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Jul 9, 2012

The New Miss Belize and the candidate disqualified after a fight

On Friday we introduced you to the candidates vying to be the next Miss Belize. The pageant was held at the Bliss Auditorium in Belize City on Saturday night and the winner was Roaring Creek’s Destinee Arnold. It was a well attended pageant, but not everyone appreciated the outcome.  There was a physical fight, a disqualification of a candidate and oh yes, the much anticipated question and answer section where queens are separated from the other delegates. Freelance Reporter Duane Moody reports on all the drama surrounding the crowning of a new Queen of the Jewel.


Duane Moody, Reporting

On Saturday night, the Bliss Auditorium was the venue for the 2012 Miss Belize Pageant. Nine delegates from across the jewel competed for the crown and title.  The event started with the Opening Number:


And the competition began with the costume section entitled Destination Belize that featured various sites in the country.


The delegates then sashayed on the stage in their swimwear.


Elegance and poise was what the judges were scouting in the formal round.


The final five were then chosen and it was time for the final question. And then came the announcement of who will take home the crown and title as Miss Belize 2012: Port Loyola’s Maryam Abdul-Qawiyy or Roaring Creek’s Destinee Arnold.


Destinee Arnold

Destinee Arnold, Miss Belize 2012

“I said wow I did it. I did it. It is surreal. I don’t think it hit me. It still hasn’t hit me yet because this is my dream. You finally reached it and you got it. Telling yourself that wow is this real? Is this real? And then you are like yeah; I’m representing my country.  Getting there it was difficult at times. I was constantly battling myself because I am used to being around my family during the process and the positive energy. At times there were negative energies around and it was hard for me to be able to keep on telling myself it’s going to be okay and to keep motivating myself.  I definitely think that I’m bringing something different—something different that they haven’t seen before. I know I am a beauty queen, but I’m not the average beauty queen that wakes up and puts a full face of makeup, gets dressed up. I’m very casual. I wear my hair wild, have no makeup on and still have a beautiful smile on my face because I love natural beauty. And I think going to these international pageants, I’m going to show them the natural beauty of Belize and all that Belize has to offer and to be humble.”


During her reign, Destinee says that she wants to promote education and youth advocacy.


Destinee Arnold

“As the reigning Miss Belize, I want to promote education; that is something that is very important to me and is very important to our country. That is something that is going to be pushed with me and paying attention to our youth and our families. It is very important that we realize what we do today will affect our future and our future is our youth so we have to pay close attention to them.”


Negrill Crawford

But a pageant is not without its controversy and the delegate from Orange Walk, eighteen year old Negrill Crawford, was disqualified after her mother reportedly attacked one of the directors of the Miss Belize Organization.


Orson Elrington, Marketing Director, Miss Belize Organization

Orson Elrington

“She has been disqualified from participating in any competition that Queen of the Jewel holds as well as she is being disqualified from her position and her placement in the competition. Article eight of the participation contract says that any behavior that constitutes disrespect or lack of sportsmanship by any delegate and their guests will result in the delegate immediate disqualification from the pageant. Lack of sportsmanship and disrespect conduct includes and is not limited to verbal or written slander of the pageant its staff or any other contestants. She also violated article thirteen of the agreement which says delegates will always conduct themselves in a professional manner while attending all queen of the jewel events; that will not bring discredit or result in the adverse publicity to Queen of the Jewel. This is extended to family, friends. Family and friends are encouraged and expected as well to carry themselves in support of our rules and regulations. Delegates will automatically be disqualified if any family member, fan or friend conducts themselves in a dis-favorable manner at any Queen of the Jewel event. We’ve proceeded to pursue criminal charges against the individuals—the friends and family of those of the delegate.”


And to the rumors of the winner not being a Belizean, National Director of the Queen of the Jewel Organization, Opal Enriquez clarified.


Opal Enriquez

Opal Enriquez, National Director, Miss Belize Organization

“Destinee is a thoroughbred Belizean because what constitutes being a thoroughbred Belizean is that both your parents are of Belizean descent. Both of Destinee’s parents were born and raised in Belize—not just in Belize but roaring Creek. And Destinee’s mother was pregnant with her when she left her. You cannot punish a child for the choices of their parents. So if they chose to live somewhere else, it doesn’t make Destinee any less Belizean.”


