the ammunitions and the money that allow them to carry your deeds on the streets, since they live in huts on the south side, have no jobs, no income and can’t provide these things for themselves. Funny you should go there Lady X. Remember now, our Black PM and our Black GG are some of the best products of Belize and come from the South Side. You’re right, these criminals are pawns…pawns of folks like you who continue to fuel this “Po lee bway” mentality. By the KUDOS to our security forces. Job Well Done. More of the same and rid San Pedro and all of Belize of these criminal elements. Peace WILL return to San Pedro and Belize.

  26. for those who came to turn rockstone says:

    this is the reason why we wont reach anyway in life because we always the bring down each other but for now i will not say thanks to the murderers but i will say thanks to the fools i believe that they will live forever! remember death is for everyone so i dont c how any fool could be rejoicing over death. i hope u all know how u will die and what will happen to u when you die. remember his family never ate him. and end of the day what u said dont matter, caz the family knows the goodness of him n it will live on forever. fooolish people, how cud u ever be any fooler. if u were smart u cud have watched the news keenly to c that they made up a story for borland which he couldnt even remember. n if u want to know the missing person, it so sad caz its ur mother!!!!!! go get her n give her in. u talking about prayers go pray for urself, ur mother and d mothers who are now backing all the sins u gave him n d 1 he did.his souls is now laid to rest n ur the ones that shud be worrying as u dont know what is next. i wont wish death for u i hope u all live to c worse days and punish. he is in a better place thn u n i, sleeping with dogs like u biting on his name!!!! poor thing life is too short, his 1 already cut short so now stop worrying about others and start living ur own dog life!!!!!!!!! he wasnt a drug dealer n never had d dream of becoming 1!!!! ppl who had enough sense wud have known that if there was a shoot out 1 of those dogs would have been shot!!!!! the police had them and set them up like a real play, still have them waiting their to blow ur marrow next. anyways rockstones hope u live to c forever since u wont die. note that God is the only judge and hope ur fools ready to be judge when its ur turn. why ppl always talk when ur not or no longer around them. small minded. if i knew u i would have addressed u personally but more time fi unu suckers. remember when we die we will all meet again whether its heaven or hell. dont forget to give in your mother she is the one that went missing. kudos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. for those who came to turn rockstone says:

    i sent one before and i wish they saw that 1 better but anyways i hope u know how u will die and when. stupid people thats y everyoneelse will make it except the black. i could never believe ppl will be saying “dah gud” fi death like they came to live forever. i bet the fools involve wont be able to sleep many nites and that the sins of them fall upon their child!!!! if they nuh pay a hope some1 for them suffer just for them to feel the same way. for u stupid ppl they are backing out 1 by 1 dont wanna take blames and ppl from their crew are talking slowly but surely. but they dont have to worry no1 will harm them just their deeds and lie and story. when u r lying on ur bed u will wonder whats happening but it will just be a dose of ur same medicine!!!!!!!!!!! n when that day comes i will still not say “dah gud” all i will say is gudbye and say hi to my love1 for me!!!!!!!!!!!! for now until then GOODBYE!!!!!!!!

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