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Jul 9, 2012

Robbers try to kill truck driver

Marty Goff

And though Belize City still lost a resident to gun fire, Flower’s death will not be recorded as a murder. The streets were relatively tame over the weekend but this afternoon another resident, Marty Goff of Gill Street was gunned down. Our last check with his family revealed that he is fighting for his life. Goff is not affiliated with a gang, he was not hanging out late at night on the street and he was not at the wrong place at the wrong time. He has a regular job and worked to support his family. This afternoon thieves waited for him, robbed him, then tried to kill him. News Five’s Jose Sanchez reports.


Jose Sanchez, Reporting

Thirty four year old Marty Goff was shot without justification this afternoon. At one-fifteen, Goff was delivering bread to the M & Y Grocery Store at the corner of M & Y and M & M Street, located behind the complex building in Belize City. A nearby resident, who wished to remain unidentified, says crime in the neighborhood has become unbearable.


Voice of: Area Resident

“I mi just send my two sons; my one son and ih nephew gone dah the shop and thing and when you check it out, my son and my nephew mi just come in the yard. Seconds after that, you hear wah gunshot lick off. So I tell my son; I look outside, but I noh see nothing. So I tell my son come upstairs. When I look, I still no see nothing. So I come out side now and I hear wah next gunshot. So I tell my son wah next shot lick off and get down low. And when I look peep out and I noh see nobody di run or nothing. Wah little after that yo hear somebody di halla, call the police and call the police. When I come outside, I see wah  helpless man pan di street weh di do ih job, weh get up every day and know what it s to get up every day and sweat just to get something do eh job and sweat to get something on the table for your family and thing. And all of a sudden the grief off of another person weh dah noh my bredda; that hurt me fi see wah man deh pan di ground the suffer from wah injury from a senseless person weh just want money ina ih pocket fi just today—noh even know how long ih wah lost them. This government need to do something ‘bout this system yah. Yo understand wher ei di come from. You get up every day, yo di sweat, you know weh you get up and go do. next man come, they more hungry and desperate than you; take your life lightly. If that person mi know that that person mi wah shot ahn, maybe ih mi wah give up the money.”


Goff was shot in the face by two gunmen near his delivery truck.


Voice of: Area Resident

“When I look, I see the man on the ground; that hurt me inside fi see wah helpless man weh di get up and go do ih daily work and thing. After that, like nobody can’t help this man; nobody, nobody, nobody. And you feel bad because this coulda mi be your bredda and you can’t do nothing for this bally yah. Just fi wah lee bit of money my bwai; that noh make no sense outta road. And every day you need money, so every day yo wah commit a murder then? That dah weh dehn di try tell me? Every day you wah get up and rob like wah get up and rob like wah greedy? Just red-eye yourself out yah. Man yo have to wake up. I noh know when the frig dehn wah wake up you know, but sooner or later they wah have to wake up.”


In the periphery of gang violence, profilers have not yet taken into account how many murderers use “old beef” and robbery as excuses to kill. Goff’s shooting was unprovoked and unnecessary. He was taken to the hospital in the back of a police mobile unit.  He now fights for his life at the Emergency Ward of the K.H.M.H. Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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9 Responses for “Robbers try to kill truck driver”

  1. Storm says:

    My prayers are for the victim’s recovery.

    But whether he lives or not, the evil committed by the robber is the same. He intended to kill. For me, that justifies the rope, if he is arrested alive. But such a violent robber is obviously very dangerous, and arresting officers should keep their fingers on the trigger, just to be safe.

  2. kj says:

    Cool guy Marty,when will it stop.

  3. BMNJ says:

    The government needs to do something urgently. A great idea is to round them up and send them one way to Syria and Afghanistan.

  4. Rod says:

    And the carnage will continue because of this useless incompetent corrupt gov. Kick them out people kick them out before you or one of your family members are next resign barrow resign how many more will have to die before you acknoledge that you are incompetent at this job resign man.

  5. Ragamuffin says:

    I bet when Barrow resigns you will be one of many who will take the places of those UDPs living high off the hog huh ROD??? Guys like you who pretend to have the interest of the country at heart while secretly just wish your turn would come back to do the same things these ones n power are doing MAKE ME SICK………tired of you political prostitutes PUP and UDP

  6. Phillybelizean says:

    I agree with u all,the gov is not helping at all but I can bet u that if it was any one of those pup or udp son or sister who have been shot they would be on the news talking,an quickly having conference. This is what bze is becoming afghanistan.

  7. Louisville,Ky says:

    What also bothers me is, why is not the EMS dispatched to these crime scenes? What kind of life saving proceedures can one deliver from the back of a pickup truck? Come on Belize people, you all have to demand better, cause obviously the authorities aren’t thinking straight.
    I am totally convinced that many lives are lost because of the lack of adequate emmergency treatment. Indeed, where there is a lack of vision, the people literally perish.

  8. Concern citizen #2 says:

    I agree you either hang them or send them to Afganistan, Syria or some hot bed place in the world. Since they like to shoot innocent people, send them where there is some real killing going on, they are a bunch of cowards. Lets see how they will re-act when real killers start shooting back at them. The PUP and UDP need to get out of Belize and let people that are concern about law abiding citizens run Belize.

  9. Al says:

    Concern citizen #2, I agree with you, if killing is so easy for them send them where killing is legal, Aganistan or Syria, Africa. since life means nothing to them help them out and give them some action. It is easy to be brave when the gun is in their hand, let us see how brave they are as they walk the steps up to the rope at the top of the gallows. Until it comes to a life for a life the killing will continue. Please MR PM (Poor Manager) get some ….. and get tuff.

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