And for the special awards given out at the pageant: Jenna Bernard was voted People’s Choice through the text votes, Miss Congeniality was Maryam Abdul-Qawiyy, Most Photogenic was Carmelita’s Arbunie Clare and best costume was won by designer Gabriela Garcia of Orange Walk. Duane Moody for News Five.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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45 Responses for “The New Miss Belize and the candidate disqualified after a fight”

  1. Storm says:

    Congratulations to Destinee. And shame on the Mom who lost control! How embarrassing for her daughter, who should have been enjoying an evening of great pride.

  2. RadicalBelizean says:

    I totally agree with the actions of the Ms Belize Org. Its about time we taken these action to stop any kind of violence in our society. Its a very ugly behaviour ironic since we’re considering we are supposed to be celebrating beautiful women (inside and outside).

  3. Rod says:

    Good choice .

  4. Ann says:

    The apple no fall from the tree they say. lol. Ms. Negril was surely disappointed and disgusted she thought because she had the biggest crowd cheering meant she should win, sorry, it does not work that way. That girl was in total shock, took her some seconds for her to realized, yes, you Ms. Negril did not win. Her bouquet went south and the facial expression was priceless.

  5. orangewalkeno says:

    so much for “honesty, RESPECT and determination” that her mom has taught her… so now you would even want to reconsider her answer, seemingly they would do or say anything just to win.

    I feel shame to be represented by someone like this, i know orange walk could have found a better representative. makes me think how they won at that competition…

  6. Al says:

    There was a saying in Belize, “every black dog think his pickeney is white” sorry I dont know how to write it in creole. I am sure that mother thought her daughter was the best candidate. My son played professional football and I also thought he was the best wide receiver on the team and should have gotten the ball more than the other receivers. My son told me once that each receiver although talented have special skills that is good for certain situations based on the strength of the opposing team and the plays that are being called, so some games he will get much playing time and other times not so much. Parents of Belize needs to begin to be more objective than subjective, if they learn to see their children from an objective standpoint, their children would not be the monsters they are becoming. I am sorry for the contestant, if I had a son I would tell him to run far away from that family and don’t try to date any one related to them.

  7. Seh d trut & shame d devil, b a leada not a falowa says:

    “And Destinee’s mother was pregnant with her when she left her. You cannot punish a child for the choices of their parents.So if they chose to live somewhere else…..”blah blah blah

    How Ironic and you guys disqualify the next girl bcuz of her mom’s action. so you are punishing the orange walk girl for her parent choices. People! see the whole picture, so this means that we can bring a girl from guatemalan that has both parents born in Belize? or do we have double standards? i think a Miss Belize should be a Belizean by birth. what do you guys think??? Do we not have smart inteligent girl that were born in Belize? What are you trying to tell us now? we have to stop support this mentallity of US and abroad. We have really good candidates who with our support can be as good or better than any foreigner. Keep this in mind and stop bringing down the girl from OW. who is a Belizean and lives the Belize live everyday!

  8. Insulted says:

    I am from OW and have know this family for many years. I was suprise when she was chosen to represent Orange Walk and I am happy she was no chosen to represent Belize. That mother and her kids are a disgrace to our town. We in OW are not the least surprise that they behaved the way they did because this is their usual way of behaving. As a matter of fact the mom has been bounded over the peace in OW for this kind of behavior. I hope the committee will seek punishment for her and I also hope that the Judge in Belize City has access to the files in OW so that she is sent STRAIGHT TO JAIL.

  9. Lora Martins says:

    Congratulations to Destinee.I totally agree with the actions of the Ms Belize Org. Its about time we taken these action to stop any kind of violence in our society. The organizing committee did the right thing. Beautiful new Miss Belize. I do not think the Orange Walk contestant could win. In my opinion there is nothing beautiful.

  10. observer says:

    Im not a fan of this Pageant stuff but how Ironic Mrs Enriquez said on her statement “You cannot punish a child for the choices of their parents” Yet Mrs. Negrill gets punished for her moms action…….hmmmm just trying to understand politics.

  11. OW Man says:

    I really don’t believe how come that woman won in the first place to be representing OW.!!!
    When the pageant was being held; there were real beauties in the pageant , if I can recall correct there was this girl Ruth from Ktv , Miss Witz and others that were really sexy and really displayed the meaning of beauty, but no..!!! instead of that, they went on and selected the horrendous worst ever so called beauty of OW. From where did they see beauty … I really don’t know.! When they post the results on FB, I commented on the issue saying that I was lucky that I did not went to that CIRCUS that they had in the so called selection of OW queen. They horridly removed my post and said that we must not be negative. Now see the level and magnitude or dishonor, disrespect, and disgrace that this has now cause on the entire OW population. It is the most ridiculous worst ever that has happened in the entire history of the beauty pageant that I have ever know of..!!!! What a SHAME!!!!!!

  12. Ram says:

    What is a ‘thoroughbred Belizean’?

  13. KEKI says:

    @ Ram…. a TRUE born Belizean is when both your parents were born in Belize and you the child was born in a next country. lol. ACCORDING to Opal Enriquez, National Director, Miss Belize Organization.
    From my prospective a TRUE Belizean is when you the individual was BORN IN BELIZE. Only in Belize these nonsense happen. You could ever imagine that I would ever recognized as a American if both my parents were born in America and I was born in Cuba… wish me luck on that one….! Only in Belize people!

  14. KEKI says:

    Opal Enriquez, National Director, Miss Belize Organization: And Destinee’s mother was pregnant with her when she left her.

  15. Grigagial says:

    Sometimes I am so embarrass by the remarks of some of these “educated” Belizean.

    And for real ” A child cannot be punished because of the choices that their parents choose”. WOW

    I don’t think you guys are being fair to the contestant herself. Is she too black and ugly?
    What her mother did has nothing to do with her actions.

    I do agree with regulations of the pagent though.

    Racism takes us nowhere people.

  16. ow girl says:

    am dissapointed how the results came out. hope the pagent committee dont label all ow girls as rude mean an ghetto behaviour. as for negril she heng her own self. as for her mom that good den the press chargers against her because she have a big mouth an next time to just keep her mouth shout. life no always pretty… so deal with it…… in the real life she will have little chances to get a job with dat attitude.

  17. slick rick says:

    In regard to opal mother mistake it sounds like the kid is getting all the blame.and some of the people posting comments about beauty and ow have real beauty listen to u all self.her mother was totally wrong but that don,t make your comments right mista man speak for your self beauty is seeing a person like a blank canvas and belizean lets stop think beauty is skin color open your eyes people belize is beautiful let that kid be.

  18. Mel says:

    i have a question .. will she be stripped of her title Miss Orange Walk? cause come September don’t really wanna see her on a float … don’t what somebody like that representing a lovely District.

  19. slick rick says:

    In regard to opal mother mistake it sounds like the kid is getting all the blame.and some of the people posting comments about beauty and ow have real beauty listen to u all self.her mother was totally wrong but that don,t make your comments right mista man speak for your self beauty is seeing a person like a blank canvas and belizean lets stop think beauty is skin color open your eyes people belize is beautiful let that kid be.the SHAME IS WHAT GROWN FOLKS POSTING ABOUT THIS LITTLE GIRL.

  20. Belizean says:

    The biggest problem lies with the organization. I will not say that what transpired after the pageant was right, because it wasn’t, but how can we as a nation stand aside and see a born american come to Belize and say she is a Belizean because her parents were born here. This girl, while she did perform admirably, holds the title of Miss Belize-California. Why didn’t she go up for Miss America? She was born there, is studying there and now that she has won, it is being alleged that ti satisfy the rumors, she will now be living in Belize for the next year to. This girl, while it is good to acknowledge your roots, obviously didn’t have any intentions to live in Belize, she is now doing it because she won the pageant!!!! I do not understand why is it that only in our small country they can put a cloth over our eyes and we can say that we are still seeing perfectly! In my opinion, she has Belizean roots, but that doesn’t make u Belizean. I believe that you must be born here and at least live here, not after the fact! It is a crying shame that we as nation feel like we must bring these foreign girls to believe or to justify that we have a shooting chance at the international titles. I don’t think anywhere else in this world that can happen. I guess if you were born in Belize and has lived here all your life, you can pick up urself and go to America and say I am an American and I qualify to go for Miss America because my father or grandfather was born there…only in Belize!!!!!! Pageants has long been controversial in Belize. These Belizean Americans, majority of them, come like wolf in sheep clothing. I don’t trust them as far as I can throw them. (Ironic how the Organization is run by a foreigner and the winner is foreigner, coincidence much?)

  21. Bembe says:

    Negrill says that she would instill Honesty &
    respect to her kids yet she turns her back to the public and the judges. This ya gial freaking disrespectful and I shame she da fra shuga city. What a shame negrill

  22. now i see says:

    @Ram to me it sounds like female dogs.

  23. Clarification says:

    We must learn to read and understand fully what is being said. Orson Elrington’s entire interview was of him explaining exactly WHY she was disqualified. Besides her mom’s actions, the contestant herself walked off the stage and if Im not mistaken let go of her bouquet….that behaviour is not very becoming for an aspiring queen and representative of her country. I am glad she didnt win….imagine that behaviour at an international level….HOW BAD WOULD WE HAVE LOOKED????

  24. MLGR says:

    Negrill girl you show your true colors on that stage

  25. Facts not Opinions says:

    Only in Belize do they allow this??? WRONG people do your research before you get on public forum and voice your opinions. Belize is not the only country that allows a child to claim citizenship by their parents birth rights! And YES if both parents are BORN Americans and you were born in another country you are allowed to get your U.S citizenship while retaining citizenship to the country you were actually born in. The pageant officials did not make the laws. They have been established many years before the pageant was established, so if you want to change that than get with your government and do something about it. It’s funny how ALL of Belize embraced ” American born Marion Jones” when she won the Gold medal as an American for track and field. People in Belize lined up to take pictures with her and acknowledge her as a Belizean. Is it because she did not beat out a ” born” Belizean in the competition? Again do your homework regarding pageantry. Countries all over the world breed their contestants from the time they are small. Sending them to the U.S and other countries for training from the time they are born! Open your eyes and broaden your minds Belizeans. Educate yourself before you speak on what you obviously have no knowledge of.

  26. DISDADTRUTH says:

    I agree that Negrill’s attitude was rude on stage! Not acceptable! But the girl was ripped off because i believe she deserved to be 1st runner up Miss Port Loyola Belize did not deserve 1st runner up. She was cheated but she over reacted! she could have waited after the pageant to show her discontent! I dont think Destinee should have been allowed to participate cz she nuh live ya!!! Period! Well poor negrill she embarrased herself country wide and embarrassed Orange walk…oh and by the way Miss Corozal was also a bad representation for corozal…wth was up with her?

  27. Orangewalkena says:

    how disrespectful of that girl and her mother, it’s a shame for us orangewalkenos, she should have not been Miss OW in the first place. The first runner up in that competition deserved that win but it was all political and the wrong girl (Negril) won, the other girl is poised, respectful and beautiful a way better respresentation of OW. But that is what happens when the wrong person is selected, I just hope this does not affect the future of beauty pageants in OW and the country as a whole. To clarify not all Orangewalkenas are like that, that was a very bad representation from her mother;s actions to her walking off the stage and giving her back to the judges. Sometimes in life we need to accept reality and when it is not our time.

  28. Lone Rass says:

    I’m truly surprised that a Belizean-American won this year (I hope those of you who can recognize sarcasm can see my preceeding statement was drenched in it). I’ve been away from Belize over 10yrs now and actually shock myself that I expected this process to be honest.

    Much prior to the pageant I’d heard rumors that Ms Opal Enriquez tried fixing the pagent so an American girl would win— in order to reduce her costs of flying some poor soul all the way from Belize to the US in order to represent Belize. I see she got her wish. Since the newly crowned American Ms. Belize already lives in the US guess she can pocket that savings…chi ching!

    Like I said, this dah lone !@$$. Next year people, no bother apply for this pagent or pay to see it…it aint worth it!

  29. Lone Rass says:

    Ms. Belize pageant dah lone !@$$! People need to boycott this show which was fixed from the very beginning. I get annoyed with myself that I actually expected honesty!

    Here’s the truth, I wasn’t glued to the TV watching the pageant like most of you, but the outcome has me so riled up I had to speak my mind. Long prior to this pageant I’d heard rumors that Ms. Enriquez was trying to save herself of the financial burden of flying a Belizean girl out to the US in order to represent Belize, and thus came up with the brilliant idea of fixing the pageant to enable and American to win. Chi – Ching huh Ms. Enriquez? You score! No need to pay for room and boarding or airline tickets from Belize this year!

    I am thoroughly disgusted with all you ‘judges’ who participated in this!

  30. KINGSHIT says:


  31. RadicalBelizean says:

    In my opinion only a certain type of person enters these events. However, whether this young lady was born in PG, Dangriga, or Malibu Calif, she is a Belizean since both her parents were born in Belize. She just happens to have dual citizenship, as do many others living here in Belize.

    The issue is the violation of rules by her supporters (i.e mother). By shouting it racism, doesn’t help her case. What happens if she had to compete with women of different colour from around the world. Black women in my opinion are some of the most beautiful people on this planet but sometimes SOME of them display very negative attitudes which let them down. As harsh as it may seem, she can use this experience to develop her self. In the long run she may even be more successful than Ms Roaring Creek.

    As far I see it, Ms Belize is only significant to Belize, apart from Sarita Acosta in the 1980′s not one has successfully achieved anything at these pageants. So my advice to Miss OW, is not to sweat the small stuff, use this experience as a stepping stone and show your critics exactly what you are capable of. I certainly was not criticising you. My advice is to keep you chin up, keep smiling thats when your beauty shows, and develop to your full potential as a human being. Be a leader not a follower.

  32. Makingabigdealouttanothing says:

    We will b well represented…
    As for u king!@#$T… U won’t b able to tell if u saw Destinee wen most of the time u weed up… Since dat dah weh majority ah unu roaring creek buay do!!

  33. Al says:

    Our country already have a black eye in the western world, why in the name of sam hill would we want someone of low character to represent us in an international pageant. What would she do if she looses, rip the crown off the head of the winner. I was a Ms Belize contestant I represented Fort George area, this was years ago, I did not win but I loved the experience. My aunt Rita Lewis was the first Queen of the Bay, she was a very classy lady who carried her self with respect. I certainly would not want someone representing our country who cannot keep poise and composer while on stage as a representative of a community. How can we predict how she would behave on an international stage.

  34. Miami Don says:

    does anyone have a link to the video (news or youtube) of this pageant? I want to see how it played out…

  35. Miami Don says:

    Does anyone have video (from the news or Youtube) so I can see what everyone is talking about?

  36. bzerapper says:

    the winner don’t deserve to win, she doesn’t even live in belize

  37. Deidra Hall says:

    I totally agree with Facts not Opinions statement! Leave Destinee alone – she won fair and square! The pageant officials did not make any law stating that to be a Belizean you HAVE to live in your country!! If Destinee was not qualified then she would not have been in the competition. If Destinee was not in this competition, I guess I would have slept through the entire thing – the other girls was boring major! They displayed no talent none at all even when they recited their 60-90 seconds commercial to sell their costumes, some couldnt even remember what their costume was about, shame on them! Ms. Caye Caulker said that she would changed the punishment law, what punishment law?????? Most of the contestants are dull, sorry to say and Ms. Corozal and Orange Walk were a disgrace , I pitied them. Destinee was just an example to all the girls maybe they can learn a thing or two from her. Go Destinee, Go and keep on keeping on!!!!

  38. no nonsense says:

    Negril, her sister n mother have been known to b disgrace to OW..women wid no class n dat mother raise her daughters to behave just like her…they get in fights, always d cause fuss..mother fights wid teenagers…wat i dont understand is how ignorant some belizeans can b…wat does racism has to do wid anything??always hv to use dat as excuse anytime things dont go in our favor…d winner won because she deserved it… if both her parents r belizean…even if she baan ya or not she is a belizean as well…dat person was rite…quick fu claim marion jones wen ih mi d win up…marion nuh baan disown a wen dehn find out ih use steroids…smh….only wen its relevant to some of u…if uno read d regulations…d young girl who won did nothing wrong…maybe yes it wud hv been nice if it was someone who was raised here to hv won bt guess wat, those ones obviously didnt do as well as d winner…so if i go live da states n hv pikni uno d se ih da no kind a belizean?? n if uno read d regulations, d contestant, family members n frenz shud behave wid class…u win some u lose some..n negril got wat she deserve cz its about time they put dem in their place wid their nasty ways…. n i bet d same ones complaining bout d winner…if she is to do good in d international competition….uno same one wa hurry d claim….smh…think belizeans…we r smart ppl bt some a ya’ll need to stop being so damn ignorant..u make d rest of us look stupid….

  39. DISGRACE says:

    this pageant was a disgrace and i am so not proud to be a belizean woman. In any other country in the u noh born deh..u no allowed fi participate ina any pageant…my mom mexican…THERES NO WAY IN HELL MEXICO WUD ALLOW ME TO PARTICIPATE IN THRE PAGEANTS…from wat i heard everything was so lastminute and very disorganized…a few contestants backed out because of this….u want quality pageant..den be more organized….so funny…a non belizean is our miss belize…WAT A SHAME!! talk bout states ting betta dan our own..its says a lot about d country itslef….wat? we don’t have a smart beautiful and talented belizean woman to represent us?…or wait …maybe thre not good enuff…I am so embarassed!

  40. When did the rules change? says:

    I remember being told I couldn’t partake in these pageants because I wasn’t born in Belize. I attended Wesley Primary School from infant 1 to standard 2 from there we moved and I attended St. Joseph and graduated from St. Joseph and went on to attend Edward P. Yorke. I lived in Belize majority of my life with two full blood Belizean parents, but was not allowed to participate in these pageants. Since I moved back to the states I have had great success in the modeling industry no thanks to the politics in Belize that constantly put you down. It amazes me how certain people can get away with it though. Kudos to Destinee for winning.

  41. what is a pageant without conflict? says:

    what is a pageant without issues and conflicts? It would not be as much fun to watch I think. Every year Belize has tons of pageant and after every pageant there is a problem with the winner or the organization or both. Regardless of where she was born, Destinee won because her hard work paid off and the young lady from Orange Walk was disqualified for showing her true unqueenly behavior on stage. The organization is not limited to just Ms. Enriquez so stop accusing her of everything. I have known and worked with Opal for a long time and her talent, love for her country and dedication has brought a new level of pageantry to Belize. We as Belizeans need to stop being ignorant and start embracing each other . Belizeans are now living in and traveling all over the world and it is time we became unified instead of ripping each other apart. Support the efforts of forward thinking people and stop spreading hate.

  42. grace jones says:

    I know negril personally and I am not surprised. She and her sister and her mother are the worst. They deserve the the public humiliation it is about time the whole of Belize see what they are all about. Thsere father is a well known respect table man who has been humilitatedby their behavior.

  43. Audrey says:

    Did anyone do a background check on the winner’s parents…I think I know here fairly well and her last name is not Arnold that’s her grandparents name and both her parents were born in the U.S….and grew up in the U.S so how can her mom left Belize when she was pregnant…just saying..Do your research

  44. evanna says:

    negril dah wah black ugly fool weh like act like if she hot and dat gud ih loose caz no black people run d show i black but no like negril and fu she ma dah wah @$$ dah gud fu deh

  45. HILTON enriquez says:

    The Enriquez laugh at adversity stay strong

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